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288288"TF_Chat_Coach" "�*COACH* �%s1� :  %s2"
289289"TF_Name_Change" "�* �%s1� changed name to �%s2"
291N/A"Econ_holiday_restriction_halloween" "Holiday Restriction: Halloween" // was "TF_holiday_restriction_halloween"
292N/A"Econ_holiday_restriction_birthday" "Holiday Restriction: TF Birthday" // was "TF_holiday_restriction_birthday"
N/A291"Econ_holiday_restriction_halloween" "Holiday Restriction: Halloween" // was "TF_holiday_restriction_halloween"
N/A292"Econ_holiday_restriction_birthday" "Holiday Restriction: TF Birthday" // was "TF_holiday_restriction_birthday"
N/A293"Econ_holiday_restriction_halloween_or_fullmoon" "Holiday Restriction: Halloween / Full Moon"
293295"Econ_Bundle_Double" "%s1, %s2"
294296"Econ_Bundle_DoubleContinued" "%s1, %s2,"
418420"TF_Wearable_PocketSquare" "Pocket Square"
419421"TF_Wearable_Stethoscope" "Stethoscope"
420422"TF_Wearable_Bombs" "Decorative Bombs"
N/A423"TF_Wearable_Mask" "Mask"
N/A424"TF_Wearable_Costume" "Costume Piece"
422426"Humiliation_Count" "x%s1"
423427"Humiliation_Kill" "FISH KILL!"
N/A428"Humiliation_Kill_Arm" "ARM KILL!"
426431"TF_TauntEnabler_Laugh" "Taunt: The Schadenfreude"
476481"TF_Overdose_Desc" "Movement speed increases based on ÃœberCharge percentage to a maximum of +10%"
477482"TF_Weapon_Riding_Crop" "Riding Crop"
480484"TF_SodaPopper" "Soda Popper" // ADD THE
481485"TF_SodaPopper_Desc" "Builds hype as you run. When the hype meter is full, unleash mini-crits!"
482486"TF_Winger" "Winger" // ADD THE
666670"TF_Bundle_FM2012Promo" "Footballer's Kit"
667671"TF_Bundle_FM2012Promo_Desc" "Pick a side and show your pride:"
N/A673"TF_Bundle_DemoHalloween2011" "The Highland Hound Bundle"
N/A674"TF_Bundle_DemoHalloween2011_Desc" "Celebrate Halloween using these items:"
N/A675"TF_Bundle_ScoutHalloween2011" "The Curse-a-Nature Bundle"
N/A676"TF_Bundle_ScoutHalloween2011_Desc" "Celebrate Halloween using these items:"
N/A677"TF_Bundle_PyroHalloween2011" "The Infernal Imp Bundle"
N/A678"TF_Bundle_PyroHalloween2011_Desc" "Celebrate Halloween using these items:"
N/A679"TF_Bundle_MedicHalloween2011" "The Mad Doktor Bundle"
N/A680"TF_Bundle_MedicHalloween2011_Desc" "Celebrate Halloween using these items:"
N/A681"TF_Bundle_SoldierHalloween2011" "The Tin Soldier Bundle"
N/A682"TF_Bundle_SoldierHalloween2011_Desc" "Celebrate Halloween using these items:"
N/A683"TF_Bundle_SpyHalloween2011" "The Invisible Rogue Bundle"
N/A684"TF_Bundle_SpyHalloween2011_Desc" "Celebrate Halloween using these items:"
N/A685"TF_Bundle_HeavyHalloween2011" "The FrankenHeavy Bundle"
N/A686"TF_Bundle_HeavyHalloween2011_Desc" "Celebrate Halloween using these items:"
N/A687"TF_Bundle_SniperHalloween2011" "The Camper Van Helsing Bundle"
N/A688"TF_Bundle_SniperHalloween2011_Desc" "Celebrate Halloween using these items:"
N/A689"TF_Bundle_EngineerHalloween2011" "The Brundle Bundle Bundle"
N/A690"TF_Bundle_EngineerHalloween2011_Desc" "Celebrate Halloween using these items:"
N/A691"TF_Bundle_Halloween2011" "Halloween 2011 Costume Bundle of Bundles"
N/A692"TF_Bundle_Halloween2011_Desc" "Celebrate Halloween using these items:"
669694"TF_Scout_Hat_1" "Batter's Helmet"
670695"TF_Scout_Hat_1_Desc" "You'll be batting a thousand (skulls in) when you don this red piece of plastic!"
