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165165"TF_PlayingTo" "Playing to: %rounds%"
167N/A"TF_Cloak" "CLOAK"
168N/A"TF_Metal" "METAL"
169N/A"TF_Phase" "DODGE"
170N/A"TF_Ball" "BALL"
171N/A"TF_Jar" "JAR"
172N/A"TF_Rage" "RAGE"
N/A167"TF_Cloak" "CLOAK"
N/A168"TF_Metal" "METAL"
N/A169"TF_Phase" "DODGE"
N/A170"TF_Ball" "BALL"
N/A171"TF_Jar" "JAR"
N/A172"TF_Rage" "RAGE"
173173"TF_Berzerk" "HEADS"
174N/A"TF_Charge" "CHARGE"
N/A174"TF_Charge" "CHARGE"
175175"TF_EnergyDrink" "DRINK"
176176"TF_Revenge" "REVENGE"
177177"TF_Sandwich" "FOOD"
178N/A"TF_Hype" "HYPE"
N/A178"TF_Hype" "HYPE"
494494"TF_Duel_Cancelled" "The duel between �%initiator%� and �%target%� has been cancelled. A Dueling Mini-Game owned by �%initiator%� has not been consumed."
495495"TF_Duel_InADuel_Initiator" "You have already challenged someone to a duel or are currently in a duel."
496496"TF_Duel_InADuel_Target" "�%target%� is already in a duel."
N/A497"TF_Duel_TempBanned_Initiator" "Your last duel ended unexpectedly, so you cannot duel again for at least ten minutes."
N/A498"TF_Duel_TempBanned_Target" "�%target%� was last in a duel that ended unexpectedly, so they cannot duel again for at least ten minutes."
497499"TF_Duel_CannotUse" "Cannot initiate a duel at this time."
498500"TF_Duel_Medal_Bronze" "Bronze Dueling Badge"
499501"TF_Duel_Medal_Silver" "Silver Dueling Badge"
32953297"Craft_Recipe_Inputs" "Will consume:"
32963298"Craft_Recipe_Outputs" "Will Create:"
32973299"Craft_PremiumRecipe" "Your free account is unable to use this Premium blueprint."
N/A3300"Craft_Recipe_Custom" "Custom Blueprint"
N/A3301"Craft_Recipe_CustomDesc" "Craft any set of items you like, and we'll try to match it to an appropriate blueprint. Advanced users only!"
32993303"RecipeFilter_Crafting" "Crafting Items"
33003304"RecipeFilter_CommonItems" "Common Items"
53065310// Matchmaking
5307N/A"TF_MM_WaitDialog_Title" "Searching for Available Games"
N/A5311"TF_MM_WaitDialog_Title" "Searching for the Best Available Server"
53085312"TF_MM_GenericFailure_Title" "Error"
53095313"TF_MM_GenericFailure" "There was a problem communicating with the Steam servers. Make sure you are signed on to Steam and try again later."
53105314"TF_MM_ResultsDialog_Title" "Search Results"
53115315"TF_MM_ResultsDialog_ServerNotFound" "There are no available game servers that meet your search criteria. Please try again."
53125316"TF_Quickplay_PlayNow" "Play Now!"
53135317"TF_Quickplay_Title" "Start Playing"
5314N/A"TF_Quickplay_NumGames" "Active Matches: %s1"
N/A5318"TF_Quickplay_NumGames" "Game servers meeting search criteria: %s1"
53155319"TF_Quickplay_LetsGo" "Let's Go!"
53165320"TF_Quickplay_Favorites" "Favorite Servers Only"
53175321"TF_Quickplay_Refresh" "Refresh"
53825386"TF_Trading_NoItemsText" "The trade was cancelled, because there were no items to trade."
53835387"TF_Trading_TradedText" "The trade was successfully completed!"
N/A5389"TF_CrossGame_Trading_FreeAccountInitiate" "Only premium accounts may add items to trades."
53855391"TF_TradeWindow_Title" "Trading with %recipient%"
53865392"TF_TradeWindow_Step1" "Select Items from your Backpack"
53875393"TF_TradeWindow_Step1Desc" "Drag items to Your Offerings to include them in the trade."