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#REDIRECT [[Taunts/fi#Erikoispilkat]] {{R lang|fi}}
[[Image:Scouttaunt3.PNG|right|350px|Scout pilkkaamassa Maila käytössä.]]
{{Quotation|'''[[Scout/fi|Scoutin]]''' viimeiset sanat vihaiselle [[Heavy/fi|Heavylle]]|Hei, mikset sanoo suoraan naamalle, kovis?|sound=Scout taunts03.wav|en-sound=yes}}
Jotkin erikoispilkat tunnetaan myös nimellä "Tappopilkat" tai "Hyökkäyspilkat", sillä ne tuottavat 400+ [[damage/fi|vahinkoa]] ja niillä on kyky tappaa jokainen vihollinen yhdestä iskusta (lukuunottamatta [[Armageddon/fi|Armageddonia]] tai [[Execution/fi|Teloitusta]], jotka voivat tuottaa maksimissaan 400 vahinkoa, mikä ei riitä tappamaan täysin [[overheal/fi|yliparannettua]] [[Heavy/fi|Heavyä]]).
{| class="wikitable grid"
! class="header" | Class
! class="header" | Kill Taunt
! class="header" | Kill Icons
! class="header" | Weapons
! class="header" | Damage
! class="header" | Duration
! class="header" | Details
| align="center" | {{Class link|Scout|br=yes}}
| align="center" | {{Table icon|Home Run}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Home Run}}
| align="center" | [[Sandman]]<br/>[[Atomizer]]
| align="center" | 500 (Välitön tappo)
| align="center" | 5 seconds
| align="center" | Saa vihollisen lentämään <BR> Hitain tappopilkka
| rowspan=2 align="center" | {{Class link|Soldier|br=yes}}
| rowspan="2" align="center"| {{Table icon|Kamikaze}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Kamikaze}}
| rowspan=2 align="center" | [[Equalizer]]<br/>[[Escape Plan]]
| rowspan=2 align="center" | 500 (Välitön tappo)
| rowspan=2 align="center" | 4 seconds
| rowspan=2 align="center" | 6 jalan tappoalue<br/>Tappaa pelaajan suoritettua. <br/>Tuhoaa [[buildings/fi|rakennuksia]]
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Holy Hand Grenade}}<br /><small>'''([[Lumbricus Lid/fi|Lumbricus Lid]])'''</small>
| rowspan="4" align="center" | {{Class link|Pyro|br=yes}}
| align="center" | {{Table icon|Hadouken}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Hadouken}}
| align="center" | [[Shotgun]]<br/>[[Flare Gun]]<br/>[[Detonator]]<br/>[[Reserve Shooter]]<br/>[[Manmelter]]
| align="center" |  500 (Välitön tappo)
| align="center" |  3 seconds
| align="center" |  Kills with [[fire]] effect<br />Can kill more than one opponent at once <br/>Slightly slower than [[Showdown]]<br/>Destroys [[buildings]] <br/>Knocks enemy back a few feet
| rowspan=2 align="center" | {{Table icon|Armageddon}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Armageddon}}
| rowspan=2 align="center" | [[Rainblower]]
| rowspan=2 align="center" |  400 (damage halved for every subsequent enemy hit)<br/>60 (afterburn)
| rowspan=2 align="center" |  5 seconds
| rowspan=2 align="center" |  Deals heavy damage with [[fire]] effect within 6ft radius<br />Applies afterburn<br />Slight knockback
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Rainblower}}<br /><small>'''([[Afterburn]])'''</small>
| align="center" | {{Table icon|Execution}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Scorch shot}}
| align="center" | [[Scorch Shot]]
| align="center" |  400 (Close range)<br/>15 (Medium to long range)
| align="center" |  4 seconds
| align="center" |  Deals heavy damage with [[fire]] effect at point blank or close range<br />At longer ranges or on miss  it will act like a normal flare<br/>Consumes ammo
| align="center" | {{Class link|Demoman|br=yes}}
| align="center" | {{Table icon|Decapitation}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Decapitation}}
