Slate (Capture the Flag)

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Slate (Capture the Flag)
Ctf slate.jpg
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name: ctf_slate
Version: Beta 2
Release date: March 10, 2009
Last updated: November 28, 2009
Developer(s): Tim "YM" Johnson

Slate is an Attack/Defend Capture the Flag map created as an entry for the A/D CTF and Payload Race Contest. While Slate scored the third-highest of any CTF map among voters, it was disqualified from winning, as the map's maker, YM, was one of the contest's judges. Premuda was awarded third place instead.

Like other Attack/Defend CTF maps, Slate features a three-stage layout in which BLU must deliver their Intelligence to each capture point, while RED's task is to defend each point and stop the Intelligence carrier.

Update history

Beta 2 released 28/11/09:
  • Increased size of capture zone and blocking zone slightly.
  • Removed rain, swapped to lighter skybox and environmental lighting.
  • Increased level of detail.
  • Improved playerclipping.
  • Increased amount of directional signs.
  • No entry signs over locked doors.
  • Added a visualizer to the cap area to show it is blocked.
  • Added Announcer's alerts.
  • Removed vphysics console spam.
  • Slightly increased ammo placement.
  • Improved visibility rendering for stage 3.

Beta 1 released 26/10/09:

  • Added small prop foliage
  • Increased number of pine trees
  • Improved detailing in final stage
  • Fixed playerclipping issues
  • Miscellaneous other tweaks

Alpha 5 released 20/10/09:

  • Increased blocking area size slightly
  • Increased delay between Intelligence cap and new Intelligence spawning.
  • Almost completely detailed entire map
  • Implemented new CTF/CP hybrid hud

Alpha 3 released 11/05/09

  • Reduced size of both capture and blocking area to the size of the capture stud itself.
  • Nobuild'ed the capture stud.
  • Removed the glass from the window at 1-2.
  • Increased time delay between captures and the new Intelligence arriving to remove some momentum from the attacking team.

Alpha 2 released 30/04/09

  • Dramatically reduced capture zone and increased the blocking area to greatly aid defense.
  • Adjusted spawn timers based on particular rounds ease of advance.
  • Reduced initial time as well as reducing the time added on subsequent captures.
  • Fixed the final point not being blocked by red.
  • Fixed resupply lockers.
  • Placed spectator cameras based on which round is in play and which points your team owns.
Alpha 1 released 29/04/09