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315315"[english]TF_playerid_object_recharging" "Recharging: %s1%"
316316"TF_playerid_healer" "Sanador: "
317317"[english]TF_playerid_healer" "Healer: "
318N/A"TF_playerid_healtarget" "Curación: "
N/A318"TF_playerid_healtarget" "Curando a: "
319319"[english]TF_playerid_healtarget" "Healing: "
320320"TF_playerid_friendlyspy_disguise" "Disfrazado de %s2 %s1"
321321"[english]TF_playerid_friendlyspy_disguise" "Disguised as %s1 %s2"
938938"[english]Tournament_Countdown" "Starting in %s1 seconds... 'F4' to cancel"
939939"Tournament_TeamReady" "Listo"
940940"[english]Tournament_TeamReady" "Ready"
941N/A"Tournament_TeamNotReady" "No está listo"
N/A941"Tournament_TeamNotReady" "No listo"
942942"[english]Tournament_TeamNotReady" "Not Ready"
943943"Tournament_WinConditions" "Condiciones de victoria: "
944944"[english]Tournament_WinConditions" "Win Conditions: "
966966"[english]Tournament_TeamSetupReady" "Team Ready"
967967"Tournament_Instructions" "F4 = cambiar nombre/estado de equipo"
968968"[english]Tournament_Instructions" "F4 = change team name/status"
969N/A"Tournament_TeamNamePanel" "Nombre de equipo"
N/A969"Tournament_TeamNamePanel" "Nombre"
970970"[english]Tournament_TeamNamePanel" "Team Name"
971971"Winpanel_TournamentTeamWins" "¡EL EQUIPO %s1 GANA!"
972972"[english]Winpanel_TournamentTeamWins" "%s1 WINS!"
13361336"[english]StatPanel_Healing_Best" "You healed more as %s1 that round than your previous best."
13371337"StatPanel_Invulnerable_Best" "Te has vuelto invulnerable más veces en esa ronda que en tu récord anterior."
13381338"[english]StatPanel_Invulnerable_Best" "You went invulnerable more that round than your previous best."
1339N/A"StatPanel_KillAssists_Best" "Has logrado más asistencias a víctimas como %s1 en esa ronda que en tu récord anterior."
N/A1339"StatPanel_KillAssists_Best" "Has logrado más asistencias como %s1 en esa ronda que en tu récord anterior."
13401340"[english]StatPanel_KillAssists_Best" "You had more kill assists that round as %s1 than your previous best."
13411341"StatPanel_Backstabs_Best" "Has logrado más puñaladas por la espalda en esa ronda que en tu récord anterior."
13421342"[english]StatPanel_Backstabs_Best" "You had more backstabs that round than your previous best."
13721372"[english]StatPanel_Healing_Tie" "You tied your record for healing as %s1 that round."
13731373"StatPanel_Invulnerable_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de invulnerabilidad en esa ronda."
13741374"[english]StatPanel_Invulnerable_Tie" "You tied your record for invulns that round."
1375N/A"StatPanel_KillAssists_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de asistencias a víctimas como %s1 en esa ronda."
N/A1375"StatPanel_KillAssists_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de asistencias como %s1 en esa ronda."
13761376"[english]StatPanel_KillAssists_Tie" "You tied your record for kill assists as %s1 that round."
13771377"StatPanel_Backstabs_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de puñaladas por la espalda en esa ronda."
13781378"[english]StatPanel_Backstabs_Tie" "You tied your record for backstabs that round."
14081408"[english]StatPanel_Healing_Close" "You came close to your record for healing as %s1 that round."
14091409"StatPanel_Invulnerable_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de invulnerabilidad en esa ronda."
14101410"[english]StatPanel_Invulnerable_Close" "You came close to your record for invulns that round."
1411N/A"StatPanel_KillAssists_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de asistencias a víctimas como %s1 en esa ronda."
N/A1411"StatPanel_KillAssists_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de asistencias como %s1 en esa ronda."
14121412"[english]StatPanel_KillAssists_Close" "You came close to your record for kill assists as %s1 that round."
14131413"StatPanel_Backstabs_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de puñaladas por la espalda en esa ronda."
14141414"[english]StatPanel_Backstabs_Close" "You came close to your record for backstabs that round."
35083508"[english]Leaderboard_BestMoments" "BEST MOMENTS"
35093509"TF_Timelimit" "Minutos por mapa"
35103510"[english]TF_Timelimit" "Time per map (minutes)"
3511N/A"TF_WinLimit" "Límite de victorias (puntos)"
N/A3511"TF_WinLimit" "Límite de victorias"
35123512"[english]TF_WinLimit" "Win limit (score)"
3513N/A"TF_MaxRounds" "Límite de rondas (rondas)"
N/A3513"TF_MaxRounds" "Límite de rondas"
35143514"[english]TF_MaxRounds" "Round limit (rounds)"
35153515"TF_TeamCount" "Otros jugadores de tu equipo"
35163516"[english]TF_TeamCount" "Other players on your team"
36843684"[english]Backpack_SortBy_Class" "Sort by Class"
36853685"Backpack_SortBy_Slot" "Ordenar por espacio"
36863686"[english]Backpack_SortBy_Slot" "Sort by Loadout Slot"
3687N/A"ItemTypeDesc" "%s2 de nivel %s1"
N/A3687"ItemTypeDesc" "%s2 de Nivel %s1"
36883688"[english]ItemTypeDesc" "Level %s1 %s2"
36893689"of" "de"
36903690"[english]of" "of"
39863986"[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Blast_Reduced" "+%s1% explosive damage resistance on wearer"
39873987"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Blast_Increased" "+%s1% de vulnerabilidad al daño explosivo al portador"
39883988"[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Blast_Increased" "%s1% explosive damage vulnerability on wearer"
3989N/A"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Bullets_Reduced" "Resistencia del portador a las balas aumentada un %s1%"
N/A3989"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Bullets_Reduced" "+%s1% de resistencia al daño por balas al portador"
39903990"[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Bullets_Reduced" "+%s1% bullet damage resistance on wearer"
39913991"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Bullets_Increased" "+%s1% de vulnerabilidad a las balas al portador"
39923992"[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Bullets_Increased" "%s1% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer"
39963996"[english]Attrib_HealthFromHealers_Reduced" "%s1% health from healers on wearer"
39973997"Attrib_HealthFromHealers_Increased" "+%s1% de salud de sanadores al portador"
39983998"[english]Attrib_HealthFromHealers_Increased" "+%s1% health from healers on wearer"
3999N/A"Attrib_WpnBurnDmg_Increased" "Daño causado por quemaduras aumentado un %s1%"
N/A3999"Attrib_WpnBurnDmg_Increased" "+%s1% de daño causado por quemaduras"
40004000"[english]Attrib_WpnBurnDmg_Increased" "+%s1% afterburn damage bonus"
40014001"Attrib_WpnBurnDmg_Reduced" "%s1% de daño causado por quemaduras"
40024002"[english]Attrib_WpnBurnDmg_Reduced" "%s1% afterburn damage penalty"
40124012"[english]Attrib_MaxammoPrimary_Reduced" "%s1% max primary ammo on wearer"
40134013"Attrib_MaxammoSecondary_Increased" "+%s1% de munición secundaria máxima al portador"
40144014"[english]Attrib_MaxammoSecondary_Increased" "+%s1% max secondary ammo on wearer"
4015N/A"Attrib_MaxammoSecondary_Reduced" "Munición secundaria máxima del portador reducida un %s1%"
N/A4015"Attrib_MaxammoSecondary_Reduced" "%s1% de munición secundaria máxima al portador"
40164016"[english]Attrib_MaxammoSecondary_Reduced" "%s1% max secondary ammo on wearer"
4017N/A"Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Increased" "Metal máximo del portador aumentado un %s1%"
N/A4017"Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Increased" "+%s1% de metal máximo al portador"
40184018"[english]Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Increased" "+%s1% max metal on wearer"
4019N/A"Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Reduced" "Metal máximo del portador reducido un %s1%"
N/A4019"Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Reduced" "%s1% de metal máximo al portador"
40204020"[english]Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Reduced" "%s1% max metal on wearer"
40214021"Attrib_CloakConsumeRate_Increased" "-%s1% de duración de invisibilidad"
40224022"[english]Attrib_CloakConsumeRate_Increased" "-%s1% cloak duration"
40724072"[english]Attrib_HealthFromPacks_Decreased" "%s1% health from packs on wearer"
40734073"Attrib_AmmoRegen" "+%s1% de munición regenerada cada 5 segundos al portador"
40744074"[english]Attrib_AmmoRegen" "+%s1% ammo regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer"
4075N/A"Attrib_MetalRegen" "Metal regenerado cada 5 segundos del portador: +%s1"
N/A4075"Attrib_MetalRegen" "+%s1 de metal regenerado cada 5 segundos al portador"
40764076"[english]Attrib_MetalRegen" "+%s1 metal regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer"
40774077"Attrib_RocketLauncherSeeker" "Dispara cohetes con guía láser"
40784078"[english]Attrib_RocketLauncherSeeker" "Fires laser guided rockets"
55725572"[english]NewItemMethod_Support" "�Customer Support� Granted You:"
55735573"OpenSpecificLoadout" "ABRIR EQUIPAMIENTO %s1..."
55745574"[english]OpenSpecificLoadout" "OPEN %s1 LOADOUT..."
5575N/A"OpenGeneralLoadout" "ABRIR EQUIPAMIENTO..."
N/A5575"OpenGeneralLoadout" "EQUIPAMIENTO..."
55765576"[english]OpenGeneralLoadout" "OPEN LOADOUT..."
55775577"OpenBackpack" "ABRIR MOCHILA..."
55785578"[english]OpenBackpack" "OPEN BACKPACK..."
5579N/A"Armory" "CATÁLOGO DE MANN CO."
N/A5579"Armory" "CATÁLOGO MANN CO."
55805580"[english]Armory" "MANN CO. CATALOG"
55815581"Loadout_OpenTrading" "Abre la pantalla de intercambio"
55825582"[english]Loadout_OpenTrading" "Open the Trading screen"
55845584"[english]Loadout_OpenTradingDesc" "TRADE ITEMS IN YOUR BACKPACK\nWITH OTHER PLAYERS"
5585N/A"Loadout_OpenArmory" "Abre el catálogo de Mann Co."
N/A5585"Loadout_OpenArmory" "Abre el Catálogo Mann Co."
55865586"[english]Loadout_OpenArmory" "Open the Mann Co. Catalog"
55885588"[english]Loadout_OpenArmoryDesc" "BROWSE THE ITEMS FOUND\nIN THE TF2 UNIVERSE"
57405740"[english]Attrib_FlameLife_Positive" "+%s1% more flame distance"
57415741"Attrib_ChargedAirblast" "Ahora puede cargarse el aire comprimido, que alejará aún más a los enemigos"
57425742"[english]Attrib_ChargedAirblast" "Airblast can now be charged, which will push enemies further"
5743N/A"Attrib_DmgFromSentryReduced" "Resistencia al centinela del portador aumentada un %s1%"
N/A5743"Attrib_DmgFromSentryReduced" "+%s1% de resistencia al daño por centinelas al portador"
57445744"[english]Attrib_DmgFromSentryReduced" "+%s1% sentry damage resistance on wearer"
57455745"Attrib_AirblastCost_Increased" "+%s1% de coste de aire comprimido"
57465746"[english]Attrib_AirblastCost_Increased" "+%s1% airblast cost"
58945894"[english]customized" "Customized"
58955895"TF_ShowNotificationsInGame" "Mostrar pop-ups durante la partida (p.e. peticiones de intercambio)"
58965896"[english]TF_ShowNotificationsInGame" "Show pop-up alerts while in-game (e.g. trade requests)"
5897N/A"MMenu_Tooltip_Armory" "CATÁLOGO DE MANN CO."
N/A5897"MMenu_Tooltip_Armory" "CATÁLOGO MANN CO."
58985898"[english]MMenu_Tooltip_Armory" "MANN CO. CATALOG"
58995899"MMenu_BuyNow" "Comprar ahora"
59005900"[english]MMenu_BuyNow" "Buy Now"
59045904"[english]MMenu_Notifications_Hide" "X"
59055905"MMenu_Notifications_Empty" "No tienes alertas pendientes."
59065906"[english]MMenu_Notifications_Empty" "You have no pending alerts."
5907N/A"ArmoryExplanation_Title" "Catálogo de Mann Co."
N/A5907"ArmoryExplanation_Title" "Catálogo Mann Co."
59085908"[english]ArmoryExplanation_Title" "Mann Co. Catalog"
59095909"ArmoryExplanation_Text" "Aquí puedes hojear todas las armas y herramientas de TF2, cortesía de Saxton Hale, el curtido australiano que dirige Mann Co."
59105910"[english]ArmoryExplanation_Text" "Here you can browse all of TF2's weapons and tools, handily supplied by Saxton Hale, Mann Co.'s rugged Australian CEO."
59245924"[english]BackpackStockExplanation_Title" "Stock Items"
59255925"BackpackStockExplanation_Text" "Si quieres mirar los objetos por defecto de cada clase, marca la casilla 'MOSTRAR OBJETOS BÁSICOS'. Los objetos básicos pueden ser modificados por algunas herramientas, así que si quieres renombrar uno de ellos, utiliza esta casilla."
59265926"[english]BackpackStockExplanation_Text" "If you want to look at the default items for each class, toggle the 'SHOW STOCK ITEMS' checkbox. Stock items can be modified by some tools, so if you want to rename a basic item use this checkbox."
5927N/A"BackpackSortExplanation_Title" "Ordenar Objetos"
N/A5927"BackpackSortExplanation_Title" "Ordenando objetos"
59285928"[english]BackpackSortExplanation_Title" "Sorting Items"
59295929"BackpackSortExplanation_Text" "A medida que empieces a conseguir objetos, quizás quieras usar esta opción para mantenerlos ordenados. Puedes ordenar objetos por tipo, clase o espacio de equipo."
59305930"[english]BackpackSortExplanation_Text" "As you begin to collect items, you may want to use this sort control to keep them in order. You can sort items by type, class, or loadout slot."
60346034"[english]Store_Cart" "(%s1)"
60356035"Store_Checkout" "Pagar"
60366036"[english]Store_Checkout" "Checkout"
6037N/A"Store_AddToCart" "Agregar al carro"
N/A6037"Store_AddToCart" "Añadir al carro"
60386038"[english]Store_AddToCart" "Add to Cart"
60396039"StoreViewCartTitle" "Tu carro de la compra"
60406040"[english]StoreViewCartTitle" "Your Shopping Cart"
67146714"[english]TF_Halloween_Boss_Killers" "�%s1� has defeated the Horseless Headless Horsemann!\n"
67156715"TF_Wearable_Glasses" "Gafas"
67166716"[english]TF_Wearable_Glasses" "Glasses"
6717N/A"TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Title" "Entrega del Regalo"
N/A6717"TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Title" "Entrega del regalo"
67186718"[english]TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Title" "Gift Delivery"
67196719"TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Success" "¡El regalo se ha entregado!"
67206720"[english]TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Success" "The gift has been delivered!"
74607460"[english]TF_Weapon_Flaregun_Detonator_Desc" "Alt-Fire: Detonate flare."
