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That there was a Mercy kill, stay down, lad.
The Sniper

Mercy main.jpg
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
Version: Final
Release date: January 14, 2010
Last updated: June 13, 2010
Developer(s): vilepickle
Map Overview
Mercy overview.png

Mercy is a community-made Capture the Flag map created for's Competitive CTF Contest. It placed 11th overall with 56 points.


The map consists of a small building with a platform. The Intelligence room lies near the spawn. Due to the small nature of the building, Soldiers and Demomen will find themselves at a disadvantage owing to the ineffectiveness of rocketjumping or sticky jumping in a confined space, while faster classes will have the advantage of maneuvering quickly.

The courtyard outside is small with a considerable number of buildings and a bridge linking the two sides in the middle.

Update history

  • Reduced filesize a good amount
  • Texture cleanups
  • Some model placement cleanups
  • Final polish


  • After UGC match playtesting, some important changes have been implemented
  • Spawn camping has become much harder. The 1way spawn windows are much larger and the spawn indicator has been moved outside of the spawn some. It's important to note that this location provides no defensive benefit except to help clear out people camping the spawn.
  • Explosives like stickies from the opposite team do not work near the spawn doors anymore
  • The lower base entrance has been streamlined to not include as many 90 degree turns
  • The route to the flank window has been improved to not require as many 90 degree turns
  • The back base room has gotten visual improvements
  • Back room walkway tweaked to have better railing and the walkway is wider on the previously thin side
  • Added a small hidden button in the spawn room for TF2 quads to disable the Mercy rule for the current round. Both teams must shoot the button to disable the rule