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Cp glassworks red base.jpg
Informations de base
Type de carte Points de Contrôle
Nom du fichier: cp_glassworks_rc6
Développeur(s) : Harlen "UEAKCrash" Linke
Lien(s) : Steam Workshop
Informations sur la carte
Environnement : Alpin, indusstiel
Cadre : En journée, ensoleillé
Objets sur la carte
Healthico.png Kits de soins : Smallhealth.png ×14   •   Mediumhealth.png ×7
Ammoico.png Boîtes de munitions : Smallammo.png ×18   •   Mediumammo.png ×12

Glassworks est une carte du mode Point de Contrôle standard symétrique dans un décor alpin/industriel.



Vue d'ensemble de la carte en version rc3. (Grand fichier)

Points 1/5 (Glass Factory)

Glassworks' last points are housed in large buildings with a basement connecting the front half with the back.

  • Shutter: The main front shutter door leading to lower lobby.
  • Lower Lobby: The lower portion of the final building connecting to the upper lobby, basement, toxic, and into the final courtyard.
  • Upper Lobby: The upper part of the front of the final building connecting into the upper platforms of the final courtyard.
  • Toxic: This room connects as a flank from outside into the lower lobby, dumping out right next to the drop down to basement.
  • Basement: This route connects from the lower lobby to near the final control point.
  • Spawn: The half-circle spawn room connects to the upper platforms of the final courtyard on either side of the control point.

Points 2/4 (Shipping and Receiving)

The second points of Glassworks consist of a large courtyard, flank, and building.

  • Point: The point has a ramp in front leading up to it, platforms coming from garden going around behind it, and it leads to the upper lobby of the final building.
  • Garden: This is the building directly between second and mid. It also features a ramp going down to the flank and a platform leading back to the second point.
  • Tunnel/Mine: The tunnel/mine is a narrow route leading to mid next to the garden.
  • Flank: The flank is a route that connects from the shutter of the final building and leads around to under the mid shack. It also connects to the garage, garden, and to the second courtyard.

Point 3 (The Shack)

The middle point of Glassworks sits inside of a shack that is open on all sides, including the top.

  • Point:The control point is housed in a wooden shack open on either end with large doorways, on the sides with smaller windows, and is missing half of it's roof on each side.
  • Under Pass:Under the control point houses a medium health and two medium ammo packs