74617461"TF_Unique_BattleSaw_Desc" "Te permite ver la salud de los enemigos."
74627462"[english]TF_Unique_BattleSaw_Desc" "Allows you to see an enemy's health."
7463N/A"TF_SaveReplay" "Guarda una grabación de tu vida actual o anterior"
N/A7463"TF_SaveReplay" "Guardar grabación de tu vida actual o anterior"
74647464"[english]TF_SaveReplay" "Save a replay of your current or last life"
74657465"TF_ToggleReplayDirections" "Activar/Desactivar consejos de grabación"
74667466"[english]TF_ToggleReplayDirections" "Toggle replay tips"
87248724"[english]TF_vote_should_scramble_round" "Scramble teams next round?"
87258725"TF_vote_passed_scramble" "Votación satisfactoria: los equipos se reorganizarán en la próxima ronda."
87268726"[english]TF_vote_passed_scramble" "Vote passed: Teams scrambled next round."
8727N/A"TF_VoteKickReason" "Razón de la expulsión:"
N/A8727"TF_VoteKickReason" "Razón de\nla expulsión:"
87288728"[english]TF_VoteKickReason" "Kick Reason:"
87298729"TF_VoteKickReason_Other" "Ninguna razón especificada"
87308730"[english]TF_VoteKickReason_Other" "No Reason Given"
1031010310"[english]BackpackShowRarities" "Show Quality Colors"
1031110311"TF_FreezeCamHide" "Ocultar el HUD al capturar una instantánea."
1031210312"[english]TF_FreezeCamHide" "Hide HUD during freezecam screenshots."
10313N/A"Store_Popular" "Los más vendidos"
N/A10313"Store_Popular" "Lo más vendido"
1031410314"[english]Store_Popular" "Top Sellers"
1031510315"Store_CGTradingSale" " "
1031610316"[english]Store_CGTradingSale" ""
1153611536"[english]TF_TournamentMedal_Fall2011" "Fall 2011"
1153711537"TF_TournamentMedal_Autumn2011" "Otoño de 2011"
1153811538"[english]TF_TournamentMedal_Autumn2011" "Autumn 2011"
11539N/A"TF_Wearable_FuelTank" "Tanque de combustible"
N/A11539"TF_Wearable_FuelTank" "Tanque de Combustible"
1154011540"[english]TF_Wearable_FuelTank" "Fuel Tank"
1154111541"TF_Wearable_Lunchbox" "Fiambrera"
1154211542"[english]TF_Wearable_Lunchbox" "Lunchbox"
1217912179"Tip_6_7" "Como Heavy, ¡usa tu Focata para curarte! Pulsa %attack2% para lanzarlo al suelo y que tus compañeros puedan recogerlo como salud. No te preocupes, viene con un plato debajo para que no se llene de porquería."
1218012180"[english]Tip_6_7" "As a Heavy, use your Sandvich to heal up! Use %attack2% to throw it on the ground for friendly players to pick up as health. Don't worry, it comes with a plate to keep it clean."
1218112181"Tip_6_13" "Como Heavy, los Guantes de Rapidez Ultraterrena aumentan drásticamente tu velocidad, pero también consumen tu salud mientras los utilizas. Usa la bonificación de velocidad para llegar rápidamente a primera línea o para tender emboscadas a los enemigos."
12182N/A"[english]Tip_6_13" "As a Heavy, the Gloves of Running Urgently increase your speed dramatically but drain your health while in use. Use the speed bonus to quickly reach the frontlines or to ambush enemies."
N/A12182"[english]Tip_6_13" "As a Heavy, the Gloves of Running Urgently increase your speed dramatically but you take mini-crits while using them. Use the speed bonus to quickly reach the frontlines or to ambush enemies."
1218312183"Tip_6_14" "Como Heavy, el Titán de Latón causa daño adicional, pero también reduce tu movilidad mientras lo utilizas. Úsalo cuando juegues a la defensiva, pues con él te resultará más difícil perseguir a los enemigos que huyen."
1218412184"[english]Tip_6_14" "As a Heavy, the Brass Beast inflicts additional damage but decreases your mobility while in use. Use it when playing defensively, as you will find it more difficult to successfully pursue fleeing enemies."
12185N/A"Tip_6_15" "Como Heavy, el aumento temporal de salud que proporciona la Chocolatina Dalokohs puede dar una gran ventaja en la batalla o ayudar a compensar la salud consumida por los Guantes de Rapidez Ultraterrena."
12186N/A"[english]Tip_6_15" "As a Heavy, the Dalokohs Bar's temporary health increase can be a powerful advantage in battle or help offset the health drain of the Gloves of Running Urgently."
N/A12185"Tip_6_15" "Como Heavy, el aumento temporal de salud que proporciona la Chocolatina Dalokohs puede dar una gran ventaja en la batalla."
N/A12186"[english]Tip_6_15" "As a Heavy, the Dalokohs Bar's temporary health increase can be a powerful advantage in battle."
1218712187"Tip_6_16" "Como Heavy, la capacidad de los Puños de Acero para reducir el daño causado por armas a distancia ayuda a contrarrestar la amenaza de los Snipers enemigos. ¡Úsalos para protegerte mientras te mueves por entornos abiertos!"
1218812188"[english]Tip_6_16" "As a Heavy, the Fists of Steel's ranged weapon damage reduction helps to counter the threat of enemy Snipers. Use them to protect yourself while moving through open areas!"
1218912189"Tip_6_17" "Como Heavy, el Espíritu del Guerrero infligirá daño adicional, lo que lo convierte en un arma muy eficaz en el combate. No obstante, la penalización es una ligera reducción de salud, la cual puede afectar tu longevidad."
1306413064"[english]TF_ScorchedCrate" "Scorched Crate"
1306513065"TF_ScorchedCrate_Desc" "El contenido de esta caja es único y solo\nlas Llaves Chamuscadas encajan en la cerradura.\n\nLa caja está misteriosamente caliente al tacto.\n\nPasado el 11/7/2012 esta caja desaparecerá."
1306613066"[english]TF_ScorchedCrate_Desc" "This crate's contents are unknown and only\nScorched Keys fit the lock.\n\nIt feels strangely warm to the touch.\n\nAfter 7/11/2012 this crate will disappear."
13067N/A"Attrib_DmgTaken_Increased" "Vulnerabilidad del portador aumentada un %s1%"
N/A13067"Attrib_DmgTaken_Increased" "%s1% de vulnerabilidad al daño al portador"
1306813068"[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_Increased" "%s1% damage vulnerability on wearer"
1306913069"Attrib_CancelFallingDamage" "El portador no sufre daño por caída"
1307013070"[english]Attrib_CancelFallingDamage" "Wearer never takes falling damage"
1310013100"[english]TF_Unique_Pickaxe_EscapePlan" "The Escape Plan"
1310113101"TF_SpectatePyroVision" "Como espectador, ves el mundo desde los ojos del Pyro."
1310213102"[english]TF_SpectatePyroVision" "When Spectating, view world from the eyes of a Pyro."
13103N/A"TF_ReplayPyroVision" "Ves las grabaciones desde los ojos del Pyro."
N/A13103"TF_ReplayPyroVision" "Las grabaciones son vistas con los ojos de un Pyro."
1310413104"[english]TF_ReplayPyroVision" "Replay's are viewed from the eyes of a Pyro."
1310513105"TF_GameModeDesc_SD" "Lleva el maletín de Australium al punto de entrega."
1310613106"[english]TF_GameModeDesc_SD" "Deliver the Australium suitcase to the deployment site."
1327013270"[english]TF_Pyrovision_Vignette" "Pyrovision Border"
1327113271"TF_Pyrovision_Distortion" "Distorsión del borde de la Pyrovisión"
1327213272"[english]TF_Pyrovision_Distortion" "Pyrovision Border Distortion"
13273N/A"TF_Pyrovision_Dof" "Skybox de la Pyrovisión: Profundidad\nde campo"
N/A13273"TF_Pyrovision_Dof" "Skybox de Pyrovisión: Prof. de campo"
1327413274"[english]TF_Pyrovision_Dof" "Pyrovision Skybox Depth of Field"
1327513275"TF_Pyrovision_Enable" "Activar"
1327613276"[english]TF_Pyrovision_Enable" "Enable"
1328813288"[english]TF_MM_NoGC" "Not currently connected to the TF game coordinator service. Please try again in a few minutes."
1328913289"TF_Matchmaking_Party" "Grupo"
1329013290"[english]TF_Matchmaking_Party" "Party"
13291N/A"TF_Matchmaking_SearchForAll" "Buscar: partidas nuevas o partidas en curso"
N/A13291"TF_Matchmaking_SearchForAll" "Buscar: Partidas en curso"
1329213292"[english]TF_Matchmaking_SearchForAll" "Search for: Games in progress"
13293N/A"TF_Matchmaking_SearchForNew" "Buscar: solamente partidas nuevas"
N/A13293"TF_Matchmaking_SearchForNew" "Buscar: Solamente partidas nuevas"
1329413294"[english]TF_Matchmaking_SearchForNew" "Search for: New games only"
1329513295"TF_Matchmaking_LongerThanAverage" "?"
1329613296"[english]TF_Matchmaking_LongerThanAverage" "?"
1332213322"[english]TF_Matchmaking_StartSearch" "Start Search >>"
1332313323"TF_Matchmaking_CancelSearch" "<< Cancelar búsqueda"
1332413324"[english]TF_Matchmaking_CancelSearch" "<< Cancel Search"
13325N/A"TF_Matchmaking_JoinInProgress" "Unirse a una partida en curso"
N/A13325"TF_Matchmaking_JoinInProgress" "Unirse a partida en curso"
1332613326"[english]TF_Matchmaking_JoinInProgress" "Join game in progress"
1332713327"TF_Matchmaking_LobbyLeaderMustStart" "El líder de grupo debe comenzar la búsqueda."
1332813328"[english]TF_Matchmaking_LobbyLeaderMustStart" "The party leader must start the search."
1334413344"[english]TF_QuickplayBeta_OptIn_Message" "You can form a search party with friends and find a gameserver together.\n\nNever get matched into an empty server again!"
1334513345"TF_QuickplayBeta_OptIn_YesButton" "Probar la beta"
1334613346"[english]TF_QuickplayBeta_OptIn_YesButton" "Try it out"
13347N/A"TF_QuickplayBeta_OptIn_NoButton" "No, gracias"
N/A13347"TF_QuickplayBeta_OptIn_NoButton" "No"
1334813348"[english]TF_QuickplayBeta_OptIn_NoButton" "No thanks"
1334913349"TF_Cleaver" "MACHETE"
1335013350"[english]TF_Cleaver" "CLEAVER"
1341813418"[english]TF_SD_Helmet_Style2" "Override"
1341913419"Attrib_Sapper_Damage_Penalty" "%s1% de daño causado por el zapador"
1342013420"[english]Attrib_Sapper_Damage_Penalty" "%s1% sapper damage penalty"
13421N/A"Attrib_Sapper_Health_Penalty" "Salud del zapador reducida un %s1%"
N/A13421"Attrib_Sapper_Health_Penalty" "%s1% de salud del zapador"
1342213422"[english]Attrib_Sapper_Health_Penalty" "%s1% sapper health penalty"
1342313423"Attrib_Ring_Of_Fire_While_Aiming" "Invoca un anillo de llamas mientras gira"
1342413424"[english]Attrib_Ring_Of_Fire_While_Aiming" "Sustains a ring of flames while deployed"
1344013440"[english]TF_Matchmaking_GameserversFull" "Full gameservers:"
1344113441"TF_Matchmaking_Players" "Jugadores en cola:"
1344213442"[english]TF_Matchmaking_Players" "Players in queue:"
13443N/A"TF_Matchmaking_Worldwide" "En todo el mundo"
N/A13443"TF_Matchmaking_Worldwide" "Todos"
1344413444"[english]TF_Matchmaking_Worldwide" "Worldwide"
1344513445"TF_Matchmaking_NearYou" "Cercanos a ti"
1344613446"[english]TF_Matchmaking_NearYou" "Near You"
1355613556"[english]ClassTips_8_3" "Backstab your enemies with your knife for an instant kill!"
1355713557"ClassTips_8_4" "¡Coloca zapadores en las armas centinela enemigas para destruirlas!"
1355813558"[english]ClassTips_8_4" "Plant sappers on enemy sentry guns to destroy them!"
13559N/A"ClassTips_8_7_MvM" "¡Haces que los Spy enemigos invisibles cercanos sean visibles para tu equipo!"
N/A13559"ClassTips_8_5_MvM" "== En Mann contra Máquinas =="
N/A13560"[english]ClassTips_8_5_MvM" "== In Mann-vs-Machine =="
N/A13561"ClassTips_8_6_MvM" "Mejora el zapador para aturdir y ralentizar a los robots en un radio"
N/A13562"[english]ClassTips_8_6_MvM" "Sapper upgrade stuns and slows robots in a radius"
N/A13563"ClassTips_8_7_MvM" "¡Haz que los Spy enemigos invisibles cercanos sean visibles para tu equipo!"
1356013564"[english]ClassTips_8_7_MvM" "You make cloaked enemy spies around you visible to your team!"
1356113565"ClassTips_8_8_MvM" "¡Añade penetración de armadura a tu cuchillo para derribar robots gigantes!"
1356213566"[english]ClassTips_8_8_MvM" "Add Armor Piercing to your knife to help take down Giant Robots!"
1356313567"ClassTips_9_Count" "8"
1356413568"[english]ClassTips_9_Count" "8"
N/A13569"ClassTips_9_2" "¡Construye armas centinela para defender tu base! ¡Mejóralas hasta el nivel 3!"
N/A13570"[english]ClassTips_9_2" "Build sentry guns to defend your base! Upgrade them to level 3!"
N/A13571"ClassTips_9_3" "¡Construye teleportadores para que tus aliados lleguen al frente de batalla!"
N/A13572"[english]ClassTips_9_3" "Build teleporters to help team mates get to the front lines!"
N/A13573"ClassTips_9_4_MvM" "== En Mann contra Máquinas =="
N/A13574"[english]ClassTips_9_4_MvM" "== In Mann-vs-Machine =="
1356513575"ClassTips_9_5_MvM" "¡Mejora tu arma centinela para que dispare más rápido!"
1356613576"[english]ClassTips_9_5_MvM" "Upgrade your sentry to shoot faster!"
1356713577"ClassTips_9_6_MvM" "¡Construye varios centinelas!"
1356813578"[english]ClassTips_9_6_MvM" "Build multiple sentries!"
13569N/A"ClassTips_9_7_MvM" "¡Hace que tus teleportadores sean bidireccionales!"
N/A13579"ClassTips_9_7_MvM" "¡Haz que tus teleportadores sean bidireccionales!"
1357013580"[english]ClassTips_9_7_MvM" "Make your teleporters bi-directional!"
1357113581"ClassTips_9_8_MvM" "Aumenta el alcance de curación y suministro de tu dispensador"
1357213582"[english]ClassTips_9_8_MvM" "Upgrade your dispenser's heal and resupply range"
1361413624"[english]TF_TournamentMedal_Ready_Steady_Pan_Participant" "Ready Steady Pan Participant"
1361513625"TF_TournamentMedal_Ready_Steady_Pan_Participant_Season1" "Temporada 1"
1361613626"[english]TF_TournamentMedal_Ready_Steady_Pan_Participant_Season1" "Season 1"
N/A13627"TF_TournamentMedal_Ready_Steady_Pan_Helper_Season1" "Temporada 1\n¡Gracias por ayudar!"
