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11921192"TF_ScoutHat2" "Backwards Ballcap" // ADD THE
11931193"TF_ScoutHat2_Desc" "Stick it to Major League Baseball by not wearing their hat the right way."
N/A1194"TF_ScoutBackwardsCap_Style0" "I Can't Hear You"
N/A1195"TF_ScoutBackwardsCap_Style1" "Headphones Disengaged"
11941196"TF_SniperNecklace" "Crocodile Smile" // ADD THE
11951197"TF_SniperNecklace_Desc" "How many crocodiles had to die to make this necklace? A lot. That's the point."
38063808"RT_SaxtonMask" "Fabricate Saxton Hale Halloween Mask"
N/A3810"TF_Tag_Category_Misc" ""
N/A3811"TF_Tag_Category_Quality" "Quality"
N/A3812"TF_Tag_Category_Class" "Class"
N/A3813"TF_Tag_Category_Type" "Type"
N/A3814"TF_Tag_Crate" "Crate"
38083816"TF_T" "Tool"
38093817"TF_T_Nt" "Name Tag"
38253833"TF_WinterCrate" "Festive Winter Crate"
N/A3834"TF_WinterCrate2011_Naughty" "Naughty Winter Crate"
N/A3835"TF_WinterCrate2011_Nice" "Nice Winter Crate"
38263836"TF_WinterCrate_Desc" "This crate is unusually festive.\nIts contents are unknown and\nnormal keys don't fit the lock.\n\nYou'd better hold onto it.\nThere'll probably be a way to open it later."
38273837"TF_SummerCrate" "Refreshing Summer Cooler"