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N/A3"Language" "danish"
N/A6"quest25000name0" "Scout-kontrakt"
N/A7"[english]quest25000name0" "Scout Contract"
N/A8"quest25000objectivedesc0" "Scor point som Scout: %s1"
N/A9"[english]quest25000objectivedesc0" "Score points as Scout: %s1"
N/A10"quest25000objectivedesc1" "Dræb mens du er i et hop som Scout: %s1"
N/A11"[english]quest25000objectivedesc1" "Kill while mid-jump as Scout: %s1"
N/A12"quest25000objectivedesc2" "Dræb en Demoman som Scout: %s1"
N/A13"[english]quest25000objectivedesc2" "Kill a Demoman as Scout: %s1"
N/A14"quest25000objectivedesc4" "Dræb som Scout: %s1"
N/A15"[english]quest25000objectivedesc4" "Kill as Scout: %s1"
N/A16"quest25000objectivedesc5" "Dræb en Medic som Scout: %s1"
N/A17"[english]quest25000objectivedesc5" "Kill a Medic as Scout: %s1"
N/A18"quest25001name0" "Soldier-kontrakt"
N/A19"[english]quest25001name0" "Soldier Contract"
N/A20"quest25001objectivedesc0" "Scor point som Soldier: %s1"
N/A21"[english]quest25001objectivedesc0" "Score points as Soldier: %s1"
N/A22"quest25001objectivedesc1" "Dræb med sekundært våben som Soldier: %s1"
N/A23"[english]quest25001objectivedesc1" "Secondary weapon kill as Soldier: %s1"
N/A24"quest25001objectivedesc10" "Snipers dræbt som Soldier: %s1"
N/A25"[english]quest25001objectivedesc10" "Snipers killed as Soldier: %s1"
N/A26"quest25001objectivedesc11" "Spies dræbt som Soldier: %s1"
N/A27"[english]quest25001objectivedesc11" "Spies killed as Soldier: %s1"
N/A28"quest25001objectivedesc12" "Dræb som Soldier: %s1"
N/A29"[english]quest25001objectivedesc12" "Kill as Soldier: %s1"
N/A30"quest25001objectivedesc2" "Dræb mens du rakethopper som Soldier: %s1"
N/A31"[english]quest25001objectivedesc2" "Kill while blast jumping as Soldier: %s1"
N/A32"quest25001objectivedesc3" "Scouts dræbt som Soldier: %s1"
N/A33"[english]quest25001objectivedesc3" "Scouts killed as Soldier: %s1"
N/A34"quest25001objectivedesc4" "Dræb et luftbåret mål med dit sekundære våben: %s1"
N/A35"[english]quest25001objectivedesc4" "Kill an airborne target with your secondary: %s1"
N/A36"quest25001objectivedesc5" "Ram en modstander direkte med en raket: %s1"
N/A37"[english]quest25001objectivedesc5" "Get a direct hit with a rocket: %s1"
N/A38"quest25001objectivedesc6" "Demomen dræbt som Soldier: %s1"
N/A39"[english]quest25001objectivedesc6" "Demomen killed as Soldier: %s1"
N/A40"quest25001objectivedesc7" "Heavies dræbt som Soldier: %s1"
N/A41"[english]quest25001objectivedesc7" "Heavies killed as Soldier: %s1"
N/A42"quest25001objectivedesc8" "Engineers dræbt som Soldier: %s1"
N/A43"[english]quest25001objectivedesc8" "Engineers killed as Soldier: %s1"
N/A44"quest25001objectivedesc9" "Medics dræbt som Soldier: %s1"
N/A45"[english]quest25001objectivedesc9" "Medics killed as Soldier: %s1"
N/A46"quest25002name0" "Pyro-kontrakt"
N/A47"[english]quest25002name0" "Pyro Contract"
N/A48"quest25002objectivedesc0" "Scor point som Pyro: %s1"
N/A49"[english]quest25002objectivedesc0" "Score points as Pyro: %s1"
