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Cp glassworks red base.jpg
Basic information
Map type Control Point
File name: cp_glassworks_rc6
Developer(s): Harlen "UEAKCrash" Linke
Link(s): Steam Workshop
Map Info
Environment: Alpine, industrial
Setting: Daytime, sunny
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×14   •   Mediumhealth.png ×7
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×18   •   Mediumammo.png ×12

Glassworks is a symmetrical Standard Control Point map in an alpine/industrial setting.



Overview of the map in rc3. (Large file)

Points 1/5 (Glass Factory)

Glassworks' last points are housed in large buildings with a basement connecting the front half with the back.

  • Shutter: The main front shutter door leading to lower lobby.
  • Lower Lobby: The lower portion of the final building connecting to the upper lobby, basement, toxic, and into the final courtyard.
  • Upper Lobby: The upper part of the front of the final building connecting into the upper platforms of the final courtyard.
  • Toxic: This room connects as a flank from outside into the lower lobby, dumping out right next to the drop down to basement.
  • Basement: This route connects from the lower lobby to near the final control point.
  • Spawn: The half-circle spawn room connects to the upper platforms of the final courtyard on either side of the control point.

Points 2/4 (Shipping and Receiving)

The second points of Glassworks consist of a large courtyard, flank, and building.

  • Point: The point has a ramp in front leading up to it, platforms coming from garden going around behind it, and it leads to the upper lobby of the final building.
  • Garden: This is the building directly between second and mid. It also features a ramp going down to the flank and a platform leading back to the second point.
  • Tunnel/Mine: The tunnel/mine is a narrow route leading to mid next to the garden.
  • Flank: The flank is a route that connects from the shutter of the final building and leads around to under the mid shack. It also connects to the garage, garden, and to the second courtyard.

Point 3 (The Shack)

The middle point of Glassworks sits inside of a shack that is open on all sides, including the top.

  • Point:The control point is housed in a wooden shack open on either end with large doorways, on the sides with smaller windows, and is missing half of it's roof on each side.
  • Under Pass:Under the control point houses a medium health and two medium ammo packs.

Update history

Release Candidate 6
  • Fixed a number of gameplay issues
  • Overhauled final lighting
  • Fixed a few symmetry issues
  • Adjusted some clipping (natch)
  • Improved optimization
  • Fixed a few small material issues
  • Cleaned up detailing in a few places
  • Vague as hell changelog, I don't remember all that I did

Release Candidate 5

  • Improved fps/ optimization significantly on last
  • Added a couple new small ammo packs near second area (good idea, yttrium!)
  • Fixed clipping issue on basement drop-down (thanks yttrium!)
  • Fixed window changes between last and upper lobby not being mirrored (thanks ScarF4ce!)
  • Fixed minor stickybomb hiding spot in narrow tunnel between second/ last (thanks ScarF4ce!)
  • Reduced minor details all around map for optimization purposes
  • Adjusted some lighting on last
  • Added/ changed some small details in key places

Release Candidate 4A

  • Fixed crashing bug by removing the lightmap settings I set to test and forgot about ON ONE PIPE PROP AND I SPENT ALL DAY SEARCHING FOR IT AND IT WAS SO SIMPLE HAHA KILL ME
  • Fixed some improperly colored signage/ glass in Blu base
  • Added a couple new signs in the basement
  • Added minor detailing to glass in front of basement drop down to point out that it is not a route
  • Updated the localization files

Release Candidate 4

  • Overhauled basement under last extensively, streamlined it and open it up to make a more viable route
  • Added "cage" cover on the exit of the basement going to last
  • Added "sneaky" side area connecting to the formerly dead-end Engineer nest room on last
  • Did further detailing, focusing on final
  • Adjusted lighting to be a bit more dramatic on final
  • Smoothed out clipping on ceiling of spawns
  • Moved a few health/ ammo packs around
  • Drastically widened main doorway to last and adjusted barrel pallets
  • Made upper lobby window between rooms smaller and off to one side
  • Removed the first crate on either side of mid point, stopping most classes

Release Candidate 3

  • Removed mineshaft tunnel to basement
  • Added new structure connecting to lower lobby where the tunnel used to be
  • Widened drop down opening to basement
  • Replaced side doors of mid shack with smaller open windows
  • Widened/ raised 2nd to Mid main route doorways quite a bit
  • Added more detailing around map, especially lobby areas
  • Another big optimization pass, fine tuned using occluders
  • Removed doubled up main shutter door props/ entities (!)
  • Shifted sun angle slightly to fix a few shadowing issues
  • Did some lighting tweaks, including lightmap adjustments
  • Fixed some material issues
  • Fixed a few displacement seams
  • Clipping tweaks

Release Candidate 2

  • Opened basement up much more, reduced hiding spots/ corners
  • Moved small health/ medium ammo from inside mid side building to the concrete ledge in front of it
  • Fixed "dots" lighting issue on ramp at mid
  • Fixed some material issues
  • Adjusted/ removed a few props
  • Added some new rocks on mid
  • Fixed a few clipping issues (always)

Release Candidate 1

  • Another big optimization pass
  • Changed wood beam material use on Blu side
  • Optimized lightmaps further (reduced file size by 25MB!)
  • Tightened spawn points up to enable Medic to heal everyone from all positions
  • Bunch of minor clipping and detail tweaks

Beta 8

  • 3d Skybox! Woo!
  • Added some minor sneaky trick jumps/ paths
  • Fixed some symmetry issues
  • Cleaned up some cubemap problems
  • Optimized visleafs/ fixed accidental world brushes
  • Fixed missing clipping/ added to clipping
  • Cleaned up a ton bunch of details
  • Toned down color correction
  • Tried a bit to give the map a more overall cohesive feel detailing-wise.
  • Implemented a bunch of minor changes based on feedback from Bloodhound. Thanks, bro.
  • Bunch of minor adjustments, I dunno.

Beta 7

  • Lowered second capture zone to disallow capture while standing on surrounding walls
  • Added missing health/ ammo to Blu side
  • Fixed reflections issues (added more cubemap ents)
  • Fixed visible nodraws
  • Started optimizing lightmaps
  • Adjusted lighting


  • Fixed missing clipping/ prop symmetry
  • Detailed final building interior! Finally!
  • Detailed final building! This was so much work it deserves two spots in the changelog
  • Added custom props created by Aly for the map
  • Adjusted detailing all around map
  • Added new railing in upper lobby
  • Moved health/ ammo at final
  • Added small health/ ammo on mid (ramp buildings next to center)
  • Minor timing tweaks
  • Massive lighting pass
  • Adjustged color correction
  • Added in spectator cameras
  • Easter eggs!
  • Optimized fucks given counter-- wait wrong map

Beta 5

  • Detailing for days
  • Lots of lighting adjustments
  • Fixed a few clipping issues
  • Fixed neutral cp model
  • Flipped gaps in mid building's roof around
  • More optimization

Beta 4

  • Tons more detailing (FLOWERS), final/ second especially
  • Adjusted spawn times so attackers have more reward for captures
  • Added a Facepunch Emporium Vehicle Prop Contest prop
  • Added some proper lighting in a few places
  • Remade tunnel going into basement from second courtyard
  • Changed steep ramp route into building between second and final into platform + stairs
  • Fixed missing announcer voice lines
  • Improved optimization

Alpha 5 to Beta 3

  • Video Changelog in map page
  • Changelog culled due to length