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11471147"[english]FreezePanel_NoKiller" "You were killed"
11481148"FreezePanel_Killer" "杀死你的人是"
11491149"[english]FreezePanel_Killer" "You were killed by"
1150N/A"FreezePanel_Killer_Dead" "杀死你的人是死后的"
N/A1150"FreezePanel_Killer_Dead" "在死后杀死你的人是"
11511151"[english]FreezePanel_Killer_Dead" "You were killed by the late"
11521152"FreezePanel_Nemesis" "再次杀死你的人是"
11531153"[english]FreezePanel_Nemesis" "You were killed again by"
1154N/A"FreezePanel_Nemesis_Dead" "再次杀死你的人是死后的"
N/A1154"FreezePanel_Nemesis_Dead" "在死后再次杀死你的人是"
11551155"[english]FreezePanel_Nemesis_Dead" "You were killed again by the late"
1156N/A"FreezePanel_KillerObject" "用%objectkiller%杀死你的人是"
N/A1156"FreezePanel_KillerObject" "用%objectkiller%将你杀死的是"
11571157"[english]FreezePanel_KillerObject" "You were killed by the %objectkiller% of"
1158N/A"FreezePanel_KillerObject_Dead" "用%objectkiller%杀死你的人是死后的"
N/A1158"FreezePanel_KillerObject_Dead" "在死后用%objectkiller%将你杀死的是"
11591159"[english]FreezePanel_KillerObject_Dead" "You were killed by the %objectkiller% of the late"
11601160"FreezePanel_KillerHealth" "剩余生命值:%s1"
11611161"[english]FreezePanel_KillerHealth" "Health left: %s1"
44914491"[english]Tip_1_6" "As a Scout, firing the Force-A-Nature in mid-air will knock you back away from the direction you're aiming; you can use this to extend the range of your jumps."
44924492"Tip_1_7" "作为 Scout,利用其他路径来从侧翼突袭敌人。"
44934493"[english]Tip_1_7" "As a Scout, take advantage of alternative routes to flank enemies for surprise attacks."
4494N/A"Tip_1_8" "作为 Scout,从敌人侧面或后方攻击是你最具威胁性的进攻方式。利用岔路绕到敌人侧面发起攻击。"
N/A4494"Tip_1_8" "作为 Scout,当使用睡魔的时候,使用 %attack2% 向远处的敌人发射棒球来击晕他们。"
44954495"[english]Tip_1_8" "As a Scout, when wielding the Sandman, use %attack2% to launch a baseball at distant enemies to disable them."
44964496"Tip_1_9" "作为 Scout,装备睡魔会减少你的生命值上限。当生存力至关重要时,选择短棍。"
44974497"[english]Tip_1_9" "As a Scout, equipping the Sandman will reduce your maximum health. Stick with your bat if survival is a top priority."
44984498"Tip_1_10" "作为 Scout,使用自然之力击中近距离的敌人会击退他们。"
44994499"[english]Tip_1_10" "As a Scout, hitting nearby foes with the Force-A-Nature will push them away from you."
4500N/A"Tip_1_11" "作为 Scout,自然之力可以击退近距离的敌人。"
N/A4500"Tip_1_11" "作为 Scout,你的睡魔棒球飞得越远,击中敌人后就能使他们眩晕的越久——最多能眩晕 7 秒钟。"
45014501"[english]Tip_1_11" "As a Scout, the further your Sandman baseball travels, the longer it will stun any enemy it hits - up to a maximum of 7 seconds."
4502N/A"Tip_1_12" "作为 Scout,睡魔击出的棒球飞得越远,命中之后击昏敌人的时间就越长。"
N/A4502"Tip_1_12" "作为 Scout,睡魔的棒球在近距离无法击晕对手,但是在最大距离时可以完全眩晕敌人。"
45034503"[english]Tip_1_12" "As a Scout, the Sandman's baseball cannot stun foes at close range, but it will completely stun an enemy at max range."