N/A50"quest25002objectivedesc1" "Sluk en brændende holdkammerat som Pyro: %s1"
N/A51"[english]quest25002objectivedesc1" "Extinguish a teammate as Pyro: %s1"
N/A52"quest25002objectivedesc2" "Dræb med et reflekteret projektil som Pyro: %s1"
N/A53"[english]quest25002objectivedesc2" "Kill with a reflected projectile as Pyro: %s1"
N/A54"quest25002objectivedesc3" "Miljødræb som Pyro: %s1"
N/A55"[english]quest25002objectivedesc3" "Environment kill as Pyro: %s1"
N/A56"quest25002objectivedesc4" "Sæt ild til en usynlig eller udklædt Spy som Pyro: %s1"
N/A57"[english]quest25002objectivedesc4" "Ignite an invisible or disguised Spy as Pyro: %s1"
N/A58"quest25002objectivedesc5" "Dræb som Pyro: %s1"
N/A59"[english]quest25002objectivedesc5" "Kill as Pyro: %s1"
N/A60"quest25003name0" "Demoman-kontrakt"
N/A61"[english]quest25003name0" "Demoman Contract"
N/A62"quest25003objectivedesc0" "Scor point som Demoman: %s1"
N/A63"[english]quest25003objectivedesc0" "Score points as Demoman: %s1"
N/A64"quest25003objectivedesc1" "Dræb med klæbebomber som Demoman: %s1"
N/A65"[english]quest25003objectivedesc1" "Sticky grenade kill as Demoman: %s1"
N/A66"quest25003objectivedesc2" "Dræb med nærkampsvåben som Demoman: %s1"
N/A67"[english]quest25003objectivedesc2" "Melee kill as Demoman: %s1"
N/A68"quest25003objectivedesc3" "Som Demoman: dræb en fjende som er i gang med et mål: %s1"
N/A69"[english]quest25003objectivedesc3" "As Demoman, kill an enemy doing the objective: %s1"
N/A70"quest25003objectivedesc4" "Få et drab som Demoman: %s1"
N/A71"[english]quest25003objectivedesc4" "Get a kill as Demoman: %s1"
N/A72"quest25003objectivedesc5" "Ram en fjende med et skold: %s1"
N/A73"[english]quest25003objectivedesc5" "Bash an enemy with a shield: %s1"
N/A74"quest25004name0" "Heavy-kontrakt"
N/A75"[english]quest25004name0" "Heavy Contract"
N/A76"quest25004objectivedesc0" "Scor point som Heavy: %s1"
N/A77"[english]quest25004objectivedesc0" "Score points as Heavy: %s1"
N/A78"quest25004objectivedesc2" "Dræb en Scout som Heavy: %s1"
N/A79"[english]quest25004objectivedesc2" "Kill a Scout as Heavy: %s1"
N/A80"quest25004objectivedesc3" "Ødelæg en Engineer-bygning som Heavy: %s1"
N/A81"[english]quest25004objectivedesc3" "Destroy an Engineer building as Heavy: %s1"
N/A82"quest25004objectivedesc4" "Dræb en Heavy som Heavy: %s1"
N/A83"[english]quest25004objectivedesc4" "Kill a Heavy as Heavy: %s1"
N/A84"quest25004objectivedesc5" "Tag 1000 skade i ét enkelt liv som Heavy: %s1"
N/A85"[english]quest25004objectivedesc5" "Take 1000 damage in a single life as Heavy: %s1"
N/A86"quest25004objectivedesc6" "Få et drab som Heavy: %s1"
N/A87"[english]quest25004objectivedesc6" "Get a kill as Heavy: %s1"
N/A88"quest25005name0" "Engineer-kontrakt"
N/A89"[english]quest25005name0" "Engineer Contract"
N/A90"quest25005objectivedesc0" "Scor point som Engineer: %s1"
N/A91"[english]quest25005objectivedesc0" "Score points as Engineer: %s1"
N/A92"quest25005objectivedesc1" "Få 5 drab med én enkel Sentry: %s1"
N/A93"[english]quest25005objectivedesc1" "Get 5 kills with a single Sentry: %s1"