| align="center" | [[Eyelander]]<br/>[[Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker]]<br/>[[Claidheamh Mòr]]<br/>[[Half-Zatoichi]]<br/>[[Persian Persuader]]<br/>[[Nessie's Nine Iron]]
| align="center" |  500 (Instant kill)
| align="center" |  5 seconds
| align="center" |  Adds a head to the killer's head count when wielding the [[Eyelander]], [[Nessie's Nine Iron]], and the [[Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker]]. <br/> Counts as an honourable kill with the [[Half-Zatoichi]] and allows you to sheath the weapon
| align="center" | {{Class link|Heavy|br=yes}}
| align="center" | {{Table icon|Showdown|}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Showdown}}
| align="center" | [[Fists]]<br/>[[Saxxy]]<br/>[[Apoco-Fists]]<br/>[[Holiday Punch]]
| align="center" |  400-500 (Instant kill)
| align="center" |  3 seconds
| align="center" |  Has medium range and a wide bullet spread<br/>Fastest kill taunt
| rowspan="2" align="center" | {{Class link|Engineer|br=yes}}
| align="center" | {{Table icon|Dischord}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Dischord}}
| align="center" | [[Frontier Justice]]
| align="center" |  500 (Instant kill)
| align="center" |  4 seconds
| align="center" |  Will smash the target's head in, so it appears their neck has been broken
| align="center" | {{Table icon|Organ Grinder}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Organ Grinder}}
| align="center" | [[Gunslinger]]
| align="center" |  1 per hit <br> (Stun, 14 fast hits) <br> 500 (Instant kill)
| align="center" |  4 seconds
| align="center" |  [[Gibs]] the opponent if they were killed by the final blow, [[ragdoll]]s if killed by the spinning
| align="center" | {{Class link|Medic|br=yes}}
| align="center" | {{Table icon|Spinal Tap}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Spinal Tap}}
| align="center" | [[Ubersaw]]
| align="center" |  1 (Swing, stun effect)<br/>500 (Instant kill)
| align="center" |  4 seconds approx
| align="center" |  Initial stab has stun effect (1 damage, adds 25% to [[ÜberCharge]] meter), followed by the killing Ubersaw removal (adds 75% to [[ÜberCharge]] meter, 100% in whole)
| align="center" | {{Class link|Sniper|br=yes}}
| align="center" | {{Table icon|Skewer}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Skewer}}
| align="center" | [[Huntsman]]
| align="center" |  None (Stab, stun effect)<br/>500 (Instant kill)
| align="center" |  4 seconds 
| align="center" |  Arrow stab with stun effect, followed by arrow removal, causing death<br/>Moving target may keep moving after stab for 0.1 seconds, allowing time to get out of the arrow removal radius<br/>Stun lasts longer than time it takes to complete taunt, making it possible to skew again if target dodges removal
| align="center" | {{Class link|Spy|br=yes}}
| align="center" | {{Table icon|Fencing}}
| align="center" | {{Icon killicon|weapon=Fencing}}
| align="center" | [[Knife]]<br/>[[Your Eternal Reward]]<br/>[[Conniver's Kunai]]<br/>[[Saxxy]]<br/>[[Big Earner]]<br/>[[Wanga Prick]]<br/> [[Black Rose]]
| align="center" |  50 (Swings)<br/>500 (Instant kill)
| align="center" |  5 seconds
| align="center" |  Two swings followed by a killing thrust<br/>Can kill more than one opponent in a single thrust<br/>Destroys buildings
== Related achievements ==
==={{Class link|Scout}}===
{{Show achievement|Scout|Out of the Park|width=50%}}
==={{Class link|Soldier}}===
{{Achievement table
| col1 =
{{Show achievement|Soldier|Gore-a! Gore-a! Gore-a!}}
{{Show achievement|Soldier|Spray of Defeat}}
| col2 =
{{Show achievement|Soldier|Worth a Thousand Words}}
==={{Class link|Pyro}}===
{{Achievement table
| col1 =
{{Show achievement|Pyro|Dance Dance Immolation}}
