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8181"Scoreboard_TimeLeftNoHours" "Server map time left: %s1:%s2"
8282"Scoreboard_NoTimeLimit" "Server map time left: No time limit"
8383"Scoreboard_ChangeOnRoundEnd" "(Map change on round end...) Server map time left: 00:00"
N/A84"TF_HUD_ServerTimeLeft" "%s1:%s2:%s3"
N/A85"TF_HUD_ServerTimeLeftNoHours" "%s1:%s2"
N/A86"TF_HUD_ServerNoTimeLimit" ""
N/A87"TF_HUD_ServerChangeOnRoundEnd" "00:00"
8589"TF_SteamRequired" "Steam Required"
8690"TF_SteamRequiredResetStats" "A connection to Steam is required in order to reset your statistics."
444448"Econ_GreyOutReason_EquipRegionConflict" "( Item conflicts with other equipped items. )"
445449"Econ_GreyOutReason_ItemNotCraftable" "( Item is not craftable. )"
446450"Econ_GreyOutReason_ItemNotTradable" "( Item is not tradable. )"
N/A451"Econ_GreyOutReason_ItemSpecialQuality" "( Item has special quality. )"
448453"Econ_MarketTooltipFormat" "( %s1 available on the Steam Community Market starting at %s2 )"
N/A455"OnlyAllowUniqueQuality" "Disallow items with special qualities"
450457// Weapon strings
451458"TF_Weapon_Bat" "Bat"
452459"TF_Weapon_Bottle" "Bottle"
928935"TF_Wearable_Axe" "Cosmetic Axe"
929936"TF_Wearable_Knife" "Cosmetic Knife"
930937"TF_Wearable_Headset" "Headset"
N/A938"TF_Wearable_Cooler" "Cooler"
N/A939"TF_Wearable_GolfClubs" "Golf Clubs"
N/A940"TF_Wearable_Skateboard" "Skateboard"
N/A941"TF_Wearable_Refreshment" "Refreshment"
N/A942"TF_Wearable_ChampionshipBelt" "Championship Belt"
N/A943"TF_Wearable_Glove" "Glove"
N/A944"TF_Wearable_Bandolier" "Bandolier"
N/A945"TF_Wearable_Supplies" "Supplies"
N/A946"TF_Wearable_Augmentation" "Cosmetic Augmentation"
N/A947"TF_Wearable_PuffyShirt" "Puffy Shirt"
N/A948"TF_Wearable_SpiritAnimal" "Spirit Animal"
N/A949"TF_Wearable_Helmet" "Helmet"
N/A950"TF_Wearable_Poncho" "Poncho"
N/A951"TF_Wearable_Barbeque" "Barbeque"
N/A952"TF_Wearable_Towel" "Towel"
N/A953"TF_Wearable_Bandana" "Bandana"
N/A954"TF_Wearable_SafetyApparatus" "Safety Apparatus"
932956"Humiliation_Count" "x%s1"
933957"Humiliation_Kill" "FISH KILL!"
16011625"TF_HeavyHair" "Hound Dog"
16021626"TF_HeavyHair_Desc" "Your opponents will be all shook up when they see these sweet shades and coif."
16031627"TF_SoldierSashimono" "Concheror"
1604N/A"TF_SoldierSashimono_Desc" "With buff, some damage\nDished out by nearby teammates\nComes back as healing"
N/A1628"TF_SoldierSashimono_Desc" "Provides area speed buff\nwhere damage done provides some healing.\nRage increases through damage."
16051629"TF_Gunbai" "Fan O'War"
16061630"TF_Gunbai_Desc" "Winds of Gravel Pit\nScout brings on his fan!\nYou are marked for death"
16071631"TF_Kunai" "Conniver's Kunai"
16671691"TF_TheFamiliarFez_Desc" ""
16681692"TF_TheGrenadiersSoftcap" "Grenadier's Softcap"
16691693"TF_TheGrenadiersSoftcap_Desc" ""
1670N/A"TF_Unique_Achievement_SoldierBuff_Desc" "Provides an offensive buff that causes\nnearby team members to do mini-crits."
1671N/A"TF_TheBattalionsBackup_Desc" "Provides a defensive buff that protects\nnearby team members from crits\nand blocks 35% of incoming damage.\nRage increases through damage taken."
N/A1694"TF_Unique_Achievement_SoldierBuff_Desc" "Provides an offensive buff that causes\nnearby team members to do mini-crits.\nRage increases through damage done."
N/A1695"TF_TheBattalionsBackup_Desc" "Provides a defensive buff that protects\nnearby team members from crits,\nincoming sentry damage by 50%\nand 35% from all other sources.\nRage increases through damage done."
16721696"TF_OlSnaggletooth" "Ol' Snaggletooth"
16731697"TF_OlSnaggletooth_Desc" ""
16741698"TF_TheShortstop_Desc" "Mann Co.'s latest in high attitude\nbreak-action personal defense."
24292453"TF_Item_BarnDoorPlank_Burned" "Incinerated Barn Door Plank"
24302454"TF_Item_BarnDoorPlank_Burned_Desc" "The Pyromania Update just got so hot, it burned up all of your mysterious treasures.\n\nYou can craft this together with any three other burned items, but only until 7/11/2012!"
24312455"TF_Item_DamagedCapacitor" "Barely-Melted Capacitor"
N/A2456"TF_Item_DamagedCapacitor_Type" "Capacitor"
24322457"TF_Item_DamagedCapacitor_Desc" "This damaged capacitor seems to be fire-proof as well as broken. Is there anything it CAN'T do (besides work)?"
