Pentagram of Protection (QTF)

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Pentagram of Protection (QTF)
Pentagram of Protection (QTF) image
Pickup Type: Invulnerability

The Pentagram of Protection is an item in the classic Team Fortress series of games. When picked up, it makes the user invulnerable for 30 seconds and the user will have a red glow around them.

In both classic games, the Pentagram of Protection is a very rare item. It makes most of its appearances in custom Team Fortress Classic maps where it is used in conjunction with the Quad Damage item to reach very high heights via rocket jumping.


  • In the levels in which the Pentagram of Protection is present, it can be noticed that it has a very good use in offense as it gives the user 30 seconds to get to the flag without worrying about being killed. This is especially helpful for the Scout, as he has low health and armor.