N/A13628"[english]TF_TournamentMedal_Ready_Steady_Pan_Helper_Season1" "Season 1\nThanks for Helping!"
1361713629"TF_Wearable_Cigar" "Puro"
1361813630"[english]TF_Wearable_Cigar" "Cigar"
1361913631"TF_Wearable_Botkiller" "Matabots"
1362013632"[english]TF_Wearable_Botkiller" "Botkiller"
1362113633"TF_Usable_PowerupBottle" "Cantimplora Potenciadora"
1362213634"[english]TF_Usable_PowerupBottle" "Power Up Canteen"
N/A13635"TF_Usable_PowerupBottle_Desc" "Al usarla, aplica un efecto adicional durante un tiempo limitado. Debe llenarse en una Estación de Mejora y solamente se puede llenar con un tipo de bonificación a la vez."
N/A13636"[english]TF_Usable_PowerupBottle_Desc" "Applies a bonus effect for a limited amount of time when used. Must first be filled at an Upgrade Station and can only be filled with one bonus type at a time."
1362313637"TF_Bundle_HA_Gold" "Pack de Oro de Hero Academy"
1362413638"[english]TF_Bundle_HA_Gold" "Hero Academy Gold Pack"
13625N/A"SteamPackage_HA_GoldPack" "Pack de Oro de Hero Academy (todos los DLC)"
N/A13639"TF_Bundle_HA_Gold_Desc" "Este heroico pack contiene una copia de regalo de Hero Academy con todos los DLC en Steam, así como cuatro sombreros inspirados en Hero Academy:"
N/A13640"[english]TF_Bundle_HA_Gold_Desc" "This heroic bundle contains a gift copy of Hero Academy with all DLC on Steam, as well as all four Hero Academy-themed hats:"
N/A13641"SteamPackage_HA_Council" "Hero Academy con Ejércitos del Consejo y TF2"
N/A13642"[english]SteamPackage_HA_Council" "Hero Academy with Council and TF2 Armies"
N/A13643"SteamPackage_HA_DarkElves" "Hero Academy - Ejército de Elfos Oscuros"
N/A13644"[english]SteamPackage_HA_DarkElves" "Hero Academy Dark Elves Army"
N/A13645"SteamPackage_HA_Dwarves" "Hero Academy - Ejército de Enanos"
N/A13646"[english]SteamPackage_HA_Dwarves" "Hero Academy Dwarves Army"
N/A13647"SteamPackage_HA_Tribe" "Hero Academy - Ejército de La Tribu"
N/A13648"[english]SteamPackage_HA_Tribe" "Hero Academy Tribe Army"
N/A13649"SteamPackage_HA_GoldPack" "Hero Academy Gold Pack (todos los DLC)"
1362613650"[english]SteamPackage_HA_GoldPack" "Hero Academy Gold Pack (all DLC)"
1362713651"TF_Bundle_ArchimedesPromo" "Promoción de Arquímedes"
1362813652"[english]TF_Bundle_ArchimedesPromo" "Archimedes Promo"
1363013654"[english]TF_Bundle_STSBundle" "Steam Translation Bundle"
1363113655"TF_HA_Demo" "El Casco de Granadero"
1363213656"[english]TF_HA_Demo" "The Grenadier Helm"
N/A13657"TF_HA_Demo_Desc" "¡Argghhh! ¡Estás enfadado, eres pequeño y necesitas expresar todo esto con un solo accesorio! Abróchate el Casco del Granadero y envía a tus enemigos al nivel del infierno enano que consideres más apropiado."
N/A13658"[english]TF_HA_Demo_Desc" "Argghhh! You're angry! And you're small! And you need to convey these facts through a single accessory! Strap on the Grenadier Helm and send your enemies to whatever level of Dwarfish hell you deem appropriate."
1363313659"TF_HA_Pyro" "Los Huesos Tribales"
1363413660"[english]TF_HA_Pyro" "The Tribal Bones"
N/A13661"TF_HA_Pyro_Desc" "Ningún ritual que consista en destruir de forma insensata la vida humana por mandato divino está completo sin un collar de Huesos Tribales. Como todas nuestras madres extrañamente nos habían dicho, si vas a hacer sacrificios humanos, tienes que ir bien vestido."
N/A13662"[english]TF_HA_Pyro_Desc" "No ritual that results in the senseless destruction of human life at the behest of an angry god is complete without a Tribal Bones necklace. Like all of our mothers weirdly happened to say, if you're going to do some human sacrifices, you gotta look the part."
N/A13663"TF_HA_Scout" "El Peinado de Monje del Vacío"
N/A13664"[english]TF_HA_Scout" "The Void Monk Hair"
N/A13665"TF_HA_Scout_Desc" "Canaliza toda la elegancia y misticismo de los elfos con solamente la mitad de su pretensión con el Peinado de Monje del Vacío. También incluye: belleza afeminada. Pero ya tenías de eso, ¿a que sí, guapetón?"
N/A13666"[english]TF_HA_Scout_Desc" "Channel all the elegance and mystique of an elf with only half the pretention with the Void Monk Hair. Also included with purchase: effeminate good looks. But you already had those, didn't you, you handsome devil."
1363513667"TF_HA_Spy" "La Capucha del Ninja"
1363613668"[english]TF_HA_Spy" "The Ninja Cowl"
1363713669"TF_HA_Spy_Desc" "Si hay algo que les encanta a las damas/hombres, es el misterio. ¿Y qué es mas misterioso que cubrirte la cara entera con una Capucha Ninja? \"¡Oh dios mio, no le puedo ver la cara a ese hombre!\" exclamarán. \"Debe tener un terrible secreto que desvelaré con mi amor.\""
1363813670"[english]TF_HA_Spy_Desc" "If there's one thing that the ladies/men love, it's mystery. And what's more mysterious than covering your entire face with a Ninja Cowl? \"Oh my, I can't see any of that man's face!\" they'll exclaim. \"He must have a terrible secret I will uncover with my love.\""
1363913671"TF_Pet_Robro" "El RoboColega 3000"
1364013672"[english]TF_Pet_Robro" "The RoBro 3000"
N/A13673"TF_Pet_Robro_Desc" "¡El RoboColega 3000 no sólo cuida de ti en combate! Tanto si estas en el campo de batalla, en la ciudad, durmiendo en tu cama o en el lavabo, siempre tendrás un amigo con el RoboColega 3000, que viene sin botón de \"OFF\", por lo que no se puede apagar. El RoboColega graba todo lo que haces, tanto si quieres como si no. ¡Ni siquiera lo hemos programado para hacerlo, sino que lo hace por alguna razón misteriosa!"
N/A13674"[english]TF_Pet_Robro_Desc" "The RoBro 3000 doesn't just watch your back in battle! Whether you're on the battlefield, out on the town, sleeping in bed or on the toilet, you'll always have a friend in the RoBro, which comes with no \"OFF\" switch and cannot be shut down. The RoBro even tapes everything you do, whether you want it to or not. It's not even a feature we installed on the RoBro—it's just something it does for its own mysterious reasons!"
1364113675"TF_Archimedes" "Arquímedes"
1364213676"[english]TF_Archimedes" "Archimedes"
1364313677"TF_Archimedes_Desc" "Antes de llegar a manos del Medic, Arquímedes se había ganado la vida como paloma nupcial. Un negocio lucrativo, pero siempre sintió que le faltaba algo. Recuerda el día en que el Medic robó aquella furgoneta de catering durante la boda del primer ministro como el mejor día de su vida. Desde entonces, se ha dedicado a escarbar en el pecho de pacientes involuntarios."
1364413678"[english]TF_Archimedes_Desc" "Before Archimedes came into the Medic's care, he made his living through wedding dovery. A lucrative trade, but he always felt something was missing. He looks back on the day that the Medic stole that catering van during the prime minister's wedding as the best day of his life. He's been burrowing into the chests of unwitting patients ever since."
N/A13679"TF_MvM_ChallengeBadge" "Insignia de Operación Trampa de Acero"
N/A13680"[english]TF_MvM_ChallengeBadge" "Operation Steel Trap Badge"
N/A13681"TF_MvM_ChallengeBadge_Desc" "Has aceptado el desafío de unirte a Mann en Operación Trampa de Acero"
N/A13682"[english]TF_MvM_ChallengeBadge_Desc" "You have accepted the challenge to Mann Up in Operation Steel Trap"
1364513683"TF_SoldierCigar" "El Habano del Soldier"
1364613684"[english]TF_SoldierCigar" "The Soldier's Stogie"
1364713685"TF_SoldierCigar_Desc" "Algunas veces un puro es un puro. Otras, como en el caso de este puro enrollado a mano del Soldier, es grava, estiércol, pelo humano y salsa para tacos enrollados en tiritas viejas."
1367213710"[english]Tournament_PlayerNotReady" "Not Ready"
1367313711"Tournament_PlayerExpected" "Conectando"
1367413712"[english]Tournament_PlayerExpected" "Connecting"
N/A13713"Tournament_Instructions_Ready" "F4 = Listo/No listo"
N/A13714"[english]Tournament_Instructions_Ready" "F4 = Toggle Ready"
1367513715"Tournament_Instructions_Waiting" "Esperando jugadores"
1367613716"[english]Tournament_Instructions_Waiting" "Waiting For Players"
N/A13717"Gametype_MVM" "Mann contra Máquinas"
N/A13718"[english]Gametype_MVM" "Mann vs. Machine"
1367713719"StatSummary_Label_BestMVMMoments" "TUS MEJORES MOMENTOS EN MCM"
1367813720"[english]StatSummary_Label_BestMVMMoments" "YOUR BEST MVM MOMENTS"
1367913721"Building_hud_disp_sentry_not_built" "Centinela Desechable\nSin construir"
1368413726"[english]TF_MVM_COMPLETE_POP_FILE_NAME" "Steel Fragnolias"
1368513727"TF_MVM_COMPLETE_POP_FILE_DESC" "Completa todas las oleadas con éxito en una misión."
1368613728"[english]TF_MVM_COMPLETE_POP_FILE_DESC" "Complete all waves successfully in a mission."
N/A13729"TF_MVM_EARN_MONEY_BONUS_NAME" "Apuesta contra la máquina"
N/A13730"[english]TF_MVM_EARN_MONEY_BONUS_NAME" "Wage Against the Machine"
1368713731"TF_MVM_EARN_MONEY_BONUS_DESC" "Gana una bonificación de créditos al final de una oleada."
1368813732"[english]TF_MVM_EARN_MONEY_BONUS_DESC" "Earn a credit bonus at the end of a wave."
N/A13733"TF_MVM_ADVANCED_EARN_ALL_BONUSES_NAME" "De matón a ricachón"
N/A13734"[english]TF_MVM_ADVANCED_EARN_ALL_BONUSES_NAME" "Frags to Riches"
N/A13735"TF_MVM_ADVANCED_EARN_ALL_BONUSES_DESC" "Consigue todos las bonificaciones de créditos en una misión de dificultad avanzada."
N/A13736"[english]TF_MVM_ADVANCED_EARN_ALL_BONUSES_DESC" "Earn all credit bonuses in an advanced difficulty mission."
N/A13739"TF_MVM_PICKUP_MONEY_ABOUT_TO_EXPIRE_DESC" "Recoge un montón de créditos que esté a punto de desvanecerse."
N/A13740"[english]TF_MVM_PICKUP_MONEY_ABOUT_TO_EXPIRE_DESC" "Pick up a credit pile that is about to expire."
1368913741"TF_MVM_COLLECT_MONEY_GRIND_NAME" "T-1000000"
1369013742"[english]TF_MVM_COLLECT_MONEY_GRIND_NAME" "T-1000000"
1369113743"TF_MVM_COLLECT_MONEY_GRIND_DESC" "Recoge 1.000.000 de créditos en toda tu carrera."
1369413746"[english]TF_MVM_PLAY_GAME_FRIENDS_NAME" "Brotherhood of Steel"
1369513747"TF_MVM_PLAY_GAME_FRIENDS_DESC" "Completa una misión con 5 personas de tu lista de amigos."
1369613748"[english]TF_MVM_PLAY_GAME_FRIENDS_DESC" "Complete a mission with 5 people on your Friends List."
N/A13749"TF_MVM_PLAY_EACH_CLASS_NAME" "Robotodólogo"
N/A13750"[english]TF_MVM_PLAY_EACH_CLASS_NAME" "Hack of All Trades"
N/A13751"TF_MVM_PLAY_EACH_CLASS_DESC" "Juega una misión entera usando una sola clase, y haz lo mismo con cada una de las clases."
N/A13752"[english]TF_MVM_PLAY_EACH_CLASS_DESC" "Play an entire mission as a single class, and do this for every class."
1369713753"TF_MVM_DESTROY_TWO_TANKS_NAME" "La Matanza Mecánica"
1369813754"[english]TF_MVM_DESTROY_TWO_TANKS_NAME" "Clockwork Carnage"
N/A13755"TF_MVM_DESTROY_TWO_TANKS_DESC" "Destruye dos tanques con menos de 5 segundos de diferencia."
N/A13756"[english]TF_MVM_DESTROY_TWO_TANKS_DESC" "Destroy two tanks within 5 seconds of each other."
N/A13759"TF_MVM_DESTROY_TANK_WHILE_DEPLOYING_DESC" "Destruye el tanque en los últimos segundos de la colocación de la bomba."
N/A13760"[english]TF_MVM_DESTROY_TANK_WHILE_DEPLOYING_DESC" "Destroy the tank during the final seconds of the bomb being deployed."
N/A13761"TF_MVM_DESTROY_TANK_QUICKLY_NAME" "Contanquistador"
N/A13762"[english]TF_MVM_DESTROY_TANK_QUICKLY_NAME" "Clockwork Conqueror"
1369913763"TF_MVM_DESTROY_TANK_QUICKLY_DESC" "Destruye un tanque en menos de 20 segundos de su llegada."
1370013764"[english]TF_MVM_DESTROY_TANK_QUICKLY_DESC" "Destroy a tank within 20 seconds of its arrival."
N/A13765"TF_MVM_DEFEND_CAP_NAME" "Filtro anti-spam"
N/A13766"[english]TF_MVM_DEFEND_CAP_NAME" "Spam Blocker"
N/A13767"TF_MVM_DEFEND_CAP_DESC" "Durante una oleada, defiende la compuerta 10 veces de los robots que estén a punto de colocar la bomba."
N/A13768"[english]TF_MVM_DEFEND_CAP_DESC" "During a wave, defend the hatch 10 times from robots about to deliver a bomb."
1370113769"TF_MVM_KILL_BOMB_CARRIERS_NAME" ".executor"
1370213770"[english]TF_MVM_KILL_BOMB_CARRIERS_NAME" ".executioner"
N/A13771"TF_MVM_KILL_BOMB_CARRIERS_DESC" "En una misma oleada, elimina sucesivamente a 15 robots que lleven la bomba antes de que suban de nivel."
