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55275527"[english]TF_DemoStuntHelmet" "Sober Stuntman"
55285528"TF_DemoStuntHelmet_Desc" "黏性炸彈跳躍者的最佳武器。"
55295529"[english]TF_DemoStuntHelmet_Desc" "A sticky-jumper's best friend."
5530N/A"TF_Seuss" "Dr. Seuss 的高塔帽"
N/A5530"TF_Seuss" "蘇斯博士的高塔帽"
55315531"[english]TF_Seuss" "Dr's Dapper Topper"
55325532"TF_PyroBeanie" "安眠睡帽"
55335533"[english]TF_PyroBeanie" "Napper's Respite"
67176717"[english]TF_KF_Pyro_Tie" "Stockbroker's Scarf"
67186718"TF_Horrific_Headsplitter_Desc" "帶著這項頭飾時最好是保持開放的思想。"
67196719"[english]TF_Horrific_Headsplitter_Desc" "When wearing such a piece of headgear it is best to keep an open mind."
6720N/A"TF_TTG_PokerVisor" "攤販的遮陽帽"
N/A6720"TF_TTG_PokerVisor" "撲克遮光帽"
67216721"[english]TF_TTG_PokerVisor" "Dealer's Visor"
67226722"TF_TTG_PokerVisor_Desc" "別想愚弄莎夏。"
67236723"[english]TF_TTG_PokerVisor_Desc" "Do not try to bluff Sasha."
68196819"[english]TF_GermanGonzila" "German Gonzila"
68206820"TF_BuckaroosHat" "西班牙牛仔帽"
68216821"[english]TF_BuckaroosHat" "Buckaroos Hat"
6822N/A"TF_MadameDixie" "Dixie 夫人"
N/A6822"TF_MadameDixie" "迪克西夫人"
68236823"[english]TF_MadameDixie" "Madame Dixie"
68246824"TF_DetectiveNoir" "黑色偵探帽"
68256825"[english]TF_DetectiveNoir" "Détective Noir"
68356835"[english]TF_DefiantSpartan" "Defiant Spartan"
68366836"TF_FestiveTree" "相當歡樂的聖誕樹"
68376837"[english]TF_FestiveTree" "A Rather Festive Tree"
6838N/A"TF_TavishCrown" "Tavish 王子的皇冠"
N/A6838"TF_TavishCrown" "塔維許王子的皇冠"
68396839"[english]TF_TavishCrown" "Prince Tavish's Crown"
68406840"TF_MagnificentMongolian" "宏偉的蒙古人"
68416841"[english]TF_MagnificentMongolian" "Magnificent Mongolian"
68456845"[english]TF_BlightedBeak" "Blighted Beak"
68466846"TF_PyromancersMask" "火術士面具"
68476847"[english]TF_PyromancersMask" "Pyromancer's Mask"
6848N/A"TF_PrancersPride" "Prancer 的驕傲"
N/A6848"TF_PrancersPride" "普倫斯爾的驕傲"
68496849"[english]TF_PrancersPride" "Prancer's Pride"
68506850"TF_BerlinersBucketHelm" "柏林人的騎士頭盔"
68516851"[english]TF_BerlinersBucketHelm" "Berliner's Bucket Helm"
1063710637"[english]TF_HeavyHat2" "The Outdoorsman"
1063810638"TF_HeavyHat2_Desc" "砍伐樹木,吃吃楓糖,住在加拿大。這帽子可讓你都辦得到。"
1063910639"[english]TF_HeavyHat2_Desc" "Chop wood. Eat syrup. Live in Canada. This hat lets you do it all."
10640N/A"TF_DemoHat1" "Tavish 的體驗"
N/A10640"TF_DemoHat1" "塔維許的體驗"
1064110641"[english]TF_DemoHat1" "The Tavish DeGroot Experience"
1064210642"TF_DemoHat1_Desc" "嘿,喬,你想帶着黏彈發射器去哪呢?"
1064310643"[english]TF_DemoHat1_Desc" "Hey, Joe, where you going with that sticky launcher in your hand?"
1216312163"[english]Tip_5_31" "As a Medic, the Overdose increases your speed proportionally to the amount in your ÜberCharge meter! Equip the Overdose when you need to reach the front lines or make a quick escape!"