24332458"TF_Item_SecretDiary_FireProof" "Fireproof Secret Diary"
24342459"TF_Item_SecretDiary_Type" "Secret Diary"
25882613"koth_lakeside_authors" "Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain"
25892614"cp_gullywash_final1_authors" "Jan 'Arnold' Laroy"
25902615"koth_king_authors" "Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain"
N/A2616"cp_process_final_authors" "Ian 'Scorpio Uprising' Cuslidge"
N/A2617"cp_standin_final_authors" "Ian 'Scorpio Uprising' Cuslidge"
25922619"TF_Contributed" "Thanks %playername% for supporting this map!"
25932620"TF_DuelLeaderboard_Title" "Top Duel Wins This Season"
26522679"TF_KongKing" "Kong King"
26532680"TF_MapToken_KongKing" "Map Stamp - Kong King"
26542681"TF_MapToken_KongKing_Desc" "A King of the Hill Map\n\nMade by Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Kong King community map. Show your support today!"
N/A2682"TF_Map_Process" "Process"
N/A2683"TF_MapToken_Process" "Map Stamp - Process"
N/A2684"TF_MapToken_Process_Desc" "A Control Point Map\n\nMade by Ian 'Scorpio Uprising' Cuslidge\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Process community map. Show your support today!"
N/A2685"TF_Map_Standin" "Standin"
N/A2686"TF_MapToken_Standin" "Map Stamp - Standin"
N/A2687"TF_MapToken_Standin_Desc" "A Control Point Map\n\nMade by Ian 'Scorpio Uprising' Cuslidge\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Standin community map. Show your support today!"
26562689"TF_Map_cp_dustbowl" "Dustbowl"
26572690"TF_Map_cp_gorge" "Gorge"
27072740"TF_WatchTower_StrangePrefix" " Vigilant"
27082741"TF_Offblast_StrangePrefix" " Covert"
27092742"TF_ManorEvent_StrangePrefix" " Spooky"
N/A2743"TF_Map_Process_StrangePrefix" " Efficient"
N/A2744"TF_Map_Standin_StrangePrefix" " Chaotic"
27112746"TF_MapDonationLevel_Bronze" "Bronze:"
27122747"TF_MapDonationLevel_Silver" "Silver:"
29152950"Pipeline_cap_3_red" "Red's final capture point"
29162951"Pipeline_cap_3_blue" "Blue's final capture point"
N/A2953// Standin level strings
N/A2954"standin_red_setup_goal" "Capture all three of the Control Points to win the game!"
N/A2955"standin_blue_setup_goal" "Capture all three of the Control Points to win the game!"
N/A2956"standin_cap_A" "cap A, the Creek"
N/A2957"standin_cap_B" "cap B, the Bridge"
N/A2958"standin_cap_C" "cap C, the Control Room"
29182960// Hightower level strings
29192961"hightower_setup_goal" "Move your cart to the top of your HighTower to win!"
29202962"hightower_cap_red" "Red's HighTower"
33763418"Tip_1_14" "As a Scout, use Mad Milk to douse flames on yourself and on your teammates."
33773419"Tip_1_15" "As a Scout, the Shortstop and Pistol share the same ammo reserve, so be mindful of your ammo while you have both equipped."
33783420"Tip_1_16" "As a Scout, if you have the Candy Cane equipped, killed foes will always drop free health kits, regardless of which weapon you used."
3379N/A"Tip_1_17" "As a Scout, be careful when using Crit-A-Cola. Saving it for surprise attacks and taking advantage of your speed can help you avoid taking mini-crit damage."
N/A3421"Tip_1_17" "As a Scout, be careful when using Crit-A-Cola. Saving it for surprise attacks and taking advantage of your speed can help you avoid taking extra damage."
33803422"Tip_1_18" "As a Scout, you and your allies regain lost health when hitting enemies drenched in Mad Milk. Initiate fights with it to improve your team's survivability."
33813423"Tip_1_19" "As a Scout, the Boston Basher causes foes to bleed when struck, but missing will cause self-inflicted bleeding. Bleeding can be quickly cured with health kits."
33823424"Tip_1_20" "As a Scout, the Sun-on-a-Stick deals critical damage to burning foes, but is otherwise weaker than the Bat. Work with friendly Pyros to make full use of it."
54645506"TF_StrangeFilter_CommunityMapOffblast_Desc" "Adding this Strange Filter to a Strange-quality weapon and selecting one of the stats that it tracks will restrict that stat to only counting events on Offblast."
54655507"TF_StrangeFilter_CommunityMapManorEvent" "Strange Filter: Mann Manor (Community)"
54665508"TF_StrangeFilter_CommunityMapManorEvent_Desc" "Adding this Strange Filter to a Strange-quality weapon and selecting one of the stats that it tracks will restrict that stat to only counting events on Mann Manor."
N/A5509"TF_StrangeFilter_CommunityMapProcess" "Strange Filter: Process (Community)"
N/A5510"TF_StrangeFilter_CommunityMapProcess_Desc" "Adding this Strange Filter to a Strange-quality weapon and selecting one of the stats that it tracks will restrict that stat to only counting events on Process."
N/A5511"TF_StrangeFilter_CommunityMapStandin" "Strange Filter: Standin (Community)"
N/A5512"TF_StrangeFilter_CommunityMapStandin_Desc" "Adding this Strange Filter to a Strange-quality weapon and selecting one of the stats that it tracks will restrict that stat to only counting events on Standin."
54685514"TF_FryingPanStrangifier" "Strange Bacon Grease"
54695515"TF_FryingPanStrangifier_Desc" "Use this on a Frying Pan to make it track the number of enemies you kill with it. Normal Frying Pans will be upgraded to Strange quality."
58605906"TF_Gift_RoboKey2013_EntireServer" "Pile of RoboKey Gifts"
58615907"TF_Gift_RoboKey2013_EntireServer_Desc" "When used, this Action Item gives a RoboCrate Key\nto up to 23 other people on the server!"
