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228228criterion "ConceptBatBall" "Concept" "TLK_BAT_BALL" required
229229criterion "IsDoubleJumping" "DoubleJumping" "1" required
230230criterion "ConceptAchievementAward" "Concept" "TLK_ACHIEVEMENT_AWARD" required
N/A231// Custom stuff
N/A232criterion "IsNotDoubleJumping" "DoubleJumping" "0" required // Needed to stop Scout saying double jump lines when he lands.
232234// spy / sniper pack
233235criterion "ConceptJarateLaunch" "Concept" "TLK_JARATE_LAUNCH" required
254256criterion "IsWeaponPrimary" "weaponmode" "primary" required
255257criterion "IsWeaponSecondary" "weaponmode" "secondary" required
256258criterion "IsWeaponMelee" "weaponmode" "melee" required
N/A259criterion "IsNotWeaponMelee" "weaponmode" "!=melee" required
257260criterion "IsWeaponBuilding" "weaponmode" "building" required
258261criterion "IsWeaponPda" "weaponmode" "pda" required
268271criterion "IsOnSpy" "crosshair_on" "Spy" "required"
269272criterion "IsOnEngineer" "crosshair_on" "Engineer" "required"
N/A274// Custom not on Heavy
N/A275criterion "IsNotOnHeavy" "crosshair_on" "!=Heavy" "required"
271277criterion "IsDominated" "domination" "dominated" "required"
272278criterion "IsRevenge" "domination" "revenge" "required"
273279criterion "IsHeadShot" "customdeath" "headshot" "required"
276283criterion "ConceptKilledPlayer" "Concept" "TLK_KILLED_PLAYER" required
277284criterion "KilledPlayerDelay" "worldDontKilledPlayer" "!=1" "required"
366373criterion "WeaponIsRocket" "playerweapon" "tf_weapon_rocketlauncher" "required"
367374criterion "WeaponIsShovel" "playerweapon" "tf_weapon_shovel" "required"
368375criterion "WeaponIsFlaregun" "playerweapon" "tf_weapon_flaregun" "required"
369N/Acriterion "WeaponIsLunchbox" "playerweapon" "tf_weapon_lunchbox" "required"
N/A376// Lunchbox modified to fire for Sandvich only, so we don't share lines.
N/A377criterion "WeaponIsSandvich" "item_name" "The Sandvich" "required"
370378criterion "WeaponIsLunchboxDrink" "playerweapon" "tf_weapon_lunchbox_drink" "required"
371379criterion "WeaponIsGloves" "item_type_name" "#TF_Weapon_Gloves" "required" weight 10
372380criterion "WeaponIsKritzkrieg" "item_name" "The Kritzkrieg" "required" weight 10
374382criterion "WeaponIsPickaxe" "item_name" "The Equalizer" "required" weight 10
375383criterion "WeaponIsDirectHit" "item_name" "The Direct Hit" "required" weight 10
376384criterion "WeaponIsBanner" "item_name" "The Buff Banner" "required" weight 10
377N/Acriterion "WeaponIsSword" "item_name" "The Eyelander" "required" weight 10
N/A385// Former "sword is Eyelander" equivalency
N/A386//criterion "WeaponIsSword" "item_name" "The Eyelander" "required" weight 10
N/A387// If valve add a new sword (and it uses the same tf_weapon_sword class) it will inherit the Eyelander taunt by default
N/A388criterion "WeaponIsSword" "playerweapon" "tf_weapon_sword" "required" weight 10
378389criterion "WeaponIsDefender" "item_name" "The Scottish Resistance" "required" weight 10
379390criterion "WeaponIsUbersaw" "item_name" "The Ubersaw" "required" weight 10
380391criterion "WeaponIsFrontierJustice" "item_name" "The Frontier Justice" "required" weight 10
383394criterion "WeaponIsShortstop" "item_name" "The Shortstop" "required" weight 10
384395criterion "WeaponIsMadMilk" "item_name" "Mad Milk" "required" weight 10
385396criterion "WeaponIsHolyMackerel" "item_name" "The Holy Mackerel" "required" weight 10
386N/Acriterion "WeaponIsKatana" "item_name" "The Half-Zatoichi" "required" weight 10
N/A397criterion "WeaponIsKatana" "playerweapon" "tf_weapon_katana" "required" weight 10
387398criterion "WeaponIsSashimono" "item_name" "The Concheror" "required" weight 10
N/A399// Custom added criterion
N/A400criterion "WeaponIsBenja" "item_name" "The Dalokohs Bar" "required" weight 10
N/A401criterion "WeaponIsFishcake" "item_name" "Fishcake" "required" weight 10
N/A402criterion "WeaponIsSteak" "item_name" "The Buffalo Steak Sandvich" "required" weight 10 // Not actually used for the auto-eat response. Used for distinction in the taunts.
