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(Rough, rough, draft; open for comment)

Under this Community topics notability assessment project, all preexisting custom maps are systematically assessed for notability according to the Team Fortress Wiki:Community topics notability guidelines (Policy).

Project Objectives

Project Objectives
Assess notability keep/remove assessment of all present Community topic pages. Pictogram cross.png Not done
Complete tags and documentation of kept Community topic pages. Pictogram cross.png Not done
​Remove non-notable Community topics from the Main Space; and, remove non-notable Community topic pages from Main Space categories; possibly requiring modification to common templates. Pictogram cross.png Not done

Notice Board

Notice Board
As quickly as practical, tag the Community topics pages we broadly agree to keep as "keep" (notable) and delete the ones we broadly agree to delete. With this done:

1) Editors can fix the style and quality issues of the ones we keep without concern of the effort being "wasted". The question of notability should no longer delay application of style and qualify.
2) The presence of wildly non-notable pages no longer interpreted as a permission slip to add more.
3) The project may then focus on the "middle ground" where opinions of notability need some resolution.

Project Tasks

Project Tasks
Field open issues with the Policy. Pictogram cross.png Not done
Confirm and establish the Category tree. Pictogram tick.png Done Category:Community topics
Confirm the notability tags. Pictogram wait.png Ongoing Pending Policy approval.
Tag and Form lists of all present Community topics pages for assessment, prioritizing Maps and Events.
A list of all (maps at least) Custom topics is needed. Something along this line was created here: Custom map study 2020 (it may be out-of-date)
Pictogram cross.png Not done
Group similar Community topics pages for collective assessment. Pictogram cross.png Not done
Open discussions in individual subpages of Team Fortress Wiki talk:Community topics notability assessment project. Pictogram cross.png Not done


List of Assessment Records
Community event assessments Pictogram wait.png Ongoing
Custom map assessments Pictogram cross.png Not done


See Tags.

Non-Notability (Delete) tag instructions

This presently describes a process different from the broad assessments process and requires resolution.

Process for applying notability Delete tags to Community topics:

  • Remember, deleting any page for any reason page is a process; Tag the page, discuss the tag, close the discussion. The result is not required to be deletion. Consensus should determine results, keep, delete, move, improve, etc.
  • If you feel the topic does not meet the Notability requirements for inclusion in this wiki, then locate or create the Notability section in the topic's Talk page and state the case, and Delete-tag the page for potential non-notability.
  • Deletion for non-notability should have that reason stated; e.g., "This Community topic page is nominated for deletion for lack of notability. Please, discuss under the Notability topic for the page."

Past discussions

The main issue is the needed policy for inclusion/exclusion of Custom maps


A catalog of resources for measuring popularity of Community maps
Measurably precise to the Valve community server list; but, it has been suggested that there is a large amount of community servers (hosting community content) that cannot be measured by the Valve community server list. This is to say, rather than overstating the influence of Community content on Community servers, actually may understate activity on Community servers.
An inventory of all maps in the Custom category at that time. There was a surprising amount of low-notability maps in place since around 2011.

Category Tree