N/A5909"TF_ClaimCheck_July2013" "Summer Claim Check"
N/A5910"TF_ClaimCheck_July2013_Desc" "When used, you will receive\na random Summer 2013 Cooler."
58635912"TF_Jul2013Crate_Early" "Summer Appetizer Crate"
5864N/A"TF_Jul2013Crate_Early_Desc" "Contains the first set of Gold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Workshop item import tool."
N/A5913"TF_Jul2013Crate_Early_Desc" "Contains the first set of\nGold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Workshop item import tool."
58655914"TF_Jul2013Key_Early" "Summer Appetizer Key"
5866N/A"TF_Jul2013Key_Early_Desc" "Used to open locked Summer Appetizer Crates"
5867N/A"TF_ClaimCheck_July2013" "Summer Claim Check"
5868N/A"TF_ClaimCheck_July2013_Desc" "At a later date,\nuse this item to get a special crate."
N/A5915"TF_Jul2013Key_Early_Desc" "Used to open locked Summer Appetizer Crates."
N/A5917"TF_Jul2013Crate_01" "Red Summer 2013 Cooler"
N/A5918"TF_Jul2013Crate_01_Desc" "This crate is special.\nIt contains a unique selection of\nGold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Summer 2013 event."
N/A5919"TF_Jul2013Key_01" "Red Summer 2013 Cooler Key"
N/A5920"TF_Jul2013Key_01_Desc" "Used to unlock a Red Summer 2013 Cooler."
N/A5922"TF_Jul2013Crate_02" "Orange Summer 2013 Cooler"
N/A5923"TF_Jul2013Crate_02_Desc" "This crate is special.\nIt contains a unique selection of\nGold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Summer 2013 event."
N/A5924"TF_Jul2013Key_02" "Orange Summer 2013 Cooler Key"
N/A5925"TF_Jul2013Key_02_Desc" "Used to unlock a Orange Summer 2013 Cooler."
N/A5927"TF_Jul2013Crate_03" "Yellow Summer 2013 Cooler"
N/A5928"TF_Jul2013Crate_03_Desc" "This crate is special.\nIt contains a unique selection of\nGold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Summer 2013 event."
N/A5929"TF_Jul2013Key_03" "Yellow Summer 2013 Cooler Key"
N/A5930"TF_Jul2013Key_03_Desc" "Used to unlock a Yellow Summer 2013 Cooler."
N/A5932"TF_Jul2013Crate_04" "Green Summer 2013 Cooler"
N/A5933"TF_Jul2013Crate_04_Desc" "This crate is special.\nIt contains a unique selection of\nGold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Summer 2013 event."
N/A5934"TF_Jul2013Key_04" "Green Summer 2013 Cooler Key"
N/A5935"TF_Jul2013Key_04_Desc" "Used to unlock a Green Summer 2013 Cooler."
N/A5937"TF_Jul2013Crate_05" "Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler"
N/A5938"TF_Jul2013Crate_05_Desc" "This crate is special.\nIt contains a unique selection of\nGold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Summer 2013 event."
N/A5939"TF_Jul2013Key_05" "Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler Key"
N/A5940"TF_Jul2013Key_05_Desc" "Used to unlock a Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler."
N/A5942"TF_Jul2013Crate_06" "Blue Summer 2013 Cooler"
N/A5943"TF_Jul2013Crate_06_Desc" "This crate is special.\nIt contains a unique selection of\nGold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Summer 2013 event."
N/A5944"TF_Jul2013Key_06" "Blue Summer 2013 Cooler Key"
N/A5945"TF_Jul2013Key_06_Desc" "Used to unlock a Blue Summer 2013 Cooler."
N/A5947"TF_Jul2013Crate_07" "Brown Summer 2013 Cooler"
N/A5948"TF_Jul2013Crate_07_Desc" "This crate is special.\nIt contains a unique selection of\nGold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Summer 2013 event."
N/A5949"TF_Jul2013Key_07" "Brown Summer 2013 Cooler Key"
N/A5950"TF_Jul2013Key_07_Desc" "Used to unlock a Brown Summer 2013 Cooler."
N/A5952"TF_Jul2013Crate_08" "Black Summer 2013 Cooler"
N/A5953"TF_Jul2013Crate_08_Desc" "This crate is special.\nIt contains a unique selection of\nGold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Summer 2013 event."
N/A5954"TF_Jul2013Key_08" "Black Summer 2013 Cooler Key"
N/A5955"TF_Jul2013Key_08_Desc" "Used to unlock a Black Summer 2013 Cooler."
N/A5957"TF_Gift_Jul2013_RandomPerson" "A Random Summer Cooler Key Gift"
N/A5958"TF_Gift_Jul2013_RandomPerson_Desc" "When used, this Action Item gives\na Summer 2013 Cooler Key\nto a random person on the server!"
N/A5960"TF_Gift_Jul2013_EntireServer" "Pile of Summer Cooler Key Gifts"
N/A5961"TF_Gift_Jul2013_EntireServer_Desc" "When used, this Action Item gives\na random Summer 2013 Cooler Key\nto up to 23 other people on the server!"
58705963"TF_Tool_PaintCan" "Paint Can"
58715964"TF_Tool_PaintCan_Desc" "Used to paint other items."
59616054"TF_Set_HiddenDetective" "Eliminating The Impossible"
59626055"TF_Set_AppleArrow" "Dual-Purpose Fruit"
59636056"TF_Set_Heavy_Fairy" "The Grand Duchess"
N/A6057"TF_Sniper_UrbanProfessional" "The Urban Professional"
N/A6058"TF_Scout_PublicEnemy" "The Public Enemy"
N/A6059"TF_Set_Soldier_DumpsterDiver" "The Dumpster Diver"
59656061"TF_Date_GMT" " GMT" // deprecated!