N/A403criterion "WeaponIsPainTrain" "item_name" "The Pain Train" "required" weight 10
N/A404criterion "WeaponIsNotPainTrain" "item_name" "!=The Pain Train" "required" weight 10
N/A405criterion "WeaponIsFryingPan" "item_name" "Frying Pan" "required" weight 10
N/A406criterion "WeaponIsNotFryingPan" "item_name" "!=Frying Pan" "required" weight 10
N/A407criterion "WeaponIsNotScattergunDouble" "item_name" "!=The Force-a-Nature" "required" weight 10
N/A408criterion "WeaponIsNotAxe" "item_name" "!=The Scotsman's Skullcutter" "required" weight 10 // Exclude the Skullcutter - has horrible clipping issues with the Eyelander taunt. Maybe give it a different taunt later.
N/A409criterion "WeaponClassIsNotAxe" "playerweapon" "!=tf_weapon_sword" "required" weight 10
N/A410criterion "WeaponIsCaber" "playerweapon" "tf_weapon_stickbomb" "required" weight 10
N/A411criterion "WeaponIsMetalFists" "item_name" "Fists of Steel" "required" weight 10
N/A412// BUG: These loadout criterions are read in from the Steam Cloud
N/A413// As such, if the server loses connection to Steam, the responses bug out a bit.
N/A414criterion "WeaponIsNotVanillaPrimary" "loadout_slot_primary" "" "required" weight 10
N/A415criterion "WeaponIsNotVanillaSecondary" "loadout_slot_secondary" "" "required" weight 10
N/A416criterion "WeaponIsNotVanillaMelee" "loadout_slot_melee" "" "required" weight 10
N/A417criterion "LoadoutIsDrink" "loadout_slot_secondary" "!=Crit-a-Cola" "required" weight 10
N/A418criterion "LoadoutIsCritDrink" "loadout_slot_secondary" "Crit-a-Cola" "required" weight 10
N/A419criterion "LoadoutIsNotRobotArm" "loadout_slot_melee" "!=The Gunslinger" "required" weight 10
N/A420criterion "WeaponIsJarate" "item_name" "Jarate" "required" weight 10
N/A421criterion "WeaponIsBasher" "item_name" "The Boston basher" "required" weight 10
N/A422criterion "WeaponIsCandy" "item_name" "The Candy Cane" "required" weight 10
N/A423criterion "WeaponIsMace" "item_name" "Sun-on-a-Stick" "required" weight 10
N/A424criterion "WeaponIsNotBasher" "item_name" "!=The Boston basher" "required" weight 10
N/A425criterion "WeaponIsNotCandy" "item_name" "!=The Candy Cane" "required" weight 10
N/A426criterion "WeaponIsNotMace" "item_name" "!=Sun-on-a-Stick" "required" weight 10
N/A427criterion "WeaponIsNotFish" "item_name" "!=The Holy Mackerel" "required" weight 10
N/A428criterion "WeaponIsShiv" "item_name" "The Tribalman's Shiv" "required" weight 10
N/A429criterion "WeaponIsGunbai" "item_name" "The Fan O'War" "required" weight 10
N/A430criterion "WeaponIsNotMediGun" "playerweapon" "!=tf_weapon_medigun" "required" weight 10
N/A432//Custom healed concept and critical hit
N/A433criterion "IsBeingHealed" "beinghealed" "1" "required"
N/A434criterion "IsCritical" "damagecritical" "1" "required"
N/A435criterion "IsNotDominating" "IsDominating" "!=1" "required" weight 0
390438criterion "IsCrossHairEnemy" "crosshair_enemy" "Yes" "required"
391439criterion "IsNotCrossHairEnemy" "crosshair_enemy" "!=Yes" "required"
393441criterion "WeaponIsMiniSentrygun" "customdeath" "minisentrygun" "required"
N/A442// Custom criterion to stop yeehaw lines when swinging with Gunslinger + getting a mini sentry kill at the same-ish time.
N/A443criterion "WeaponIsNotMiniSentrygun" "customdeath" "!=minisentrygun" "required"
394444criterion "WeaponIsSentrygun" "customdeath" "sentrygun" "required"
395445criterion "WeaponIsNotSentrygun" "customdeath" "" "required"
396446criterion "WeaponIsNotSentry" "customdeath" "none" "required"
N/A448// Custom criterion to check if not scoped in, we do not want the lines to mix
N/A449criterion "Unzoomed" "sniperzoomed" "!=1" "required"
399450criterion "DeployedContext" "sniperzoomed" "1" "required"
400451criterion "ConceptFireWeapon" "Concept" "TLK_FIREWEAPON" required
401452criterion "ConceptFireMinigun" "Concept" "TLK_FIREMINIGUN" required
402453criterion "ConceptWindMinigun" "Concept" "TLK_WINDMINIGUN" required
403454criterion "LowHealthContext" "playerhealthfrac" "<0.25" required
N/A455// Custom stuff
N/A456criterion "CaberHealthContext" "playerhealthfrac" ">0.429" required
N/A457criterion "BonkHealthContext" "playerhealthfrac" "<0.641" required
N/A458// End custom
404459criterion "SuperHighHealthContext" "playerhealthfrac" ">1.400" required
405460criterion "GameRulesInWinState" "GameRound" "5" required
406461criterion "PlayerLostPreviousRound" "LostRound" "1" required