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22172217"[english]quest25055objectivedesc1" "Collect souls on Pit of Death: %s1"
22182218"quest25055objectivedesc2" "Raccogli delle anime stregate: %s1"
22192219"[english]quest25055objectivedesc2" "Collect haunted souls: %s1"
2220N/A"quest25055objectivedesc3" "Deposita anime stregate nell'oltretomba: %s1"
N/A2220"quest25055objectivedesc3" "Deposita anime stregate nell'Oltretomba: %s1"
22212221"[english]quest25055objectivedesc3" "Deposit haunted souls in the Underworld: %s1"
22222222"quest25013objectivedesc2" "Termina un round come MVP: %s1"
22232223"[english]quest25013objectivedesc2" "Be MVP at the end of a round: %s1"