1216412164"Tip_6_7" "身為 Heavy,使用三明治可治療自己!也可按下 %attack2% 鍵可以將三明治放在地上,讓隊友撿取補充他們的生命值。別擔心,三明治放在地上時會附加一個盤子保持衛生的。"
1216512165"[english]Tip_6_7" "As a Heavy, use your Sandvich to heal up! Use %attack2% to throw it on the ground for friendly players to pick up as health. Don't worry, it comes with a plate to keep it clean."
12166N/A"Tip_6_13" "身為 Heavy,使用狂奔手套時會大幅增加您的移動速度,但生命值也會慢慢地減少。請利用手套的速度加成快速到達前線,或是突擊敵人。"
12167N/A"[english]Tip_6_13" "As a Heavy, the Gloves of Running Urgently increase your speed dramatically but drain your health while in use. Use the speed bonus to quickly reach the frontlines or to ambush enemies."
N/A12166"Tip_6_13" "身為 Heavy,使用狂奔手套時會大幅增加您的移動速度,但使用時必須承受小爆擊傷害。請利用手套的速度加成快速到達前線,或是突擊敵人。"
N/A12167"[english]Tip_6_13" "As a Heavy, the Gloves of Running Urgently increase your speed dramatically but you take mini-crits while using them. Use the speed bonus to quickly reach the frontlines or to ambush enemies."
1216812168"Tip_6_14" "身為 Heavy,黃銅野獸能夠增加對敵人的傷害,但也會減緩熱槍狀態時的移動速度。請在防禦狀態時再裝備黃銅野獸攻擊,要不然您會發現自己很難追上撤退逃跑的敵人。"
1216912169"[english]Tip_6_14" "As a Heavy, the Brass Beast inflicts additional damage but decreases your mobility while in use. Use it when playing defensively, as you will find it more difficult to successfully pursue fleeing enemies."
12170N/A"Tip_6_15" "身為 Heavy,美味巧克力能夠暫時增加您的最大生命值,這能力在戰鬥、或是抵銷狂奔手套的生命值流失問題時會是一項很好的幫助。"
12171N/A"[english]Tip_6_15" "As a Heavy, the Dalokohs Bar's temporary health increase can be a powerful advantage in battle or help offset the health drain of the Gloves of Running Urgently."
N/A12170"Tip_6_15" "身為 Heavy,美味巧克力能夠暫時增加您的最大生命值,這能力在戰鬥時會是一項很好的幫助。"
N/A12171"[english]Tip_6_15" "As a Heavy, the Dalokohs Bar's temporary health increase can be a powerful advantage in battle."
1217212172"Tip_6_16" "身為 Heavy,鐵拳所減少的遠距離武器傷害將能幫助您面對遠方 Sniper 的攻擊。在開闊地區移動時,請拿出鐵拳來保護自己!"
1217312173"[english]Tip_6_16" "As a Heavy, the Fists of Steel's ranged weapon damage reduction helps to counter the threat of enemy Snipers. Use them to protect yourself while moving through open areas!"
1217412174"Tip_6_17" "身為 Heavy,戰士之魂所提高的近戰傷害值,在近距離戰鬥時非常有用。但是其缺點是最大生命值稍微降低,可能會影響您在戰場上的生存時間。"
1248512485"[english]TF_ClaimCode" "Claim Code"
1248612486"TF_CrimeCraftHelmet" "跑衛頭盔"
1248712487"[english]TF_CrimeCraftHelmet" "Bolt Action Blitzer"
12488N/A"TF_CrimeCraftHelmet_Desc" "單膝跪地吧,小子。好的,戴上任何頭盔時它都會保護你的頭部-但當你沒戴的時候呢?光速蒙面盔將利用三個一又四分之一英寸的鍍鋅粗螺紋冠螺栓固定你的頭顱來解決這個問題。先確保頭盔漆上了你最喜歡的顏色,因為你死掉時它會跟你葬在一起啦。"
N/A12488"TF_CrimeCraftHelmet_Desc" "單膝跪地吧,小子。好的,戴上任何頭盔時它都會保護你的頭部-但當你沒戴的時候呢?跑衛頭盔將利用三個一又四分之一英寸的鍍鋅粗螺紋冠螺栓固定你的頭顱來解決這個問題。先確保頭盔漆上了你最喜歡的顏色,因為你死掉時它會跟你葬在一起啦。"
1248912489"[english]TF_CrimeCraftHelmet_Desc" "Take a knee, boys. Now, any helmet will protect your head when you're wearing it – but what about when you're NOT? The Bolt Action Blitzer solves that problem by securing it to your skull with three one-and-a-quarter-inch coarse-thread galvanized crown bolts. Make sure it's in your favorite color, 'cause you WILL be buried in it."