N/A13772"[english]TF_MVM_KILL_BOMB_CARRIERS_DESC" "In a single wave, kill 15 bomb-carrying robots in a row before they level up."
1370413774"[english]TF_MVM_COMPLETE_WAVE_WITHOUT_DYING_NAME" "Deus Ex Machina"
N/A13775"TF_MVM_COMPLETE_WAVE_WITHOUT_DYING_DESC" "Derrota una oleada en un misión de dificultad avanzada sin morir ni una sola vez."
N/A13776"[english]TF_MVM_COMPLETE_WAVE_WITHOUT_DYING_DESC" "Defeat a wave in an advanced difficulty mission without dying once."
N/A13777"TF_MVM_COMPLETE_TOUR_NAME" "Matriz de misiones"
N/A13778"[english]TF_MVM_COMPLETE_TOUR_NAME" "Raid Array"
N/A13779"TF_MVM_COMPLETE_TOUR_DESC" "Completa las misiones Curso Intensivo, Instrucción Matutina y Mann-iobras."
N/A13780"[english]TF_MVM_COMPLETE_TOUR_DESC" "Complete the Crash Course, Doe's Drill, and Manouvers missions."
N/A13781"TF_MVM_USE_TELEPORT_BOTTLE_NAME" "Fantasma en la máquina"
N/A13782"[english]TF_MVM_USE_TELEPORT_BOTTLE_NAME" "Ghost in the Machine"
N/A13783"TF_MVM_USE_TELEPORT_BOTTLE_DESC" "Utiliza una cantimplora cargada con teletransporte al punto de regeneración y mata al portador de la bomba en menos de 5 segundos."
N/A13784"[english]TF_MVM_USE_TELEPORT_BOTTLE_DESC" "Use a canteen charged with 'Teleport to Spawn' and then kill the bomb carrier within 5 seconds."
1370513785"TF_MVM_USE_CRIT_BOTTLE_NAME" "Terror krítico"
1370613786"[english]TF_MVM_USE_CRIT_BOTTLE_NAME" "Kritical Terror"
N/A13787"TF_MVM_USE_CRIT_BOTTLE_DESC" "Utiliza una cantimplora cargada con subidón de críticos para destruir a un robot gigante."
N/A13788"[english]TF_MVM_USE_CRIT_BOTTLE_DESC" "Use a canteen charged with 'Crit Boost' to destroy a giant robot."
1370713789"TF_MVM_USE_UBER_BOTTLE_NAME" "Ingeniería alemana"
1370813790"[english]TF_MVM_USE_UBER_BOTTLE_NAME" "German Engineering"
13709N/A"TF_MVM_USE_UBER_BOTTLE_DESC" "Utiliza una cantimplora cargada con 'Supercarga' para destruir 15 robots."
N/A13791"TF_MVM_USE_UBER_BOTTLE_DESC" "Utiliza una cantimplora cargada con Supercarga para destruir a 15 robots."
1371013792"[english]TF_MVM_USE_UBER_BOTTLE_DESC" "Use a canteen charged with 'ÜberCharge' to destroy 15 robots."
N/A13794"[english]TF_MVM_USE_BUILD_BOTTLE_NAME" "Undelete"
N/A13795"TF_MVM_USE_BUILD_BOTTLE_DESC" "Durante una oleada, utiliza una cantimplora cargada con mejora instantánea de construcciones para construir una nueva arma centinela en menos tres segundos después de que tu centinela anterior fuese destruida."
N/A13796"[english]TF_MVM_USE_BUILD_BOTTLE_DESC" "During a wave, use a canteen charged with 'Instant Building Upgrade' to build a new sentry gun within 3 seconds of your previous sentry gun's destruction."
N/A13797"TF_MVM_USE_AMMO_BOTTLE_NAME" "Extensión .bala"
N/A13798"[english]TF_MVM_USE_AMMO_BOTTLE_NAME" "Shell Extension"
N/A13799"TF_MVM_USE_AMMO_BOTTLE_DESC" "Utiliza una cantimplora cargada con reabastecimiento para recuperar la munición de un arma completamente vacía."
N/A13800"[english]TF_MVM_USE_AMMO_BOTTLE_DESC" "During a wave, use a canteen charged with 'Ammo Reload' to refill an empty weapon slot."
1371113801"TF_MVM_MAX_PRIMARY_UPGRADES_NAME" "Actualización del sistema"
1371213802"[english]TF_MVM_MAX_PRIMARY_UPGRADES_NAME" "System Upgrade"
N/A13803"TF_MVM_MAX_PRIMARY_UPGRADES_DESC" "Aumenta al máximo todas las mejoras de tu arma primaria."
N/A13804"[english]TF_MVM_MAX_PRIMARY_UPGRADES_DESC" "Max out all primary weapon upgrades."
1371313805"TF_MVM_MAX_PLAYER_RESISTANCES_NAME" "Máximo rendimiento"
1371413806"[english]TF_MVM_MAX_PLAYER_RESISTANCES_NAME" "Maximum Performance"
N/A13807"TF_MVM_MAX_PLAYER_RESISTANCES_DESC" "Aumenta al máximo todas las resistencias de una clase."
N/A13808"[english]TF_MVM_MAX_PLAYER_RESISTANCES_DESC" "Max out all resistances on a single class."
N/A13809"TF_MVM_NO_ALARMS_IN_FINAL_WAVE_NAME" "Bloqueo del motor"
N/A13810"[english]TF_MVM_NO_ALARMS_IN_FINAL_WAVE_NAME" "Engine Block"
N/A13811"TF_MVM_NO_ALARMS_IN_FINAL_WAVE_DESC" "Evita que la bomba llegue a una zona de alarma durante la última oleada de una misión de dificultad avanzada."
N/A13812"[english]TF_MVM_NO_ALARMS_IN_FINAL_WAVE_DESC" "Prevent the bomb from ever reaching an alarm zone during the final wave of an advanced difficulty mission."
1371513813"TF_MVM_KILL_MEDICS_CHARGED_NAME" "Carga negativa"
1371613814"[english]TF_MVM_KILL_MEDICS_CHARGED_NAME" "Negative Charge"
N/A13815"TF_MVM_KILL_MEDICS_CHARGED_DESC" "Mata a 5 Medics que estén listos para usar su Supercarga durante una oleada."
N/A13816"[english]TF_MVM_KILL_MEDICS_CHARGED_DESC" "Kill 5 Medics that are ready to deploy an ÜberCharge in a wave."
1371713817"TF_MVM_KILL_ROBOT_GRIND_NAME" "Apocalipsis de silicio"
1371813818"[english]TF_MVM_KILL_ROBOT_GRIND_NAME" "Silicon Slaughter"
1371913819"TF_MVM_KILL_ROBOT_GRIND_DESC" "Destruye 100.000 robots."
1372613826"[english]TF_MVM_KILL_SENTRY_BUSTER_NAME" "Ctrl + Assault + Delete"
1372713827"TF_MVM_KILL_SENTRY_BUSTER_DESC" "Acaba con un destructor de centinelas antes de que alcance su objetivo."
1372813828"[english]TF_MVM_KILL_SENTRY_BUSTER_DESC" "Destroy a sentry buster before it reaches its target."
13729N/A"TF_MVM_MEDIC_SHARE_BOTTLES_DESC" "Como Medic, comparte tu cantimplora 5 veces en una oleada."
N/A13829"TF_MVM_SPY_SAP_ROBOTS_NAME" "Alto espionaje"
N/A13830"[english]TF_MVM_SPY_SAP_ROBOTS_NAME" "Sly Voltage"
N/A13831"TF_MVM_SPY_SAP_ROBOTS_DESC" "Como Spy, sabotea 10 robots a la vez."
N/A13832"[english]TF_MVM_SPY_SAP_ROBOTS_DESC" "As a Spy, sap 10 robots at once."
N/A13833"TF_MVM_SOLDIER_BUFF_TEAM_NAME" "Turbocargador"
N/A13834"[english]TF_MVM_SOLDIER_BUFF_TEAM_NAME" "Turbocharger"
N/A13835"TF_MVM_SOLDIER_BUFF_TEAM_DESC" "Como Soldier, dale un subidón a 4 o más compañeros de equipo al mismo tiempo durante una oleada."
N/A13836"[english]TF_MVM_SOLDIER_BUFF_TEAM_DESC" "Buff 4 or more teammates as a Soldier at the same time in a single wave."
N/A13839"TF_MVM_HEAVY_RAGE_PUSH_DEPLOYING_ROBOT_DESC" "Como Heavy, usa la furia para empujar a un robot que esté a punto de colocar la bomba durante una oleada."
N/A13840"[english]TF_MVM_HEAVY_RAGE_PUSH_DEPLOYING_ROBOT_DESC" "During a wave, use rage as a Heavy to push a robot about to deliver the bomb."
N/A13841"TF_MVM_MEDIC_SHARE_BOTTLES_NAME" "Archivos compartidos"
N/A13842"[english]TF_MVM_MEDIC_SHARE_BOTTLES_NAME" "Vial Sharing"
N/A13843"TF_MVM_MEDIC_SHARE_BOTTLES_DESC" "Como Medic, comparte tu cantimplora 5 veces en una sola oleada."
1373013844"[english]TF_MVM_MEDIC_SHARE_BOTTLES_DESC" "As a Medic, share your canteen 5 times in a single wave."
N/A13845"TF_MVM_DEMO_GROUP_KILL_NAME" "Efecto 2000"
N/A13846"[english]TF_MVM_DEMO_GROUP_KILL_NAME" "Tech Wrecker"
1373113847"TF_MVM_DEMO_GROUP_KILL_DESC" "Como Demoman, mata 10 robots de una sola detonación."
1373213848"[english]TF_MVM_DEMO_GROUP_KILL_DESC" "As a Demoman, kill 10 robots in a single detonation."
1373313849"TF_MVM_SCOUT_MARK_FOR_DEATH_NAME" "¿Sueñan los androides?"
1373413850"[english]TF_MVM_SCOUT_MARK_FOR_DEATH_NAME" "Do Androids Dream?"
13735N/A"TF_MVM_SCOUT_MARK_FOR_DEATH_DESC" "Como Scout, usa el Somnífero para marcar de muerte 15 robots en una oleada."
N/A13851"TF_MVM_SCOUT_MARK_FOR_DEATH_DESC" "Como Scout, usa el Somnífero para marcar de muerte a 15 robots en una sola oleada."
1373613852"[english]TF_MVM_SCOUT_MARK_FOR_DEATH_DESC" "As a Scout, use the Sandman to mark 15 robots for death in a single wave."
N/A13853"TF_MVM_SNIPER_KILL_GROUP_NAME" "Bujías nuevas"
N/A13854"[english]TF_MVM_SNIPER_KILL_GROUP_NAME" "Spark Plugger"
1373713855"TF_MVM_SNIPER_KILL_GROUP_DESC" "Como Sniper, mata a 4 enemigos simultáneamente."
1373813856"[english]TF_MVM_SNIPER_KILL_GROUP_DESC" "As a Sniper, kill 4 enemies simultaneously."
N/A13857"TF_MVM_PYRO_BOMB_RESET_NAME" "Reinicio total"
N/A13858"[english]TF_MVM_PYRO_BOMB_RESET_NAME" "Hard Reset"
1373913859"TF_MVM_PYRO_BOMB_RESET_DESC" "Como Pyro, reinicia la bomba 3 veces en una misma oleada."
1374013860"[english]TF_MVM_PYRO_BOMB_RESET_DESC" "As a Pyro, reset the bomb 3 times in a single wave."
N/A13861"TF_MVM_ENGINEER_ESCAPE_SENTRY_BUSTER_NAME" "Con un palmo de matrices"
1374113863"TF_MVM_ENGINEER_ESCAPE_SENTRY_BUSTER_DESC" "Como Engineer, escapa con tu centinela cuando un destructor de centinelas está a punto de detonar."
1374213864"[english]TF_MVM_ENGINEER_ESCAPE_SENTRY_BUSTER_DESC" "As an Engineer, escape with your sentry as a sentry buster is about to detonate."
N/A13865"ItemTypeDescCustomLevelString_MvMTour" "Turno n.º %s1 %s2"
N/A13866"[english]ItemTypeDescCustomLevelString_MvMTour" "Tour No. %s1 %s2"
1374313867"Attrib_MvMLootReceiverAccountID" "Otorgado a %s1"
1374413868"[english]Attrib_MvMLootReceiverAccountID" "Awarded to %s1"
1374513869"Attrib_Store_IncludesSteamGiftPackage" "( Incluye una copia como regalo de Steam de \"%s1\" )"
1394614070"[english]Attrib_MvMChallengesCompletedSummary" "Challenges completed: %s1"
1394714071"Attrib_MvMChallengeCompletedDetail" "Completado: %s1 %s2"
1394814072"[english]Attrib_MvMChallengeCompletedDetail" "Completed: %s1 %s2"
N/A14073"TF_Minigun_Deflector" "La Deflectora"
N/A14074"[english]TF_Minigun_Deflector" "The Deflector"
N/A14075"Item_MvMBadgeCompletionReward" "�%s1� ha encontrado:: %s2 %s3"
N/A14076"[english]Item_MvMBadgeCompletionReward" "�%s1� has found:: %s2 %s3"
N/A14077"Item_MvMSquadSurplusReward" "�%s1� ha encontrado:: %s2 %s3"
N/A14078"[english]Item_MvMSquadSurplusReward" "�%s1� has found:: %s2 %s3"
1394914079"MMenu_PlayMultiplayer" "Jugar multijugador"
1395014080"[english]MMenu_PlayMultiplayer" "Play Multiplayer"
1395114081"MMenu_PlayCoop" "Jugar cooperativo"
1395214082"[english]MMenu_PlayCoop" "Play Co-op"
1395314083"MMenu_Servers" "Servidores"
1395414084"[english]MMenu_Servers" "Servers"
N/A14085"MMenu_PlayPVE" "¡McM!"
N/A14086"[english]MMenu_PlayPVE" "MvM!"
N/A14087"TF_Coach_MannVsMachine_Title" "En Mann contra Máquinas"
N/A14088"[english]TF_Coach_MannVsMachine_Title" "In Mann vs. Machine"
N/A14089"TF_Coach_MannVsMachine_Text" "No puedes solicitar un entrenador mientras juegas en Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14090"[english]TF_Coach_MannVsMachine_Text" "You cannot request a coach while playing Mann vs. Machine."
1395514091"TF_MM_Disconnect_Title" "¡Advertencia!"
1395614092"[english]TF_MM_Disconnect_Title" "Warning!"
N/A14093"TF_MM_Disconnect" "Serás desconectado del servidor en el que estás jugando. ¿Deseas continuar?"
N/A14094"[english]TF_MM_Disconnect" "You will be disconnected from the server you are playing on. Proceed?"
1395714095"TF_vote_changechallenge" "¿Cambiar la misión actual a %s1?"
1395814096"[english]TF_vote_changechallenge" "Change current mission to %s1?"
1395914097"TF_vote_passed_changechallenge" "Cambiando la misión a %s1"
1396414102"[english]TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Robot_Heavy" "READY\n10 PRINT \"ROBOT HEAVY NEEDS HAT\"\n20 GOTO STORE\nRUN"
1396514103"TF_PVE_Combo" "COMBO"
1396614104"[english]TF_PVE_Combo" "COMBO"
N/A14105"TF_PVE_Combo_Success" "¡ÉXITO!"
