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10371037 "assister_fallback" "string" // contains a string to use if "assister" is -1
10381038 }
N/A1040 // clone of "player_death" with added counts
N/A1041 "throwable_hit"
N/A1042 {
N/A1043 "userid" "short" // user ID who died
N/A1044 "victim_entindex" "long"
N/A1045 "inflictor_entindex" "long" // ent index of inflictor (a sentry, for example)
N/A1046 "attacker" "short" // user ID who killed
N/A1047 "weapon" "string" // weapon name killer used
N/A1048 "weaponid" "short" // ID of weapon killed used
N/A1049 "damagebits" "long" // bits of type of damage
N/A1050 "customkill" "short" // type of custom kill
N/A1051 "assister" "short" // user ID of assister
N/A1052 "weapon_logclassname" "string" // weapon name that should be printed on the log
N/A1053 "stun_flags" "short" // victim's stun flags at the moment of death
N/A1054 "death_flags" "short" //death flags.
N/A1055 "silent_kill" "bool"
N/A1056 "assister_fallback" "string" // contains a string to use if "assister" is -1
N/A1057 "totalhits" "short" // Number of hits his player has done
N/A1058 }
10401060 "pumpkin_lord_summoned"
10411061 {
10421062 }