{{Show achievement|Pyro|Got A Light?}}
{{Show achievement|Pyro|Full Spectrum Warrior}}
| col2 =
{{Show achievement|Pyro|Freezer Burn}}
{{Show achievement|Pyro|OMGWTFBBQ}}
==={{Class link|Demoman}}===
{{Achievement table
| col1 =
{{Show achievement|Demoman|Bloody Merry}}
{{Show achievement|Demoman|Second Eye}}
| col2 =
{{Show achievement|Demoman|Scotch Tap}}
==={{Class link|Heavy}}===
{{Achievement table
| col1 =
{{Show achievement|Heavy|Konspicuous Konsumption}}
{{Show achievement|Heavy|Show Trial}}
| col2 = {{Show achievement|Heavy|Photostroika}}
==={{Class link|Engineer}}===
{{Achievement table
| col1 = {{Show achievement|Engineer|Six String Stinger}}
| col2 = {{Show achievement|Engineer|Honky Tonk Man}}
==={{Class link|Medic}}===
{{Show achievement|Medic|Autopsy Report|width=50%}}
==={{Class link|Sniper}}===
{{Achievement table
| col1 =
{{Show achievement|Sniper|Be Polite}}
{{Show achievement|Sniper|The Last Wave}}
| col2 = {{Show achievement|Sniper|Shafted}}
==={{Class link|Spy}}===
{{Achievement table
| col1 = {{Show achievement|Spy|For Your Eyes Only}}
| col2 = {{Show achievement|Spy|The Man From P.U.N.C.T.U.R.E.}}
===[[File:Tf2arrcamera.png|20px|link=Replay Achievements]] [[Replay achievements]]===
{{Show achievement|Replay|Star Of My Own Show|width=50%}}
== Update history ==
{{Update history | '''{{Patch name|11|20|2007}}'''
* Fixed taunt [[exploit]].
'''{{Patch name|4|29|2008}}''' ([[Gold Rush Update]])
* {{Undocumented}} Added sounds to the Medic's melee taunt if he is using the [[Ubersaw]].
'''{{Patch name|6|19|2008}}''' ([[Pyro Update]])
* Hadouken taunt now kills people it hits.
'''{{Patch name|7|8|2008}}'''
* Fixed broken [[Medi Gun]] taunt.
'''{{Patch name|8|19|2008}}''' ([[Heavy Update|A Heavy Update]])
* {{Undocumented}} The Heavy's Showdown becomes a taunt attack.
* {{Undocumented}} Added a taunt used by the [[Killing Gloves of Boxing]].
'''{{Patch name|2|16|2009}}'''
* Demoman's bottle taunt has received a 'burp' sound.
'''{{Patch name|2|24|2009}}''' ([[Scout Update]])
* {{Undocumented}} Added Home Run taunt for the [[Sandman]].
'''{{Patch name|2|25|2009}}'''
* Fixed the BONK!! particles appearing in the air when the bat's taunt kill is used on a target.
'''{{Patch name|5|21|2009}}''' ([[Sniper vs. Spy Update]])
* Demomen can now detonate their stickies while taunting.
* Added a taunt for the [[Kritzkrieg]], which also heals for 10 points.
* {{Undocumented}} The Spy's Fencing becomes a taunt attack.
* {{Undocumented}} Added Skewer taunt for the [[Huntsman]].
* {{Undocumented}} Added "Spycrab" taunt to the [[Disguise Kit]]
'''{{Patch name|6|25|2009}}'''
* Fixed [[Dead Ringer]] damage reduction exploit involving Spy taunting.
'''{{Patch name|8|31|2009}}'''
* Fixed the Hadouken killing Scouts that had used [[Bonk! Atomic Punch]] when contacted.
'''{{Patch name|9|15|2009}}'''
* Eating a [[Sandvich]] using the taunt method now heals a Heavy to full health.
'''{{Patch name|10|14|2009}}'''
* Fixed being able to eat your Sandvich (via taunt) and drop it in the same frame.
'''{{Patch name|10|29|2009}}''' ([[Haunted Halloween Special]])
* {{Undocumented}} Added Thriller taunt for all classes.
'''{{Patch name|12|7|2009}}'''
* Fixed the Heavy's fists being hidden while taunting.
'''{{Patch name|12|17|2009}}''' ([[WAR! Update]])
* {{Undocumented}} Added taunts used by the [[Direct Hit]], [[Equalizer]] and [[Eyelander]].
* {{Undocumented}} Replaced the Soldier's [[Shotgun]] taunt with a 21 Gun Salute taunt. The previous taunt was given to the [[Buff Banner]].
* {{Undocumented}} Added unused "Hi-five" taunts for the Soldier and Demoman.
