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Plr frostfell.png
Basic information
Map type Payload Race
File name: plr_frostfell_a10
Version: Alpha 10
Developer(s): Tom Hoen
Map Info
Environment: Alpine / Snow
Setting: Daylight
Does your drink have ice cubes? Do you know where they come from? No? Then here's the answer!
Frostfell publicity blurb

Frostfell is a community-made Payload Race map, and a winner of Dynamic Payload Contest.


Update history

  • Changed the last point to be more open and hopefully more defendable
  • Changed dynamic doors visually
  • Changed deathpit visually
  • Changed furthest spawn door visually
  • And some clipping, added health/ammo and fixed something.


  • Changed the spawns a little and merged two spawn exits into one
  • Added more length to ending pushzone
  • Raised middle exit. Hopefully this prevents some of spam and camping


  • Added third exit for both spawns
  • Delayed cart pushzone enabling 2 seconds after the dynamic door has been raised
  • Remade the sideroute around the dynamic door
  • Remade some displacements
  • Made some changes to the room after dynamic door


  • Initial release



At the time of writing, only up to the Alpha 10 is avalible for download, although the map has reached at least Beta 2.

External links

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