1249012490"TF_EngineerChaps" "德州開襠褲"
1249112491"[english]TF_EngineerChaps" "Texas Half-Pants"
1408114081"[english]TF_PVE_Combo" "COMBO"
1408214082"TF_PVE_Combo_Success" "成功!"
1408314083"[english]TF_PVE_Combo_Success" "SUCCESS!"
14084N/A"TF_PVE_RestoreToCheckpointDetailed" "回到儲存點:所有升級和資金都會回到儲存時的狀態!"
N/A14084"TF_PVE_RestoreToCheckpointDetailed" "回到儲存點:所有升級和資金都會回復為上回合儲存時的狀態!"
1408514085"[english]TF_PVE_RestoreToCheckpointDetailed" "Restoring Checkpoint: All upgrades and credits will be restored to their previous saved state!"
1408614086"TF_PVE_UpgradeTitle" "選擇一項要升級的物品"
1408714087"[english]TF_PVE_UpgradeTitle" "Select an item to upgrade"
1459314593"[english]TF_MM_NotCurrentVersionMessage" "Please restart Team Fortress to download the latest update."
1459414594"TF_Player_ReadyToggle" "切換玩家就緒狀態"
1459514595"[english]TF_Player_ReadyToggle" "Toggle Player Ready"
N/A14596"TF_Wearable_Hair" "假髮"
N/A14597"[english]TF_Wearable_Hair" "Hair"
N/A14598"TF_Wearable_Bones" "骨頭"
N/A14599"[english]TF_Wearable_Bones" "Bones"
N/A14600"TF_CopHelmet_Style0" "和平衛士"
N/A14601"[english]TF_CopHelmet_Style0" "Peacekeeper"
N/A14602"TF_CopHelmet_Style1" "無法無天"
N/A14603"[english]TF_CopHelmet_Style1" "Lawless"
N/A14604"TF_XCOM_Hair" "狡猾招數"
N/A14605"[english]TF_XCOM_Hair" "The Crafty Hair"
N/A14606"TF_XCOM_Hair_Desc" "如果你曾計畫要擊退外星人,那麼這就是你該有的髮型。外星人最怕有稜角、經過嚴密梳理的頭髮,所以他們只要一看到你就會嚇得立刻逃回火星去。或者,我們的說詞完全是錯的,那麼你就會當場慘死。不過不論是哪種結果,你換成這種髮型絕對會變得很潮的。"
N/A14607"[english]TF_XCOM_Hair_Desc" "If you're ever planning on fighting aliens, this is the hair to have. Aliens are afraid of angular, painstakingly coiffed hair, so the mere sight of you will send them running back to Mars. Or, alternatively, we're completely wrong and you're going to die. Either way, though, you're going to look stylin'."
N/A14608"TF_XCOM_Pyro" "451區"
N/A14609"[english]TF_XCOM_Pyro" "Area 451"
N/A14610"TF_XCOM_Pyro_Desc" "如果外星人曾經入侵險惡之地,並且用他們的外星力量將我們的頭變得跟外星人一樣的話,這就是火焰兵起變化之後,超精準且科學的模樣。我們曾試著幫隊伍的其他人製造相似的仿製品,但是當我們完成重裝兵的之後,大部分時間都花在痛哭和嘔吐上而沒辦法把剩下的完成了。"
N/A14611"[english]TF_XCOM_Pyro_Desc" "If aliens ever invaded Badlands and used their special alien powers to make all of our heads look like alien heads, this is a scientifically accurate representation of what Pyro would look like. We tried doing similar mock-ups with the rest of the TF team, but we finished one of Heavy and haven't stopped crying and vomiting long enough to do the other ones."