N/A14106"[english]TF_PVE_Combo_Success" "SUCCESS!"
N/A14107"TF_PVE_RestoreToCheckpointDetailed" "Reiniciando punto de control: ¡Todas las mejoras y créditos volverán a su estado guardado anterior!"
N/A14108"[english]TF_PVE_RestoreToCheckpointDetailed" "Restoring Checkpoint: All upgrades and credits will be restored to their previous saved state!"
1396714109"TF_PVE_UpgradeTitle" "Elige un objeto para mejorar"
1396814110"[english]TF_PVE_UpgradeTitle" "Select an item to upgrade"
1396914111"TF_PVE_UpgradeAmount" "Créditos"
1397214114"[english]TF_PVE_UpgradeAttrib" "Select an upgrade to apply"
1397314115"TF_PVE_UpgradeCost" "Coste: %s1"
1397414116"[english]TF_PVE_UpgradeCost" "Cost: %s1"
N/A14117"TF_PVE_UpgradeMaxed" "Máx. alcanzado"
N/A14118"[english]TF_PVE_UpgradeMaxed" "Max Reached"
1397514119"TF_PVE_UpgradeCancel" "Salir"
1397614120"[english]TF_PVE_UpgradeCancel" "Cancel"
13977N/A"TF_PVE_UpgradeDone" "Aceptar"
N/A14121"TF_PVE_UpgradeDone" "OK"
1397814122"[english]TF_PVE_UpgradeDone" "Accept"
N/A14123"TF_PVE_MissonEnemies" "Otros"
N/A14124"[english]TF_PVE_MissonEnemies" "Other"
N/A14125"TF_PVE_WaveEnemies" "Carne de cañón"
N/A14126"[english]TF_PVE_WaveEnemies" "Fodder"
1397914127"TF_PVE_Wave" "Oleada"
1398014128"[english]TF_PVE_Wave" "Wave"
1398114129"TF_PVE_WaveCount" "Oleada %s1"
1398614134"[english]TF_PVE_WaveComplete" "Wave Complete!"
1398714135"TF_PVE_Currency" "Créditos"
1398814136"[english]TF_PVE_Currency" "Credits"
N/A14137"TF_PVE_GameTotal" "Total de partida"
N/A14138"[english]TF_PVE_GameTotal" "Game Total"
1398914139"TF_PVE_TotalCurrencyCollected" "Total de créditos recogidos"
1399014140"[english]TF_PVE_TotalCurrencyCollected" "Total Credits Collected"
13991N/A"TF_PVE_CurrencyCollected" "Créditos recogidos"
N/A14141"TF_PVE_CurrencyCollected" "Créd. recogidos"
1399214142"[english]TF_PVE_CurrencyCollected" "Credits Collected"
1399314143"TF_PVE_Collected" "Recogidos"
1399414144"[english]TF_PVE_Collected" "Collected"
N/A14145"TF_PVE_Missed" "Perdidos"
N/A14146"[english]TF_PVE_Missed" "Missed"
N/A14147"TF_PVE_Bonus" "Adicionales"
N/A14148"[english]TF_PVE_Bonus" "Bonus"
N/A14149"TF_PVE_Rating" "Nota"
N/A14150"[english]TF_PVE_Rating" "Rating"
N/A14151"TF_PVE_CreditRating" "Nota"
N/A14152"[english]TF_PVE_CreditRating" "Credit Rating"
1399514153"TF_PVE_Deaths" "Muertes"
1399614154"[english]TF_PVE_Deaths" "Deaths"
1399714155"TF_PVE_Upgrades" "Mejoras"
1399814156"[english]TF_PVE_Upgrades" "Upgrades"
13999N/A"TF_PVE_Bottles" "Cantimplora"
N/A14157"TF_PVE_Buybacks" "Reincorp."
N/A14158"[english]TF_PVE_Buybacks" "Buybacks"
N/A14159"TF_PVE_Bottles" "Cantimp."
1400014160"[english]TF_PVE_Bottles" "Canteen"
N/A14161"TF_PVE_BottlesUsed" "Cantimploras usadas"
N/A14162"[english]TF_PVE_BottlesUsed" "Canteens Used"
1400114163"TF_PVE_TeamStatistics" "Estadísticas de equipo"
1400214164"[english]TF_PVE_TeamStatistics" "Team Statistics"
1400314165"TF_PVE_YourStatistics" "Tus estadísticas"
1400814170"[english]TF_PVE_MissionSummaryScheme" "Mission Summary : %s1 (%s2)"
1400914171"TF_PVE_MissionSummaryDefault" "Resumen de la misión: %s1"
1401014172"[english]TF_PVE_MissionSummaryDefault" "Mission Summary : %s1"
N/A14173"TF_PVE_Vote_MissionRestart" "Votar reinicio de misión"
N/A14174"[english]TF_PVE_Vote_MissionRestart" "Vote To Restart Mission"
N/A14175"TF_PVE_Credit_Collection" "Recogida de\n créditos"
N/A14176"[english]TF_PVE_Credit_Collection" "Credit Collection"
N/A14177"TF_PVE_Credit_Use" "Uso de créditos"
N/A14178"[english]TF_PVE_Credit_Use" "Credit Use"
N/A14179"TF_PVE_Active_Upgrades" "Mejoras activas"
N/A14180"[english]TF_PVE_Active_Upgrades" "Active Upgrades"
N/A14181"TF_PVE_Inactive_Upgrades" "Mejoras no equipadas"
N/A14182"[english]TF_PVE_Inactive_Upgrades" "Unequipped Upgrades"
N/A14183"TF_PVE_Hint_Header" "Consejos anti-robots de Mann Co."
N/A14184"[english]TF_PVE_Hint_Header" "Mann Co. Anti-Robot Tips"
N/A14185"TF_PVE_Buyback" "¡Pulsa '%use_action_slot_item%' para pagar %s1 créditos y REAPARECER INMEDIATAMENTE!"
N/A14186"[english]TF_PVE_Buyback" "Hit '%use_action_slot_item%' to pay %s1 credits and RESPAWN INSTANTLY!"
1401114187"TF_PVE_Upgraded_Player" "�%player%� ha comprado la mejora %upgrade%�."
1401214188"[english]TF_PVE_Upgraded_Player" "�%player%� has purchased the �%upgrade%� upgrade."
1401314189"TF_PVE_Upgraded_Item" "�%player%� ha comprado la mejora �%upgrade%� para su �%item%�."
1401414190"[english]TF_PVE_Upgraded_Item" "�%player%� has purchased the �%upgrade%� upgrade for their �%item%�."
N/A14191"TF_PVE_Player_BuyBack" "¡�%player%� ha vuelto a la vida por el módico precio de '%credits%' créditos!"
N/A14192"[english]TF_PVE_Player_BuyBack" "�%player%� has �bought back� into the game for '%credits%' credits!"
N/A14193"TF_PVE_No_Powerup_Bottle" "¡No tienes ninguna Cantimplora Potenciadora equipada!\nLas cantimploras se pueden activar pulsando '%use_action_slot_item%' para proporcionar efectos poderosos como daño adicional e invencibilidad.\n¡Consigue una completando cualquier misión de Mann contra Máquinas o fabrícala con Chatarra!"
N/A14194"[english]TF_PVE_No_Powerup_Bottle" "No Power Up Canteen equipped!\n\nCanteens can be activated with '%use_action_slot_item%' to provide powerful effects such as extra damage and invincibility.\n\nEarn one by completing any Mann vs. Machine Mission or craft one from spare Scrap Metal!"
N/A14195"TF_PVE_Unequipped_Powerup_Bottle" "¡No tienes ninguna Cantimplora Potenciadora equipada!\nLas cantimploras se pueden activar pulsando '%use_action_slot_item%' para proporcionar efectos poderosos como daño adicional e invencibilidad.\n¡Equípala ahora en tu Espacio de Acción!"
N/A14196"[english]TF_PVE_Unequipped_Powerup_Bottle" "No Power Up Canteen equipped!\n\nCanteens can be activated with '%use_action_slot_item%' to provide powerful effects such as extra damage and invincibility.\n\nEquip it now in your Action Slot!"
1401514197"TF_PVE_Quick_Equip_Bottle" "Equipar ahora"
1401614198"[english]TF_PVE_Quick_Equip_Bottle" "Equip Now"
N/A14199"TF_PVE_Player_UsedCritsBottle" "¡�%player%� ha usado su Cantimplora Potenciadora de CRÍTICOS!"
N/A14200"[english]TF_PVE_Player_UsedCritsBottle" "�%player%� has used their �CRITS� Power Up Canteen!"
N/A14201"TF_PVE_Player_UsedUberBottle" "¡�%player%� ha usado su Cantimplora Potenciadora de SUPERCARGA!"
N/A14202"[english]TF_PVE_Player_UsedUberBottle" "�%player%� has used their �ÜBERCHARGE� Power Up Canteen!"
N/A14203"TF_PVE_Player_UsedRecallBottle" "¡�%player%� ha usado su Cantimplora Potenciadora de RETIRADA!"
N/A14204"[english]TF_PVE_Player_UsedRecallBottle" "�%player%� has used their �RECALL� Power Up Canteen!"
N/A14205"TF_PVE_Player_UsedRefillAmmoBottle" "¡�%player%� ha usado su Cantimplora Potenciadora de REABASTECIMIENTO!"
N/A14206"[english]TF_PVE_Player_UsedRefillAmmoBottle" "�%player%� has used their �AMMO REFILL� Power Up Canteen!"
N/A14207"TF_PVE_Player_UsedBuildingUpgrade" "¡�%player%� ha usado su Cantimplora Potenciadora de MEJORAR CONSTRUCCIONES!"
N/A14208"[english]TF_PVE_Player_UsedBuildingUpgrade" "�%player%� has used their �UPGRADE BUILDINGS� Power Up Canteen!"
1401714209"TF_PVE_Server_Message_Reset" "Cargando la siguiente misión en %s1 segundos..."
1401814210"[english]TF_PVE_Server_Message_Reset" "Loading next mission in %s1 seconds..."
N/A14211"TF_PVE_Server_Message_Kick" "Abortando la misión en %s1 segundos..."
N/A14212"[english]TF_PVE_Server_Message_Kick" "Shutting down mission in %s1 seconds..."
N/A14213"TF_PVE_UsePowerup_MinMode" "'%use_action_slot_item%' para activar"
N/A14214"[english]TF_PVE_UsePowerup_MinMode" "'%use_action_slot_item%' to Activate"
N/A14215"TF_PVE_UsePowerup_CritBoost" "'%use_action_slot_item%': subidón de críticos"
N/A14216"[english]TF_PVE_UsePowerup_CritBoost" "'%use_action_slot_item%' to become Crit Boosted"
N/A14217"TF_PVE_UsePowerup_Ubercharge" "'%use_action_slot_item%' para recibir una Supercarga"
N/A14218"[english]TF_PVE_UsePowerup_Ubercharge" "'%use_action_slot_item%' to become Übercharged"
N/A14219"TF_PVE_UsePowerup_Recall" "'%use_action_slot_item%': volver a p. de regeneración"
N/A14220"[english]TF_PVE_UsePowerup_Recall" "'%use_action_slot_item%' to Teleport to spawn"
N/A14221"TF_PVE_UsePowerup_RefillAmmo" "'%use_action_slot_item%': recuperar munición"
N/A14222"[english]TF_PVE_UsePowerup_RefillAmmo" "'%use_action_slot_item%' to Refill Clip and Ammo"
N/A14223"TF_PVE_UsePowerup_BuildinginstaUpgrade" "'%use_action_slot_item%': mejorar las construcciones"
N/A14224"[english]TF_PVE_UsePowerup_BuildinginstaUpgrade" "'%use_action_slot_item%' to Upgrade All Buildings"
1401914225"TF_PVE_ROBOT_scout" "Robo Scout: Tiene poca salud pero es realmente rápido."
1402014226"[english]TF_PVE_ROBOT_scout" "Robo Scout: Low Health but really fast"
1402114227"TF_PVE_ROBOT_sentry_buster" "Destructor de Centinelas: Da caza a Centinelas"
1402214228"[english]TF_PVE_ROBOT_sentry_buster" "Sentry Buster: Goes after Sentries"
N/A14229"TF_PVE_ROBOT_tank" "Tanque: Movimiento lento, mucho blindaje, transporta una bomba"
N/A14230"[english]TF_PVE_ROBOT_tank" "Tank: Slow moving, high armor, carries a bomb"
N/A14231"TF_PVE_IM_Intro" "¡Mann contra Máquinas te enfrenta a una horda de robots!"
N/A14232"[english]TF_PVE_IM_Intro" "Mann vs. Machine pits you against a horde of robots!"
1402314233"TF_PVE_IM_IntroBomb" "Defiende tu base de los robots que llevan una bomba."
1402414234"[english]TF_PVE_IM_IntroBomb" "Defend your base from robots carrying a bomb."
1402514235"TF_PVE_IM_IntroCredit" "Los robots y los tanques sueltan créditos al ser destruidos"
1402614236"[english]TF_PVE_IM_IntroCredit" "Robots and tanks drop credits when destroyed"
N/A14237"TF_PVE_IM_IntroCreditDecay" "Los créditos que se dejan en el suelo desaparecen poco tiempo después"
N/A14238"[english]TF_PVE_IM_IntroCreditDecay" "Credits left on the ground will disappear after a short period"
N/A14239"TF_PVE_IM_IntroCreditDist" "Los créditos se dividen equitativamente entre todos los jugadores."
N/A14240"[english]TF_PVE_IM_IntroCreditDist" "Credits are divided equally among all players."
1402714241"TF_PVE_IM_IntroUpgrades" "¡Gástate los créditos en mejoras!"
1402814242"[english]TF_PVE_IM_IntroUpgrades" "Spend your credits on upgrades!"
N/A14243"TF_PVE_IM_IntroSurvive" "¡Sobrevive a la oleada final para alzarte con la victoria!"
N/A14244"[english]TF_PVE_IM_IntroSurvive" "Survive to the final wave to claim victory!"
N/A14245"TF_PVE_Disconnect" "Gracias por jugar McM. ¡Prueba el Modo Mann para mucho más!"
N/A14246"[english]TF_PVE_Disconnect" "Thanks for Playing Mann vs. Machine.\nMann Up for More!"
N/A14247"StatPanel_MVM_Kills_Best" "Has logrado más víctimas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14248"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Kills_Best" "You had more kills as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14249"StatPanel_MVM_Captures_Best" "Has logrado más capturas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14250"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Captures_Best" "You had more captures as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14251"StatPanel_MVM_Defenses_Best" "Has defendido más puntos como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14252"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Defenses_Best" "You defended more points as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14253"StatPanel_MVM_DamageDealt_Best" "Has provocado más daños como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14254"[english]StatPanel_MVM_DamageDealt_Best" "You've caused more damage as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14255"StatPanel_MVM_PlayTime_Best" "Te has mantenido vivo durante más tiempo como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14256"[english]StatPanel_MVM_PlayTime_Best" "You stayed alive as %s1 longer that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14257"StatPanel_MVM_Healing_Best" "Te has curado más como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14258"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Healing_Best" "You healed more as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14259"StatPanel_MVM_Invulnerable_Best" "Te has vuelto invulnerable más veces en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14260"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Invulnerable_Best" "You went invulnerable more that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14261"StatPanel_MVM_KillAssists_Best" "Has logrado más asistencias como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14262"[english]StatPanel_MVM_KillAssists_Best" "You had more kill assists that round of Mann vs. Machine as %s1 than your previous best."
