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Documentation for Availability

Module:Availability (aka Template:Availability) is used to display and autotranslate the 'Availability' section in {{Item infobox}}. Preferably, the shortcut {{avail}} should be used.

For future reference, if creating new additions, the key cannot include a number, or it will be parsed out. Thus, if you want to add a string like xmas2015, instead add it to the Multipart strings with xmas and use num to represent the 2015.


Parameter Output
audition-reel Audition Reel
bread-box Bread Box (Unique and Strange)
chemistryset Chemistry Set
collectors Chemistry Set (Collector's)
contract Contract (Decorated)
contract-unique ConTracker
craft Craft
creepy-crate Unlocked Creepy Crate
directors Director's Cut
distributed Distributed
drop Drop
gift-cauldron Halloween Gift Cauldron
halloween-purchase Purchase
hauntedgift Haunted Halloween Gift
keyless-crate Unlocked Cosmetic Crate (Unique and Strange)
mvm As Mann vs. Machine reward
promotional Promotional
purchase Purchase
retired Retired
stock Stock
stockpile Stockpile Crate
trade-up Trade-Up
transmute Halloween Transmute (Untradable)
unavailable Unavailable
unlock Unlock
unusual Uncrate (Unusual)
xmas2015 Smissmas 2015 Festive Gift
warpaint War Paint (Decorated)
winter2016-strange Unlocked Winter 2016 Cosmetic Case (Unique and Strange)
mannup Reward
australium Reward (Australium)
botkiller Reward (Botkiller)
mvm-both-types Reward (Botkiller and Australium)
crate1 Uncrate #1
crate2-strange Uncrate #2 (Strange)
crate3-festive Uncrate #3 (Festive)
crate4-haunted Uncrate #4 (Haunted)
unusual-5 Uncrate (Unusual)


Backwards compatibility

{{Availability}} (which used to be {{Dictionary/templatecore}}) used a few parameters which were sloppily implemented. They will still function in this template, but their use will place the page into Outdated Availability Parameters.

Outdated Parameter New Parameter
crate-nice crate36
crate-nice2012 crate53
crate-nice2013 crate79
crate-nice2014 crate89
crate-naughty crate35-festive
crate-naughty2012 crate52-festive
crate-naughty2013 crate78-festive
crate-naughty2014 crate88-festive
store purchase
achievement unlock
strongbox crate81
crate46 crate-scorched
crate74 crate74-haunted
winter2016 crate105

Deprecated Parameters

Parameter Deprecation reason
strangifier Strangifiers do not grant new items, they merely change the quality of existing ones.
strangifier-series-5 Strangifiers do not grant new items, they merely change the quality of existing ones.
strangifier-crate-6 Strangifiers do not grant new items, they merely change the quality of existing ones.
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