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8383"TF_ScoreBoard_DamageLabel" "Damage:"
8484"TF_ScoreBoard_SentryKillsLabel" "Sentry Kills:"
8685"TF_ScoreBoard_Dueling" "Dueling"
8887"Scoreboard_Server" "Server: %s1"
312311"TF_nextmap" "Next map : %s1"
314313"TF_PlayingTo" "Playing to: %rounds%"
N/A314"TF_PlayingToElimination" "Elimination"
316316"TF_Cloak" "CLOAK"
317317"TF_Metal" "METAL"
339339"TF_KillStreak" "STREAK"
340340"TF_Sapper" "SAPPER"
341341"TF_KILLS" "KILLS"
552553"TF_Weapon_Pork_Product" "Pork Product"
553554"TF_Weapon_Severed_Arm" "Severed Arm"
554555"TF_Weapon_Parachute" "Parachute"
N/A556"TF_Weapon_Hammer" "Hammer"
556558"TF_Weapon_Minigun_Festive2011" "Festive Minigun"
557559"TF_Weapon_Medigun_Festive2011" "Festive Medi Gun"
15621564"TF_Bundle_Halloween2013Everything" "Halloween 2013 Community Bundle"
15631565"TF_Bundle_Halloween2013Everything_Desc" "This spooky bundle contains more than a hundred incredible items created by members of the TF2 community to celebrate the Fifth Annual Spectral Halloween Special. There's no way to fit it all on one screen but we'll try:"
N/A1567"TF_Bundle_Halloween2014Everything" "Halloween 2014 Community Bundle"
N/A1568"TF_Bundle_Halloween2014Everything_Desc" "This creepy bundle contains FIFTY exquisite items created by members of the TF2 community to celebrate the Sixth Annual Scream Fortress event. There's no way to fit it all on one screen but we'll try:"
15651570"TF_Bundle_Byzantine" "The Byzantine Bundle"
15661571"TF_Bundle_Byzantine_Desc" "Why does the Roman Empire fall? So it can get back up again, courtesy of these era-appropriate duds (including the Romevision-creating Hardy Laurel)."
23102315"TF_Halloween_Mask_Pyro" "Pyro Mask"
23112316"TF_Halloween_Mask_SaxtonHale" "Saxton Hale Mask"
2313N/A"TF_HalloweenCauldron2011" "Halloween Goodie Cauldron"
N/A2318"TF_HalloweenCauldron2011" "Antique Halloween Goodie Cauldron"
23142319"TF_HalloweenCauldron2011_Desc" "You can pry open the lid of this cauldron to see what strangeness lies within... from your backpack... IF YOU DARE."
23162321"TF_Luchador" "Cold War Luchador" // ADD THE
29953000"TF_Map_koth_viaduct_event" "Eyeaduct"
29963001"TF_Map_plr_hightower_event" "Helltower"
29973002"TF_Map_koth_harvest_event" "Harvest Event"
N/A3003"TF_Map_sd_doomsday_event" "Carnival of Carnage"
29983004"TF_Map_arena_badlands" "Badlands Arena"
29993005"TF_Map_arena_granary" "Granary Arena"
30003006"TF_Map_arena_lumberyard" "Lumberyard Arena"
30533059"Msg_CapturedFlag" "captured the intelligence!"
30543060"Msg_DefendedFlag" "defended the intelligence!"
30553061"Msg_DefendedBomb" "defended the bomb!"
N/A3062"Msg_PickedUpFlagHalloween2014" "picked up the tickets!"
N/A3063"Msg_CapturedFlagHalloween2014" "fell for Merasmus's trap!"
N/A3064"Msg_DefendedFlagHalloween2014" "defended the tickets!"
30583067// The control characters can be copied and pasted in notepad.
33113320// sd_doomsday gameplay strings
33123321"doomsday_setup_goal" "Deliver the Australium to the rocket warhead to win the game!"
N/A3322"doomsday_event_setup_goal" "Get the tickets to the top of the Strongmann!"