732757"TF_Halloween_Hat_Desc" "Brown paper never looked so mildly disturbing."
733758"TF_Halloween_Head" "Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head"
734759"TF_Halloween_Head_Desc" "He had one all along..."
735N/A"TF_Domination_Hat" "Ghastlier Gibus"
736N/A"TF_Domination_Hat_Desc" "Even more ghastly."
737N/A"TF_Domination_Hat_2010" "Ghastly Gibus"
738N/A"TF_Domination_Hat_2010_Desc" "Elegant simplicity and old-world charm combined with the heady aromas of mould and grave dust."
N/A760"TF_Domination_Hat_Ghastlier" "Ghastlier Gibus"
N/A761"TF_Domination_Hat_Ghastlier_Desc" "Even more ghastly."
N/A762"TF_Domination_Hat_Ghastly" "Ghastly Gibus"
N/A763"TF_Domination_Hat_Ghastly_Desc" "Elegant simplicity and old-world charm combined with the heady aromas of mould and grave dust."
N/A764"TF_Domination_Hat_Ghastlierest" "Ghastlierest Gibus"
N/A765"TF_Domination_Hat_Ghastlierest_Desc" "Way way more ghastly."
739766"TF_L4DHat" "Bill's Hat"
740767"TF_L4DHat_Desc" "Left 4 You."
897924"TF_PyromancersMask" "Pyromancer's Mask"
898925"TF_PrancersPride" "Prancer's Pride"
N/A927"TF_Hwn_DemoHat" "Hair of the Dog" // ADD THE
N/A928"TF_Hwn_DemoHat_Desc" ""
N/A929"TF_Hwn_DemoMisc1" "Scottish Snarl" // ADD THE
N/A930"TF_Hwn_DemoMisc1_Desc" ""
N/A931"TF_Hwn_DemoMisc2" "Pickled Paws" // ADD THE
N/A932"TF_Hwn_DemoMisc2_Desc" ""
N/A933"TF_Hwn_ScoutHat" "Wrap Battler" // ADD THE
N/A934"TF_Hwn_ScoutHat_Desc" ""
N/A935"TF_Hwn_ScoutMisc1" "B-ankh!"
N/A936"TF_Hwn_ScoutMisc1_Desc" ""
N/A937"TF_Hwn_ScoutMisc2" "Futankhamun" // ADD THE
N/A938"TF_Hwn_ScoutMisc2_Desc" ""
N/A939"TF_Hwn_PyroHat" "Blazing Bull" // ADD THE
N/A940"TF_Hwn_PyroHat_Desc" ""
N/A941"TF_Hwn_PyroMisc1" "Fallen Angel" // ADD THE
N/A942"TF_Hwn_PyroMisc1_Desc" ""
N/A943"TF_Hwn_PyroMisc2" "Tail From the Crypt"
N/A944"TF_Hwn_PyroMisc2_Desc" ""
N/A945"TF_Hwn_MedicHat" "Einstein" // ADD THE
N/A946"TF_Hwn_MedicHat_Desc" ""
N/A947"TF_Hwn_MedicMisc1" "Dr. Gogglestache"
N/A948"TF_Hwn_MedicMisc1_Desc" ""
N/A949"TF_Hwn_MedicMisc2" "Emerald Jarate" // ADD THE
N/A950"TF_Hwn_MedicMisc2_Desc" ""
N/A951"TF_Hwn_SoldierHat" "Idiot Box" // ADD THE
N/A952"TF_Hwn_SoldierHat_Desc" ""
N/A953"TF_Hwn_SoldierMisc1" "Steel Pipes" // ADD THE
N/A954"TF_Hwn_SoldierMisc1_Desc" ""
N/A955"TF_Hwn_SoldierMisc2" "Shoestring Budget" // ADD THE
N/A956"TF_Hwn_SoldierMisc2_Desc" ""
N/A957"TF_Hwn_SpyHat" "Under Cover" // ADD THE
N/A958"TF_Hwn_SpyHat_Desc" ""
N/A959"TF_Hwn_SpyMisc1" "Griffin's Gog"
N/A960"TF_Hwn_SpyMisc1_Desc" ""
N/A961"TF_Hwn_SpyMisc2" "Intangible Ascot" // ADD THE
N/A962"TF_Hwn_SpyMisc2_Desc" ""
N/A963"TF_Hwn_HeavyHat" "Can Opener" // ADD THE
N/A964"TF_Hwn_HeavyHat_Desc" ""
N/A965"TF_Hwn_HeavyMisc1" "Soviet Stitch-Up" // ADD THE
