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Name Picture File name
5Gorge 5gorge1.png cp_5gorge
Badlands Badlands2.png cp_badlands
Coldfront Coldfront5.png cp_coldfront
Fastlane Fastlane1.png cp_fastlane
Foundry Cp foundry mid.png cp_foundry
Freight Freight1.png cp_freight_final1
Granary TF2 Granary Map.jpg cp_granary
Gullywash CP Gullywash 3.png cp_gullywash_final1
Metalworks Cp metalworks b22 5.jpg cp_metalworks
Powerhouse Cp powerhouse.png cp_powerhouse
Process Cp process middle point.jpeg cp_process_final
Sinshine Cp sunshine event.jpg cp_sunshine_event
Sunshine Sunshine main.jpg cp_sunshine
Snakewater Snakewater mid.jpg cp_snakewater_final1
Standin Cp standin B.jpg cp_standin_final
Vanguard Cp vanguard.png cp_vanguard
Well TF2 Well Map.jpg cp_well
Yukon CP Yukon overview.png cp_yukon_final


Name Picture File name (Type )
DeGroot Keep Degroot Keep Castle.png cp_degrootkeep Medieval
Dustbowl TF2 Dustbowl Map.jpg cp_dustbowl Linear multi-stage
Egypt Egypt 01.jpg cp_egypt_final Linear multi-stage
Gorge Cp gorge.jpg cp_gorge Linear single-stage
Gorge Event Cp gorge event.png cp_gorge_event Linear single-stage
Gravel Pit Tf2 gravelpit.jpg cp_gravelpit Pyramid
Junction Junct 01.jpg cp_junction_final Pyramid
Mann Manor Mannmanor cp 01.png cp_manor_event Linear single-stage
Mercenary Park Yetipark 5.png cp_mercenarypark Linear single-stage
Mossrock Mossrock main.jpg cp_mossrock Linear single-stage
Mountain Lab Art Pass Winner 3DNJ.jpg cp_mountainlab Linear single-stage
Snowplow Cp snowplow.jpg cp_snowplow Linear multi-stage
Steel Steel Main.png cp_steel Centralized

A list of all the control point maps in the game. Translated via dictionary.