62196315"Attrib_AirDashCountIncreased" "Grants Triple Jump: The third jump deals 10 damage when used"
62206316"Attrib_SpeedBuffAlly" "On Hit Ally: Boosts both players' speed for several seconds"
62216317"Attrib_DamageForceReduction" "%s1% reduction in push force taken from damage"
N/A6318"Attrib_DamageForceIncrease" "%s1% increase in push force taken from damage"
N/A6319"Attrib_DamageForceIncreaseString" "Increase in push force taken from damage and airblast"
62226320"Attrib_CloakRate" "%s1 sec increase in time to cloak"
62236321"Attrib_AmmoBecomesHealth" "All ammo collected becomes health"
62246322"Attrib_BootsFallingStomp" "Deals 3x falling damage to the player you land on"
62366334"Attrib_MaxammoGrenades1_Increased" "+%s1% max misc ammo on wearer"
62376335"Attrib_EnergyWeaponNoAmmo" "Does not require ammo"
62386336"Attrib_EnergyWeaponNoHurtBuilding" "Deals only 20% damage to buildings"
6239N/A"Attrib_EnergyWeaponChargedShot" "Alt-Fire: A charged shot that mini-crits\nplayers and disables buildings for 4 sec"
N/A6337"Attrib_EnergyWeaponChargedShot" "Alt-Fire: A charged shot that\nmini-crits players, sets them on fire\nand disables buildings for 4 sec"
62406338"Attrib_EnergyWeaponPenetration" "Projectile penetrates enemy targets"
62416339"Attrib_EnergyWeaponNoDeflect" "Projectile cannot be deflected"
62426340"Attrib_EngyBuildingHealthBonus" "+%s1% max building health"
62686366"Attrib_AccurScalesDmg" "Accuracy scales damage"
62696367"Attrib_CurrencyBonus" "+%s1% bonus currency from packs"
62706368"Attrib_RoboSapper" "Increased robot Sapper radius and duration"
6271N/A"Attrib_JumpHeightBonus" "+%s1% greater jump height"
N/A6369"Attrib_JumpHeightBonus" "+%s1% greater jump height when active"
62726370"Attrib_AppliesSnareEffect" "%s1% movement speed on targets"
62736371"Attrib_BuildingInstaUpgrade" "Consumable: Instantly upgrade all buildings to max level"
62746372"Attrib_BiDirectionalTP" "Teleporters can be used in both directions"
62756373"Attrib_AirBlastPushScale" "+%s1% airblast push force"
N/A6374"Attrib_AirBlastVulnerabilityMultipier" "+%s1% increased airblast vulnerability"
62766375"Attrib_BombinomiconEffectOnDeath" "Explode spectacularly on death"
62776376"Attrib_CritKillWillGib" "Killing an enemy with a critical hit will dismember your victim. Painfully."
62786377"Attrib_SubtractVictimCloakOnHit" "On Hit: Victim loses %s1% cloak"
63796478"Attrib_Cannonball_Push_Back" "Cannonballs push players back on impact"
63806479"Attrib_Overheal_Fill_Rate_Reduced" "%s1% Overheal build rate."
63816480"Attrib_Healing_Provided_Resistance" "When healing, provides you and your target with a constant 10% resistance to the selected damage type."
N/A6481"Attrib_HealingReceivedBonus" "+%s1% bonus healing while deployed."
N/A6482"Attrib_AfterburnImmunity" "Immune to the effects of afterburn."
N/A6483"Attrib_TauntParticles" "Extra effects when taunting."
N/A6484"Attrib_CallingCardOnKill" "Leave a Calling Card on your victims."
63836486"Econ_Attrib_UserGeneratedWrapper_1" "MvM only: %s1"
63846487"Econ_Attrib_UserGeneratedWrapper_2" "Halloween: %s1 (spell expires 11/09/2012)"
67036806"TF_ScoutMedallion_Desc" "One wolf, no moon. Collect all three!"
67056808"TF_UllapoolCaber_Desc" "High-yield Scottish face removal.\nA sober person would throw it..."
6706N/A"TF_BuffaloSteak_Desc" "While under the effects, move speed is increased,\ndamage done and taken will be mini-crits,\nand the player may only use melee weapons.\n\nWho needs bread?"
N/A6809"TF_BuffaloSteak_Desc" "While under the effects, move speed is increased,\nattacks mini-crit, damage taken will be increased 25%,\nand the player may only use melee weapons.\n\nWho needs bread?"
67076810"TF_TreasureHat_1_Desc" "Earned by completing 5 objectives in 'The Great Steam Treasure Hunt'"
67086811"TF_TreasureHat_2_Desc" "Earned by completing 15 objectives in 'The Great Steam Treasure Hunt'"
67096812"TF_TreasureHat_3_Desc" "Earned by completing 28 objectives in 'The Great Steam Treasure Hunt.' Beware the Cephalopod padlock."
67116814"TF_Unique_Achievement_Sword_Desc" "This weapon has a large melee range.\nGives increased speed and health\nwith every head you take."
67126815"TF_Unique_Achievement_Shield_Desc" "Alt-Fire: Gain increased attack power by\ncharging toward your enemies."
6713N/A"TF_Unique_EnergyDrink_CritCola_Desc" "While under the effects, +25% movement speed and damage done and damage taken will be mini-crits."
6714N/A"TF_Unique_MediGun_QuickFix_Desc" "Can't overheal.\nMove at the speed of any faster heal target."
N/A6816"TF_Unique_EnergyDrink_CritCola_Desc" "While under the effects, +25% movement speed,\nyour attacks mini-crit, and damage taken increased by 25%."