N/A966"TF_Hwn_HeavyMisc1_Desc" ""
N/A967"TF_Hwn_HeavyMisc2" "Steel-Toed Stompers" // ADD THE
N/A968"TF_Hwn_HeavyMisc2_Desc" ""
N/A969"TF_Hwn_SniperHat" "Holy Hunter" // ADD THE
N/A970"TF_Hwn_SniperHat_Desc" ""
N/A971"TF_Hwn_SniperMisc1" "Silver Bullets"
N/A972"TF_Hwn_SniperMisc1_Desc" ""
N/A973"TF_Hwn_SniperMisc2" "Garlic Flank Stake"
N/A974"TF_Hwn_SniperMisc2_Desc" ""
N/A975"TF_Hwn_EngineerHat" "Buzz Killer" // ADD THE
N/A976"TF_Hwn_EngineerHat_Desc" ""
N/A977"TF_Hwn_EngineerMisc1" "Frontier Flyboy" // ADD THE
N/A978"TF_Hwn_EngineerMisc1_Desc" ""
N/A979"TF_Hwn_EngineerMisc2" "Legend of Bugfoot" // ADD THE
N/A980"TF_Hwn_EngineerMisc2_Desc" ""
N/A982"TF_Hwn_PyroGasmask" "Last Breath" // ADD THE
N/A983"TF_Hwn_PyroGasmask_DESC" ""
N/A984"TF_UnarmedCombat" "Unarmed Combat"
N/A985"TF_UnarmedCombat_Desc" "So nice of the Spy to lend an arm..."
N/A986"TF_Ghost_Aspect" "Apparition's Aspect"
N/A987"TF_Ghost_Aspect_Desc" ""
N/A988"TF_Baleful_Beacon" "Baleful Beacon" // ADD THE
N/A989"TF_VoodooPin" "Wanga Prick" // ADD THE
N/A990"TF_InfernalImpaler" "Infernal Impaler" // ADD THE
901992"TF_BigChief" "Big Chief" // ADD THE
902993"TF_BigChief_Desc" ""
903994"TF_CaponesCapper" "Capo's Capper"
9291020"TF_TTG_Badge" "License to Maim"
9301021"TF_TTG_Badge_Desc" "And kill, and break, and smash, and bite. Mainly maim, though."
N/A1023"TF_Halloween_Skullcap2011" "Spine-Chilling Skull 2011" // ADD THE
N/A1024"TF_Halloween_Skullcap2011_Desc" "Re-express your undying hatred for the living annually with this skull-themed hate hat."
N/A1026"TF_Halloween_Skullcap2011_Style1" "Spine-Tingling Skull" // ADD THE
N/A1027"TF_Halloween_Skullcap2011_Style1_Desc" "Express your dislike for the living."
N/A1029"TF_Halloween_Skullcap2011_Style2" "Spine-Cooling Skull" // ADD THE
N/A1030"TF_Halloween_Skullcap2011_Style2_Desc" "Express your disdain for the living."
N/A1032"TF_Halloween_Skullcap2011_Style3" "Spine-Twisting Skull" // ADD THE
N/A1033"TF_Halloween_Skullcap2011_Style3_Desc" "Express your discontent with the living."
N/A1035"TF_Halloween_Eyeball_Boss_Hat" "MONOCULUS!" // ADD THE
N/A1036"TF_Halloween_Eyeball_Boss_Hat_Desc" "Celebrate the Demo's most serious childhood injury with this gruesome mask based on his missing, haunted eye."
N/A1037"TF_Halloween_Seal_Mask" "Seal Mask" // ADD THE
N/A1038"TF_Halloween_Seal_Mask_Desc" "Turn routine melee attacks into environmental hate crimes with this adorable mask."
N/A1039"TF_Bombinomicon_Badge" "Bombinomicon" // ADD THE
N/A1040"TF_Bombinomicon_Badge_Desc" "'If ye gaze upon one tome-themed badge this year, MAKE IT NOT THIS ONE!' - Merasmus the Magician'"
9321042"TF_Doctors_Sack" "Doctor's Sack"
9331043"TF_Doctors_Sack_Desc" "For when you've got that healin' fever."