N/A94"quest25005objectivedesc2" "Få et drab med en Sentry: %s1"
N/A95"[english]quest25005objectivedesc2" "Get a kill with a Sentry: %s1"
N/A96"quest25005objectivedesc3" "Teleporter en holdkammerat: %s1"
N/A97"[english]quest25005objectivedesc3" "Teleport a teammate: %s1"
N/A98"quest25005objectivedesc4" "Få et drab som Engineer: %s1"
N/A99"[english]quest25005objectivedesc4" "Get a kill as Engineer: %s1"
N/A100"quest25005objectivedesc5" "Giv 500 liv til holdkammerater via Dispenser: %s1"
N/A101"[english]quest25005objectivedesc5" "Dispense 500 health to teammates: %s1"
N/A102"quest25006name0" "Medic-kontrakt"
N/A103"[english]quest25006name0" "Medic Contract"
N/A104"quest25006objectivedesc0" "Scor point som Medic: %s1"
N/A105"[english]quest25006objectivedesc0" "Score points as Medic: %s1"
N/A106"quest25006objectivedesc1" "Få et assisteret drab med en ÜberLadning på en Heavy: %s1"
N/A107"[english]quest25006objectivedesc1" "Get an assist with an Ubered Heavy: %s1"
N/A108"quest25006objectivedesc2" "Få assisteret drab på en sentry mens du er Überet: %s1"
N/A109"[english]quest25006objectivedesc2" "Assist in destroying a sentry while Ubered: %s1"
N/A110"quest25006objectivedesc3" "Få et assisteret drab med en ÜberLadet Demoman: %s1"
N/A111"[english]quest25006objectivedesc3" "Get an assist with an Ubered Demoman: %s1"
N/A112"quest25007name0" "Sniper-kontrakt"
N/A113"[english]quest25007name0" "Sniper Contract"
N/A114"quest25007objectivedesc0" "Scor point som Sniper: %s1"
N/A115"[english]quest25007objectivedesc0" "Score points as Sniper: %s1"
N/A116"quest25007objectivedesc1" "Dræb med zoomet kropsskuds som Sniper: %s1"
N/A117"[english]quest25007objectivedesc1" "Scoped bodyshot kill as Sniper: %s1"
N/A118"quest25007objectivedesc2" "Dræb med hovedskud som Sniper: %s1"
N/A119"[english]quest25007objectivedesc2" "Headshot kill as Sniper: %s1"
N/A120"quest25007objectivedesc3" "Dræb en Medic som Sniper: %s1"
N/A121"[english]quest25007objectivedesc3" "Kill a Medic as Sniper: %s1"
N/A122"quest25007objectivedesc4" "Dræb en Heavy som Sniper: %s1"
N/A123"[english]quest25007objectivedesc4" "Kill a Heavy as Sniper: %s1"
N/A124"quest25007objectivedesc5" "Dræb en Sniper som Sniper: %s1"
N/A125"[english]quest25007objectivedesc5" "Kill a Sniper as Sniper: %s1"
N/A126"quest25007objectivedesc6" "Få et drab som Sniper: %s1"
N/A127"[english]quest25007objectivedesc6" "Get a kill as Sniper: %s1"
N/A128"quest25008name0" "Spy-kontrakt"
N/A129"[english]quest25008name0" "Spy Contract"
N/A130"quest25008objectivedesc0" "Scor point som Spy: %s1"
N/A131"[english]quest25008objectivedesc0" "Score points as Spy: %s1"
N/A132"quest25008objectivedesc1" "Ødelæg en bygning med en Sapper: %s1"
N/A133"[english]quest25008objectivedesc1" "Destroy a building with a Sapper: %s1"
N/A134"quest25008objectivedesc2" "Dræb med et rygstik: %s1"
N/A135"[english]quest25008objectivedesc2" "Get a Backstab: %s1"
N/A136"quest25008objectivedesc3" "Dræb en Medic som Spy: %s1"
N/A137"[english]quest25008objectivedesc3" "Kill a Medic as Spy: %s1"
N/A138"quest25008objectivedesc4" "Dræb en Engineer som Spy: %s1"
