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24982498"quest25049objectivedesc2" "Выиграть раунд: %s1"
24992499"[english]quest25049objectivedesc2" "Win a round on Snowycoast: %s1"
25002500"quest25049objectivedesc3" "Толкать вагонетку: %s1"
2501N/A"[english]quest25049objectivedesc3" "Push the Payload Cart on Snowy Coast: %s1"
N/A2501"[english]quest25049objectivedesc3" "Push the Payload Cart on Snowycoast: %s1"
25022502"quest25049objectivedesc4" "Убить врага, толкающего вагонетку: %s1"
2503N/A"[english]quest25049objectivedesc4" "Kill an enemy pushing the Cart on Snowy Coast: %s1"
N/A2503"[english]quest25049objectivedesc4" "Kill an enemy pushing the Cart on Snowycoast: %s1"
25042504"quest25050desc1" "
25062506"[english]quest25050desc1" ""