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Basic information
Native language: Español, English
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Sniper
Favourite weapons: Awper hand
Contact information
Steam page: adscolmenares1999

Tal vez soy un F2P, y no tengo dinero para comprar nada, pero no me interesa tío...yo soy feliz.

Hello, I am ADSColmenares1999, but you can call me ADSC99. I´m a Venezuelan guy who likes to play so much FPS games, and my favorite is Team Fortress 2.

I speak spanish, which is my native language, and i know a lot of english, and i like to help to my friends and the new people in the games. I love crafting, practice, and my favorite class is the Sniper. In this page, I am going to help to translate from english to spanish, that is my mission.

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