9341044"TF_Ol_Geezer" "Ol' Geezer"
10061116"TF_Halloween_Mask_Pyro" "Pyro Mask"
10071117"TF_Halloween_Mask_SaxtonHale" "Saxton Hale Mask"
N/A1119"TF_HalloweenCauldron2011" "Halloween Goodie Cauldron"
N/A1120"TF_HalloweenCauldron2011_Desc" "You can pry open the lid of this cauldron to see what strangeness lies within... from your backpack... IF YOU DARE."
10091122// Manniversary
10101123"TF_ManniversaryPaperHat" "Manniversary Paper Hat"
10111124"TF_ManniversaryPackage" "Manniversary Package"
10931206"TF_StovePipe_Style0" "Tasteful and Refined"
10941207"TF_StovePipe_style1" "Garish and Overbearing"
1095N/A"TF_Gibus_Style_2010" "Ghastly"
1096N/A"TF_Gibus_Style_2009" "Ghastlier"
N/A1208"TF_Gibus_Style_Ghastly" "Ghastly"
N/A1209"TF_Gibus_Style_Ghastlier" "Ghastlier"
N/A1210"TF_Gibus_Style_Ghastlierest" "Ghastlierest"
10971211"TF_Gazer_Style0" "Mad Science"
10981212"TF_Gazer_Style1" "Machine in the Man"
11251239"TF_SummerHat_Style0" "A Day at the Beach"
11261240"TF_SummerHat_Style1" "Carefree Summer Nap"
N/A1242"TF_SpineChillingSkull2011_Style1" "Spine-Tingling"
N/A1243"TF_SpineChillingSkull2011_Style2" "Spine-Cooling"
N/A1244"TF_SpineChillingSkull2011_Style3" "Spine-Twisting"
11281246"TF_Birthday2011_Hat" "Party Hat"
11291247"TF_Birthday2011_Hat_Desc" ""
16541772"Gametype_Specialty" "Specialty"
16551773"Gametype_OfflinePractice" "Offline Practice"
16561774"Gametype_Quickplay" "Random"
N/A1775"Gametype_Halloween" "Halloween"
16581777"Intro_Title" "Game Mode Introduction:  %gamemode%"
29033022"TF_HALLOWEEN_COLLECT_GOODY_BAG_DESC" "Collect the Haunted Halloween Gift in Mann Manor."
29053024"TF_HALLOWEEN_CRAFT_SAXTON_MASK_DESC" "Craft the Saxton Hale Mask."
29073025"TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_DEATHCAM_NAME" "The Horseless Headless Horsemann"
29103028"TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_ANNOUNCE_TAG" "%s1 tagged %s2 as IT!"
29113029"TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_WARN_AGGRO" "You have angered the Horseless Headless Horsemann!"
29123030"TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_LOST_AGGRO" "You are no longer IT."
N/A3034"TF_HALLOWEEN_LOOT_ISLAND_NAME" "Dive Into a Good Book"
N/A3035"TF_HALLOWEEN_LOOT_ISLAND_DESC" "Get to Loot Island and claim your reward!"
29143037// Soldier Achievement Pack
29153038"TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" "Soldier Milestone 1"
37263849"TF_RIFT_SpiderHat_ClaimCode_Desc" "This item will grant you a code to receive a hat in Rift. Use it from your backpack to claim the code."
37273850"TF_RIFT_SpiderHat_ClaimType" "RIFT Well Spun Hat"
3729N/A"Econ_Revolving_Loot_List" "This crate contains one of the following items:"
3730N/A"Econ_Revolving_Loot_List_Rare_Item" "or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!"
N/A3852"Econ_Revolving_Loot_List" "This crate contains one of the following items:"
N/A3853"Econ_Revolving_Loot_List_Rare_Item" "or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!"
N/A3854"Econ_Revolving_Loot_List_Rare_Item_Halloween" "or an Exceedingly Rare Halloween-Themed Special Item!\n(Halloween-themed items are only available if opened during the Halloween event.)"