N/A14612"TF_XCOM_Pin" "外星警戒獎章"
N/A14613"[english]TF_XCOM_Pin" "The Vigilant Pin"
N/A14614"TF_XCOM_Pin_Desc" "這面獎章可向眾人宣告你至少有稍微注意到外星人可能存在的事實。你已經去過某些關於外星人的大會;你曾焦慮地望著天空;你已經看過徵兆好幾次了。如果外星生命體真的出現的話,你就能驕傲地向其他人展示你的獎章,並向眾人表示你早就覺得這一天終將到來。"
N/A14615"[english]TF_XCOM_Pin_Desc" "This pin proudly states to all that you are at least vaguely aware of the possibility that maybe aliens exist. You've been to some of those conventions; you've looked pensively into the sky; you've watched Signs a couple of times. If extraterrestrials ever show up, you can proudly show others this badge and proclaim that you once entertained the possibility that this was maybe going to happen one day. "
N/A14616"TF_ProfessorHair_Style0" "狂熱"
N/A14617"[english]TF_ProfessorHair_Style0" "Manic"
N/A14618"TF_ProfessorHair_Style1" "溫馴"
N/A14619"[english]TF_ProfessorHair_Style1" "Tamed"
N/A14620"TF_BigCountry_Style0" "尼爾森"
N/A14621"[english]TF_BigCountry_Style0" "Nelson"
N/A14622"TF_BigCountry_Style1" "布魯克斯"
N/A14623"[english]TF_BigCountry_Style1" "Brooks"
N/A14624"TF_DemoBeardPipe" "大鬍子炸彈客"
N/A14625"[english]TF_DemoBeardPipe" "The Bearded Bombardier"
N/A14626"TF_DemoBeardPipe_Desc" "爆破兵和聖誕老人早已有許多相似之處:像是他們都對現代爆裂物有著豐富的了解、相當討厭茱蒂.嘉蘭。而現在,他們還多了迷人大鬍子和叼著一根玉米穗煙斗這項共通點。"
N/A14627"[english]TF_DemoBeardPipe_Desc" "Demo is already a lot like Santa Claus. They both have extensive knowledge of modern explosives, they both hate Judy Garland, and now, they can both sport a charming beard and corn cob pipe."
N/A14628"TF_DemoBeardPipe_Style0" "不拘小節"
N/A14629"[english]TF_DemoBeardPipe_Style0" "Whatever"
N/A14630"TF_DemoBeardPipe_Style1" "衣冠楚楚"
N/A14631"[english]TF_DemoBeardPipe_Style1" "Formal"
N/A14632"TF_EngineerPocketCat" "口袋喵咪"
N/A14633"[english]TF_EngineerPocketCat" "The Pocket Purrer"
N/A14634"TF_EngineerPocketCat_Desc" "小知識:貓咪是很棒的工程師唷。不信的話,下次看到貓咪就去問問牠。如果你不會說貓語的話,記住「喵」指的是「那根 G 型縱樑和橫樑上的懸臂樑彎掉了」。貓咪八成會告訴一大串像這樣的建築經喔。"
N/A14635"[english]TF_EngineerPocketCat_Desc" "Little known fact: cats are fantastic engineers. Go ahead and ask about it next time you see one. In case you don't speak feline, \"meow\" means \"that cantilever is deflected over its g-type joist girder.\" It's probably going to say that a lot."
N/A14636"TF_HeavyMustacheHat" "蘇聯大紳士"
N/A14637"[english]TF_HeavyMustacheHat" "The Soviet Gentleman"
N/A14638"TF_HeavyMustacheHat_Desc" "重裝兵是個會耍陰的男人,而任何耍陰的男人都應該為他的陰謀配上八字鬍和一頂好看的帽子。如此一來,人們就會在看到他時興奮地悄聲說道「我想知道他花了多久時間長出那一搓鬍子」或者「你覺得他在帽子下藏了什麼東西?」這類的話。"
N/A14639"[english]TF_HeavyMustacheHat_Desc" "Heavy is a man of intrigue, and every intrigue-man worth his salt deserves a fine hat and moustache to sport. That way, people can excitedly whisper things like: \"I wonder how long it took him to grow that moustache\" and \"what do you think he keeps under his hat?\""
N/A14640"TF_MedicGasMask" "醫護防毒面罩"
N/A14641"[english]TF_MedicGasMask" "Medi-Mask"
N/A14642"TF_MedicGasMask_Desc" "雖然只是個思想實驗,但是醫護兵還是戴上了防毒面具,在房間內釋出了完全無毒的氣體然後叫道「天啊-有毒氣體外洩啦!」並觀察其他人的反應。到目前為止,實驗結果仍無定論。不過有幾個人死掉了。有趣,有趣。"
N/A14643"[english]TF_MedicGasMask_Desc" "As a thought experiment, Medic has taken to wearing this mask, releasing innocuous gas into a room and screaming, \"Dear god – the poison tanker has burst!\" to see what people will do. So far, the tests have been inconclusive. Although, a couple people have died. So that's interesting."