N/A14263"StatPanel_MVM_Backstabs_Best" "Has logrado más puñaladas por la espalda en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14264"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Backstabs_Best" "You had more backstabs that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14265"StatPanel_MVM_HealthLeached_Best" "Has robado más salud de los Medics y dispensadores enemigos en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14266"[english]StatPanel_MVM_HealthLeached_Best" "You stole more health from enemy Medics and dispensers that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14267"StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsBuilt_Best" "Has construido más artefactos en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14268"[english]StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsBuilt_Best" "You built more buildings that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14269"StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsDestroyed_Best" "Has destruido más construcciones como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14270"[english]StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsDestroyed_Best" "You destroyed more buildings that round of Mann vs. Machine as %s1 than your previous best."
N/A14271"StatPanel_MVM_Headshots_Best" "Has logrado más disparos a la cabeza en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14272"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Headshots_Best" "You had more headshots that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14273"StatPanel_MVM_SentryKills_Best" "Tu arma centinela ha logrado más víctimas en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14274"[english]StatPanel_MVM_SentryKills_Best" "Your sentry gun had more kills that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14275"StatPanel_MVM_Teleports_Best" "Tu teleportador se ha utilizado más veces en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14276"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Teleports_Best" "Your teleporter was used more that round of Mann vs. Machine than your previous best."
N/A14277"StatPanel_MVM_Dominations_Best" "Has dominado a más adversarios nuevos como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14278"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Dominations_Best" "You dominated more new opponents that round of Mann vs. Machine as %s1 than your previous best."
N/A14279"StatPanel_MVM_Revenge_Best" "Te has vengado de más adversarios como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14280"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Revenge_Best" "You got revenge on more opponents that round of Mann vs. Machine as %s1 than your previous best."
N/A14281"StatPanel_MVM_PointsScored_Best" "Has conseguido más puntos como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas que en tu récord anterior."
N/A14282"[english]StatPanel_MVM_PointsScored_Best" "You scored more points that round of Mann vs. Machine as %s1 than your previous best."
N/A14283"StatPanel_MVM_Kills_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de víctimas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14284"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Kills_Tie" "You tied your record for kills as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14285"StatPanel_MVM_Captures_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de capturas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14286"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Captures_Tie" "You tied your record for captures as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14287"StatPanel_MVM_Defenses_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de defensas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14288"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Defenses_Tie" "You tied your record for defenses as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14289"StatPanel_MVM_DamageDealt_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de daños provocados como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14290"[english]StatPanel_MVM_DamageDealt_Tie" "You tied your record for damage dealt as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14291"StatPanel_MVM_PlayTime_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de tiempo vivo como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14292"[english]StatPanel_MVM_PlayTime_Tie" "You tied your record for time alive as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14293"StatPanel_MVM_Healing_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de curación como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14294"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Healing_Tie" "You tied your record for healing as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14295"StatPanel_MVM_Invulnerable_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de invulnerabilidad en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14296"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Invulnerable_Tie" "You tied your record for invulns that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14297"StatPanel_MVM_KillAssists_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de asistencias como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14298"[english]StatPanel_MVM_KillAssists_Tie" "You tied your record for kill assists as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14299"StatPanel_MVM_Backstabs_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de puñaladas por la espalda en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14300"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Backstabs_Tie" "You tied your record for backstabs that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14301"StatPanel_MVM_HealthLeached_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de salud robada al enemigo en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14302"[english]StatPanel_MVM_HealthLeached_Tie" "You tied your record for health stolen from the enemy that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14303"StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsBuilt_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de artefactos construidos en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14304"[english]StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsBuilt_Tie" "You tied your record for buildings built that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14305"StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsDestroyed_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de construcciones destruidas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14306"[english]StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsDestroyed_Tie" "You tied your record for buildings destroyed as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14307"StatPanel_MVM_Headshots_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de disparos a la cabeza en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14308"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Headshots_Tie" "You tied your record for headshots that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14309"StatPanel_MVM_SentryKills_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de víctimas por el arma centinela en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14310"[english]StatPanel_MVM_SentryKills_Tie" "You tied your record for kills by your sentry gun that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14311"StatPanel_MVM_Teleports_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de teleportaciones en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14312"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Teleports_Tie" "You tied your record for teleports that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14313"StatPanel_MVM_Dominations_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de adversarios dominados como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14314"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Dominations_Tie" "You tied your record for opponents dominated as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14315"StatPanel_MVM_Revenge_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de venganzas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14316"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Revenge_Tie" "You tied your record for revenge as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14317"StatPanel_MVM_PointsScored_Tie" "Has igualado tu récord de puntos obtenidos como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14318"[english]StatPanel_MVM_PointsScored_Tie" "You tied your record for points scored as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14319"StatPanel_MVM_Kills_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de víctimas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14320"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Kills_Close" "You came close to your record for kills as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14321"StatPanel_MVM_Captures_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de capturas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14322"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Captures_Close" "You came close to your record for captures as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14323"StatPanel_MVM_Defenses_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de defensas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14324"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Defenses_Close" "You came close to your record for defenses as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14325"StatPanel_MVM_DamageDealt_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de daños provocados como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14326"[english]StatPanel_MVM_DamageDealt_Close" "You came close to your record for damage dealt as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14327"StatPanel_MVM_PlayTime_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de tiempo vivo como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14328"[english]StatPanel_MVM_PlayTime_Close" "You came close to your record for time alive as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14329"StatPanel_MVM_Healing_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de curación como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14330"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Healing_Close" "You came close to your record for healing as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14331"StatPanel_MVM_Invulnerable_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de invulnerabilidad en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14332"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Invulnerable_Close" "You came close to your record for invulns that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14333"StatPanel_MVM_KillAssists_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de asistencias como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14334"[english]StatPanel_MVM_KillAssists_Close" "You came close to your record for kill assists as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14335"StatPanel_MVM_Backstabs_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de puñaladas por la espalda en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14336"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Backstabs_Close" "You came close to your record for backstabs that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14337"StatPanel_MVM_HealthLeached_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de salud robada al enemigo en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14338"[english]StatPanel_MVM_HealthLeached_Close" "You came close to your record for health stolen from the enemy that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14339"StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsBuilt_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de artefactos construidos en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14340"[english]StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsBuilt_Close" "You came close to your record for buildings built that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14341"StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsDestroyed_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de construcciones destruidas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14342"[english]StatPanel_MVM_BuildingsDestroyed_Close" "You came close to your record for buildings destroyed as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14343"StatPanel_MVM_Headshots_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de disparos a la cabeza en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14344"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Headshots_Close" "You came close to your record for headshots that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14345"StatPanel_MVM_SentryKills_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de víctimas por el arma centinela en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14346"[english]StatPanel_MVM_SentryKills_Close" "You came close to your record for kills by your sentry gun that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14347"StatPanel_MVM_Teleports_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de teleportaciones en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14348"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Teleports_Close" "You came close to your record for teleports that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14349"StatPanel_MVM_Dominations_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de adversarios dominados como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14350"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Dominations_Close" "You came close to your record for opponents dominated as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14351"StatPanel_MVM_Revenge_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de venganzas como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14352"[english]StatPanel_MVM_Revenge_Close" "You came close to your record for revenge as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14353"StatPanel_MVM_PointsScored_Close" "Te has acercado a tu récord de puntos obtenidos como %s1 en esa ronda de Mann contra Máquinas."
N/A14354"[english]StatPanel_MVM_PointsScored_Close" "You came close to your record for points scored as %s1 that round of Mann vs. Machine."
N/A14355"TF_Token" "Símbolo"
N/A14356"[english]TF_Token" "Token"
N/A14357"TF_Ticket" "Ticket"
N/A14358"[english]TF_Ticket" "Ticket"
1402914359"TF_MvM_HeaderCoop" "Cooperativo"
1403014360"[english]TF_MvM_HeaderCoop" "Co-op"
N/A14361"TF_MvM_HeaderPractice" "Iniciación cooperativa"
N/A14362"[english]TF_MvM_HeaderPractice" "Co-op Boot Camp"
N/A14363"TF_MvM_HeaderMannVsMachine" "Mann contra Máquinas"
N/A14364"[english]TF_MvM_HeaderMannVsMachine" "Mann vs. Machine"
N/A14365"TF_MvM_ChallengeTicket" "Ticket de Turno de Servicio"
N/A14366"[english]TF_MvM_ChallengeTicket" "Tour of Duty Ticket"
N/A14367"TF_MvM_ChallengeTicket_Desc" "Presenta este ticket en Mann contra Máquinas para jugar el Modo Mann en un servidor oficial, conseguir objetos raros y controlar tu progreso para la Insignia de Turno de Servicio."
N/A14368"[english]TF_MvM_ChallengeTicket_Desc" "Present this ticket in Mann vs. Machine to play Mann Up Mode on an official server to earn rare items and track progress on your Tour of Duty Badge."
N/A14369"TF_MvM_SquadSurplusVoucher" "Vale de Excedentes de Pelotón"
N/A14370"[english]TF_MvM_SquadSurplusVoucher" "Squad Surplus Voucher"
N/A14371"TF_MvM_SquadSurplusVoucher_Desc" "Presenta este vale en Mann contra Máquinas al empezar en Modo Mann. Tú y cada persona en tu equipo recibiréis un objeto adicional cuando completéis una misión."
N/A14372"[english]TF_MvM_SquadSurplusVoucher_Desc" "Present this voucher in Mann vs. Machine when starting Mann Up Mode. You and every person on your team will receive an extra item drop when you complete a mission."
N/A14373"TF_MvM_MannUp" "Modo Mann"
N/A14374"[english]TF_MvM_MannUp" "Mann Up"
N/A14375"TF_MvM_BootCamp" "Iniciación"
N/A14376"[english]TF_MvM_BootCamp" "Boot Camp"
1403114377"TF_MvM_SelectChallenge" "Elegir misión >>"
1403214378"[english]TF_MvM_SelectChallenge" "Select Mission >>"
N/A14379"TF_MvM_MannVsMachineExplaination" "¡Forma un equipo para defender Mann Co.\nde las oleadas de robot invasores!"
N/A14380"[english]TF_MvM_MannVsMachineExplaination" "Team up to defend Mann Co.\nfrom waves of invading robots!"
N/A14381"TF_MvM_BraggingRightsExplaination" "¡Juega en un servidor de Mann Co. para ganar botín de Turno de Servicio y el derecho a alardear!"
N/A14382"[english]TF_MvM_BraggingRightsExplaination" "Play on a Mann Co. server to earn Tour of Duty loot and bragging rights!"
1403314383"TF_MvM_PracticeExplaination" "¡Juega en un servidor de la comunidad!"
1403414384"[english]TF_MvM_PracticeExplaination" "Play on a community gameserver!"
N/A14385"TF_MvM_LearnMore" "Guía de MCM"
N/A14386"[english]TF_MvM_LearnMore" "MVM Guide Book"
N/A14387"TF_MvM_TourOfDuty" "Turno de Servicio:"
N/A14388"[english]TF_MvM_TourOfDuty" "Tour of Duty:"
1403514389"TF_MvM_Difficulty" "Dificultad"
1403614390"[english]TF_MvM_Difficulty" "Difficulty"
1403714391"TF_MvM_Mission" "Misión"
1403814392"[english]TF_MvM_Mission" "Mission"
N/A14393"TF_MvM_Tour_0" "Iniciación"
N/A14394"[english]TF_MvM_Tour_0" "Boot Camp"
N/A14395"TF_MvM_Tour_1" "Operación Trampa de Acero"
N/A14396"[english]TF_MvM_Tour_1" "Operation Steel Trap"
1403914397"TF_MvM_Normal" "Normal"
1404014398"[english]TF_MvM_Normal" "Normal"
1404114399"TF_MvM_Advanced" "Avanzada"
1404214400"[english]TF_MvM_Advanced" "Advanced"
N/A14401"TF_MvM_Complete" "Completado"
N/A14402"[english]TF_MvM_Complete" "Complete"
N/A14403"TF_MvM_Tour" "Turno de Servicio"
N/A14404"[english]TF_MvM_Tour" "Tour of Duty"
N/A14405"TF_MvM_TourCount" "Turno nº%s1"
N/A14406"[english]TF_MvM_TourCount" "Tour No.%s1"
1404314407"TF_MvM_AnyChallenge" "Cualquier misión"
1404414408"[english]TF_MvM_AnyChallenge" "Any Mission"
N/A14409"TF_MvM_Tours" "Turno"
N/A14410"[english]TF_MvM_Tours" "Tours"
N/A14411"TF_MvM_NoMannUpTitle" "¿Por qué el Modo Mann?"
N/A14412"[english]TF_MvM_NoMannUpTitle" "Why Mann Up?"
N/A14413"TF_MvM_NoMannUpDescription" "¡Por cada Turno de Servicio que completes\nen servidores de Mann Co. ganarás botín\nespecial y el derecho a alardear!"
N/A14414"[english]TF_MvM_NoMannUpDescription" "For every Tour of Duty you complete on\nMann Co. game servers you'll earn\nspecial loot and bragging rights!"
N/A14415"TF_MvM_MannUpNow" "¡Únete a Mann!"
N/A14416"[english]TF_MvM_MannUpNow" "Mann Up Now!"
N/A14417"TF_MvM_InventoryTitle" "Inventario"
N/A14418"[english]TF_MvM_InventoryTitle" "Mann Up Inventory"
1404514419"TF_MvM_BuyMore" "Comprar"
1404614420"[english]TF_MvM_BuyMore" "Purchase"
14047N/A"TF_MvM_PlayWithFriendsExplanation" "En Mann contra Máquina eres emparejado automáticamente con otros jugadores para formar un equipo de 6. Para invitar a tus amigos antes del emparejamiento, crea un grupo pulsando el botón de debajo."
N/A14421"TF_MvM_PlayWithFriendsExplanation" "En Mann contra Máquinas eres emparejado automáticamente con otros jugadores para formar un equipo de 6. Para invitar a tus amigos antes del emparejamiento, crea un grupo pulsando este botón."
1404814422"[english]TF_MvM_PlayWithFriendsExplanation" "In Mann vs. Machine you are automatically matched with other players to form a team of 6.\n\nTo invite friends before being matched, start a Party by clicking the button below."
N/A14423"TF_MvM_ActivateSquadSurplus" "¿Activar un Vale de Excedentes de Pelotón para esta partida?"
N/A14424"[english]TF_MvM_ActivateSquadSurplus" "Activate a Squad Surplus Voucher for this game?"
N/A14425"TF_MvM_TicketExplanation_Title" "Tickets de Turno de Servicio"
N/A14426"[english]TF_MvM_TicketExplanation_Title" "Tour of Duty Tickets"
N/A14427"TF_MvM_TicketExplanation_Text" "Necesitas un ticket de Turno de Servicio para jugar en servidores de Mann Co., conseguir botín y el derecho a alardear. Un ticket solo se consume cuando una nueva misión se completa, obteniendo así un objeto aleatorio. Completar un Turno de Servicio proporciona valioso botín."