37333857// Item Sets
37503874"TF_Set_Gangland_Spy" "The Man of Honor"
37513875"TF_Set_DrG_Victory" "Dr. Grordbort's Victory Pack"
37523876"TF_Set_Swashbucklers_Swag" "Swashbuckler's Swag"
N/A3877"TF_Set_Demo_Halloween_2011" "The Highland Hound"
N/A3878"TF_Set_Scout_Halloween_2011" "The Curse-a-Nature"
N/A3879"TF_Set_Pyro_Halloween_2011" "The Infernal Imp"
N/A3880"TF_Set_Medic_Halloween_2011" "The Mad Doktor"
N/A3881"TF_Set_Soldier_Halloween_2011" "The Tin Soldier"
N/A3882"TF_Set_Spy_Halloween_2011" "The Invisible Rogue"
N/A3883"TF_Set_Heavy_Halloween_2011" "The FrankenHeavy"
N/A3884"TF_Set_Sniper_Halloween_2011" "The Camper Van Helsing"
N/A3885"TF_Set_Engineer_Halloween_2011" "The Brundle Bundle"
37543887"TF_Date_GMT" " GMT" // deprecated!
39184051"Attrib_DmgFromSentryReduced" "+%s1% sentry damage resistance on wearer"
39194052"Attrib_AirblastCost_Increased" "+%s1% airblast cost"
39204053"Attrib_AirblastCost_Decreased" "%s1% airblast cost"
N/A4054"Attrib_Purchased" "Purchased: Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting"
N/A4055"Attrib_Promotion" "Store Promotion Item: Not Tradable"
39214056"Attrib_InUse" "Currently In Use"
39224057"Attrib_SpecialItem" "Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting"
39234058"Attrib_FlameAmmoPerSec_Increased" "+%s1% flamethrower ammo consumed per second"
39564091"Attrib_Minicrit_Vs_Burning_Player" "100% minicrits vs burning players"
39574092"Attrib_TradableAfterDate" "\nTradable After: %s1"
39584093"Attrib_Store_TradableAfterDate" "Becomes Tradable After a Few Days"
N/A4094"Attrib_Store_Purchased" "Will Not Be Tradable or Usable in Crafting"
39594095"Attrib_Sanguisuge" "On Backstab: Absorbs the health from your victim."
39604096"Attrib_Honorbound" "Honorbound: Once drawn cannot be sheathed until it kills."
39614097"Attrib_MarkForDeath" "On Hit: One target at a time is marked for death, causing all damage taken to be mini-crits"
40134149"Attrib_ElectricalAirblast" "On Fire: Generates an electrical field that destroys\nprojectiles and does slight damage to players"
40144150"Attrib_Unlimited" "Unlimited use"
40154151"Attrib_AirBlastPushScale" "+%s1% increased airblast pushback"
N/A4152"Attrib_BombinomiconEffectOnDeath" "Explode spectacularly on death"
40174154"AttribFormat_AdditionalNote" "( %s1 )"
40464183"Attrib_Particle34" "Bubbling"
40474184"Attrib_Particle35" "Smoking"
40484185"Attrib_Particle36" "Steaming"
N/A4186"Attrib_Particle37" "Flaming Lantern"
N/A4187"Attrib_Particle38" "Cloudy Moon"
N/A4188"Attrib_Particle39" "Cauldron Bubbles"
N/A4189"Attrib_Particle40" "Eerie Orbiting Fire"
40504191// Unique item names
40514192"TF_Unique_Prepend_Proper" "The " [$ENGLISH] // the space at the end is important
42824423"rarity4" "Unusual"
42834424"strange" "Strange"
42844425"completed" "Completed"
N/A4426"haunted" "Haunted"
42864428"ItemNameUniqueFormat" "%s1%s2%s3" // will turn into "The Battalion's Backup #1"; foreign languages that have gender/declension can change this to be "Shotgun #1" or whatever
42874429"ItemNameWithQualityFormat" "%s1 %s2%s3" // will turn into "Strange Shotgun #1"; foreign languages that have gender for adjectives can change this to be "Shotgun #1 (Strange)" or whatever
45884730"Store_ClassImageMouseoverBundle" "This bundle contains items that can be used by the %s1."
45894731"Store_ClassImageMouseoverAllBundle" "This bundle contains items that can be used by all classes."
4591N/A"Store_HalloweenSale" "This ghostly Halloween sale lasts until November 8th. Some of these items will no longer be available once the sale ends!"
N/A4733"Store_HalloweenSale" "This ghostly Halloween sale lasts until November 7th. Some of these items will no longer be available once the sale ends!"
45924734"Store_SummerSale" "This sweltering TF2 Summer Sale lasts\nuntil July 11th. These items will no longer\nbe available once the sale ends!"