N/A14644"TF_ScoutTrackJacket" "獵豔高手"
N/A14645"[english]TF_ScoutTrackJacket" "The Track Terrorizer"
N/A14646"TF_ScoutTrackJacket_Desc" "在高中的短暫時光中,偵察兵按照他的多個計畫之一,加入了學校專門釣女孩子的團體。不過三天之後他就被踢出團體了,因為其他人發覺他不但已經二十三歲,而且根本就沒有註冊入學過。"
N/A14647"[english]TF_ScoutTrackJacket_Desc" "For a brief stint in high school, Scout joined the track team in one of his many schemes to pick up girls. He was kicked off the team after three days when everyone realized he was 23-years-old and also not enrolled in the school."
N/A14648"TF_SniperPocketKoala" "迷你無尾熊"
N/A14649"[english]TF_SniperPocketKoala" "The Koala Compact"
N/A14650"TF_SniperPocketKoala_Desc" "看著你的敵人察覺到這小小無尾熊時懼怕的臉孔吧!聽聽他們看到小小帽子時的慘叫吧!享受他們語無倫次地講這東西是多麼邪惡地小的時刻吧!但是請注意:你自己可能也無法承受這東西所帶來的恐怖!"
N/A14651"[english]TF_SniperPocketKoala_Desc" "Watch as your enemies quake in fear at the sight of this tiny koala! Hear them scream at his horrifying little hat! Smell them reel in alarm at how deviously small it is! Warning: You may not be able to stand the terror yourself!"
N/A14652"TF_SniperPocketKoala_Style0" "攣生兄弟"
N/A14653"[english]TF_SniperPocketKoala_Style0" "Twins"
N/A14654"TF_SniperPocketKoala_Style1" "又窮又愛"
N/A14655"[english]TF_SniperPocketKoala_Style1" "Poor and Irish"
N/A14656"TF_SoldierWarPig" "戰豚"
N/A14657"[english]TF_SoldierWarPig" "The War Pig"
N/A14658"TF_SoldierWarPig_Desc" "在抱怨遮蔽的視野會影響戰鬥表現之後,火箭兵在頭盔上加裝了一副風鏡,然後再回到戰場奮戰。他的戰鬥表現仍舊沒有起色,但從好的方面想,至少再也不會有人期待他能做到什麼了。"
N/A14659"[english]TF_SoldierWarPig_Desc" "After complaints that obstructed vision was affecting his performance, Soldier slapped some goggles on a helmet and charged back into the fray. His performance did not improve, but on the upside, everyone has stopped expecting anything from him."
N/A14660"TF_SoldierWarPig_Style0" "無拘無束"
N/A14661"[english]TF_SoldierWarPig_Style0" "Uninhibited"
N/A14662"TF_SoldierWarPig_Style1" "顯而易見"
N/A14663"[english]TF_SoldierWarPig_Style1" "Conspicuous"
N/A14664"TF_SpyCardHat" "撲克老千帽"
N/A14665"[english]TF_SpyCardHat" "Hat of Cards"
N/A14666"TF_SpyCardHat_Desc" "「為什麼你們就這麼正大光明地把帽子裡藏的牌抽出來作弊」?你真正該問的是這個:「為什麼你們的刀子會在我的... 肚子裡咧?!」你也有可能會想問:「離這裡最近的醫院在哪?!」還有:「血真的跟人們說的一樣重要嗎?!」"
N/A14667"[english]TF_SpyCardHat_Desc" "Why did we just take one of those cards out of our hats to blatantly cheat at poker? Maybe what you should be asking is this: why are our knives…in your gut?! You might also want to ask: where is the nearest hospital?! And: is blood as important as everyone claims?!"
