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20442044"[english]TF_teamswitch_attackers" "You are now Attacking!"
20452045"TF_teamswitch_defenders" "이제부터 수비합니다!"
20462046"[english]TF_teamswitch_defenders" "You are now Defending!"
2047N/A"TF_teamswitch_red" "이제부터 레드 팀에 소속됩니다!"
N/A2047"TF_teamswitch_red" "당신은 이제 레드 팀입니다!"
20482048"[english]TF_teamswitch_red" "You are now on RED!"
2049N/A"TF_teamswitch_blue" "이제부터 블루 팀에 소속됩니다!"
N/A2049"TF_teamswitch_blue" "당신은 이제 블루 팀입니다!"
20502050"[english]TF_teamswitch_blue" "You are now on BLU!"
20512051"TF_suddendeath" "서든 데스!"
20522052"[english]TF_suddendeath" "SUDDEN DEATH!"
46274627"Tip_7_12" "파이로는 불에 타지 않습니다. 산탄총이나 불도끼를 사용해 적 파이로에 대응하십시오."
46284628"[english]Tip_7_12" "As a Pyro, you cannot be ignited by fire-based weapons. Use your Shotgun or melee weapons against enemy Pyros in order to counter this."
46294629"Tip_7_13" "파이로가 매복한 적을 처리하려고 뒤에서 공격할 때는 추가 대미지를 주는 백버너가 더 유용합니다!"
4630N/A"[english]Tip_7_13" "As a Pyro, the Backburner very effective when ambushing the enemy as it inflicts critical hits when attacking from behind."
N/A4630"[english]Tip_7_13" "As a Pyro, the Backburner is very effective when ambushing the enemy because it inflicts critical hits when attacking from behind."
46314631"Tip_7_14" "파이로가 조명총으로 이미 불에 타고 있는 적을 공격하면 크리티컬 히트가 발생합니다."
46324632"[english]Tip_7_14" "As a Pyro, the Flare Gun can cause critical hits if fired at enemies who are already burning."
46334633"Tip_7_15" "파이로는 물 속에서 화염 방사기나 조명총을 사용할 수 없습니다."
46654665"Tip_8_19" "스파이는 %lastdisguise%을(를) 눌러 마지막으로 변장한 캐릭터로 자동 변장할 수 있습니다."
46664666"[english]Tip_8_19" "As a Spy, hit %lastdisguise% in order to automatically assume the last disguise you previously used."
46674667"Tip_8_20" "스파이는 놀랍게도 변장 중에 적 텔레포터를 사용할 수 있습니다."
4668N/A"[english]Tip_8_20" "As a Spy, you can take enemy Teleporters while disguised. Surprise!"
N/A4668"[english]Tip_8_20" "As a Spy, you can take enemy Teleporters. Surprise!"
46694669"Tip_8_21" "스파이는 클로킹 중에 적과 부딪히면 모두에게 살짝 보이게 됩니다."
46704670"[english]Tip_8_21" "As a Spy, bumping into enemies while cloaked makes you slightly visible to everyone."
46714671"Tip_8_22" "스파이가 은신 상태에서 불이 붙으면 적이 볼 수 있습니다!"
50525052"[english]TF_Weapon_Laser_Pointer" "Laser Pointer"
50535053"TF_Weapon_Robot_Arm" "로봇 팔"
50545054"[english]TF_Weapon_Robot_Arm" "Robot Arm"
5055N/A"TF_Wrangler_Desc" "수동으로 센트리 건 조종"
N/A5055"TF_Wrangler_Desc" "센트리 건을 직접 조종할 수 있음"
50565056"[english]TF_Wrangler_Desc" "Take manual control of your Sentry Gun"
50575057"Thunderm_cap_1_A" "판교, 스테이지 1"
50585058"[english]Thunderm_cap_1_A" "Ramp deck, Stage One"
57395739"[english]Attrib_AddCloakOnKill" "+%s1 cloak on kill"
57405740"Attrib_AddCloakOnHit" "적중 시 은폐에너지 %s1 증가"
57415741"[english]Attrib_AddCloakOnHit" "+%s1 cloak on hit"
5742N/A"Attrib_CloakBlinkTimePenalty" "클로킹 점멸 시간 %s1 초 증가"
N/A5742"Attrib_CloakBlinkTimePenalty" "은폐 점멸 시간 %s1 초 증가"
57435743"[english]Attrib_CloakBlinkTimePenalty" "%s1 sec longer cloak blink time"
57445744"Attrib_QuietUnstealth" "은폐 해제 음량 감소"
57455745"[english]Attrib_QuietUnstealth" "Reduced decloak sound volume"
69256925"[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Silver" "Silver:"
69266926"TF_MapDonationLevel_Gold" "금:"
69276927"[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Gold" "Gold:"
N/A6928"TF_MapDonationLevel_Diamond" "다이아몬드:"
N/A6929"[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Diamond" "Diamond:"
69286930"TF_MapDonationLevel_Australium1" "12 캐럿의 오스트랄륨"
69296931"[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Australium1" "12-karat Australium:"
69306932"TF_MapDonationLevel_Australium2" "18 캐럿의 오스트레일리움:"
79207922"[english]TR_DemoRush_SentryTitle" "Destroy the Sentries"
79217923"TR_DemoRush_Sentry" "�점착 폭탄 발사기는 아군이 가는 길을 가로막고 있는 센트리 건을 파괴하는데 적절합니다."