45934735"Store_MapsDesc" "When you purchase a map stamp, all the proceeds (net of any applicable tax) will go directly to the creators of the map.\n\nIn addition, you'll also receive this nifty World Traveler's Hat for free! Not only does it track your contributions, but also a special particle effect will be visible when you play on a map you've contributed towards."
45944736"Store_GrordbortSale" "Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators: Where Science Meets Violence!\nBuy your real Rayguns at www.DrGrordborts.com"
46924834"Store_SortType_DateNewest" "Newest First"
46934835"Store_SortType_DateOldest" "Oldest First"
N/A4837"Store_ItemDesc_Restrictions" "Restrictions:"
46954838"Store_ItemDesc_UsedBy" "Used by:"
46964839"Store_ItemDesc_Slot" "Slot:"
46974840"Store_ItemDesc_Tradable" "Tradable:"
47044847"Store_ItemDesc_AllClasses" "All Classes"
47054848"Store_ItemDesc_Slot_None" "None"
N/A4850"Store_HolidayRestrictionText" "Only equippable during in-game events"
N/A4852"Store_ConfirmHolidayRestrictionCheckoutTitle" "Please note"
N/A4853"Store_ConfirmHolidayRestrictionCheckoutText" "Halloween items may only be used during Halloween (until November 7th) and during full moons."
N/A4855"Store_OK" "OK!"
47074857"Store_MostPopular" "Today's Most Popular Items:"
47084858"Store_TryItem" "Test It Out!"
50605210"Notification_System_Message" "�System Message:� %message%"
50625212// Notifications
5063N/A"Notification_CanTrigger_Help" "Press [ �%cl_trigger_first_notification%� ] to �VIEW�.\nPress [ �%cl_decline_first_notification%� ] to �REMOVE�."
5064N/A"Notification_Remove_Help" "Press [ �%cl_decline_first_notification%� ] to �REMOVE�."
N/A5213"Notification_CanTrigger_Help" "Press [ �%cl_trigger_first_notification%� ] to �VIEW�.\nPress [ �%cl_decline_first_notification%� ] to �CLOSE�."
N/A5214"Notification_Remove_Help" "Press [ �%cl_decline_first_notification%� ] to �CLOSE�."
50655215"Notification_AcceptOrDecline_Help" "Press [ �%cl_trigger_first_notification%� ] to �ACCEPT�.\nPress [ �%cl_decline_first_notification%� ] to �DECLINE�."
50665216"Notifications_View" "View"
50675217"Notifications_Accept" "Accept"
52135363"TF_GameModeDetail_EscortRace" "Escort your payload cart to the finish line before the opposing team can deliver theirs.\n\nStand near the cart to make it move."
52145364"TF_GameModeDesc_Koth" "One team must control a single point until time runs out."
52155365"TF_GameModeDetail_Koth" "Capture the Control Point and defend it until your team's timer runs out.\n\nThe Control Point cannot be captured while locked.\n\nIf the enemy team captures the Control Point, your team's timer will pause until you recapture the point."
N/A5366"TF_GameModeDesc_Halloween" "Halloween event maps with bosses, gift drops, and insanity."
N/A5367"TF_GameModeDetail_Halloween" "Watch for special gifts to drop and be the first to grab them! Defeat the boss to collect loot."
52185370// Trading
53985550"TF_Armory_Item_DecalToolTag" "This �Tool� can be used to put a custom image on �certain items�, such as Clan Pride, The Conscientious Objector, and Flair! (If you don't already have such an item, buy the item first; it includes one free decal tool.) Your image will be put into the TF2 art style, by reducing the colors to a small palette from the TF2 universe."
54005552"TF_Armory_Item_Limited" "This item is only available in the store for a limited time! This item is not currently available as a loot or crate drop."
N/A5553"TF_Armory_Item_Limited_Holiday" "This item is only available in the store for a limited time during this holiday event!"
54015554"TF_Armory_Item_MapToken" "When this item is purchased, all the proceeds (net of any applicable tax) will go directly to the community members who made the map.\n\nMembership level for a map will increase for every 25 map stamps.\n\nA �World Traveler's Hat� will also be given out the first time any map stamp has been purchased."
54025555"TF_Armory_Item_BackpackExpander" "When this item is used, it will add 100 extra slots to your backpack. Note that there is a maximum of 1000 slots."