4504N/A"Tip_1_13" "作为 Scout,睡魔的棒球如果击出了全垒打(相当于2fort两边高台的距离),则它命中的目标将会无法移动数秒。"
N/A4504"Tip_1_13" "作为 Scout,使用原子能饮料来穿越危险地带,以及为队友吸引步哨枪的火力。"
45054505"[english]Tip_1_13" "As a Scout, use the Bonk! Atomic Punch energy drink to traverse dangerous terrain and absorb Sentry Gun fire for teammates."
4506N/A"Tip_1_14" "作为 Scout,记住睡魔的棒球在近距离范围内不会把目标击昏,但仍会造成轻微伤害。"
N/A4506"Tip_1_14" "作为 Scout,使用疯狂的牛奶来熄灭自己和队友身上的火焰。"
45074507"[english]Tip_1_14" "As a Scout, use Mad Milk to douse flames on yourself and on your teammates."
4508N/A"Tip_1_15" "作为 Scout,配合你的原子能饮料来吸引步哨枪的目光,协助队友摧毁它。"
N/A4508"Tip_1_15" "作为 Scout,游击手和手枪使用的是同一种弹药,当你同时装备这两样武器时,留意你的弹药。"
45094509"[english]Tip_1_15" "As a Scout, the Shortstop and Pistol share the same ammo reserve, so be mindful of your ammo while you have both equipped."
45104510"Tip_1_16" "作为 Scout,如果你装备着糖果手杖,每一个被你杀死的敌人都会掉落一个免费的医疗包,不管你用什么武器杀死该敌人。"
45114511"[english]Tip_1_16" "As a Scout, if you have the Candy Cane equipped, killed foes will always drop free health kits, regardless of which weapon you used."
4512N/A"Tip_2_5" "作为 Sniper,一次蓄能充足的狙击步枪造成的爆头可以秒杀大多数敌人。"
N/A4512"Tip_2_5" "作为 Sniper,蓄能充足的狙击步枪爆头可以一击必杀大多数兵种。"
45134513"[english]Tip_2_5" "As a Sniper, a fully charged Sniper Rifle head shot can kill most classes instantly."
45144514"Tip_2_6" "作为 Sniper,如果猎人短弓蓄力时间超过 5 秒,您的射击精准会大打折扣。点击 %attack2% 重置弓箭。"
45154515"[english]Tip_2_6" "As a Sniper, your shot will usually miss if the Huntsman is pulled back longer than five seconds. Reset it by hitting %attack2%."
45274527"[english]Tip_2_12" "As a Sniper, the Tribalman's Shiv causes your target to bleed when hit. This can be useful for tracking down Spies."
45284528"Tip_3_5" "作为 Soldier,当有 Medic 治疗你时,考虑下适可而止地伤害自己。因为过量治疗时 ÜberCharge 的积攒速率会减慢(准备阶段时除外)。"
45294529"[english]Tip_3_5" "As a Soldier, consider damaging yourself in safe situations if a Medic is healing you. ÜberCharge builds slower while you're overhealed (except during setup time)."
4530N/A"Tip_3_6" "作为 Soldier,蹲跳可以增大您的火箭跳高度!"
N/A4530"Tip_3_6" "作为 Soldier,你的火箭具有强大的击退效果。利用击退效果来推开敌人,或者拦截从天而降的敌人。"
45314531"[english]Tip_3_6" "As a Soldier, your rockets have strong knock back. Use this to jostle enemies or knock them airborne."
4532N/A"Tip_3_7" "作为 Soldier,切换到霰弹枪来应付超近距离的敌人,以免伤害到您自己。"
N/A4532"Tip_3_7" "作为 Soldier,在战斗中,使用您的霰弹枪来保存火箭弹,避免等待装填火箭弹。"
45334533"[english]Tip_3_7" "As a Soldier, use your Shotgun to conserve rockets and avoid waiting for your Rocket Launcher to reload in the middle of combat."
4534N/A"Tip_3_8" "作为 Soldier,如果您同 Medic 搭档,可以利用这一机会伤害您自己以更快地积攒 ÜberCharge!"
N/A4534"Tip_3_8" "作为 Soldier,精确打击者只有很小的爆炸半径。直接命中敌人来造成最大伤害吧!"
45354535"[english]Tip_3_8" "As a Soldier, the Direct Hit's rockets have a very small blast radius. Aim directly at your enemies to maximize damage!"
