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um, I don't know how to make this look better, so you can have this super "100% not communist spy" - only "'merica's patreot" page.

and here is ultrahd profile picture:
User TheDanWolfy MedicLoadout.png

TALK page alert!

INTRUDER ALERT!! the next one i stole from meet the spy

Video transcript

The things that communists call tickets for food

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“Zat, vas doctah assisted homicide!”
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sounds of the 80s!
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hey, ya got out of this mess, so here's some funfacts!

fun fact number one: earth isn't round (and it isn't flat, ya knucklehead) fun fact number two: I started translating TF2 wiki, only because it is my hobby fun fact nubmer з: "that nubmer is more then two, and less then four?" (c) Gabe "GabeN" Newell fun fact nubmer 4: Have you ever watched surreal memes, I guess I like them now, so every orang-fan pllease unsubscribe fun fact nubmer V: onions smell bad fun fact number VI: you can participate by writing your very cool and good fun facts


:cactus: oh no, there is nothing here, maybe you should check it sometime later?