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903903"TF_Wearable_Kilt" "Kilt"
904904"TF_Wearable_Gloves" "Gloves"
905905"TF_Wearable_Mascot" "Mascot"
N/A906"TF_Wearable_Bandages" "Bandages"
N/A907"TF_Wearable_Axe" "Cosmetic Axe"
907909"Humiliation_Count" "x%s1"
908910"Humiliation_Kill" "FISH KILL!"
90869088"TF_SteelSongbird" "Steel Songbird" // ADD THE
90879089"TF_SteelSongbird_Desc" "It gets pretty quiet in that sniper's nest. Why not treat yourself to the haunting rhythmic symphony of bolts being constantly pooped by this mute, easily terrified incontinent bird?"
N/A9091"TF_CroftsCrest" "Croft's Crest"
N/A9092"TF_CroftsCrest_Desc" "This badge lets your enemies know you're as brave as a shivering, weeping, blood-stained 17-year-old British girl."
N/A9093"TF_FortuneHunter" "Fortune Hunter" // ADD THE
N/A9094"TF_FortuneHunter_Desc" "Whether it's lying at the bottom of a dusty tomb or hiding in plain sight in the cavity behind someone's eyeballs, any treasure is just one swing away with this trusty adventure axe."
N/A9095"TF_TombWrapper" "Tomb Wrapper" // ADD THE
N/A9096"TF_TombWrapper_Desc" "These coarsely woven bandages were stolen from a mummy being prepped for surgery in an ancient Egyptian pyramid hospital. They're filthy! But priceless."
90909099"default_arena_description" "Objective:
90919100Your team must either eliminate all players on the opposing team or capture the control point that will be activated during the round.