4536N/A"Tip_3_9" "作为 Soldier,你可以使用你的火箭把敌人打到半空中去!"
N/A4536"Tip_3_9" "作为 Soldier,战旗的愤怒量会在你死后清零。当你需要推进或者撤退的时候,不要吝惜它。"
45374537"[english]Tip_3_9" "As a Soldier, the Buff Banner's rage meter will reset if you die. Don't be afraid to use it for yourself if you need to make a push or escape!"
4538N/A"Tip_3_10" "作为 Soldier,在战斗中如果您需要重新装填您的火箭发射器,您的霰弹枪就能派上用场了。"
N/A4538"Tip_3_10" "作为 Soldier,启动战旗可以给您以及队友提供迷你暴击,在鏖战中快速改变局势。"
45394539"[english]Tip_3_10" "As a Soldier, activating the Buff Banner provides mini-crits to you and nearby teammates, which can swiftly turn the tide of a difficult battle."
4540N/A"Tip_3_11" "作为 Soldier,略微倾斜您的火箭发射器,让火箭在您身后爆炸,以便给您提供更强的向前推动力!"
N/A4540"Tip_3_11" "作为 Soldier,当您的生命值较低时,十字镐会给予您速度加成。使用它来逃离危险地带,躲避敌人火力!"
45414541"[english]Tip_3_11" "As a Soldier, the Equalizer provides a speed bonus when your health is low. Use it to escape dangerous areas and dodge enemy fire!"
4542N/A"Tip_3_12" "作为 Soldier,精确打击者的爆炸范围非常小。直接命中敌人的身体能得到最大杀伤力。"
N/A4542"Tip_3_12" "作为 Soldier,十字镐在您生命值很低时能造成大量伤害,但是在生命值较高时,造成的伤害比铁锹小。"
45434543"[english]Tip_3_12" "As a Soldier, the Equalizer does a lot of damage when you're at very low health, but it deals less than the Shovel when you're at high health."
4544N/A"Tip_3_13" "作为 Soldier,战旗的怒气槽会在你死后归零。利用它的伤害加成为你推进战线或逃跑!"
N/A4544"Tip_3_13" "作为 Soldier,当您挥舞着十字镐时, Medics 无法为您治疗或者释放 ÜberCharges。同时您也无法呼叫 Medic。"
45454545"[english]Tip_3_13" "As a Soldier, Medics cannot target you for healing or ÜberCharges while you actively wield the Equalizer. You will also be unable to call for a Medic."
45464546"Tip_3_14" "作为 Soldier,请记住,用座头市之刀击中装备着同样武器的敌人,可以一击必杀。"
45474547"[english]Tip_3_14" "As a Soldier, remember that the Half-Zatoichi attacks instantly kill any enemy that is also wielding one!"
45484548"Tip_3_15" "作为 Soldier,每当你用火箭伤害到敌人时,黑匣子可以为你治疗。当友方 Medic 或医疗包稀少时使用它。"
45494549"[english]Tip_3_15" "As a Soldier, the Black Box heals you whenever you damage an enemy with a rocket. Use it when friendly Medics and health kits are scarce."
4550N/A"Tip_3_16" "作为 Soldier,当你生命值极低时,十字镐可以造成大量伤害。"
N/A4550"Tip_3_16" "作为 Soldier,炮艇能极大地减少由火箭跳带来的伤害。它们在定位和移动的时候尤为重要。"
45514551"[english]Tip_3_16" "As a Soldier, the Gunboats greatly reduce health loss from rocket jumps. Use them when positioning and mobility are especially important."
4552N/A"Tip_3_17" "作为 Soldier,当你使用十字镐时,Medic 既无法治疗你也无法对你开启 ÜberCharge。"
N/A4552"Tip_3_17" "作为 Soldier,启动军队的支援时,可以为您以及附近的队友减少受到的伤害,同时提供暴击免疫。当保护队友时,留意作用效果的范围!"
45534553"[english]Tip_3_17" "As a Soldier, activating the Battalion's Backup provides damage reduction and crit immunity to yourself and nearby team mates. Be mindful of the effect radius when protecting teammates!"
