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165165 // SpawnWithFullCharge (any weapons that build up a charge over time will spawn fully charged)
166166 // AlwaysCrit (all shots will be critical hits)
167167 // HoldFireUntilFullReload (dont fire until our weapon is fully reloaded after a barrage - for rocket launchers, grenade launchers, shotguns, etc)
N/A168 // DefensiveBuffHigh (takes 90% less damage, has a particle effect)
N/A169 // AlwaysFireWeapon (constantly fire our weapon)
169171 WeaponRestrictions MeleeOnly // if specified, restricts the weapons this bot is allowed to use. Restrictions can be: MeleeOnly, PrimaryOnly, or SecondaryOnly
170172 BehaviorModifiers Idler // if specified, sets this bot's initial behavior. Allowed values:
214216 {
215217 Squad // choice 1: a Squad Spawner which, in this case, creates a squad of 4 TFBots: Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, and Heavyweapons
216218 {
N/A219 FormationSize 125 // the size of the formation (for a circle formation, this is the radius)
217221 TFBot
218222 {
219223 Class Soldier