79227924"[english]TR_DemoRush_Sentry" "The STICKY BOMB LAUNCHER is ideal for destroying the sentry guns that lie ahead blocking your team's path."
N/A7925"TR_DemoRush_CombatHint1" "유탄 발사기를 위로 조준하여 유탄을 더 멀리 발사하거나 엄폐물 뒤에서 공격할 수 있습니다."
N/A7926"[english]TR_DemoRush_CombatHint1" "The GRENADE LAUNCHER can be aimed upwards to fire grenades further or from behind cover."
79237927"TR_DemoRush_CombatHint2Title" "점착 폭탄 팁"
79247928"[english]TR_DemoRush_CombatHint2Title" "Sticky Bomb Tip"
79257929"TR_DemoRush_TipSentryTitle" "센트리 팁"
92849288"[english]Econ_GreyOutReason_CannotBeUsedByThisClass" "( Item cannot be used by this class. )"
92859289"Econ_GreyOutReason_ItemNotTradable" "( 거래 불가 )"
92869290"[english]Econ_GreyOutReason_ItemNotTradable" "( Item is not tradable. )"
N/A9291"TF_Wearable_Blueprints" "청사진"
N/A9292"[english]TF_Wearable_Blueprints" "Blueprints"
92879293"TF_Wearable_Shoes" "신발"
92889294"[english]TF_Wearable_Shoes" "Shoes"
92899295"TF_Wearable_Necklace" "목걸이"
97949800"[english]TF_ItsyBitsySpyer" "The Itsy Bitsy Spyer"
97959801"TF_PyroRage" "무앙"
97969802"[english]TF_PyroRage" "MMMPH"
N/A9803"TF_Weapon_Disguise_Kit" "변장 도구"
N/A9804"[english]TF_Weapon_Disguise_Kit" "Disguise Kit"
N/A9805"TF_Weapon_Disguise_Kit_Type" "...담뱃갑?"
N/A9806"[english]TF_Weapon_Disguise_Kit_Type" "...Cigarette Case?"
97979807"TF_NoiseMaker_Winter2011" "소음 발생기 - 겨울 휴일"
97989808"[english]TF_NoiseMaker_Winter2011" "Noise Maker - Winter Holiday"
97999809"TF_Pomson" "폼슨 6000"
99529962"[english]TF_CowboyBoots" "The Teufort Tooth Kicker"
99539963"TF_CowboyBoots_Desc" "이 강철로 덧댄 군화는 아메리카의 최고위 관료들이 아가리를 분쇄할 때 쓰이는 것으로서 얼간이의 아가리 안에 딱 맞도록 풍동에서 과학적으로 설계되었습니다."
99549964"[english]TF_CowboyBoots_Desc" "These steel-toed dogs were scientifically engineered (in a wind tunnel) by America's foremost authorities on mouth-kicking to perfectly fit the inside of an idiot's mouth."
N/A9965"KillEater_SapperRank0" "이상한"
N/A9966"[english]KillEater_SapperRank0" "Strange"
N/A9967"KillEater_SapperRank5" "불운한"
N/A9968"[english]KillEater_SapperRank5" "Unfortunate"
N/A9969"Attrib_AimingNoFlinch" "조준 시 조준선이 흔들리지 않습니다."
N/A9970"[english]Attrib_AimingNoFlinch" "No flinching when aiming"
N/A9971"Attrib_AimingKnockbackResistance" "조준 시 넉백에 %s1% 저항"
N/A9972"[english]Attrib_AimingKnockbackResistance" "Knockback reduced by %s1% when aiming"
N/A9973"Attrib_SniperAimingMoveSpeed_Decreased" "조준 시 이동 속도 %s1% 감소"
N/A9974"[english]Attrib_SniperAimingMoveSpeed_Decreased" "%s1% slower move speed when aiming"