4554N/A"Tip_4_5" "作为 Demoman,你可以随时引爆已经安置好的黏性炸弹,无论当前你手上拿的是什么武器。"
N/A4554"Tip_4_5" "作为 Demoman,您可以随时使用 %attack2% 引爆已经安置好的黏性炸弹,无论当前您手上拿的是什么武器。"
45554555"[english]Tip_4_5" "As a Demoman, you can detonate Stickybombs with %attack2% at any time, regardless of which weapon you're currently using."
4556N/A"Tip_4_6" "作为 Demoman,黏弹跳时在空中蹲下就可以达到最大高度。"
N/A4556"Tip_4_6" "作为 Demoman,黏弹跳时蹲下就可以达到最大高度。"
45574557"[english]Tip_4_6" "As a Demoman, crouch when preparing for a Stickybomb jump in order to achieve maximum height."
45584558"Tip_4_7" "作为 Demoman,在正面交锋时应使用榴弹发射器。除非榴弹先接触到地面,否则它们碰到敌人的一瞬间便会爆炸。"
45594559"[english]Tip_4_7" "As a Demoman, use your Grenade Launcher for direct combat. Grenades detonate upon impact with an enemy unless they touch the ground first."
45774577"[english]Tip_4_16" "As a Demoman, collect heads by killing enemies with the Eyelander. Each head increases your maximum health and also gives you a speed boost!"
45784578"Tip_5_6" "作为 Medic,在准备阶段时 ÜberCharge 的积攒速率会快很多。"
45794579"[english]Tip_5_6" "As a Medic, your ÜberCharge will build much faster during setup time."
4580N/A"Tip_5_7" "作为 Medic,您不能在 ÜberCharge 激活时占领控制点。"
N/A4580"Tip_5_7" "作为 Medic,您不能在无敌的时候占领控制点,或者捡起情报。"
45814581"[english]Tip_5_7" "As a Medic, you cannot capture a Control Point or pick up the Intelligence while invulnerable."
45824582"Tip_5_8" "作为 Medic,要在每局开始时治疗 Soldier 和 Demoman,这样他们可以使用额外的生命值来进行火箭跳或黏弹跳来飞越地图。"
45834583"[english]Tip_5_8" "As a Medic, heal Soldiers and Demomen at the beginning of a round in order that they can use the extra health to rocket or sticky jump across the map."
4584N/A"Tip_5_9" "作为 Medic,您可以在无队友保护你的危急时刻释放掉 ÜberCharge,来拯救你自己。"
N/A4584"Tip_5_9" "作为 Medic,您可以在无队友保护您的危急时刻释放掉 ÜberCharge,来拯救您自己。"
45854585"[english]Tip_5_9" "As a Medic, you can ÜberCharge without a heal target in order to save yourself in dire situations."
45864586"Tip_5_10" "作为 Medic,最好尽早使用 ÜberCharge,不然因为被杀而无法使用就太可惜了。"
45874587"[english]Tip_5_10" "As a Medic, it's better to use an ÜberCharge too early than lose it by being killed."
4588N/A"Tip_5_11" "作为 Medic,你可以随时使用“ÜberCharge 就绪!”语音命令来假装你的 ÜberCharge 已就绪,干扰敌人。"
N/A4588"Tip_5_11" "作为 Medic,您可以随时使用“ÜberCharge 就绪!”语音命令来假装您的 ÜberCharge 已就绪,干扰敌人。"
45894589"[english]Tip_5_11" "As a Medic, fool the enemy by using the \"ÜberCharge ready!\" voice command in order to pretend you have an ÜberCharge prepared."
45904590"Tip_5_12" "作为 Medic,您要尽量为多个目标治疗,让他们可以承受更多伤害。"
45914591"[english]Tip_5_12" "As a Medic, you can keep multiple targets overhealed allowing them to absorb more damage."
4592N/A"Tip_5_14" "作为 Medic,请记住注射枪的子弹行迹为弧线。瞄准时要稍微抬高点,以便准确命中目标。"
N/A4592"Tip_5_14" "作为 Medic,请记住注射枪的子弹行迹为弧线而且有飞行时间。预判您的目标并且瞄准时要稍微抬高点,以便准确命中目标。"
45934593"[english]Tip_5_14" "As a Medic, remember that syringes travel in arcs and have a travel time. Lead your targets and aim higher in order to land successful hits."