* {{Undocumented}} Added unused "Bottle showoff" taunt for the Demoman.
'''{{Patch name|12|18|2009}}'''
* Fixed a server crash caused by the Demoman's taunt kill.
'''{{Patch name|1|13|2010}}'''
* Added Medic Ubersaw kill taunt.
'''{{Patch name|7|8|2010}}''' ([[Engineer Update]])
* {{Undocumented}} Added taunts used by the [[Frontier Justice]] and [[Gunslinger]].
* {{Undocumented}} Added unused "Hi-five" and "Guitar playing" taunts for the Engineer.
'''{{Patch name|8|26|2010}}'''
* Fixed the [[Lumbricus Lid]] not playing the correct sound during the Equalizer taunt.
'''{{Patch name|9|30|2010}}''' ([[Mann-Conomy Update]])
* {{Undocumented}} Fixed taunt glitch involving switching weapons quickly.
* {{Undocumented}} Added unused "Hi-five" taunts for the Scout, Pyro, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, and Spy.
* {{Undocumented}} Updated the "Hi-five" taunts of the Soldier and Demoman.
* {{Undocumented}} Removed the Engineer's "Hi-five" and "guitar playing" taunts from the game files.
'''{{Patch name|11|19|2010}}'''
* Added the original Ubersaw taunt to the [[Vita-Saw]].
'''{{Patch name|1|3|2011}}'''
* Fixed an exploit causing the [[Amputator]] to heal teammates non-stop with the [[Medicating Melody]] taunt.
'''{{Patch name|3|15|2011}}'''
* Fixed the Soldier/Demoman taunts not working correctly when the [[Half-Zatoichi]] is the active weapon.
'''{{Patch name|4|14|2011}}''' ([[Hatless Update]])
*{{Undocumented}} The Spinal Tap taunt now fills the ÜberCharge meter completely.
'''{{Patch name|5|5|2011}}''' ([[Replay Update]])
* Added taunt: [[Director's Vision]].
* {{Undocumented}} Added voice responses to the Kamikaze, Skewer, Oktoberfest, and Spinal Tap taunts.
* {{Undocumented}} Added the Engineer's "Hi-five" taunt back into the game files.
* {{Undocumented}} Added an unused "show" taunt for the Heavy.
'''{{Patch name|6|3|2011}}'''
* Added community contributed response rules to various taunts.
* {{Undocumented}} Added the Decapitation taunt to the [[Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker]] and [[Claidheamh Mòr]].
* {{Undocumented}} Removed the Demoman's taunt from the [[Pain Train]].
'''{{Patch name|6|8|2011}}'''
* {{Undocumented}} Added unused laughing taunt for the Soldier, Demoman, Heavy, Medic, and Sniper.
'''{{Patch name|6|23|2011}}''' ([[Über Update]])
* Added taunts: [[Meet the Medic]] and [[Schadenfreude]].
* {{undocumented}} Added laughing taunts to the Scout, Pyro, Engineer, and Spy.
'''{{Patch name|7|1|2011}}'''
* {{undocumented}} Added the Home Run taunt for the [[Atomizer]].
'''{{Patch name|7|20|2011}}'''
* {{Undocumented}} Added the Cocksure taunt, used by the [[Cow Mangler 5000]].
* {{Undocumented}} Added an unused "show" taunt for the Soldier.
'''{{Patch name|7|22|2011}}'''
* {{Undocumented}} The Soldier is no longer able to taunt while the Cow Mangler 5000 is charging.
'''{{Patch name|8|23|2011}}'''
* Fixed supply closets regenerating players while they are taunting.
'''{{Patch name|10|13|2011}}''' ([[Manniversary Update & Sale]])
* Added taunt: [[High-five]].
* Added "tf_allow_taunt_switch". Set to 0 for disallowed (default behavior), 1 for old bug behavior, or 2 to allow weapon switching any time during the taunt.
Taunting with the [[Righteous Bison]], [[Battalion's Backup]], or the [[Saxxy]] now play the Buff Banner taunt
* Taunting with the [[Pain Train]] or the Saxxy as Demoman now plays the same taunt as the [[Grenade Launcher]].
* Taunting with the Saxxy as Medic plays the Medi Gun taunt.