N/A14668"TF_Pyro_FireworksBag" "隨身煙火組合包"
N/A14669"[english]TF_Pyro_FireworksBag" "The Pyrotechnic Tote"
N/A14670"TF_Pyro_FireworksBag_Desc" "如果你願意相信的話,每一天都可以是七月四日。保持這樣的想法也能幫助你帶著一堆煙火-就跟這美好的煙火包一樣。你可以在人們告訴你不要在休假時吃熱狗喝啤酒然後在公園醉倒時,點燃一堆煙火分散他們的注意力。山姆大叔,這裡不是美國嗎?難道我們沒有酒醉嘔吐在自己鞋子上的自由嗎?"
N/A14671"[english]TF_Pyro_FireworksBag_Desc" "Any day can be the Fourth of July if you just believe. It also helps if you have a bag of fireworks – like the Pyrotechnic Tote - you can set off to distract people when they try to tell you that you can’t take the day off to eat hot dogs and get drunk at the park. Is this not America, Samuel? Do we not have the freedom to vomit in our own shoes?"
N/A14672"KillEaterEventType_ScoutsKilled" "殺死 Scout 數"
N/A14673"[english]KillEaterEventType_ScoutsKilled" "Scouts Killed"
N/A14674"KillEaterEventType_InvisibleSpiesKilled" "殺死隱形 Spy 數"
N/A14675"[english]KillEaterEventType_InvisibleSpiesKilled" "Cloaked Spies Killed"
N/A14676"KillEaterEventType_SapperDestroyed" "破壞器移除數"
N/A14677"[english]KillEaterEventType_SapperDestroyed" "Sappers Removed"
N/A14678"TF_StrangePart_ScoutsKilled" "奇異零件:殺死 Scout 計數器"
N/A14679"[english]TF_StrangePart_ScoutsKilled" "Strange Part: Scouts Killed"
N/A14680"TF_StrangePart_ScoutsKilled_Desc" "將這個奇異零件裝到奇異武器上,可以記錄玩家用這把武器殺死了多少名 Scout。"
N/A14681"[english]TF_StrangePart_ScoutsKilled_Desc" "Adding this Strange Part to a Strange-quality weapon will enable it to track the number of Scouts you kill with that weapon."
N/A14682"TF_StrangePart_InvisibleSpyKills" "奇異零件:殺死隱形 Spy 計數器"
N/A14683"[english]TF_StrangePart_InvisibleSpyKills" "Strange Part: Cloaked Spies Killed"
N/A14684"TF_StrangePart_InvisibleSpyKills_Desc" "將這個奇異零件裝到奇異武器上,可以記錄玩家用這把武器殺死了多少名隱形的 Spy。"
N/A14685"[english]TF_StrangePart_InvisibleSpyKills_Desc" "Adding this Strange Part to a Strange-quality weapon of your choice will enable it to track the number of spies you kill while they're invisible."
N/A14686"TF_StrangePart_SappersDestroyed" "奇異零件:摧毀破壞器計數器"
N/A14687"[english]TF_StrangePart_SappersDestroyed" "Strange Part: Sappers Destroyed"
N/A14688"TF_StrangePart_SappersDestroyed_Desc" "將這個奇異零件裝到奇異武器上,可以記錄玩家用這把武器摧毀了多少個破壞器。"
N/A14689"[english]TF_StrangePart_SappersDestroyed_Desc" "Adding this Strange Part to a Strange-quality weapon of your choice will enable it to track the number of enemy sappers you destroy with it."
N/A14690"TF_Tool_FallKey2012" "紅葉之鑰"
N/A14691"[english]TF_Tool_FallKey2012" "Fall Key"
N/A14692"TF_Tool_FallKey2012_Desc" "專門用來開啟秋季補給箱的鑰匙。\n\n2012年9月20日過後就會變回普通鑰匙。"
N/A14693"[english]TF_Tool_FallKey2012_Desc" "Used to open Fall Crates.\n\nAfter 9/20/2012 this will turn into a normal key."
N/A14694"TF_FallCrate2012" "秋季補給箱"
N/A14695"[english]TF_FallCrate2012" "Fall Crate"
N/A14696"TF_FallCrate2012_Desc" "這箱子裡面的內容物是未知數,且只有\n紅葉之鑰打得開。\n\n從裡面可感覺到社群散發的氣息。\n\n過了2012年9月20日後這箱子就會消失。"
N/A14697"[english]TF_FallCrate2012_Desc" "This crate's contents are unknown and only\nFall Keys fit the lock.\n\nA sense of community can be felt emanating from the inside.\n\nAfter 9/20/2012 this crate will disappear."