54035556"TF_Armory_Item_CanCustomizeTexture" "You can apply a custom image onto this item using the �decal tool�. Purchase this item and get a �FREE� decal tool to get started! The decal is made by selecting a small palette from the TF2 art style and adjusting your image to fit that palette."
54065559"TF_PassiveAttribs_None" "None"
5409N/A"TF_HalloweenItem_Reserved" "The Haunted Halloween Gift has mysteriously appeared somewhere. The first one to find it gets to keep it!"
N/A5562"TF_HalloweenItem_Reserved" "The Haunted Halloween Gift has mysteriously appeared somewhere. The first one to find it gets to keep it!"
N/A5563"TF_HalloweenItem_Reserved_Purgatory" "The Haunted Halloween Gift has mysteriously appeared somewhere down below... The first one to find it gets to keep it!"
54105564"TF_HalloweenItem_Granted" "�%recipient%� found the Haunted Halloween Gift!"
54115565"TF_Halloween_Boss_Appeared" "The �Horseless Headless Horsemann� has appeared!\n"
54125566"TF_Halloween_Boss_Killed" "The �Horseless Headless Horsemann� has been defeated!\n"
5413N/A"TF_Halloween_Boss_Killers" "%s1 has defeated the Horseless Headless Horsemann!\n"
N/A5567"TF_Halloween_Boss_Killers" "�%s1� has defeated the Horseless Headless Horsemann!\n"
N/A5568"TF_Halloween_Eyeball_Boss_Appeared" "Beware! �MONOCULUS!� is lurking about...\n"
N/A5569"TF_Halloween_Eyeball_Boss_Killed" "�MONOCULUS!� has been defeated!\n"
N/A5570"TF_Halloween_Eyeball_Boss_Escaped" "�MONOCULUS!� has left to haunt another realm!\n"
N/A5571"TF_Halloween_Eyeball_Boss_Escaping_In_60" "�MONOCULUS!� is leaving in 60 seconds...\n"
N/A5572"TF_Halloween_Eyeball_Boss_Escaping_In_30" "�MONOCULUS!� is leaving in 30 seconds...\n"
N/A5573"TF_Halloween_Eyeball_Boss_Escaping_In_10" "�MONOCULUS!� is leaving in 10 seconds!\n"
N/A5575"TF_Halloween_Eyeball_Boss_Killers" "�%player%� has defeated �MONOCULUS!�\n"
N/A5576"TF_Halloween_Eyeball_Boss_Stun" "�%player%� has stunned �MONOCULUS!�\n"
N/A5577"TF_Halloween_Underworld" "�%s1� has escaped the underworld!\n"
N/A5578"TF_Halloween_Loot_Island" "�%s1� has made it to Loot Island!\n"
54165581"TF_SelectPlayer_Select" "Find a player from..."
54175582"TF_SelectPlayer_SelectFriends" "Friends List"
N/A5852"Store_TryItem" "Test It Out!"
56875854"ItemPreview_Confirm" "Are you sure you want to take this item on a test run?\nYou will be able to use the item for one week.\nAfter that time, the item will expire. At any time\nduring the test period you can buy the item for a 25% discount!"
56885855"ItemPreview_PreviewStartedTitle" "Success!"
56895856"ItemPreview_PreviewStartedText" "The item has been added to your inventory. You'll be able to use this item for one week, after which it will expire. Have fun!"
57885955"AbuseReport_DialogTitle" "Submit Steam Abuse Report"
57895956"AbuseReport_PlayerLabel" "Player:"
N/A5957"AbuseReport_Player" "Abusive Player"
N/A5958"AbuseReport_GameServer" "Abusive Game Server"
57905959"AbuseReport_ContentLabel" "Abusive content:"
57915960"AbuseReport_CategoryLabel" "Abuse category:"
57925961"AbuseReport_NoAvatar" "(Player does not have an avatar image)"
58285997"AbuseReport_GenericFailureMessage" "Abuse report submission failed."
58295998"AbuseReport_TooMuchFailedTitle" "Thank You!"
58305999"AbuseReport_TooMuchFailedMessage" "You have either already submitted an abuse report for this player, or have submitted several abuse reports in a short time period."
N/A6000"AbuseReport_TooMuchFailedMessageGameServer" "You have either already submitted an abuse report for this server, or have submitted several abuse reports in a short time period."
58326002"TF_Package_Type" "Package"