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Basic information
Map type Mann vs. Machine
File name: mvm_downtown_final4b
Version: final4b
Release date: February 20, 2016
Last updated: September 19, 2018
Developer(s): Snowbat
Link(s): Steam Workshop
Map Info
Environment: Urban City
Setting: Daylight, Sunny
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×4   •   Mediumhealth.png ×15
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×1   •   Mediumammo.png ×8   •   Largeammo.png ×13

Downtown is a custom Mann vs. Machine map.

Downtown is one of the maps players must complete on Potato's MvM Server as a part of Operation Titanium Tank, a community-made tour which will reward the player with the Titanium Tank Participant Medal 2017 upon completion.

Downtown is also one of the maps in the Operation Canteen Crasher, another community-made custom MvM tour on Potato's MvM Server.

The mission that was chosen to be paired with Downtown for Operation Titanium Tank was "Entertainer's Entourage" by Star Bright.

This map features three control points. They are gates able to be captured by the robots, similar to the mechanic first introduced in Mannhattan - albeit, with some new and unique mechanics having been implemented. The first change is that control points are able to be recaptured by the players - specifically, Gates B and C. However, this can only be achieved by players with a capture power of two or more. This means that either a Scout, or a Soldier/Demoman that have the Pain Train equipped is required. The other significant change is that any robot capturing a control point may have their progress contested by a player who is also present on the objective. This will prevent the robots from continuing to capture the objective until the player has left the vicinity of the control point.




  • Fixed nav issue behind gate B and the gate closing with bots still inside it.
  • Fixed buggy teleporting behavior on gate A when players recapture gate B.


  • Fixed a detect trigger acting on its own, closing the gate on B when it's not supposed to
  • Fixed a case where bots can be trapped in endless teleporting if RED retakes B


  • Cleaned up navigation mesh a bit
  • Fixed a case where the playermodel decor were causing excess entity traffic
  • The Burst Shotgun Heavy has picked up some protection
  • Fixed another case where players could break the level by ending the wave during A's stun period
  • Added overlays to the base and capture points B and C to explain the level mechanic better


  • Edited navigation mesh so Giants don't get stuck on building corners
  • Fixed GateBot Cannon Demomen not having the GateBot lights


  • Modified level geometry
  • Modified lighting
  • Fixed a bug where GateBots capturing A will break spawns if wave ends before the gatestun wears off
  • Fixed a bug where robots could get stuck behind A and B gates
  • Fixed players being able to shoot robots in basement spawns after A has been captured
  • Fixed money being uncollectable if it flies into the elevator
  • Fixed Robots getting stuck under the staircase in the basement
  • Added some cover to the Alehouse to make it more viable as a defensive position
  • Added more detailing
  • Added signs to make B's capture point location more clear to new players
  • Replaced the Halloween clocktower with a more fitting one
  • Removed some areaportals that weren't really needed
  • Moved the Engineer sentry spots in front of the basement entrance a bit


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