N/A14428"[english]TF_MvM_TicketExplanation_Text" "A Tour of Duty Ticket is required to play on official Mann Co. servers for loot and bragging rights. A ticket is only consumed when a new Mission has successfully been completed. You earn a random item every time a ticket is consumed. Completing a full Tour of Duty results in a valuable loot drop."
N/A14429"TF_MvM_VoucherExplanation_Title" "Vales de Excedentes de Pelotón"
N/A14430"[english]TF_MvM_VoucherExplanation_Title" "Squad Surplus Vouchers"
N/A14431"TF_MvM_VoucherExplanation_Text" "Usar un Vale de Excedentes de Pelotón proporcionará un objeto aleatorio adicional para ti y cada compañero de equipo cuando se complete una misión. Si varios jugadores activan un vale, cada jugador obtendrá un objeto por cada vale."
N/A14432"[english]TF_MvM_VoucherExplanation_Text" "Using a Squad Surplus Voucher will earn an additional random item drop for you and each team mate when a Mission is completed. If multiple players activate a Voucher, every player will earn an item for each Voucher."
1404914433"TF_MvM_UpgradeExplanation_Title" "Mejoras de clase y arma"
1405014434"[english]TF_MvM_UpgradeExplanation_Title" "Class And Weapon Upgrades"
N/A14435"TF_MvM_UpgradeExplanation_Text" "Si cambias de clase durante una misión, tus mejoras se quedarán en la clase previamente mejorada. Este icono de llave señala cualquier clase que haya sido mejorada. Aunque estas mejoras no se transfieren entre clases, permanecen en caso de que vuelvas a esa clase.\n\nLas mejoras de armas funcionan igual. Si cambias de armamento durante una misión, tus mejoras permanecen en esas armas en caso de que vuelvas a equiparlas."
N/A14436"[english]TF_MvM_UpgradeExplanation_Text" "If you change class during a Mission, your upgrades will remain on the previously upgraded class. This wrench icon denotes any classes that have been upgraded. Although these upgrades are not transferred between classes, they remain should you return to that class.\n\nWeapon upgrades work in the same way. If you change your weapon loadout during a Mission, your upgrades remain with those weapons should you re-equip them."
N/A14437"TF_MvM_RequiresTicket_Title" "Se requiere un ticket"
N/A14438"[english]TF_MvM_RequiresTicket_Title" "Ticket Required"
N/A14439"TF_MvM_RequiresTicket" "Para jugar para conseguir botín, necesitas comprar un Ticket de Turno de Servicio en la tienda Mann Co."
N/A14440"[english]TF_MvM_RequiresTicket" "To play for loot, you'll need to purchase a Tour of Duty Ticket from the Mann Co. store."
N/A14441"TF_MvM_RequiresTicketParty" "Para jugar para conseguir botín, todos los miembros del equipo deben tener un Ticket de Turno de Servicio. Los Tickets se pueden comprar en la tienda Mann Co."
N/A14442"[english]TF_MvM_RequiresTicketParty" "To play for loot, all party members must have a Tour of Duty Ticket. Tickets can be purchased from the Mann Co. store."
N/A14443"TF_MvM_RequiresSquadSurplusVoucher_Title" "Se requiere un vale"
N/A14444"[english]TF_MvM_RequiresSquadSurplusVoucher_Title" "Voucher Required"
N/A14445"TF_MvM_RequiresSquadSurplusVoucher" "Para obtener suministros excedentes para tu equipo, necesitarás comprar un vale en la tienda Mann Co."
N/A14446"[english]TF_MvM_RequiresSquadSurplusVoucher" "To obtain surplus supplies for your team, you'll need to purchase a voucher from the Mann Co. store."
1405114447"TF_ShowInStore" "Ver en la tienda"
1405214448"[english]TF_ShowInStore" "Show in store"
14053N/A"TF_MVM_Support" "Soporte"
N/A14449"TF_MVM_Support" "Apoyo"
1405414450"[english]TF_MVM_Support" "Support"
1405514451"TF_MVM_NoClassChange" "No se permite cambiar de clase."
1405614452"[english]TF_MVM_NoClassChange" "Class changes are not allowed."
1406614462"[english]TF_MVM_Map_Decoy" "Decoy"
1406714463"TF_MVM_Map_Mannworks" "Mannworks"
1406814464"[english]TF_MVM_Map_Mannworks" "Mannworks"
N/A14465"TF_MVM_Challenge_Decoy1" "Instrucción Matutina"
N/A14466"[english]TF_MVM_Challenge_Decoy1" "Doe's Drill"
N/A14467"TF_MVM_Challenge_Decoy2" "Supresión del Disco"
N/A14468"[english]TF_MVM_Challenge_Decoy2" "Disk Deletion"
N/A14469"TF_MVM_Challenge_Decoy3" "Demolición de Datos"
N/A14470"[english]TF_MVM_Challenge_Decoy3" "Data Demolition"
N/A14471"TF_MVM_Challenge_CoalTown1" "Curso Intensivo"
N/A14472"[english]TF_MVM_Challenge_CoalTown1" "Crash Course"
1406914473"TF_MVM_Challenge_CoalTown2" "Ctrl+Alt+Destrucción"
1407014474"[english]TF_MVM_Challenge_CoalTown2" "Ctrl+Alt+Destruction"
N/A14475"TF_MVM_Challenge_CoalTown3" "Matanza de CPUs"
N/A14476"[english]TF_MVM_Challenge_CoalTown3" "CPU Slaughter"
N/A14477"TF_MVM_Challenge_Mannworks1" "Mann-iobras"
N/A14478"[english]TF_MVM_Challenge_Mannworks1" "Manouvers"
N/A14479"TF_MVM_Challenge_Mannworks2" "Masacre de Máquinas"
N/A14480"[english]TF_MVM_Challenge_Mannworks2" "Machine Massacre"
N/A14481"TF_MVM_Challenge_Mannworks3" "Mutilación Mecánica"
N/A14482"[english]TF_MVM_Challenge_Mannworks3" "Mech Mutilation"
N/A14483"TF_MVM_Map_Any" "<Any map>"
N/A14484"[english]TF_MVM_Map_Any" "<Any map>"
1407114485"TF_MVM_Victory_Complete" "Misión completada"
1407214486"[english]TF_MVM_Victory_Complete" "Mission Complete"
N/A14487"TF_MVM_Victory_TourProgress" "Progreso del Turno"
N/A14488"[english]TF_MVM_Victory_TourProgress" "Tour Progress"
1407314489"TF_MVM_Victory_TourComplete" "¡Completado!"
1407414490"[english]TF_MVM_Victory_TourComplete" "Complete!"
1407514491"TF_MVM_Victory_Loot" "Botín"
1407614492"[english]TF_MVM_Victory_Loot" "Loot"
N/A14493"TF_MVM_Victory_SquadSurplus" "Excedentes de Pelotón"
N/A14494"[english]TF_MVM_Victory_SquadSurplus" "Squad Surplus"
1407714495"TF_Matchmaking_PlayWithFriends" "¡Juega con amigos!"
1407814496"[english]TF_Matchmaking_PlayWithFriends" "Play With Friends!"
N/A14497"TF_Matchmaking_MannUpDisabled" "El emparejamiento en el Modo Mann está desactivado temporalmente."
N/A14498"[english]TF_Matchmaking_MannUpDisabled" "Matchmaking for Mann Up is temporarily disabled."
N/A14499"Tip_MvM_1_1" "Consejo: Los Scout tienen un radio de recolección de créditos mucho mayor"
N/A14500"[english]Tip_MvM_1_1" "Tip: Scouts have a greatly increased credit collection radius"
N/A14501"Tip_MvM_1_2" "Consejo: Mejora la Leche Loca para ralentizar a los robots enemigos afectados"
N/A14502"[english]Tip_MvM_1_2" "Tip: Upgrade Mad Milk to slow affected enemy robots"
N/A14503"Tip_MvM_2_1" "Consejo: Mejora tu Estandarte de Ánimo para multiplicar el daño de todos los compañeros cercanos"
N/A14504"[english]Tip_MvM_2_1" "Tip: Upgrade your buff banner to multiply all nearby teammates damage"
N/A14505"Tip_MvM_3_1" "Consejo: Mejora el aire comprimido para empujar al robot portador de la bomba a agujeros y así reiniciarla o prolongar el camino"
N/A14506"[english]Tip_MvM_3_1" "Tip: Upgrade airblast to push bomb carrying robots into pits reseting the bomb or to elongate the path"
N/A14507"Tip_MvM_4_1" "Consejo: Mejora el daño de las bombas lapa para destruir instantáneamente objetivos de alta prioridad con potentes trampas"
N/A14508"[english]Tip_MvM_4_1" "Tip: Upgrade sticky bomb damage to instantly destroy high priority targets with powerful sticky traps"
N/A14509"Tip_MvM_5_1" "Consejo: Adquiere la mejora de furia para empujar a tus enemigos hacia atrás cuando les dispares"
N/A14510"[english]Tip_MvM_5_1" "Tip: Purchase rage upgrade to push enemies back as you shoot them"
N/A14511"Tip_MvM_6_1" "Consejo: Usa cantimploras potenciadoras de críticos para mejorar también la velocidad de disparo del arma centinela temporalmente"
N/A14512"[english]Tip_MvM_6_1" "Tip: Use Crit power-up canteens to also temporarily boost sentry gun firing speed"
N/A14513"Tip_MvM_6_2" "Consejo: Usa cantimploras potenciadoras de supercargas para reducir también el daño a tu arma centinela temporalmente"
N/A14514"[english]Tip_MvM_6_2" "Tip: Use Uber power-up canteens to also temporarily reduce damage your sentry gun"
N/A14515"Tip_MvM_6_3" "Consejo: Mejora la velocidad de ataque de la Llave Inglesa para reparar y mejorar tus construcciones rápidamente"
N/A14516"[english]Tip_MvM_6_3" "Tip: Upgrade wrench firing speed to quickly repair and upgrade your buildings"
N/A14517"Tip_MvM_7_1" "Consejo: Los Medics pueden obtener mejoras para compartir sus habilidades de cantimplora con el jugador al que estén curando"
N/A14518"[english]Tip_MvM_7_1" "Tip: Medics can upgrade to share their canteen abilities with the player they are healing"
N/A14519"Tip_MvM_8_1" "Consejo: Mejora el Fraskungfú para ralentizar a los robots y ayudar a matar a enemigos con mayor vida"
N/A14520"[english]Tip_MvM_8_1" "Tip: Upgrade Jarate to slow down robots and assist in killing higher health enemies"
1407914521"Tip_MvM_9_1" "Consejo: Mejora tu cuchillo para que atraviese la armadura de los robots gigantes"
1408014522"[english]Tip_MvM_9_1" "Tip: Upgrade your knife to pierce through giant robot armor"
N/A14523"Tip_MvM_9_2" "Consejo: Mejora tu zapador para inutilizar grupos de robots normales y ralentizar a los robots gigantes"
N/A14524"[english]Tip_MvM_9_2" "Tip: Upgrade your sapper to disable groups of regular robots and slow giant robots"
N/A14525"Tip_MvM_9_3" "Consejo: Los disfraces engañan a todos los enemigos. Los robots pueden detectar una puñalada por la espalda cercana y siempre detectarán a un spy en llamas"
N/A14526"[english]Tip_MvM_9_3" "Tip: Disguise fools all enemies. Robots may detect a nearby backstab and will always detect a spy on fire"
N/A14527"Tip_MvM_10_1" "Consejo: Las mejoras están fijadas a la clase o arma a la que se aplican. No hay devoluciones después de la primera oleada"
N/A14528"[english]Tip_MvM_10_1" "Tip: Upgrades are fixed to the class or weapon you apply them to. There are no refunds after the first wave"
1408114529"Tip_MvM_10_2" "Consejo: Necesitarás un montón de mejoras para defenderte de las últimas oleadas de una misión"
1408214530"[english]Tip_MvM_10_2" "Tip: You will need plenty of upgrades to defend against later waves in a mission"
N/A14531"Tip_MvM_10_3" "Consejo: Los créditos no recogidos desaparecen después de un breve período de tiempo"
N/A14532"[english]Tip_MvM_10_3" "Tip: Dropped credits vanish after a short period of time"
N/A14533"Tip_MvM_10_4" "Consejo: Se otorgan créditos extra si se recogen todos los créditos de una oleada"
N/A14534"[english]Tip_MvM_10_4" "Tip: Bonus credits are awarded if all the credits in a wave are collected"
N/A14535"Tip_MvM_10_5" "Consejo: Hay nuevas habilidades disponibles para las clases en Mann contra Máquinas. ¡Accede a una visión general en la pantalla de selección de clases!"
N/A14536"[english]Tip_MvM_10_5" "Tip: New class abilities are available in Mann vs. Machine. See an overview on the class selection screen!"
N/A14537"Tip_MvM_10_6" "Consejo: Hay hologramas que muestran el camino que seguirá el robot portador de la bomba"
N/A14538"[english]Tip_MvM_10_6" "Tip: Holograms show the path that the bomb carrier robot will follow"
N/A14539"Tip_MvM_10_7" "Consejo: Puedes cambiar tu clase y armas si es necesario. ¡Recuerda que tus mejoras se quedarán en esas armas y clases!"
N/A14540"[english]Tip_MvM_10_7" "Tip: You can change your class and weapons if necessary. Remember, your upgrades will remain on those weapons and classes!"
N/A14541"Tip_MvM_10_8" "Consejo: Los robots se vuelven más poderosos cuanto más tiempo llevan la bomba."
N/A14542"[english]Tip_MvM_10_8" "Tip: Robots become more powerful the longer they carry the bomb."
N/A14543"Tip_MvM_10_9" "Consejo: Puedes regenerarte rápidamente pulsando '%+use_action_slot_item%', pero cuidado, ¡puede salirte caro con el tiempo!"
N/A14544"[english]Tip_MvM_10_9" "Tip: You can respawn quickly be pressing '%+use_action_slot_item%' but beware, it can become expensive over time!"
N/A14545"Tip_MvM_10_10" "Consejo: Las cantimploras potenciadoras te dan acceso instantáneo a críticos, Supercarga y a muchas más cosas. Equípalas en tu espacio de acción y compra cargas en la Estación de Mejoras. ¡Actívalas con '%+use_action_slot_item%'!"
N/A14546"[english]Tip_MvM_10_10" "Tip: Power-up canteens give you access to instant Crits, Uber, and more. Equip it in your action slot and buy charges at the Upgrade Station. Activate it with '%+use_action_slot_item%'!"
N/A14547"Tip_MvM_10_11" "Consejo: Sólo hace falta una bomba para destruir una instalación"
N/A14548"[english]Tip_MvM_10_11" "Tip: It only takes one bomb to destroy a facility"
N/A14549"Tip_MvM_10_12" "Consejo: Los portadores de bombas se pueden empujar hacia atrás. ¡El aire comprimido del Pyro o la furia del Heavy pueden dar un respiro a tu equipo!"
