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952952"TF_Wearable_Towel" "Towel"
953953"TF_Wearable_Bandana" "Bandana"
954954"TF_Wearable_SafetyApparatus" "Safety Apparatus"
N/A955"TF_Wearable_ElectronicDevice" "Electronic Device"
956957"Humiliation_Count" "x%s1"
957958"Humiliation_Kill" "FISH KILL!"
60716072"TF_Gift_Jul2013_EntireServer_Desc" "When used, this Action Item gives\none random Summer 2013 Cooler Key\nto up to 23 other people on the server!"
60736074"TF_Fall2013Crate_Acorns" "Fall 2013 Acorns Crate"
6074N/A"TF_Fall2013Crate_Acorns_Desc" "This crate's contents are unknown and\nnormal keys don't fit the lock.\n\nYou'd better hold onto it.\nThere will probably be a way to open it later."
N/A6075"TF_Fall2013Crate_Acorns_Desc" "Contains Gold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Fall 2013 event."
N/A6076"TF_Fall2013Key_Acorns" "Fall 2013 Acorns Crate Key"
N/A6077"TF_Fall2013Key_Acorns_Desc" "Used to unlock a Fall 2013 Acorns Crate."
60756079"TF_Fall2013Crate_Gourd" "Fall 2013 Gourd Crate"
6076N/A"TF_Fall2013Crate_Gourd_Desc" "This crate's contents are unknown and\nnormal keys don't fit the lock.\n\nYou'd better hold onto it.\nThere will probably be a way to open it later."
N/A6080"TF_Fall2013Crate_Gourd_Desc" "Contains Gold Star approved Community Items\nfrom the Fall 2013 event."
N/A6081"TF_Fall2013Key_Gourd" "Fall 2013 Gourd Crate Key"
N/A6082"TF_Fall2013Key_Gourd_Desc" "Used to unlock a Fall 2013 Gourd Crate."
60786084"TF_Tool_PaintCan" "Paint Can"
60796085"TF_Tool_PaintCan_Desc" "Used to paint other items."
68606866"TF_SolemnVow_Desc" "'Do no harm.'"
68616867"TF_Weapon_Bust" "Bust of Hippocrates"
68626868"TF_NineIron" "Nessie's Nine Iron"
N/A6869"TF_NineIron_Desc" "This weapon has a large melee range.\nGives increased speed and health\nwith every head you take."
68636870"TF_Weapon_GolfClub" "Golf Club"
68646871"TF_Mailbox" "Postal Pummeler" // ADD THE
68656872"TF_Weapon_Mailbox" "Mailbox"
98589865"TF_jul13_dandy_yankee" "Founding Father" // ADD THE
98599866"TF_jul13_dandy_yankee_Desc" "This shirt envisions a terrifying alternate universe where our nation's patriots wore frilly-cuffed silk blouses instead of the respectable undershirts they possessed in actual history."
N/A9868"TF_fall2013_air_raider" "Bone Dome" // ADD THE
N/A9869"TF_fall2013_air_raider_Desc" "Comes with a visor capable of shielding your eyes from the harsh glare of people running away from you on fire."
N/A9870"TF_fall2013_fire_bird" "Air Raider" // ADD THE
N/A9871"TF_fall2013_fire_bird_Desc" "Designed specifically for hotshot pilots, this mask only distributes oxygen if you're doing a cool barrel roll into the Danger Zone."
N/A9872"TF_fall2013_the_braided_pride" "Viking Braider" // ADD THE
N/A9873"TF_fall2013_the_braided_pride_Desc" "O.G. Vikings know: Braid before blade, son."
N/A9874"TF_fall2013_the_cuban_coverup" "Cuban Bristle Crisis" // ADD THE
N/A9875"TF_fall2013_the_cuban_coverup_Desc" "Dress up like Cuban celeb Fidel Castro, inventor of the Castromatic, a self-casting fishing pole that swept the nation in the 60s."
