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515515"TF_TournamentMedal_ESL_SeasonVII_Div4" ""
516516"TF_TournamentMedal_ESL_SeasonVII_Div5" ""
N/A518"TF_TournamentMedal_Ready_Steady_Pan_Participant" "Ready Steady Pan Participant"
N/A519"TF_TournamentMedal_Ready_Steady_Pan_Participant_Season1" "Season 1"
N/A520"TF_TournamentMedal_Ready_Steady_Pan_Helper_Season1" "Season 1\nThanks for Helping!"
518522"TF_MapperMedal" "Map Maker's Medallion" // ADD THE
519523"TF_MapperMedal_Desc" ""
928932"TF_Bundle_Halloween2011" "Halloween 2011 Costume Bundle of Bundles"
929933"TF_Bundle_Halloween2011_Desc" "Celebrate Halloween using these items:"
N/A935"TF_Bundle_HA_Gold" "Hero Academy Gold Pack"
N/A936"TF_Bundle_HA_Gold_Desc" "This heroic bundle contains a gift copy of Hero Academy with all DLC on Steam, as well as all four Hero Academy-themed hats:"
N/A938"SteamPackage_HA_Council" "Hero Academy with Council and TF2 Armies"
N/A939"SteamPackage_HA_DarkElves" "Hero Academy Dark Elves Army"
N/A940"SteamPackage_HA_Dwarves" "Hero Academy Dwarves Army"
N/A941"SteamPackage_HA_Tribe" "Hero Academy Tribe Army"
N/A942"SteamPackage_HA_GoldPack" "Hero Academy Gold Pack (all DLC)"
931944"TF_Bundle_MysteriousPromo" "Mysterious Promo"
932945"TF_Bundle_MysteriousPromo_Desc" "Mysterious Promo"
933946"TF_Pet_Balloonicorn_Promo" "Pet Balloonicorn Promo"
943956"TF_RobotChickenHat_Promo" "Robot Chicken Hat Promo"
944957"TF_RobotChickenHat_Promo_Desc" ""
N/A959"TF_Bundle_STSBundle" "Steam Translation Bundle"
N/A960"TF_Bundle_STSBundle_Desc" ""
N/A962"TF_HA_Demo" "Grenadier Helm" // ADD THE
N/A963"TF_HA_Demo_Desc" "Argghhh! You're angry! And you're small! And you need to convey these facts through a single accessory! Strap on the Grenadier Helm and send your enemies to whatever level of Dwarfish hell you deem appropriate."
N/A964"TF_HA_Pyro" "Tribal Bones" // ADD THE
N/A965"TF_HA_Pyro_Desc" "No ritual that results in the senseless destruction of human life at the behest of an angry god is complete without a Tribal Bones necklace. Like all of our mothers weirdly happened to say, if you're going to do some human sacrifices, you gotta look the part."
N/A966"TF_HA_Scout" "Void Monk Hair" // ADD THE
N/A967"TF_HA_Scout_Desc" "Channel all the elegance and mystique of an elf with only half the pretention with the Void Monk Hair. Also included with purchase: effeminate good looks. But you already had those, didn't you, you handsome devil."
N/A968"TF_HA_Spy" "Ninja Cowl" // ADD THE
N/A969"TF_HA_Spy_Desc" "If there's one thing that the ladies/men love, it's mystery. And what's more mysterious than covering your entire face with a Ninja Cowl? \"Oh my, I can't see any of that man's face!\" they'll exclaim. \"He must have a terrible secret I will uncover with my love.\""
946971"TF_Awes_Medal" "Awesomenauts Badge"
947972"TF_Awes_Medal_Desc" "This badge is a sign of acknowledgment from another mercenary group. Just acknowledgment, all right? It's not like they like you or anything. It's not like they wish you'd maybe follow up on that Merc Party Invite they sent you a couple weeks ago. They're stone cold killers, you understand? Also there will be spinach dip at the party."
948973"TF_Awes_Sniper" "Lone Star" // ADD THE
951976"TF_Awes_Pyro_Desc" "The latest in space-primate propulsion, this jet pack has been tested exclusively by apes! We can't stress enough how few human flight tests we've conducted with this product!"
953978"TF_SD_Sapper" "Red-Tape Recorder" // ADD THE
954N/A"TF_SD_Minigun" "Huo Long Heatmaker" // ADD THE
N/A979"TF_SD_Minigun" "Huo-Long Heater" // ADD THE
955980"TF_SD_Cleaver" "Flying Guillotine" // ADD THE
956981"TF_SD_Cleaver_Style0" "Thirsty"
957982"TF_SD_Cleaver_Style1" "Thirstier"
18241849"pl_frontier_authors" "Patrick 'MangyCarface' Mulholland\nArhurt"
18251850"koth_lakeside_authors" "Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain"
18261851"cp_gullywash_final1_authors" "Jan 'Arnold' Laroy"
N/A1852"koth_king_authors" "Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain"
18281854"TF_Contributed" "Thanks %playername% for supporting this map!"
18291855"TF_DuelLeaderboard_Title" "Top Duel Wins This Season"
18851911"TF_Gullywash" "Gullywash"
18861912"TF_MapToken_Gullywash" "Map Stamp - Gullywash"
18871913"TF_MapToken_Gullywash_Desc" "A Control Point Map\n\nMade by Jan 'Arnold' Laroy\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Gullywash community map. Show your support today!"
N/A1914"TF_KongKing" "Kong King"
N/A1915"TF_MapToken_KongKing" "Map Stamp - Kong King"
N/A1916"TF_MapToken_KongKing_Desc" "A King of the Hill Map\n\nMade by Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Kong King community map. Show your support today!"
18891918"TF_MapDonationLevel_Bronze" "Bronze:"
18901919"TF_MapDonationLevel_Silver" "Silver:"
50235052"Attrib_ToolEscrowUntilDate" "Usable After: %s1"
50245053"Attrib_Store_TradableAfterDate" "Becomes Tradable After a Few Days"
50255054"Attrib_Store_ToolEscrowUntilDate" "Becomes Usable After a Few Days"
N/A5055"Attrib_Store_IncludesSteamGiftPackage" "( Includes Steam Gift Copy of \"%s1\" )"
50265056"Attrib_Store_Purchased" "Will Not Be Tradable or Usable in Crafting"
50275057"Attrib_Sanguisuge" "On Backstab: Absorbs the health from your victim."
50285058"Attrib_Honorbound" "Honorbound: Once drawn cannot be sheathed until it kills."