N/A14550"[english]Tip_MvM_10_12" "Tip: Bomb carriers can be pushed back. A Pyro's airblast or Heavy's rage can give your team some breathing room!"
N/A14551"NewItemMethod_MvMBadgeCompletionReward" "Has obtenido botín�:"
N/A14552"[english]NewItemMethod_MvMBadgeCompletionReward" "You �Earned Loot�:"
N/A14553"NewItemMethod_MvMSquadSurplusReward" "Has recibido excedentes de pelotón:"
N/A14554"[english]NewItemMethod_MvMSquadSurplusReward" "You Received �Squad Surplus�:"
1408314555"Attrib_SquadSurplusClaimerAccountID" "Excedentes de pelotón reclamados por: %s1"
1408414556"[english]Attrib_SquadSurplusClaimerAccountID" "Squad surplus claimed by: %s1"
N/A14557"TF_ScoreBoard_GraphBuyBack" "Reincorporaciones por oleada"
N/A14558"[english]TF_ScoreBoard_GraphBuyBack" "Buy Backs Per Wave"
1408514559"TF_ScoreBoard_GraphDeaths" "Muertes por oleada"
1408614560"[english]TF_ScoreBoard_GraphDeaths" "Deaths Per Wave"
1408714561"TF_ScoreBoard_GraphCurrency" "Créditos por oleada"
1408814562"[english]TF_ScoreBoard_GraphCurrency" "Credits Per Wave"
1408914563"TF_ScoreBoard_Wave" "Oleada"
1409014564"[english]TF_ScoreBoard_Wave" "Wave"
N/A14565"TF_ScoreBoard_Upgrade" "Mejora"
N/A14566"[english]TF_ScoreBoard_Upgrade" "Upgrade"
N/A14567"TF_ScoreBoard_UpgradeTarget" "Aplicada a"
N/A14568"[english]TF_ScoreBoard_UpgradeTarget" "Applied To"
N/A14569"TF_ScoreBoard_UpgradeTargetSelf" "Uno mismo"
N/A14570"[english]TF_ScoreBoard_UpgradeTargetSelf" "Self"
1409114571"Winpanel_PVE_Evil_Wins" "Oleada fallida"
1409214572"[english]Winpanel_PVE_Evil_Wins" "Wave Failed"
N/A14573"Winpanel_PVE_Bomb_Deployed" "¡La bomba ha sido colocada!"
N/A14574"[english]Winpanel_PVE_Bomb_Deployed" "The bomb was deployed!"
N/A14575"TF_Heavy_Robot_Ushanka_Hat" "El U-clank-a"
N/A14576"[english]TF_Heavy_Robot_Ushanka_Hat" "The U-clank-a"
1409314577"TF_Heavy_Robot_Ushanka_Hat_Desc" "Tuesta este ushanka de acero en una hoguera y póntelo en el coco para tenerlo calentito todo el día. ¡Asegúrate de inventarte alguna trola heroica para tus quemaduras de tercer grado!"
1409414578"[english]TF_Heavy_Robot_Ushanka_Hat_Desc" "Roast this steel ushanka in the fire and place it on your head for sustained warmth throughout the day. Make sure to come up with an impressive sounding fake anecdote for your third degree burns!"
14095N/A"TF_Pyro_Robot_Backpack" "El Pack Pyrobótico"
N/A14579"TF_Spy_Robot_Fedora" "El Acerado Sigiloso"
N/A14580"[english]TF_Spy_Robot_Fedora" "The Stealth Steeler"
N/A14581"TF_Spy_Robot_Fedora_Desc" "¿Han perdido las puñaladas su encanto? ¿Es el sigilo demasiado simple? ¡Prueba a llevar este sombrero metálico de 7 kilos en tu cabeza! ¡Disfruta del desafío extra que implica sabotear centinelas mientras intentas no partirte el cuello! ¡Esto es entretenimiento rompe-médulas!"
N/A14582"[english]TF_Spy_Robot_Fedora_Desc" "Has back-stabbing lost its charm? Is sneaking too simple? Try wearing this 15 pound metal hat on your head! Enjoy the meta-challenge of keeping your neck from snapping as you sap sentries! This is spine-crushing entertainment!"
N/A14583"TF_Pyro_Robot_Backpack" "La Mochila Pyrobótica"
1409614584"[english]TF_Pyro_Robot_Backpack" "The Pyrobotics Pack"
N/A14585"TF_Pyro_Robot_Backpack_Desc" "¿Sabías que el fuego puede fundir el metal? Por ejemplo, digamos que estás luchando contra un ejército de robots. ¡Los puedes fundir! ¡Con fuego! ¡Verdad de la buena! Un simple dato curioso que hemos aprendido hoy. No le vemos ningún uso práctico, pero es bueno saberlo."
N/A14586"[english]TF_Pyro_Robot_Backpack_Desc" "Did you know that fire can melt metal? Like, say you were fighting an army of robots. You could melt them! With fire! It's true! Just a fun little fact we learned today. We don't really see any practical application for the information, but it's good to learn."
1409714587"TF_Medic_Robot_Backpack" "La Robochila Médica"
1409814588"[english]TF_Medic_Robot_Backpack" "The Medic Mech-bag"
N/A14589"TF_Medic_Robot_Backpack_Desc" "Lo mejor de luchar contra un ejército robot es que puedes aprovechar todas esas piezas destrozadas para hacerte divertidos accesorios. ¡Mira la Robochila Médica, por ejemplo! Qué cosa más mona. Menos mal que los robots no tienen alma: ¡se cabrearían mucho al ver que usamos sus restos como adorno!"
N/A14590"[english]TF_Medic_Robot_Backpack_Desc" "The best part of fighting a robot army is you get to salvage all of their destroyed body parts for fun new accessories. Take the Medic Mech-pack! What a fine looking number. It's a good thing robots don't have souls, or they'd be mighty angry that we're using their body parts as cosmetic items!"
N/A14591"TF_Soldier_Robot_Helmet" "El Cazo de Hojalata"
N/A14592"[english]TF_Soldier_Robot_Helmet" "The Tin Pot"
N/A14593"TF_Soldier_Robot_Helmet_Desc" "Lo mejor de este casco es que puede detener las balas (no, no puede). Míralo, ¡está hecho de metal de robot! ¡Las balas no pueden atravesar el metal de robot! (definitivamente pueden). Realmente no hay manera de que resultes herido llevando este casco (por supuesto que sí)."
N/A14594"[english]TF_Soldier_Robot_Helmet_Desc" "The great thing about this helmet is that it stops bullets (no it doesn't)! Look at it – it's made of robot metal! Bullets can't go through robot metal (they definitely can)! There really is no way you could be harmed while wearing this helmet (there absolutely is)."
N/A14595"TF_Soldier_Robot_Helmet_Style0" "Abollado"
N/A14596"[english]TF_Soldier_Robot_Helmet_Style0" "Battered"
N/A14597"TF_Soldier_Robot_Helmet_Style1" "Reglamentario"
N/A14598"[english]TF_Soldier_Robot_Helmet_Style1" "Standard Issue"
1409914599"TF_Demo_Robot_Grenades" "La Bandolera de Pilas"
1410014600"[english]TF_Demo_Robot_Grenades" "The Battery Bandolier"
1410114601"TF_Demo_Robot_Grenades_Desc" "Por primera vez en la historia, las pilas vienen incluidas con la compra de la Bandolera de Pilas para el Demoman. Porque, bueno, estás comprando pilas. Deberíamos haber dicho, por primera vez en la historia [exceptuando todas esas veces que compraste pilas]."
1410214602"[english]TF_Demo_Robot_Grenades_Desc" "For the first time in history, batteries are included with your purchase of Demo's battery Bandolier. Because, well, you're purchasing batteries. We should have said, for the first time in history [except for all those times you bought batteries]."
N/A14603"TF_Scout_Robot_Cap" "El Corredor Robótico"
N/A14604"[english]TF_Scout_Robot_Cap" "The Robot Running Man"
N/A14605"TF_Scout_Robot_Cap_Desc" "Uno pensaría que esta gorra robótica ralentizaría al Scout, ¡pero no! Es por toda esa leche que bebe. No esperabas que este objeto fuera un sutil anuncio de leche, ¿eh? Hoy estamos llenos de sorpresas. ¡Ya verás cuando te acuestes esta noche! ¡Ayyy madre!"
N/A14606"[english]TF_Scout_Robot_Cap_Desc" "You'd think this robot cap would slow Scout down, but he's actually just as fast! It's all that milk he drinks. You didn't expect this item to be a thinly veiled milk advertisement, did you? We're full of surprises today. Just wait until you try to go to sleep tonight! Ohhh boy!"
N/A14607"TF_Sniper_Robot_Hat" "El Australiano Atornillado"
N/A14608"[english]TF_Sniper_Robot_Hat" "The Bolted Bushman"
N/A14609"TF_Sniper_Robot_Hat_Desc" "Un sombrero dice mucho de quien lo lleva. ¿Fedoras? Misterio, peligro y saber beber. ¿Gorro de cazar venados? Fumar en pipa, sagacidad e inteligencia pura. El Australiano Atornillado mostrará a amigos y enemigos por igual que eres acerado, duro y... que estás lleno de tornillos, supongo. ¿Sabes qué? No todos los sombreros tienen que decir tres cosas sobre ti."
N/A14610"[english]TF_Sniper_Robot_Hat_Desc" "A hat says things about its wearer. Fedoras? Mystery, danger, and hard drinking cool. Deerstalkers? Pipe smoking, cunning, and raw intellect. The Bolted Bushman will show your friends and foes alike that you are steely, hard and… full of bolts we guess. You know what, some hats only need to say two things."
N/A14611"TF_Engineer_Robot_Hat" "La Lata-1000"
N/A14612"[english]TF_Engineer_Robot_Hat" "The Tin-1000"
N/A14613"TF_Engineer_Robot_Hat_Desc" "¿Te molesta la gente mientras intentas trabajar? Pónte la Lata-1000, quédate mirándoles impasivo con tus rojos y vacíos ojos robóticos, y mira cómo retroceden acobardados. Es una buena manera de estrechar tu círculo de amigos, ¡y rápido!"
N/A14614"[english]TF_Engineer_Robot_Hat_Desc" "Are people bothering you while you're trying to work? Just strap on The Tin-1000, stare at them unflinchingly with your soulless, red, robot eyes, and watch as they slink away in terror. It's a great way to thin out your friend circle – fast!"
1410314615"TF_CSGO_AWP" "El AWPa Cabezas"
1410414616"[english]TF_CSGO_AWP" "The AWPer Hand"
1410514617"TF_CSGO_AWP_Desc" "Esta polémica belleza de cerrojo está prohibida en miles de países, y con razón: Puedes herir a alguien de verdad con este trasto."
1410614618"[english]TF_CSGO_AWP_Desc" "This controversial bolt-action beaut is banned in thousands of countries, and with good reason: You could really hurt someone with this thing."
N/A14619"TF_MM_NotCurrentVersionTitle" "Actualización disponible"
N/A14620"[english]TF_MM_NotCurrentVersionTitle" "Update Available"
N/A14621"TF_MM_NotCurrentVersionMessage" "Por favor, reinicia Team Fortress para descargar la última actualización."
N/A14622"[english]TF_MM_NotCurrentVersionMessage" "Please restart Team Fortress to download the latest update."
1410714623"TF_Player_ReadyToggle" "Cambiar estado a listo/no listo"
1410814624"[english]TF_Player_ReadyToggle" "Toggle Player Ready"
N/A14625"TF_Wearable_Bones" "Huesos"
N/A14626"[english]TF_Wearable_Bones" "Bones"
N/A14627"TF_CopHelmet_Style0" "Pacificador"
N/A14628"[english]TF_CopHelmet_Style0" "Peacekeeper"
N/A14629"TF_XCOM_Pyro" "Área 451"
N/A14630"[english]TF_XCOM_Pyro" "Area 451"
N/A14631"TF_DemoBeardPipe" "El Bombardero Barbudo"
N/A14632"[english]TF_DemoBeardPipe" "The Bearded Bombardier"
N/A14633"TF_DemoBeardPipe_Style1" "Formal"
N/A14634"[english]TF_DemoBeardPipe_Style1" "Formal"
N/A14635"TF_HeavyMustacheHat" "El Señor Soviético"
N/A14636"[english]TF_HeavyMustacheHat" "The Soviet Gentleman"
N/A14637"TF_MedicGasMask_Desc" "Como experimento, el Medic de vez en cuando se pone esta máscara, libera un gas inocuo en una habitación y grita \"¡Dios mío, el tanque de veneno ha reventado!\" para ver lo que hace la gente. Hasta ahora, los resultados no han sido concluyentes. Sin embargo, un par de personas han muerto. Eso es interesante."
N/A14638"[english]TF_MedicGasMask_Desc" "As a thought experiment, Medic has taken to wearing this mask, releasing innocuous gas into a room and screaming, \"Dear god – the poison tanker has burst!\" to see what people will do. So far, the tests have been inconclusive. Although, a couple people have died. So that's interesting."
N/A14639"TF_ScoutTrackJacket_Desc" "Durante una breve temporada en el instituto, el Scout se unió al equipo de atletismo en uno de sus muchos planes para ligar con chicas. Le echaron del equipo a los tres días, cuando se dieron cuenta de que tenía 23 años y ni siquiera era de su instituto."
N/A14640"[english]TF_ScoutTrackJacket_Desc" "For a brief stint in high school, Scout joined the track team in one of his many schemes to pick up girls. He was kicked off the team after three days when everyone realized he was 23-years-old and also not enrolled in the school."
N/A14641"TF_SniperPocketKoala" "El Koala Compacto"
N/A14642"[english]TF_SniperPocketKoala" "The Koala Compact"
N/A14643"TF_SniperPocketKoala_Style0" "Gemelos"
N/A14644"[english]TF_SniperPocketKoala_Style0" "Twins"
N/A14645"KillEaterEventType_ScoutsKilled" "Scout Eliminados"
N/A14646"[english]KillEaterEventType_ScoutsKilled" "Scouts Killed"
N/A14647"KillEaterEventType_SapperDestroyed" "Zapadores Destruidos"
N/A14648"[english]KillEaterEventType_SapperDestroyed" "Sappers Removed"
N/A14649"TF_StrangePart_ScoutsKilled" "Pieza Rara: Scout Eliminados"
N/A14650"[english]TF_StrangePart_ScoutsKilled" "Strange Part: Scouts Killed"
N/A14651"TF_StrangePart_SappersDestroyed" "Pieza Rara: Zapadores Destruidos"
N/A14652"[english]TF_StrangePart_SappersDestroyed" "Strange Part: Sappers Destroyed"
N/A14653"TF_Tool_FallKey2012" "Llave Otoñal"
N/A14654"[english]TF_Tool_FallKey2012" "Fall Key"
N/A14655"TF_Tool_FallKey2012_Desc" "Se usa para abrir las Cajas Otoñales .\n\nPasado el 20/9/2012 se transformará en una llave normal."
N/A14656"[english]TF_Tool_FallKey2012_Desc" "Used to open Fall Crates.\n\nAfter 9/20/2012 this will turn into a normal key."
N/A14657"TF_FallCrate2012" "Caja Otoñal"
N/A14658"[english]TF_FallCrate2012" "Fall Crate"