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538538"TF_Weapon_SyringeGun" "Syringe Gun"
539539"TF_Weapon_SyringeGun_Prototype" "Syringe Gun Prototype"
540540"TF_Weapon_Watch" "Invis Watch"
541N/A"TF_Weapon_Watch_desc" "Alt-Fire: Turn invisible. Cannot attack while invisible. Bumping in to enemies will make your slightly visible to enemies"
N/A541"TF_Weapon_Watch_desc" "Alt-Fire: Turn invisible. Cannot attack while invisible. Bumping in to enemies will make you slightly visible to enemies"
542542"TF_Weapon_FlareGun" "Flare Gun"
543543"TF_Weapon_LunchBox" "Lunch Box"
544544"TF_Weapon_SoldierSashimono" "Sashimono"
62836283"ToolCustomizeTextureDragToRotate" "(Drag to rotate)"
62846284"ToolCustomizeTextureColorPalette" "Color palette:"
62856285"ToolConsumptionInProgress" "Completing recipe"
N/A6286"ToolFestivizerInProgress" "Festivizing your item"
62876288"ToolCustomizeTexturePainterlyDescription" "Works for most images."
62886289"ToolCustomizeTextureStencilDescription" "Works best on icons, symbols, and text."
73897390"TF_Tool_ToughBreakKey_Desc" "Used to open The Pyroland\nor The Warbird Weapons Case."
73907391"TF_Tool_ToughBreakKey_AdText" "-Used to open The Pyroland or The Warbird Weapons Case\n-Cases may contain Strange and Unusual Weapons.\nContains an extra Smissmas 2015 Mystery Gift if used before January 11, 2016."
7392N/A"TF_Winter_2015_Mystery" "Smissmas 2015 Mystery Gift"
7393N/A"TF_Winter_2015_Mystery_desc" "A Mysterious gift from Mann Co.\nYou cannot yet open this gift.\n\nHave you been Naughty or Nice?"
N/A7393"TF_Winter_2015_Mystery" "Smissmas 2015 Festive Gift"
N/A7394"TF_Winter_2015_Mystery_desc" "A festive gift from Mann Co.\nContains a Gun Mettle and Tough Break Festivizer\n\nMerry Smissmas!"
N/A7396"TF_Winter2015_Festivizer" "The Gun Mettle and Tough Break Festivizer"
N/A7397"TF_Winter2015_Festivizer_desc" "Festivize your favorite weapon from\nthe Gun Mettle or Tough Break Campaigns.\nCan be applied on a weapon from the following collections:\n\nConcealed Killer Collection\nCraftsmann Collection\nPowerhouse Collection\nTeufort Collection\nHarvest Collection\nGentlemanne's Collection\nPyroland Collection\nWarbird Collection"
73957399//Paintkit items
73967400"concealedkiller_pistol_redrockroscoe" "Red Rock Roscoe" // ADD THE
78437847"Attrib_SniperZoom_Penalty" "%s1% zoom reduction"
78447848"Attrib_SniperNoCharge" "No zoom or damage charge"
78457849"Attrib_CloakIsFeignDeath" "Cloak Type: Feign Death.\nLeave a fake corpse on taking damage\nand temporarily gain invisibility, speed and damage resistance."
7846N/A"Attrib_CloakIsMovementBased" "Cloak Type: Motion Sensitive.\nAlt-Fire: Turn invisible. Cannot attack while invisible. Bumping in to enemies will make your slightly visible to enemies.\nCloak drain rate based on movement speed."
N/A7850"Attrib_CloakIsMovementBased" "Cloak Type: Motion Sensitive.\nAlt-Fire: Turn invisible. Cannot attack while invisible. Bumping in to enemies will make you slightly visible to enemies.\nCloak drain rate based on movement speed."