33143324"Arena_cap" "the Control Point"
35443554"Gametype_AnyGameMode" "Any game mode"
35453555"Gametype_Halloween" "Halloween"
35463556"Gametype_HalloweenMix" "Halloween Mix"
3547N/A"Gametype_Halloween247" "Halloween 2013"
N/A3557"Gametype_Halloween247" "Halloween 2014"
35483558"Gametype_SD" "Special Delivery"
35493559"Gametype_RobotDestruction" "Robot Destruction"
35503560"Gametype_MVM" "Mann vs. Machine"
49824992"TF_HALLOWEEN_HELLTOWER_KILL_GRIND_DESC" "Use spells to kill 25 players"
49834993"TF_HALLOWEEN_HELLTOWER_KILL_BROTHERS_NAME" "Helltower: Hell on Wheels"
49844994"TF_HALLOWEEN_HELLTOWER_KILL_BROTHERS_DESC" "Send Redmond/Blutarch to Hell 10 times"
N/A4995"TF_HALLOWEEN_HELLTOWER_MILESTONE_NAME" "Helltower: The Mann-tastic Four"
49864996"TF_HALLOWEEN_HELLTOWER_MILESTONE_DESC" "Earn 4 of the Helltower achievements"
49884998"TF_HALLOWEEN_HELLTOWER_SKULL_ISLAND_REWARD_DESC" "Get the loot from Skull Island in Hell"
N/A5000"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_KILL_KARTS_NAME" "Carnival of Carnage: Bumper Crop"
N/A5001"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_KILL_KARTS_DESC" "Kill 30 enemies by bumping their bumper cars off the tracks."
N/A5002"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_COLLECT_DUCKS_NAME" "Carnival of Carnage: Up All Night To Get Ducky"
N/A5004"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_SCORE_GOALS_NAME" "Carnival of Carnage: Hat Trick"
N/A5005"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_SCORE_GOALS_DESC" "Score 3 goals in bumper car soccer."
N/A5006"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_RESPAWN_TEAMMATES_NAME" "Carnival of Carnage: ReinKartnation"
N/A5007"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_RESPAWN_TEAMMATES_DESC" "Respawn 30 ghost teammates during bumper car games."
N/A5008"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_TINY_SMASHER_NAME" "Carnival of Carnage: Arms Reduction"
N/A5009"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_TINY_SMASHER_DESC" "Kill 15 enemies while under the effect of Merasmus's melee-only curse."
N/A5010"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_WIN_MINIGAMES_NAME" "Carnival of Carnage: Bumper to Bumper to Bumper"
N/A5011"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_WIN_MINIGAMES_DESC" "Win each of the 3 bumper car games to earn a bonus Halloween Gift Cauldron."
N/A5012"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_MILESTONE_NAME" "Carnival of Carnage: Step Right Up"
N/A5013"TF_HALLOWEEN_DOOMSDAY_MILESTONE_DESC" "Earn 4 of the Carnival of Carnage achievements."
49915015// Soldier Achievement Pack
49925016"TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" "Soldier Milestone 1"
58985922"KillEaterEvent_FullHealthKills" "Full Health Kills"
58995923"KillEaterEvent_TauntingPlayerKills" "Taunting Player Kills"
N/A5925"KillEaterEvent_HalloweenOverworldKills" "Carnival Kills"
N/A5926"KillEaterEvent_HalloweenUnderworldKills" "Carnival Underworld Kills"
N/A5927"KillEaterEvent_HalloweenMinigamesWon" "Carnival Games Won"
59015929"KillEaterEvent_PlayerWearingUnusualKill" "Unusual-Wearing Player Kills"
59025930"KillEaterEvent_BurningPlayerKill" "Burning Player Kills"
59035931"KillEaterEvent_KillstreaksEnded" "Killstreaks Ended"
66546682"TF_LimitedSummerKey2014" "Limited Late Summer Crate Key"
66556683"TF_LimitedSummerKey2014_Desc" "Used to open Limited Late Summer Crates.\nLate Summer Crates contain limited items that only come from it.\n\nAfter 10/13/2014 this will turn into a normal key."
N/A6685"TF_UnlockedCrate_Type" "Unlocked Crate"
N/A6686"TF_Halloween2014Crate_Desc" "This creepy crate is only available for a\nlimited time. Some of the items inside are\nHaunted and Strange...\n\nIt's already unlocked and ready to open!"