N/A6817"TF_Unique_MediGun_QuickFix_Desc" "Move at the speed of any faster heal target."
67156818"TF_Unique_MediGun_Resist_Desc" "ÜberCharge provides 75% resistance to a selected damage type. You are healed for 25% of the matched incoming damage on your heal target."
67166819"TF_HalloweenBoss_Axe_Desc" "Cursed by dark spirits similar to\nthose that dwell within the Eyelander."
67176820"TF_SacredMedicine_Desc" "While under the effects, damage done\nand damage taken will be mini-crits.\nYou will also move much faster."
68186921"TF_Hitbeeps" "Play a hit sound everytime you injure an enemy."
68196922"TF_ShowNotificationsInGame" "Show pop-up alerts while in-game (e.g. trade requests)"
68206923"TF_sniperbell" "Play a sound when the Sniper rifle is fully charged"
N/A6924"TF_CombatTextDoesntBlock" "Damage text doesn't prevent overhead effects (e.g. \"CRIT!\")"
68236927// Arena
83378441"Tooltip_SteamScreenshots" "If set, screenshots will automatically be saved to Steam."
83388442"Tooltip_hud_fastswitch" "If set, you can change weapons without using the weapon selection menu."
83398443"Tooltip_ReplayPyroVision" "If set, replays are viewed with Pyrovision enabled"
N/A8444"Tooltip_CombatTextDoesntBlock" "If set, damage text won't prevent bonus-effect text from appearing above players' heads as well. (e.g. \"CRIT!\")"
83418446"TFOption_httpproxy" "HTTP Proxy:"
83428447"Tooltip_httpproxy" "If you're behind a HTTP proxy, you'll need to specify it here, or you won't be able to upload movies to YouTube."
85868691"TF_MVM_Map_CoalTown" "Coal Town"
85878692"TF_MVM_Map_Decoy" "Decoy"
85888693"TF_MVM_Map_Mannworks" "Mannworks"
8589N/A"TF_MVM_Map_CoalTown_Event" "Coal Town Event"
8590N/A"TF_MVM_Map_Bigrock" "BigRock"
N/A8694"TF_MVM_Map_Ghost_Town" "Ghost Town"
N/A8695"TF_MVM_Map_Bigrock" "BigRock"
85928697"TF_MVM_Challenge_Decoy1" "Doe's Drill"
85938698"TF_MVM_Challenge_Decoy2" "Disk Deletion"
86038708"TF_MVM_Challenge_CoalTown_Intermediate" "Cave-in"
86048709"TF_MVM_Challenge_CoalTown_Intermediate2" "Quarry"
86058710"TF_MVM_Challenge_CoalTown_Expert1" "Cataclysm"
8606N/A"TF_MVM_Challenge_CoalTown_Event" "Caliginous Caper"
N/A8711"TF_MVM_Challenge_Ghost_Town" "Caliginous Caper"
86088713"TF_MVM_Challenge_Mannworks1" "Mann-euvers"
86098714"TF_MVM_Challenge_Mannworks2" "Machine Massacre"
87508855"Stat_FiredDamage" "FIRE DAMAGE"
87518856"Stat_BonusPoints" "BONUS POINTS"
87578858"TF_HalloweenSpell_Paint_1" "Halloween Spell: Putrescent Pigmentation"
87588859"TF_HalloweenSpell_Paint_1_Desc" "Possess the petrifying power of paranormal paint!\nThis spell can be applied to any paintable item."
87598860"TF_HalloweenSpell_Paint_1_Attr" "Putrescent Pigmentation"
90019102"TF_ImportFile_LoadFailedBadIconResolution" "Couldn't load %file%\nIcon resolution must be 512x512"
90029103"TF_ImportFile_LoadFailedImageNot32Bits" "Icon image must be 32-bits include an alpha mask that outlines the icon"
90039104"TF_ImportFile_LoadFailedImageDoesNotFitInsideSafeZone" "Icon image does not fit inside the safe zone of 512x328. Backpack icons are cropped down from top and bottom to 512x328. The upper and lower 512x92 pixels in the diffuse and alpha must be black (RGBA 0 0 0 0)."
N/A9105"TF_ImportFile_LoadFailedBadIconBackground" "Background pixels not masked by the alpha must be black (RGB 0 0 0)."
90049106"TF_ImportFile_SaveFailed" "Save Failed"
90059107"TF_ImportFile_SaveFailedBadFile" "Couldn't save %file%"
90069108"TF_ImportFile_SelectFile" "Import workshop zip or session manifest"
90089110"TF_ImportFile_ImportComplete" "Your item is saved as %file% and is ready to upload."
90099111"TF_ItemPrefab_backpack" "backpack"
90109112"TF_ItemPrefab_beard" "beard"
9011N/A"TF_ItemPrefab_cosmetic" "misc"
N/A9113"TF_ItemPrefab_misc" "misc"
90129114"TF_ItemPrefab_grenades" "grenades"
90139115"TF_ItemPrefab_hat" "hat"
90149116"TF_ImportPreview_LoadoutLabel" "Loadout"
94939595"TF_hazeguard" "Mair Mask" // ADD THE
94949596"TF_hazeguard_Desc" "Comes with a full can of MAIR, Mann Co.'s air substitute! One part nitrogen, no parts oxygen, NINE parts electrolytes—Mair gives regular air a kick in the pants for manly lungs on the go."
