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Public Speaker's paint variant pics.

Gabrielwoj (talkcontribs)

Hi, it's me again. Again, good job on your recent paint variant pics, as well class/infobox images, I've seen yours.

I'm here to ask you to re-do the Public Speaker's paint variants on the BLU team. You see, you've forgot to switch the Soldier's team to BLU when doing the BLU team paints, so even on the BLU team, the Soldier is wearing the RED team's helmet.

If you could fix that, that would be awesome.

Good job on your paint variant pics.

Summary by Mln

Thank you, Just happy to contribute. Fixed it just now and changed the blue variant of all the team colored painted ones since they were mixed up.

Gabrielwoj (talkcontribs)

Just came here to say this, the only thing I have to note is that your El Zapateador default RED and BLU pictures are facing differently than the rest of the paint variant table, I suggest remaking them in the same pose you used for all the other paints. You don't need to re-do all paints again, just default RED and BLU ones.

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