N/A6688"TF_HalloweenCauldron2014" "Halloween Gift Cauldron"
N/A6689"TF_HalloweenCauldron2014_Desc" "You can pry open the lid of this cauldron to see what strangeness lies within... from your backpack... IF YOU DARE."
N/A6691"TF_SupplyCrate_Halloween2014_Scout" "Unlocked Creepy Scout Crate"
N/A6692"TF_SupplyCrate_Halloween2014_Pyro" "Unlocked Creepy Pyro Crate"
N/A6693"TF_SupplyCrate_Halloween2014_Heavy" "Unlocked Creepy Heavy Crate"
N/A6694"TF_SupplyCrate_Halloween2014_Engineer" "Unlocked Creepy Engineer Crate"
N/A6695"TF_SupplyCrate_Halloween2014_Spy" "Unlocked Creepy Spy Crate"
N/A6696"TF_SupplyCrate_Halloween2014_Sniper" "Unlocked Creepy Sniper Crate"
N/A6697"TF_SupplyCrate_Halloween2014_Soldier" "Unlocked Creepy Soldier Crate"
N/A6698"TF_SupplyCrate_Halloween2014_Medic" "Unlocked Creepy Medic Crate"
N/A6699"TF_SupplyCrate_Halloween2014_Demo" "Unlocked Creepy Demo Crate"
N/A6701"TF_Halloween_Rare_Loot_List_Footer" "or an Exceedingly Rare Halloween-themed Special item!"
66576703"TF_Tool_PaintCan" "Paint Can"
66586704"TF_Tool_PaintCan_Desc" "Used to paint other items."
66596705"TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor_Desc" "Used to paint other items the color of your current team."
74217467"Attrib_Particle79" "Darkblaze"
74227468"Attrib_Particle80" "Demonflame"
N/A7470"Attrib_Particle81" "Bonzo The All-Gnawing"
N/A7471"Attrib_Particle82" "Amaranthine"
N/A7472"Attrib_Particle83" "Stare From Beyond"
N/A7473"Attrib_Particle84" "The Ooze"
N/A7474"Attrib_Particle85" "Ghastly Ghosts Jr"
N/A7475"Attrib_Particle85" "Haunted Phantasm Jr"
74257478// Start Unusual taunt FX
74267479"Attrib_Particle3001" "Showstopper"
74347487"Attrib_Particle3009" "Silver Cyclone"
74357488"Attrib_Particle3010" "Mega Strike"
N/A7490"Attrib_Particle3011" "Haunted Phantasm"
N/A7491"Attrib_Particle3012" "Ghastly Ghosts"
74377493// End Unusual taunt FX
74397495"Attrib_KillStreakEffect" "Killstreaker: %s1"
74607516"Attrib_KillStreakTier" "Killstreaks Active"
74627518// Halloween Spell Names
7463N/A"TF_SpellBook_EquipAction" "Spellbook not equipped. Accept to equip your SpellBook in the Action slot to pick up spells in HellTower."
N/A7519"TF_SpellBook_EquipAction" "Spellbook not equipped. Accept to equip your spellbook in the Action slot to pick up spells."
74647520"TF_Spell_Action" "[%use_action_slot_item%] to Cast"
74657521"TF_Spell_Fireball" "Fireball"
74667522"TF_Spell_Bats" "Swarm of Bats"
74747530"TF_Spell_SpawnBoss" "Monocolus"
74757531"TF_Spell_Meteor" "Meteor Shower"
74767532"TF_Spell_LightningBall" "Ball o' Lightning"
N/A7533"TF_Spell_BombHead" "Bomb Head"
74787535// Unique item names
74797536"TF_Unique_Prepend_Proper" "The " [$ENGLISH] // the space at the end is important
87088765"TF_Eternaween__InternalError" "There was an internal error. Please try again in a few minutes."
87098766"TF_Eternaween__EventAlreadyActive" "You cannot cast Eternaween right now. The Halloween/Full Moon event is already active!"