45944594"Tip_5_15" "作为 Medic,请记住爆击对步哨枪无效。应在充满着敌人的地方才使用闪电战医疗枪。"
45954595"[english]Tip_5_15" "As a Medic, remember that critical hits have no effect on Sentry Guns. Use the Kritzkrieg in areas full of players instead."
4596N/A"Tip_5_16" "作为 Medic,使用过载充能锯击中处在原子能饮料效果中的 Scout 依然可以为你积聚 ÜberCharge。"
N/A4596"Tip_5_16" "作为 Medic,使用过载充能锯击中处在原子能饮料效果中的 Scout 依然可以为您积聚 ÜberCharge。"
45974597"[english]Tip_5_16" "As a Medic, the Übersaw will still increase your ÜberCharge meter if the enemy being hit is a Scout phasing with Bonk! Atomic Punch."
4598N/A"Tip_5_17" "作为 Medic,使用 ÜberCharge 令自己无敌并不代表敌人就真的拿你没办法了。小心 Pyro 的压缩空气以及各种爆炸伤害的反弹效果。"
N/A4598"Tip_5_17" "作为 Medic,使用 ÜberCharge 令自己无敌并不代表敌人就真的拿您没办法了。小心 Pyro 的压缩空气以及各种爆炸伤害的反弹效果。"
45994599"[english]Tip_5_17" "As a Medic, using ÜberCharge to be invulnerable to damage does not mean you are free from harm. Watch out for the Pyro's compression blast and explosive knock back."
46004600"Tip_5_18" "作为 Medic,激活 ÜberCharge 进攻时,要尽量靠近步哨枪,这样您的队友才可以靠得足够近来摧毁它们。"
46014601"[english]Tip_5_18" "As a Medic, when attacking with an ÜberCharge, try to get Sentry Guns to target you so that your teammates can get close enough to destroy them."
46024602"Tip_5_19" "作为 Medic,您的注射枪会自动地慢慢给您治疗,每秒恢复 3 点生命值,相比而言,吸血鬼针筒枪每秒只恢复 1 点生命值。防守时请使用注射枪,更快的被动治愈速率会为您带来优势。"
46034603"[english]Tip_5_19" "As a Medic, your default Syringe Gun automatically heals you over time by 3 health per second compared to the Blutsauger's 1 health per second. Use the Syringe Gun when playing defensively, as the passive healing rate will provide you with an advantage."
4604N/A"Tip_5_20" "作为 Medic,用过载充能锯命中一个伪装的 Spy 不会为你积聚 ÜberCharge。"
N/A4604"Tip_5_20" "作为 Medic,用过载充能锯命中一个伪装的 Spy 不会为您积聚 ÜberCharge。"
46054605"[english]Tip_5_20" "As a Medic, the Übersaw will not increase your ÜberCharge meter if the enemy being hit is a disguised Spy."
46064606"Tip_5_21" "作为 Medic,闪电战医疗枪的嘲讽动作会为您治愈 10 点生命。附近没有医疗包或其他 Medic 时,可以用它救治自己。"
46074607"[english]Tip_5_21" "As a Medic, the Kritzkrieg's taunt heals 10 health. Use it when there are no health kits or other Medics nearby."
1218112181"[english]Tip_5_30" "As a Medic, if you have been separated from your team, call out for a Medic yourself by pressing %voicemenu 0 0% to alert nearby teammates to your position."
1218212182"Tip_5_31" "作为 Medic,过载注射枪会依据您的 Ubercharge 计量多少,增加您的移动速度!如果您需要赶往前线或快速逃跑,就装备过载注射枪吧!"
1218312183"[english]Tip_5_31" "As a Medic, the Overdose increases your speed proportionally to the amount in your ÜberCharge meter! Equip the Overdose when you need to reach the front lines or make a quick escape!"