N/A9876"TF_fall2013_beep_boy" "Beep Boy" // ADD THE
N/A9877"TF_fall2013_beep_boy_Desc" "His facial expressions are synced to yours! Teach this Beep Boy how to be a Beep Man using nothing but the raw musky magnetism of your face."
N/A9878"TF_fall2013_the_special_eyes" "Special Eyes" // ADD THE
N/A9879"TF_fall2013_the_special_eyes_Desc" ""
N/A9880"TF_fall2013_the_insidious_incinerator" "Trickster's Turnout Gear"
N/A9881"TF_fall2013_the_insidious_incinerator_Desc" "Trick your enemies into forgetting who set them on fire in the first place with this trustworthy-looking fireman's jacket."
N/A9882"TF_fall2013_kyoto_rider" "Chronomancer" // ADD THE
N/A9883"TF_fall2013_kyoto_rider_Desc" ""
N/A9884"TF_fall2013_aichi_investigator" "Medical Mystery" // ADD THE
N/A9885"TF_fall2013_aichi_investigator_Desc" ""
N/A9886"TF_fall2013_the_gold_digger" "Gold Digger" // ADD THE
N/A9887"TF_fall2013_the_gold_digger_Desc" "Dag nab it before it's all sold out!"
N/A9888"TF_fall2013_brimfull_of_bullets" "Brim-Full Of Bullets"
N/A9889"TF_fall2013_brimfull_of_bullets_Desc" ""
N/A9890"TF_fall2013_the_cotton_head" "Cotton Head" // ADD THE
N/A9891"TF_fall2013_the_cotton_head_Desc" ""
N/A9892"TF_fall2013_popeyes" "Pop-eyes"
N/A9893"TF_fall2013_popeyes_Desc" ""
N/A9894"TF_fall2013_hong_kong_cone" "Hong Kong Cone"
N/A9895"TF_fall2013_hong_kong_cone_Desc" ""
N/A9896"TF_fall2013_weight_room_warmer" "Weight Room Warmer"
N/A9897"TF_fall2013_weight_room_warmer_Desc" ""
N/A9898"TF_fall2013_eod_suit" "Hurt Locher" // ADD THE
N/A9899"TF_fall2013_eod_suit_Desc" "Everyone likes to watch their enemies blow up. But if you're close enough to get a really good look, you'll blow up too. It is life's greatest tragedy."
N/A9900"TF_fall2013_pirate_bandana" "Pirate Bandana"
N/A9901"TF_fall2013_pirate_bandana_Desc" ""
N/A9902"TF_fall2013_lil_snaggletooth" "Li'l Snaggletooth"
N/A9903"TF_fall2013_lil_snaggletooth_Desc" "'When I grow up, I want to be a hat.' -Li'l Snaggletooth"
N/A9904"TF_fall2013_superthief" "L'homme Burglerre"
N/A9905"TF_fall2013_superthief_Desc" "French for 'The Thief of Hamburgers.'"
N/A9906"TF_fall2013_escapist" "Escapist"
N/A9907"TF_fall2013_escapist_Desc" ""
N/A9908"TF_fall2013_neo_tokyo_runner" "Flapjack" // ADD THE
N/A9909"TF_fall2013_neo_tokyo_runner_Desc" ""
N/A9910"TF_fall2013_medic_wc_beard" "A Brush with Death"
N/A9911"TF_fall2013_medic_wc_beard_Desc" ""
N/A9912"TF_fall2013_medic_wc_hair" "Slick Cut" // ADD THE
N/A9913"TF_fall2013_medic_wc_hair_Desc" ""
N/A9914"TF_fall2013_spy_fancycoat" "Frenchman's Formals" // ADD THE
N/A9915"TF_fall2013_spy_fancycoat_Desc" ""
N/A9916"TF_fall2013_medic_wc_coat" "Ward" // ADD THE
N/A9917"TF_fall2013_medic_wc_coat_Desc" ""
98639922"TF_BreatherBag" "Breather Bag" // ADD THE