N/A9598"TF_jul13_scout_varsity" "Bigg Mann on Campus" // ADD THE
N/A9599"TF_jul13_scout_varsity_Desc" "\"I should put a big red A on this thing for 'ALL SPORTS', cause that's my specialty.\""
N/A9600"TF_jul13_the_cunningmann" "Cool Cat Cardigan" // ADD THE
N/A9601"TF_jul13_the_cunningmann_Desc" "\"Boom! Now I'm in the fifties! I look good in ANY decade!\""
N/A9602"TF_jul13_greased_lightning" "Greased Lightning"
N/A9603"TF_jul13_greased_lightning_Desc" "\"I'm the only one on this team not balding! Damn right I'm gonna make my hair look good!\""
N/A9604"TF_jul13_red_army_robin" "Red Army Robin" // ADD THE
N/A9605"TF_jul13_red_army_robin_Desc" "\"Is tiny bird. Is adorable. TELL BIRD HE IS PRETTY!\""
N/A9606"TF_jul13_heavy_weight_belt" "Heavy-Weight Champ" // ADD THE
N/A9607"TF_jul13_heavy_weight_belt_Desc" "\"This belt tells babies that Heavy is champ. Big belt champ of all time.\""
N/A9608"TF_jul13_unfamiliar_tarboosh" "Tsarboosh" // ADD THE
N/A9609"TF_jul13_unfamiliar_tarboosh_Desc" "\"Does little hat make Heavy's head look big? TELL TRUTH.\""
N/A9610"TF_jul13_pillagers_barrel" "Glasgow Great Helm" // ADD THE
N/A9611"TF_jul13_pillagers_barrel_Desc" "This knight's helm is perfect for defending against 12th century offensive weaponry, like swords, sticks and definitely-not-bullets."
N/A9612"TF_jul13_koolboy" "Caffeine Cooler" // ADD THE
N/A9613"TF_jul13_koolboy_Desc" "\"Each canna Bonk's got four thousand percent of the daily caffeine a body needs, so you KNOW it's good for ya. And I drink 'em by the case, so I'm extra healthy.\""
N/A9614"TF_jul13_skater_boy" "Half-Pipe Hurdler" // ADD THE
N/A9615"TF_jul13_skater_boy_Desc" "\"My moves are SICK, brother. Ask your girlfriend, cause she's been watchin'. Don't blame her, she's only human.\""
N/A9616"TF_jul13_macho_mann_glasses" "Macho Mann" // ADD THE
N/A9617"TF_jul13_macho_mann_glasses_Desc" "Sometimes it really does take a village, people."
N/A9618"TF_jul13_scrap_reserve" "Trash Toter" // ADD THE
N/A9619"TF_jul13_scrap_reserve_Desc" "\"Waste not, want not, son.\""
N/A9620"TF_jul13_thirst_quencher" "Dry Gulch Gulp" // ADD THE
N/A9621"TF_jul13_thirst_quencher_Desc" "\"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. And when a man needs killin', I oblige him.\""
N/A9622"TF_jul13_el_muchacho" "El Muchacho"
N/A9623"TF_jul13_el_muchacho_Desc" "Cosplay as a sleepy cowboy with this authentic 19th century sleeveless fleece snuggie."
N/A9624"TF_jul13_furious_fryup" "Backpack Broiler" // ADD THE
N/A9625"TF_jul13_furious_fryup_Desc" "I've got your back... steaks."
N/A9626"TF_jul13_hot_rag" "Burning Bandana" // ADD THE
N/A9627"TF_jul13_hot_rag_Desc" "Time to clean house."
N/A9628"TF_jul13_soot_suit" "Soot Suit" // ADD THE
N/A9629"TF_jul13_soot_suit_Desc" "Business up front. Ten deadly gallons of pressurized gas in the back."
N/A9630"TF_jul13_bee_keeper" "Hive Minder" // ADD THE
N/A9631"TF_jul13_bee_keeper_Desc" "The leading cause of death on the battlefield? You guessed it: Bee stings."
N/A9632"TF_jul13_katyusha" "Katyusha" // ADD THE
N/A9633"TF_jul13_katyusha_Desc" "\"Heavy does not need plane to crush you. Only fists and hat.\""
N/A9634"TF_jul13_positive_pressure_veil" "Das Hazmattenhatten"
N/A9635"TF_jul13_positive_pressure_veil_Desc" "\"Breathing is agreeable to me, but sometimes there is air-stench. Now I laugh in the face of air. Thank you, this hat.\" (Description translated from German.)"
N/A9636"TF_jul13_emergency_supplies" "Das Feelinbeterbager"
N/A9637"TF_jul13_emergency_supplies_Desc" "\"Hello, men of war! You will be dead soon. Here are pills.\" (Description translated from German.)"
N/A9638"TF_jul13_secret_state_surgeon" "Das Ubersternmann"
N/A9639"TF_jul13_secret_state_surgeon_Desc" "\"You are not important but I am. My hat is a secret hat.\" (Description translated from German.)"
N/A9640"TF_jul13_heavy_defender" "Das Metalmeatencasen"
N/A9641"TF_jul13_heavy_defender_Desc" "\"There is strength in your steel breast-blouse. Your chest meat is at ease.\" (Description translated from German.)"
N/A9642"TF_jul13_king_hair" "Pardner's Pompadour" // ADD THE
N/A9643"TF_jul13_king_hair_Desc" "\"It takes a hard man to tame this ten-gallon Texas hair tornado.\""
N/A9644"TF_jul13_bushmans_blazer" "Birdman of Australiacatraz" // ADD THE
N/A9645"TF_jul13_bushmans_blazer_Desc" "\"Watch like an eagle. Strike like a hawk. Dance like no one's watching.\""
N/A9646"TF_jul13_cameleon" "Cobber Chameleon" // ADD THE
N/A9647"TF_jul13_cameleon_Desc" "\"This little fellah's the perfect snipin' companion. He's quiet, he's camouflaged, and if you get hungry, you can eat 'im.\""
N/A9648"TF_jul13_falconer_punch" "Falconer" // ADD THE
N/A9649"TF_jul13_falconer_punch_Desc" "\"This falconer's glove's perfect for snipin'. It's sturdy, it's comfortable, and if a falcon lands on it, you can eat 'im.\""
N/A9650"TF_jul13_sweet_shades" "Graybanns"
N/A9651"TF_jul13_sweet_shades_Desc" "Gray Mann might be a heartless villain. But he DOES make some sweet sunglasses. Hate the player, not the game."