N/A12184"Tip_6_7" "作为 Heavy,可以用三明治来治疗自己!按 %attack2% 将它扔在地上,以便队友当做医疗包捡起来。别担心,扔在地上时会带着一个盘子,使它保持清洁。"
N/A12185"[english]Tip_6_7" "As a Heavy, use your Sandvich to heal up! Use %attack2% to throw it on the ground for friendly players to pick up as health. Don't worry, it comes with a plate to keep it clean."
N/A12186"Tip_6_13" "作为 Heavy,当使用紧急逃跑手套时,会显著地增加你的移动速度,同时会减少你的生命值。利用速度优势以便快速抵达前线或者伏击敌人。"
N/A12187"[english]Tip_6_13" "As a Heavy, the Gloves of Running Urgently increase your speed dramatically but drain your health while in use. Use the speed bonus to quickly reach the frontlines or to ambush enemies."
N/A12188"Tip_6_14" "作为 Heavy,使用黄铜猛兽时,可以增加伤害,同时削减你的移动速度。当防御时使用它,因为你很快会发现,使用它时难以追击逃跑的敌人。"
N/A12189"[english]Tip_6_14" "As a Heavy, the Brass Beast inflicts additional damage but decreases your mobility while in use. Use it when playing defensively, as you will find it more difficult to successfully pursue fleeing enemies."
N/A12190"Tip_6_15" "作为 Heavy,巧克力块临时增加的生命上限,不论是对于作战,或者是补偿紧急逃跑手套削减的生命值,都有极大的优势。"
N/A12191"[english]Tip_6_15" "As a Heavy, the Dalokohs Bar's temporary health increase can be a powerful advantage in battle or help offset the health drain of the Gloves of Running Urgently."
N/A12192"Tip_6_16" "作为 Heavy,钢铁手套可以减少远程伤害,这有助于抵挡狙击手的威胁。当通过开阔地带的时候,用它们来保护你自己!"
N/A12193"[english]Tip_6_16" "As a Heavy, the Fists of Steel's ranged weapon damage reduction helps to counter the threat of enemy Snipers. Use them to protect yourself while moving through open areas!"
N/A12194"Tip_6_17" "作为 Heavy,勇士之魂将会造成更多伤害,使得它们在战斗中非常有效。而惩罚则是扣除少量的生命上限,可能会影响到你的寿命。"
N/A12195"[english]Tip_6_17" "As a Heavy, the Warrior's Spirit will inflict additional damage, which makes them very effective in combat. The penalty is a slight reduction in health however, which may affect your longevity."
N/A12196"Tip_6_18" "作为 Heavy,钢铁手套可以显著地减少远程伤害,同时会增加受到近战武器的伤害。用它们来穿越敌方防线或者接近敌人。"
N/A12197"[english]Tip_6_18" "As a Heavy, the Fists of Steel will dramatically reduce the amount of damage taken from ranged sources while increasing the amount of damage from melee weapons. Use them to push through enemy lines or to close the distance with the enemy."
N/A12198"Tip_6_19" "作为 Heavy,汤姆斯拉夫不但比转轮机枪预热速度快,同时是无声的!用它来伏击敌人并给他们一个惊喜!"
N/A12199"[english]Tip_6_19" "As a Heavy, the Tomislav not only spins up more quickly than the Minigun, it does so silently! Use it to ambush enemies and take them by surprise!"
N/A12200"Tip_6_20" "作为 Heavy,娜塔莎转轮机枪击中的敌人会被减速。用它支援你的队友,并增加他们的伤害输出。"
N/A12201"[english]Tip_6_20" "As a Heavy, the Natascha will slow down enemies it hits. Use it to support your teammates and increase their damage output."
N/A12202"Tip_6_21" "作为 Heavy,驱逐警告可以增加你的近战攻击速度。用它们将有更多的机会击中快速移动的兵种。"
N/A12203"[english]Tip_6_21" "As a Heavy, the Eviction Notice increases your melee attack speed. Use them for more opportunities to hit faster moving classes!"
N/A12204"Tip_6_22" "作为 Heavy,欢乐拳套的暴击会让被打中的敌人发笑,因此他们会变得毫无防备!用它们来瘫痪敌人,协助你的队友消除主要威胁。"
N/A12205"[english]Tip_6_22" "As a Heavy, the Holiday Punch's critical hits will cause the enemy to burst into laughter, thereby leaving them defenseless! Use them in order to incapacitate enemies and assist your team to eliminate key threats."
