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Apocalypse Rising is a custom gamemode for Team Fortress 2 created by Gideon Seymour. It is a four player co-op mode that pits players against zombies.


Apocalypse Rising, by default, has support for 3 maps: Upward, Process, and Kong King. The gamemode is activated by executing "base.cfg" and loading any of the 3 maps, or one that has had support added by the user. When the map is loaded, puppet bots join the Red team to prevent players from joining the wrong team. The players can be any class, however, there may only be one of each class at a time. The players are then told to complete the original objective of the map, such as pushing the cart on Upward or capturing the control points on Process.

Along with this, there are also several factors that add to the difficulty of the gamemode. Zombies spawn in groups of 6 every 20 seconds, and are the main obstacle of the gamemode. These zombies can be killed like regular players, and will attempt to attack and kill the members of the Blu team. When the normal zombies are killed, 3 small zombies will spawn in their place. Another factor is that each player only has one life per round.


The original release video can be found here.


  • Apocalypse Rising was released in three places at once, in the Team Fortress 2 community hub, the TF2 subreddit, and on
  • The creator has hinted at creating a boss fight on an arena map.