78477851"Attrib_NoDoubleJump" "Disables double jump"
78487852"Attrib_AbsorbDmgWhileCloaked" "Absorbs %s1% damage while cloaked"
78497853"Attrib_RevolverUseHitLocations" "Crits on headshot"
82838287"Attrib_MeleeRangeMultiplier" "%s1% increased melee attack range"
82848288"Attrib_ItemsTradedIn" "Items Traded in : %s1"
82858289"Attrib_IsASword" "This Weapon has a large melee range and\ndeploys and holsters slower"
8286N/A"Attrib_AmmoGivesCharge" "Ammo boxes collected give Charge"
N/A8290"Attrib_AmmoGivesCharge" "Ammo boxes collected also give Charge"
82878291"Attrib_IsFestive" "Festivized"
82898293"Econ_Attrib_UserGeneratedWrapper_1" "MvM only: %s1"
1290512909"TF_dec15_berlin_brain_bowl" "Berlin Brain Bowl"
1290612910"TF_dec15_berlin_brain_bowl_desc" ""
1290712911"TF_dec15_medic_winter_jacket2_emblem" "Medical Monarch"
N/A12912"TF_dec15_medic_winter_jacket2_emblem_style1" "Style 1"
N/A12913"TF_dec15_medic_winter_jacket2_emblem_style2" "Style 2"
1290812914"TF_dec15_medic_winter_jacket2_emblem_desc" ""
1290912915"TF_dec15_a_hat_to_kill_for" "A Hat to Kill For"
1291012916"TF_dec15_a_hat_to_kill_for_desc" ""
1340613412"Msg_PasstimePassIncoming" "PASS INCOMING"
1340713413"Msg_PasstimeLockedOn" "LOCKED ON"
1340813414"Msg_PasstimeInPassRange" "IN PASS RANGE"
13409N/A"Msg_PasstimeBallStolenByBlue" "BLU STOLE THE JACK!"
13410N/A"Msg_PasstimeBallStolenByRed" "RED STOLE THE JACK!"
N/A13416"Msg_PasstimeEventStealBonus" "+BOOST +DODGE"
N/A13417"Msg_PasstimeEventStealTitle" "%team% STEAL"
N/A13418"Msg_PasstimeEventStealDetail" "%subject% stole from %source%"
N/A13420"Msg_PasstimeEventPassBonus" "+BOOST"
N/A13421"Msg_PasstimeEventPassTitle" "%team% PASS"
N/A13422"Msg_PasstimeEventPassDetail" "%source% passed to %subject%"
N/A13424"Msg_PasstimeEventInterceptBonus" "+BOOST +DODGE"
N/A13425"Msg_PasstimeEventInterceptTitle" "%team% INTERCEPTION"
N/A13426"Msg_PasstimeEventInterceptDetail" "%subject% intercepted %source%"
N/A13428"Msg_PasstimeEventScoreBonus" "+CRIT"
N/A13429"Msg_PasstimeEventScoreTitle" "%team% SCORE"
N/A13430"Msg_PasstimeEventScoreDetail_Assist" "%subject% assisted by %source%"
N/A13431"Msg_PasstimeEventScoreDetail_NoAssist" "%subject%"
1341213433"TF_Passtime_HowToPlay" "Get the jack and score with it!\nHelp friendly jack-carriers reach the goal.\nStop enemy jack-carriers from reaching your goal.\nPress '%attack%' to throw or toss the jack. Hold to aim or maintain lock.\nPress '%attack2%' to cancel aim.\nHold '%attack2%' to prevent or cancel pass lock.\nPress '%attack3%' when a teammate has the jack to call for a pass."
1341413435"TF_Passtime_PlayerPickup_Basket" "You PICKED UP the JACK!\nTHROW it in the ENEMY GOAL!"
1341513436"TF_Passtime_PlayerPickup_Endzone" "You PICKED UP the JACK!\nCARRY it in the ENEMY GOAL!"
13417N/A"TF_Passtime_Score" "You SCORED! "
13418N/A"TF_Passtime_FriendlyScore" "Your team SCORED! "
13419N/A"TF_Passtime_EnemyScore" "The ENEMY team SCORED! "
1342113438"TF_Passtime_No_Tele" "You cannot TELEPORT while carrying the JACK!"
1342213439"TF_Passtime_No_Carry" "You cannot carry anything else while carrying the JACK!"
1342313440"TF_Passtime_No_Invuln" "You cannot be INVULNERABLE while carrying the JACK"