1218412206"Tip_7_21" "作为 Pyro,拆迁者大锤可以用来摧毁敌人放置在己方建筑上的电子工兵。"
1218512207"[english]Tip_7_21" "As a Pyro, the Homewrecker can be used to remove enemy Sappers from buildings."
1218612208"Tip_7_22" "作为 Pyro,你的熔岩战斧在击中敌人时,可以使敌人着火。与信号枪配合使用,以造成更大伤害。"
1221712239"[english]Tip_8_34" "As a Spy, your Electro Sappers disable Sentry Guns before destroying them. Communicate with your team and sap a Sentry Gun as your teammates attack. This prevents the Sentry from firing and makes it more difficult for an Engineer to repair it."
1221812240"Tip_8_35" "作为 Spy,你在使用密谋者的苦无背刺敌人后,会吸收其当前生命值。然而你必须注意,你的最大生命值会大大降低。所以请尽量避免被敌人发现"
1221912241"[english]Tip_8_35" "As a Spy, the Conniver's Kunai allows you to absorb the current health of your victim upon a successful backstab. Be wary however, as your base health will be drastically reduced when using this weapon, so be sure to remain undetected!"
N/A12242"Tip_8_36" "作为 Spy,好的战术是,背刺那些落单的敌人,或者容易攻击的敌人。在背刺敌人之前,一定要检查你的周围,确保你没有被发现。"
N/A12243"[english]Tip_8_36" "As a Spy, a good technique is to backstab enemies that are alone or are otherwise vulnerable. Always check your surroundings before backstabbing an enemy in order to ensure that you remain undetected."
1222012244"Tip_8_37" "作为 Spy,你可以利用掉落伤害激活死亡之铃,假装不小心摔死。"
1222112245"[english]Tip_8_37" "As a Spy, you can activate your Dead Ringer with fall damage. Feign a careless death!"
1222212246"Tip_8_38" "作为 Spy,请注意尿瓶、疯狂的牛奶、流血的效果以及水会在你隐形时显示你的轮廓。"
1223512259"[english]Tip_9_20" "As an Engineer, try to keep your keep your metal reserves full - it can help to save your buildings later on."
1223612260"Tip_9_21" "作为 Engineer,“南部式款待”可以极为有效地检测 Spy。被你击中的队友若开始流血,则必是 Spy 无疑。"
1223712261"[english]Tip_9_21" "As an Engineer, the Southern Hospitality can be very useful for Spy checking. If you hit a teammate and they start bleeding, you have discovered an enemy Spy."
N/A12262"Tip_9_22" "作为 Engineer,当你用扳手敲打那些正在建造的建筑时,会增加它们的建造速度。用扳手快速建造建筑,来弥补队友防线的漏洞。"
N/A12263"[english]Tip_9_22" "As an Engineer, the Jag allows you to construct buildings considerably faster if you hit them while they are under construction. Use the Jag when you need to construct buildings quickly in order to close a hole in your team's defensive line."
N/A12264"Tip_9_23" "作为 Engineer,边境裁决者会由你步哨枪的每次杀敌和助攻积累复仇暴击。当你的步哨枪被摧毁时,运用它来快速解决掉敌人。"
N/A12265"[english]Tip_9_23" "As an Engineer, the Frontier Justice will gain revenge crits for every assist and every enemy killed by your Sentry Gun. Use it to quickly deal with enemies when your Sentry Gun has been destroyed."
1223812266"Tip_9_24" "作为 Engineer,在使用枪炮工之臂成功连续击中敌人三次时,第三次攻击将造成爆击伤害。这个技巧可以帮助你在缺乏队友和步哨枪的支持时,偷袭并消灭敌方的强势兵种。"
1223912267"[english]Tip_9_24" "As an Engineer, if you perform three successive hits with the Gunslinger, the final blow will be an automatic critical hit. Use this technique to ambush and eliminate stronger classes when you lack support from your team or your Sentry Gun."
1224012268"Tip_9_25" "作为 Engineer,对建筑按下 %attack2% 就可以移动它。注意:在移动建筑时你的移动速度会大大降低,并且无法攻击,请务必小心!"