N/A8768// Halloween 2014
N/A8769"TF_How_To_Control_Kart" "Use your MOVEMENT KEYS to drive your kart.\n\nPress your SECONDARY FIRE key to perform a boost attack!\n\nThe more your kart gets damaged, the further you will fly when bumped"
N/A8770"TF_How_To_Control_Ghost" "Press your JUMP KEY to fly.\n\nTouch a living teammate to return to the mortal plane!"
87118772"CastServerEnchantment" "Cast..."
88878948"TF_GameModeDesc_Koth" "One team must control a single point until time runs out."
88888949"TF_GameModeDetail_Koth" "Capture the Control Point and defend it until your team's timer runs out.\n\nThe Control Point cannot be captured while locked.\n\nIf the enemy team captures the Control Point, your team's timer will pause until you recapture the point."
88898950"TF_GameModeDesc_HalloweenMix" "Play all of the Halloween event maps."
8890N/A"TF_GameModeDetail_HalloweenMix" "Tour the Halloween maps, past and present: Helltower (2013), Ghost Fort (2012), Eyeaduct (2011), Mann Manor (2010), and Harvest (2009)."
8891N/A"TF_GameModeDesc_Halloween247" "Help Blutarch or Redmond Mann's ghost\nwin the Gravel Wars once and for all!"
8892N/A"TF_GameModeDetail_Halloween247" "Select this option to join a gameserver that continually runs the 2013 Halloween map, Helltower."
N/A8951"TF_GameModeDetail_HalloweenMix" "Tour the Halloween maps, past and present: Carnival of Carnage (2014), Helltower (2013), Ghost Fort (2012), Eyeaduct (2011), Mann Manor (2010), and Harvest (2009)."
N/A8952"TF_GameModeDesc_Halloween247" "Help Merasmus fix his haunted carnival!"
N/A8953"TF_GameModeDetail_Halloween247" "Select this option to join a gameserver that continually runs the 2014 Halloween map, Carnival of Carnage."
88938954"TF_GameModeDesc_SD" "Deliver the Australium suitcase to the deployment site."
88948955"TF_GameModeDetail_SD" "Both teams fight over a single Australium suitcase and the honor of delivering it.\n\nWhen the suitcase is dropped by the enemy you'll need to defend it until it returns to the neutral drop site."
88958956"TF_GameModeDesc_RobotDestruction" "Destroy robots and steal points faster than the enemy team."
98089869"TF_Matchmaking_StartParty" "Create Party"
98099870"TF_Matchmaking_Back" "<< Back"
98109871"TF_Matchmaking_LeaveParty" "<< Leave Party"
9811N/A"TF_Matchmaking_HeaderQuickplay" "Multiplayer"
N/A9872"TF_Matchmaking_HeaderQuickplay" "Multiplayer"
98129873"TF_Matchmaking_AcceptInviteFailTitle" "Error"
98139874"TF_Matchmaking_AcceptInviteFailMessage" "Failed to accept invite to join search party. The party may have already been disbanded."
98149875"TF_Matchmaking_MannUpDisabled" "Matchmaking for Mann Up is temporarily disabled."
1041710478"TF_Weapon_Blackbox_Festive2013" "Festive Black Box"
1041810479"TF_Weapon_Wrangler_Festive2013" "Festive Wrangler"
N/A10481"TF_Weapon_Necro_Smasher" "Necro Smasher"
N/A10482"TF_Weapon_Necro_Smasher_Desc" ""
1042010484"TF_Backpack_ShowNoBorders" "No Item Borders"
1042110485"TF_Backpack_ShowQualityBorders" "Show Quality Color Borders"
1042210486"TF_Backpack_ShowMarketableBorders" "Show Marketable Borders Only"
1058610650"TF_robo_all_mvm_canteen" "Battery Canteens"
1058710651"TF_robo_all_mvm_canteen_Desc" "Don't let the name fool you: These aren't actual battery canteens capable of converting stored chemical energy into electrical energy. They're just regular canteens that look identical to your water canteen and are filled with battery acid."
1058810652"TF_robo_demo_fro" "FR-0" // ADD THE
10589N/A"TF_robo_demo_fro_Desc" "Own this one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia from the classic ‘70s film \"Blaxton Hale vs. Black HAL 9000\"."
