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5555"#commentary\tf2-Comment021.wav" "[Marc Scaparro] Pyro Pyro Pyro "
5656"[english]#commentary\tf2-Comment021.wav" "[Marc Scaparro] The Pyro is designed to be the best short-range combat class, aimed at encouraging players to adopt an ambush style of play. To achieve this, we made the Pyro vulnerable in the open, which forces players to seek out enclosed areas and doorways. To add to the Pyro's short range lethality, we made the flamethrower effects visually noisy, which helps disorient opponents long enough for the flames to finish them off."
57N/A"#commentary\tf2-Comment022.wav" "[Wade Schin] Demoman Soldier "
N/A57"#commentary\tf2-Comment022.wav" "[Wade Schin] Demoman Soldier "
5858"[english]#commentary\tf2-Comment022.wav" "[Wade Schin] The Demoman is the most versatile combat class, capable of rapidly switching from strong offensive pushes to defensive area denial. He has the only indirect fire capability in the game, allowing him to take out sentryguns around the corner, and his sticky bombs give him a grenade jumping ability similar to that of the Soldier's rocket jumps. His sticky bombs can also prevent enemies from moving through doorways, cover a retreat, and defend control points even when the Demoman is somewhere else."
5959"#commentary\tf2-Comment023.wav" "[Keith Huggins] Heavy Heavy "
6060"[english]#commentary\tf2-Comment023.wav" "[Keith Huggins] With its wide field of fire, the Heavy's minigun lets players who don't have great twitch-aiming skills still wade into the thick of combat. To make up for this reduction in the value of the player's aiming skill, we amplified the importance of other skills. For instance, the wind-up time before firing and the heavy's reduced speed while firing force players to learn to anticipate both the start of combat and incoming enemy attacks."