1224312271"[english]Tip_9_26" "As an Engineer, be aware that your building will be destroyed if you are killed while carrying it. Only move your buildings when you are guarded by your team, or it is safe to do so!"
1224412272"Tip_9_27" "作为 Engineer,在更换近战武器时要谨慎,因为这会摧毁所有你建造好的建筑。"
1224512273"[english]Tip_9_27" "As an Engineer, be careful when switching your melee weapon loadout as doing so will destroy all placed buildings!"
N/A12274"Tip_9_28" "作为 Engineer,多考虑那些难以被突击的防御点,运用它们作为建造建筑的聚集地。当步哨枪被放在适当的地方时,会取得最大效果。"
N/A12275"[english]Tip_9_28" "As an Engineer, consider defensive locations that are hard to assault, and use them as staging areas when constructing buildings. Sentry Guns in particular are most effective when placed in the right location."
N/A12276"Tip_9_29" "作为 Engineer,寡妇制造者的每次射击都会消耗你储存的金属。确保你留意了弹药箱和补给器的位置,以便在你需要金属的时候快速地得到补充;同时考虑一下装备手枪,来弥补你的主武器没有弹药的状况。"
N/A12277"[english]Tip_9_29" "As an Engineer, the Widowmaker draws from your metal reserves for each shot. Make sure that you take note of ammo locations and Dispensers to quickly resupply when you need to; also consider equipping the Pistol to be able to deal damage when you can't."
N/A12278"Tip_9_30" "作为 Engineer,歼灭者 6000 的射线可以削减敌方 Medic 的 ÜberCharge 能量,以及敌方 Spy 的隐形能量。"
N/A12279"[english]Tip_9_30" "As an Engineer, the Pomson 6000's projectiles drain the ÜberCharge meter of enemy Medics and the cloak meter of enemy Spies."
1224612280"Tip_arena_8" "作为 Medic,使用维塔锯并不能将 ÜberCharge 带入到下一局中。"
1224712281"[english]Tip_arena_8" "As a Medic, your ÜberCharge will not carry over between lives while using the Vita-Saw."
N/A12282"Tip_arena_9" "作为 Pyro,要经常性的对队友进行间谍检查,防止敌方间谍可能造成的战略优势。"
N/A12283"[english]Tip_arena_9" "As a Pyro, Spy check teammates vigorously in order to prevent Spies from giving the other team a strategic advantage."
1224812284"NewItemMethod_PeriodicScoreReward" "您已获得:"
1224912285"[english]NewItemMethod_PeriodicScoreReward" "You �Earned�:"
1225012286"ToolStrangePartApplyConfirm" "你确定要在此物品上装备这个奇异武器升级部件?\n\n请谨记:单个物品最多只能装备 %maximum_strange_part_slots% 个部件。你的\n%subject_item_def_name% 还剩余 %remaining_strange_part_slots% 个部件可装备。"
1242712463"[english]TF_nocrosshaironscopezoom" "SNIPER: Hide crosshair when zoomed in."
1242812464"Tooltip_nocrosshaironscopezoomn" "选中后,在使用任何类型的狙击步枪开镜瞄准时,默认或自定义的准星将会自动隐藏,只留下激光点。"
1242912465"[english]Tooltip_nocrosshaironscopezoomn" "If set, when zoomed in with any sniper rifles, the default and custom crosshairs will automatically disappear leaving only the rifle targeting laser."
12430N/A"TF_Bundle_MysteriousPromo2" "神秘的促销物品2"
N/A12466"TF_Bundle_MysteriousPromo2" "神秘的促销物品 2"
1243112467"[english]TF_Bundle_MysteriousPromo2" "Mysterious Promo 2"
12432N/A"TF_Bundle_MysteriousPromo2_Desc" "神秘的促销物品2"
N/A12468"TF_Bundle_MysteriousPromo2_Desc" "神秘的促销物品 2"
1243312469"[english]TF_Bundle_MysteriousPromo2_Desc" "Mysterious Promo 2"
1243412470"TF_EngineerChaps_Style1" "午夜"
1243512471"[english]TF_EngineerChaps_Style1" "Midnight"