N/A10653"TF_robo_demo_fro_Desc" "Own this one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia from the classic '70s film \"Blaxton Hale vs. Black HAL 9000\"."
1059010654"TF_robo_soldier_shako" "Steel Shako"
1059110655"TF_robo_soldier_shako_Desc" "Combining the sublime pageantry of Tchaikovsky's \"Nutcracker\" with the bold futurism of Tchaikovsky's \"Robot Nutcracker vs. Tarzan\"."
1059210656"TF_robo_scout_dogger" "Bot Dogger" // ADD THE
1122311287"TF_sept2014_unshaved_bear" "Unshaved Bear" // ADD THE
1122411288"TF_sept2014_poachers_safari_jacket" "Poacher's Safari Jacket"
1122511289"TF_sept2014_pocket_heavy" "Pocket Heavy"
N/A11291"TF_sf14_medic_herzensbrecher" "Herzensbrecher" // ADD THE
N/A11292"TF_sf14_medic_hundkopf" "Hundkopf" // ADD THE
N/A11293"TF_sf14_medic_kriegsmaschine_9000" "Kriegsmaschine-9000" // ADD THE
N/A11294"TF_sf14_vampire_makeover" "Vampire Makeover" // ADD THE
N/A11295"TF_sf14_vampiric_vesture" "Vampiric Vesture" // ADD THE
N/A11296"TF_sf14_nugget_noggin" "Nugget Noggin" // ADD THE
N/A11297"TF_sf14_fowl_fists" "Fowl Fists" // ADD THE
N/A11298"TF_sf14_talon_trotters" "Talon Trotters" // ADD THE
N/A11299"TF_sf14_scout_hunter_head" "Head Hunter" // ADD THE
N/A11300"TF_sf14_scout_hunter_arm" "Claws And Infect" // ADD THE
N/A11301"TF_sf14_scout_hunter_legs" "Crazy Legs" // ADD THE
N/A11302"TF_sf14_ghost_of_spies_checked_past" "Ghost of Spies Checked Past" // ADD THE
N/A11303"TF_sf14_hooded_haunter_classes" "Hooded Haunter" // ADD THE
N/A11304"TF_sf14_conspiratorial_cut" "Cranial Conspiracy" // ADD THE
N/A11305"TF_sf14_skinless_slashers" "Scaly Scrapers" // ADD THE
N/A11306"TF_sf14_marsupial_man" "Marsupial Man" // ADD THE
N/A11307"TF_sf14_kanga_kickers" "Kanga Kickers" // ADD THE
N/A11308"TF_sf14_roo_rippers" "Roo Rippers" // ADD THE
N/A11309"TF_sf14_marsupial_muzzle" "Marsupial Muzzle" // ADD THE
N/A11310"TF_sf14_hw2014_spy_voodoo_hat" "Shadowman's Shade" // ADD THE
N/A11311"TF_sf14_nightmare_fedora" "Nightmare Hunter" // ADD THE
N/A11312"TF_sf14_the_rogues_rabbit" "Rogue's Rabbit" // ADD THE
N/A11313"TF_sf14_iron_fist" "Iron Fist" // ADD THE
N/A11314"TF_sf14_beep_man" "Beep Man" // ADD THE
N/A11315"TF_sf14__soul_of_spensers_past" "Soul of 'Spensers Past" // ADD THE
N/A11316"TF_sf14_tiny_texan" "Tiny Texan" // ADD THE
N/A11317"TF_sf14_spy_facepeeler" "Facepeeler" // ADD THE
N/A11318"TF_sf14_sniper_ostrich_legs" "Mr. Mundee's Wild Ride"
N/A11319"TF_sf14_templar_hood" "Templar's Spirit" // ADD THE
N/A11320"TF_sf14_purity_wings" "Wings of Purity" // ADD THE
N/A11321"TF_sf14_deadking_head" "Forgotten King's Restless Head" // ADD THE
N/A11322"TF_sf14_deadking_pauldrons" "Forgotten King's Pauldrons" // ADD THE
N/A11323"TF_sf14_demo_cyborg" "Eyeborg" // ADD THE
N/A11324"TF_sf14_explosive_mind" "Mannhattan Project" // ADD THE
N/A11325"TF_sf14_ghoul_gibbing_gear" "Ghoul Gibbin' Gear" // ADD THE