N/A139"[english]quest25008objectivedesc4" "Kill an Engineer as Spy: %s1"
N/A140"quest25008objectivedesc5" "Dræb en Sniper som Spy: %s1"
N/A141"[english]quest25008objectivedesc5" "Kill a Sniper as Spy: %s1"
N/A142"quest25008objectivedesc6" "Få et drab som Spy: %s1"
N/A143"[english]quest25008objectivedesc6" "Get a kill as Spy: %s1"
N/A144"quest25009name0" "Powerhouse-kontrakt"
N/A145"[english]quest25009name0" "Powerhouse Contract"
N/A146"quest25009objectivedesc0" "Få et drab i Powerhouse: %s1"
N/A147"[english]quest25009objectivedesc0" "Get a kill on Powerhouse: %s1"
N/A148"quest25009objectivedesc1" "Erobr et mål i Powerhouse: %s1"
N/A149"[english]quest25009objectivedesc1" "Capture an objective on Powerhouse: %s1"
N/A150"quest25009objectivedesc2" "Dræb en fjende som erobrer et mål i Powerhouse: %s1"
N/A151"[english]quest25009objectivedesc2" "Kill an enemy capturing a point on Powerhouse: %s1"
N/A152"quest25009objectivedesc3" "Vind en runde i Powerhouse: %s1"
N/A153"[english]quest25009objectivedesc3" "Win a round on Powerhouse: %s1"
N/A154"quest25009objectivedesc4" "Scor point i Powerhouse: %s1"
N/A155"[english]quest25009objectivedesc4" "Score points on Powerhouse: %s1"
N/A156"quest25010name0" "Snowplow-kontrakt"
N/A157"[english]quest25010name0" "Snowplow Contract"
N/A158"quest25010objectivedesc0" "Scor point i Snowplow: %s1"
N/A159"[english]quest25010objectivedesc0" "Score points on Snowplow: %s1"
N/A160"quest25010objectivedesc1" "Erobr et mål i Snowplow: %s1"
N/A161"[english]quest25010objectivedesc1" "Capture an objective on Snowplow: %s1"
N/A162"quest25010objectivedesc2" "Forsvar et mål i Snowplow: %s1"
N/A163"[english]quest25010objectivedesc2" "Defend an objective on Snowplow: %s1"
N/A164"quest25010objectivedesc3" "Vind en runde i Snowplow: %s1"
N/A165"[english]quest25010objectivedesc3" "Win a round on Snowplow: %s1"
N/A166"quest25011name0" "Borneo-kontrakt"
N/A167"[english]quest25011name0" "Borneo Contract"
N/A168"quest25011objectivedesc0" "Scor point i Borneo: %s1"
N/A169"[english]quest25011objectivedesc0" "Score points on Borneo: %s1"
N/A170"quest25011objectivedesc1" "Erobr et mål i Borneo: %s1"
N/A171"[english]quest25011objectivedesc1" "Capture an objective on Borneo: %s1"
N/A172"quest25011objectivedesc2" "Forsvar vognen i Borneo: %s1"
N/A173"[english]quest25011objectivedesc2" "Defend the cart on Borneo: %s1"
N/A174"quest25011objectivedesc3" "Vind en runde i Borneo: %s1"
N/A175"[english]quest25011objectivedesc3" "Win a round on Borneo: %s1"
N/A176"quest25012name0" "Suijin-kontrakt"
N/A177"[english]quest25012name0" "Suijin Contract"
N/A178"quest25012objectivedesc0" "Scor point i Suijin: %s1"
N/A179"[english]quest25012objectivedesc0" "Score points on Suijin: %s1"
N/A180"quest25012objectivedesc1" "Forsvar målet i Suijin: %s1"
N/A181"[english]quest25012objectivedesc1" "Defend the objective on Suijin: %s1"
N/A182"quest25012objectivedesc2" "Erobr målet i Suijin: %s1"
N/A183"[english]quest25012objectivedesc2" "Capture the objective on Suijin: %s1"
N/A184"quest25012objectivedesc3" "Vind en runde i Suijin: %s1"
