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Wiretap main.jpg
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
Version: Beta 1
Release date: January 22, 2010
Last updated: May 6, 2010
Developer(s): Aeon ":void" Bollig
Link(s): TF2maps.com
Map Info
Environment: Desert/Spytech
Setting: Dusk, cloudy
Map Overview
Wiretap overview.png

Wiretap is a community-made Capture the Flag map created for the TF2Maps.net Competitive CTF Contest. It placed 5th overall with 73 points, tying it with Cloudburst. The map is themed around espionage, and the two teams are attempting to retrieve recordings of each other in the form of the Intelligence, modeled as a tapedeck.

Update history

Alpha I - VIII

Alpha IX

  • Revised middle overlook of the Intelligence room
  • Replaced handrails of high overlook in Intelligence room with glass
  • Raised Spawn times to 8 seconds
  • Various Detailing
  • Various Clipping

Alpha X

  • Expanded Vent side room, added small ammo
  • Added cover to high battlements
  • Added cover to lower battlements
  • In-Development Detailing
  • Further Optimization
  • Further Clipping
  • Added Soundscapes
  • Broke Sightlines

Alpha XI

  • Revised and detailed Lobbies
  • Raised displacements alongside Bridge
  • Changed area beneath Intelligence stairs
  • Vast detailing
  • Vast clipping
  • Easter eggs

Beta I

  • Full Detail Pass
  • Optimization
  • Clipping
  • 3D Skybox
  • 16 Audio Reels scattered throughout the map


  • The custom Intelligence model is a reel-to-reel audio recording device.
  • A wiretap is "the practice of connecting a listening device to a telephone line to secretly monitor a conversation" [1].



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