Space Inkvader

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Are you ready kids?
Painty the Pirate
Space Inkvader
Basic information
Icon: Leaderboard class soldier.png or Leaderboard class engineer.png
(Type ): Something
Gender: Yes
Health: 150
Speed: 100%
Birth place: Somewhere
Native language: English
Age: Old
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Soldier and Engineer
Favourite maps: Badwater Basin
Favourite weapons: Shotgun
Favourite hats: Engineer's Cap
Contact information
Steam page: It's around here.

Backpack Tuxxy.png

The Tuxxy 

  1. 31
    Level 9 Tuxedo
    Crafted by Space Inkvader
    The carpets will run red with enemy blood thanks to this dapper Second Annual Saxxy Awards ensemble.

It's like jeez, why don't you just pick a name and stay with it?