N/A9652"TF_jul13_blam_o_shanter" "Black Watch" // ADD THE
N/A9653"TF_jul13_blam_o_shanter_Desc" "This Scottish infantry tam o'shanter commemorates the desperately sober 5th batallion, who tried to make liquor out of gunpowder and accidentally invented sticky bombs."
N/A9654"TF_jul13_trojan_helmet" "Tartan Spartan" // ADD THE
N/A9655"TF_jul13_trojan_helmet_Desc" "\"Lads, tonight we DRINK IN HELL! And it's only noon right now, so let's ALSO DRINK RIGHT HERE!\""
N/A9656"TF_jul13_scotsmans_golfbag" "Gaelic Golf Bag" // ADD THE
N/A9657"TF_jul13_scotsmans_golfbag_Desc" "\"Ach, t'is a Cinderella story! Outta nowhere. A former demolitions expert, now, about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac... It's in the hole! It's in the bloody hole!\""
N/A9658"TF_jul13_bagdolier" "Borscht Belt" // ADD THE
N/A9659"TF_jul13_bagdolier_Desc" "\"So many little pouches. Now Heavy can help carry your itty-bitty baby guns.\""
N/A9660"TF_jul13_bro_plate" "Das Naggenvatcher"
N/A9661"TF_jul13_bro_plate_Desc" "\"In the center of your head lives a skeleton. It is not enough! This hat is a head-skeleton for the outside.\" (Description translated from German.)"
N/A9662"TF_jul13_gallant_gael" "Whiskey Bib" // ADD THE
N/A9663"TF_jul13_gallant_gael_Desc" "\"Sometimes when yer swiggin' woodgrain alcohol from a clay jug, a wee bit can miss the mouth, like. Catch those precious drops with a genuine Scottish whiskey bib.\""
N/A9664"TF_jul13_stormn_normn" "Stormin' Norman" // ADD THE
N/A9665"TF_jul13_stormn_normn_Desc" "This knight's helm was painstakingly recreated using stills from the classic time travel episode (Ep 417: \"A K.I.T.T. in King Arthur's Court\") of the hit TV show Knight Rider."
N/A9666"TF_jul13_king_pants" "Flared Frontiersman" // ADD THE
N/A9667"TF_jul13_king_pants_Desc" "\"I'll tell you what, these wide-bottom pants're slick as a whistle.\""
N/A9668"TF_jul13_the_presidential" "Valley Forge" // ADD THE
N/A9669"TF_jul13_the_presidential_Desc" "This tricorn is a tribute to our country's greatest President. The tiny medal on it is a tribute to the ribbony children's medal he won for inventing America."
N/A9670"TF_jul13_soldier_eagle" "Compatriot" // ADD THE
N/A9671"TF_jul13_soldier_eagle_Desc" "\"This is not a bird, maggot! It is a shoulder-mounted symbol of freedom, and you WILL salute it in this man's army!\""
N/A9672"TF_jul13_the_caribbean_conqueror" "Caribbean Conqueror" // ADD THE
N/A9673"TF_jul13_the_caribbean_conqueror_Desc" "\"You! Stop jibbing that mainsail and give me twenty! You up in the crow's nest! Drop that telescope and get on your face! Everybody on this ship start doing push-ups!\""
N/A9674"TF_jul13_colonial_clogs" "Colonial Clogs" // ADD THE
N/A9675"TF_jul13_colonial_clogs_Desc" "\"I can confirm that these are George Washington's actual shoes, because I found them buried two feet up an Englishman's ass!\""
N/A9676"TF_jul13_helicopter_helmet" "Whirly Warrior" // ADD THE
N/A9677"TF_jul13_helicopter_helmet_Desc" "\"To your left, some French buildings. Directly in front of us is the Eiffel Tower, which I about to bring down. This concludes our helicopter tour of France.\""
N/A9678"TF_jul13_soldier_fedora" "Federal Casemaker" // ADD THE
N/A9679"TF_jul13_soldier_fedora_Desc" "\"Men, if we are going to take down Al Capone, we will need to be in the FBI. Step one: These hats.\""
N/A9680"TF_jul13_ol_jack" "Rebel Rouser" // ADD THE
N/A9681"TF_jul13_ol_jack_Desc" "\"Hold on, why are Americans fighting other Americans? Did everybody in France die and nobody told me?\""
N/A9682"TF_jul13_madmans_mop" "Das Maddendoktor"
N/A9683"TF_jul13_madmans_mop_Desc" "\"My laughter is not borne from joy! I have birthed a devil! It is acceptable to me!\" (Description translated from German.)"