N/A11326"TF_sf14_hellhunters_headpiece" "Hellhunter's Headpiece" // ADD THE
N/A11327"TF_sf14_the_supernatural_stalker" "Supernatural Stalker" // ADD THE
N/A11328"TF_sf14_hw2014_engi_gnome_beard" "Garden Bristles" // ADD THE
N/A11329"TF_sf14_the_battle_bird" "Battle Bird" // ADD THE
N/A11330"TF_sf14_the_creatures_grin" "Creature’s Grin" // ADD THE
N/A11331"TF_sf14_hw2014_robot_arm" "Arsonist Apparatus" // ADD THE
N/A11332"TF_sf14_hw2014_robot_legg" "Moccasin Machinery" // ADD THE
N/A11333"TF_sf14_lollichop_licker" "Lollichop Licker" // ADD THE
N/A11334"TF_sf14_mr_juice" "Mr. Juice"
N/A11335"TF_sf14_vampyro" "Vampyro" // ADD THE
N/A11336"TF_sf14_halloween_bone_cut_belt" "Bone-Cut Belt" // ADD THE
N/A11337"TF_sf14_halloween_bull_locks" "Bull Locks" // ADD THE
N/A11338"TF_sf14_halloween_minsk_beef" "Minsk Beef" // ADD THE
N/A11339"TF_sf14_heavy_robo_chest" "Immobile Suit" // ADD THE
N/A11340"TF_kritz_or_treat_canteen" "Kritz or Treat Canteen" // ADD THE
N/A11341"TF_sf14_cursed_cruise" "Li'l Dutchman" // ADD THE
N/A11342"TF_sf14_turtle_head" "Dell in the Shell"
N/A11343"TF_sf14_turtle_legs" "Scholars Scales"
N/A11344"TF_sf14_turtle_shell" "A Shell of a Mann"
1122811347"TF_BreatherBag" "Breather Bag" // ADD THE
1128411403"TF_MK50" "MK 50" // ADD THE
1128511404"TF_MK50_Desc" ""
N/A11406"TF_Set_SF14_Medic_Dog" "Canis Ex Machina"
N/A11407"TF_Set_SF14_Medic_Templar" "The Templar"
N/A11408"TF_Set_SF14_Scout_Hunter" "The Rooftop Rebel"
N/A11409"TF_Set_SF14_Scout_Chicken" "The Deep-Fried Dummy"
N/A11410"TF_Set_SF14_Soldier_SupernaturalHunter" "The Sgt. Helsing"
N/A11411"TF_Set_SF14_Heavy_Minotaur" "The Minsk Beast"
N/A11412"TF_Set_SF14_Sniper_Kangaroo" "The Manngaroo"
N/A11413"TF_Set_SF14_Sniper_Lizard" "The Reptiloid"
N/A11414"TF_Set_SF14_Pyro_Robo" "The Automated Abnormality"
N/A11415"TF_Set_SF14_Demo_Skeleton" "The Forgotten King"
N/A11416"TF_Set_SF14_Medic_Vampire" "Dr. Acula"
N/A11418"TF_DeadliestCatch" "Deadliest Catch" // ADD THE
N/A11419"TF_DeadliestCatch_Desc" "It's cephaloposh! It's cephalopractical! This state-of-the-art octopus disguise kit will have everyone thinking you squirt ink out of your orifices."
1128811422"default_arena_description" "Objective:
1128911423Your team must either eliminate all players on the opposing team or capture the control point that will be activated during the round.
1150211636"rd_asteroid_description" "Objective:
1150311637To win the round, destroy the enemy robots and collect reactor cores to win. Retrieve stolen reactor cores by invading the enemy vault."
N/A11639"sd_doomsday_event_description" "Objective:
N/A11641Get the tickets and deliver them to the top of the Strongmann! Get ready to test your strength!
N/A11643Other Notes:
N/A11644Players drop the tickets when they die.
N/A11645Dropped tickets return to their home after 15 seconds."