N/A185"[english]quest25012objectivedesc3" "Win a round on Suijin: %s1"
N/A186"quest25013name0" "Åbn kontrakt"
N/A187"[english]quest25013name0" "Open Contract"
N/A188"quest25013objectivedesc0" "Scor point: %s1"
N/A189"[english]quest25013objectivedesc0" "Score points: %s1"
N/A190"quest25013objectivedesc1" "Scor 10 point i ét enkelt liv: %s1"
N/A191"[english]quest25013objectivedesc1" "Score 10 points in a single life: %s1"
N/A192"quest25014name0" "Drabskontrakt"
N/A193"[english]quest25014name0" "Kill Contract"
N/A194"quest25014objectivedesc0" "Få et drab: %s1"
N/A195"[english]quest25014objectivedesc0" "Get a kill: %s1"
N/A196"quest25014objectivedesc1" "Få 5 drab i ét enkelt liv: %s1"
N/A197"[english]quest25014objectivedesc1" "Get 5 kills in a single life: %s1"
N/A198"quest25014objectivedesc10" "Dræb en Spy: %s1"
N/A199"[english]quest25014objectivedesc10" "Kill a Spy: %s1"
N/A200"quest25014objectivedesc2" "Dræb en Scout: %s1"
N/A201"[english]quest25014objectivedesc2" "Kill a Scout: %s1"
N/A202"quest25014objectivedesc3" "Dræb en Soldier: %s1"
N/A203"[english]quest25014objectivedesc3" "Kill a Soldier: %s1"
N/A204"quest25014objectivedesc4" "Dræb en Pyro: %s1"
N/A205"[english]quest25014objectivedesc4" "Kill a Pyro: %s1"
N/A206"quest25014objectivedesc5" "Dræb en Demoman: %s1"
N/A207"[english]quest25014objectivedesc5" "Kill a Demoman: %s1"
N/A208"quest25014objectivedesc6" "Dræb en Heavy: %s1"
N/A209"[english]quest25014objectivedesc6" "Kill a Heavy: %s1"
N/A210"quest25014objectivedesc7" "Dræb en Engineer: %s1"
N/A211"[english]quest25014objectivedesc7" "Kill an Engineer: %s1"
N/A212"quest25014objectivedesc8" "Dræb en Medic: %s1"
N/A213"[english]quest25014objectivedesc8" "Kill a Medic: %s1"
N/A214"quest25014objectivedesc9" "Dræb en Sniper: %s1"
N/A215"[english]quest25014objectivedesc9" "Kill a Sniper: %s1"
N/A216"questname25000" "Scout-opgave"
N/A217"[english]questname25000" "Scout Quest"
N/A218"questname25001" "Soldier-opgave"
N/A219"[english]questname25001" "Soldier Quest"
N/A220"questname25002" "Pyro-opgave"
N/A221"[english]questname25002" "Pyro Quest"
N/A222"questname25003" "Demoman-opgave"
N/A223"[english]questname25003" "Demoman Quest"
N/A224"questname25004" "Heavy-opgave"
N/A225"[english]questname25004" "Heavy Quest"
N/A226"questname25005" "Engineer-opgave"
N/A227"[english]questname25005" "Engineer Quest"
N/A228"questname25006" "Medic-opgave"
N/A229"[english]questname25006" "Medic Quest"
N/A230"questname25007" "Sniper-opgave"
N/A231"[english]questname25007" "Sniper Quest"
N/A232"questname25008" "Spy-opgave"
N/A233"[english]questname25008" "Spy Quest"
N/A234"questname25009" "Powerhouse-opgave"
N/A235"[english]questname25009" "Powerhouse Quest"
N/A236"questname25010" "Snowplow-opgave"
N/A237"[english]questname25010" "Snowplow Quest"
N/A238"questname25011" "Borneo-opgave"
N/A239"[english]questname25011" "Borneo Quest"
N/A240"questname25012" "Suijin-opgave"
N/A241"[english]questname25012" "Suijin Quest"
N/A242"questname25014" "Hovedjæger"
N/A243"[english]questname25014" "Head hunter"