N/A9684"TF_jul13_bear_necessitys" "Bear Necessities" // ADD THE
N/A9685"TF_jul13_bear_necessitys_Desc" "\"In Siberia, bear try to attack family. He try this once. Now he is little hat.\""
N/A9686"TF_jul13_harmburg" "Harmburg" // ADD THE
N/A9687"TF_jul13_harmburg_Desc" "\"How do I look in this hat? On a scale of 'Handsome' to 'Extremely Handsome'.\""
N/A9688"TF_jul13_gaelic_garb" "Gaelic Garb" // ADD THE
N/A9689"TF_jul13_gaelic_garb_Desc" "\"And we'll tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our FREEDOM! To wear these POOFY SHIRTS! What's that, Havish? Oh. AND THESE SASHES!\""
N/A9690"TF_jul13_rogues_brogues" "Rogue's Brogues" // ADD THE
N/A9691"TF_jul13_rogues_brogues_Desc" "\"Every day, I know I will be cutting something. Some days it is a rug. For those days, I have these shoes.\""
N/A9692"TF_jul13_shoguns_guard" "Shogun's Shoulder Guard" // ADD THE
N/A9693"TF_jul13_shoguns_guard_Desc" "\"The next time some bleeding heart cries on your shoulder about the state of the environment, he can slam his tear ducts into the Shogun. This shoulder is CLOSED!\""
N/A9694"TF_jul13_class_act" "Das Gutenkutteharen"
N/A9695"TF_jul13_class_act_Desc" "\"The hairs on your head-skin are physically attractive. Now we should have love relations.\" (Description translated from German.)"
N/A9696"TF_jul13_double_clue" "Belgian Detective" // ADD THE
N/A9697"TF_jul13_double_clue_Desc" "\"Inspector, seal the door! Someone in this room is a MURDERER!\" [pause] \"Me!\" [stab stab stab stab stab]"
N/A9698"TF_jul13_generals_attire" "Hornblower" // ADD THE
N/A9699"TF_jul13_generals_attire_Desc" "\"This uniform was worn by Horatio Nelson during the Napoleonic Wars! If you sunk his ship he would swim at you with a cannon on his back! If he ran out of cannonballs he would fire himself at your hull! That is how bad he wanted to beat the French!\""
N/A9700"TF_jul13_lt_bites" "Lieutenant Bites"
N/A9701"TF_jul13_lt_bites_Desc" "Hobbies: contracting rabies, giving people rabies. Favorite foods: spoiled sour cream rations, arm meat."
N/A9702"TF_jul13_gangplank_garment" "Brawling Buccaneer" // ADD THE
N/A9703"TF_jul13_gangplank_garment_Desc" "\"We do not plunder in this man's pirate army, maggot! On this ship you will patrol the seas for liberals and Communists, and go to bed at a sensible hour!\""
N/A9704"TF_jul13_blood_banker" "Blood Banker" // ADD THE
N/A9705"TF_jul13_blood_banker_Desc" "\"Oh, you'd like to make a deposit? Allow me to make one first. One knife. Into your back.\""
N/A9706"TF_jul13_classy_royale" "After Dark" // ADD THE
N/A9707"TF_jul13_classy_royale_Desc" "\"Bartender. Scotch, neat. It has been a long day. Oh, is that a piano?\" [sound of Chopin's Impromptu no. 4 in C sharp minor, ladies swooning]"
N/A9708"TF_jul13_scout_vestjacket" "Delinquent's Down Vest" // ADD THE
N/A9709"TF_jul13_scout_vestjacket_Desc" "\"Boom! Look how puffy this vest is, dummy! I sent the last one back. Not. Puffy. Enough.\""
N/A9710"TF_jul13_sniper_souwester" "Wet Works"
N/A9711"TF_jul13_sniper_souwester_Desc" "\"Rain: It's nature's Jarate. But it's not a drama: Keep the filthy stuff off yer noggin with this rubber hat.\""
N/A9712"TF_jul13_montys_menace" "Baron von Havenaplane"
N/A9713"TF_jul13_montys_menace_Desc" "\"Are you a plane-driver? I cannot tell because of your hat-disguise.\" (Description translated from German.)"
N/A9714"TF_jul13_uncivil_servant" "Das Fantzipantzen"
N/A9715"TF_jul13_uncivil_servant_Desc" "\"Fancy men are beautiful but weak! You are a strong filthy idiot. Take what is rightfully yours!\" (Description translated from German.)"
N/A9716"TF_jul13_border_armor" "Bolshevik Biker" // ADD THE
N/A9717"TF_jul13_border_armor_Desc" "\"I am riding to your tiny town.\""
N/A9718"TF_jul13_pyro_towel" "Pampered Pyro" // ADD THE
N/A9719"TF_jul13_pyro_towel_Desc" "Today, it's YOU Fortress. You deserve it."
N/A9720"TF_jul13_se_headset" "Virtual Viewfinder" // ADD THE
N/A9721"TF_jul13_se_headset_Desc" "Get a migraine for charity. (99 percent of community revenue goes to fund SpecialEffect, a charity working to help disabled players get back into the game.)"
N/A9722"TF_jul13_honchos_heavy_reader" "Gabe Glasses" // ADD THE
N/A9723"TF_jul13_honchos_heavy_reader_Desc" "\"These glasses help Heavy read sad stupid poem on your tombstone.\""
N/A9724"TF_jul13_dandy_yankee" "Founding Father" // ADD THE
N/A9725"TF_jul13_dandy_yankee_Desc" "This wig envisions a terrifying alternate universe where our nation's patriots had long, bunned-up hippie hair instead of the respectable haircuts they possessed in actual history."
94989729"TF_BreatherBag" "Breather Bag" // ADD THE
95589789Other Notes:
95599790Control Points cannot be captured while they are locked."
N/A9792"cp_process_final_description" "A community map created by Ian 'Scorpio Uprising' Cuslidge
N/A9795To win each team must own all five Control Points.
N/A9797Other Notes:
N/A9798Control Points cannot be captured while they are locked."
N/A9800"cp_standin_final_description" "A community map created by Ian 'Scorpio Uprising' Cuslidge
N/A9803To win each team must own all three Control Points."
95619805"cp_gorge_description" "Objective:
95629806RED team wins by defending their Control Points. BLU team wins by capturing all control points before the time runs out.