* Added a taunt for The [[Ullapool Caber]] ("Bottle showoff" taunt).
'''{{Patch name|10|17|2011}}'''
* Fixed high five taunts applying the wielded weapon's taunt effect.
'''{{Patch name|11|2|2011}}'''
* Added a taunt for the [[Item sets#Soldier 5|Tin Soldier]] set.
'''{{Patch name|11|22|2011}}'''
* Added a taunt for the [[Item sets#Heavy 3|FrankenHeavy]] set.
'''{{Patch name|12|16|2011}}'''
* Fixed a problem that would allow Pyro 'Mmmph' to activate in the air without taunting with the [[Phlogistinator]].
* Fixed an exploit with The Eureka Effect's taunt where the effects could activate without taunting in high-lag situations.
* Fixed an exploit with the Phlogistinator where the effects could activate without taunting in high-lag situations.
'''{{Patch name|6|27|2012}}''' ([[Pyromania Update]])
* Added the [[Armageddon]] taunt used by the [[Rainblower]].
* Added the [[Execution]] taunt used by the [[Scorch Shot]].
'''{{Patch name|7|2|2012}}'''
* Fixed an exploit where the Scorch Shot could fire its short range kill pellet at the very beginning of the taunt.
'''{{Patch name|7|5|2012}}'''
* Fixed the Armageddon taunt attacking players through walls.
'''{{Patch name|9|6|2012}}'''
* Fixed The [[Escape Plan]] not using the same taunt as The Equalizer.
'''{{Patch name|12|20|2012}}''' ([[Mecha Update]])
* Added map stamp effect after a player taunts on a map they have donated towards.
'''{{Patch name|1|8|2013}}'''
* Fixed being able to cross into enemy spawn rooms using the high-five taunt.
'''{{Patch name|2|18|2013}}'''
* Added taunt: [[Shred Alert]].
'''{{Patch name|2|28|2013}}'''
* Updated some of the animations for the Shred Alert taunt.
* Fixed a client crash when attempting to fire the flamethrower while coming out of a taunt.
* Fixed The Phlogistinator’s Mmmmph particle effect getting stuck on after performing a taunt.
'''{{Patch name|11|6|2013}}'''
* Fixed taunts with a special purpose being overridden by the Halloween taunt.
'''{{Patch name|12|20|2013}}'''
* The [[Beggar's Bazooka]] has been updated to use the same taunt as The [[Direct Hit]].
* Fixed an [[exploit]] where players could move around while using a [[taunt]] to attack enemies
* Fixed an exploit related to the [[Rocket Jumper]] and the Soldier's [[Kamikaze|grenade taunt]]
* Fixed [[Strange Parts|Taunt Kills Strange]] scores not incrementing properly for the Strange [[Scorch Shot]]
'''{{Patch name|1|23|2014}}'''
* Fixed the [[Meet the Medic (taunt)|Meet the Medic taunt]] not releasing doves during the taunt
* Updated the Short Circuit to use the [[Engineer]]'s melee taunt
* Updated The [[Scotsman's Skullcutter]] to use the [[Demoman]]'s secondary taunt
** Uses the [[Grenade Launcher]] taunt, which is mechanically the Demoman's secondary weapon despite its placement in his primary slot.
* {{undocumented}} New "dosido" taunt animations were added for the [[Heavy]] and the [[Spy]]. [http://www.anthal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/spy_dosido.gif.gif][http://www.anthal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/heavy_dosido.gif]
** One of the Spy's other unused animations has returned. [http://www.anthal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/spy_buyalife.gif]
'''{{Patch name|2|11|2014}}'''
* Fixed taunts not previewing in the character loadout screen after being equipped
* Fixed the High-Five! taunt not hiding the Engineer's weapon}}
== Bugs ==
* Some Kill taunts are affected by [[Damage#Distance and randomness modifier|random damage spread]] and have a chance of not dealing 450+ damage, meaning an overhealed [[Heavy]] has a possibility of surviving a Kill taunt.
* Occasionally, a player may reload their active weapon while taunting, in cases where the weapon automatically reloads (such as if auto-reload is enabled or if the weapon's clip is empty).
* Running towards of a ledge or cliff and taunting as the player falls off will result in the taunt being interrupted, yet the player will finish the taunt animation. This will also occur if the player is knocked into the air while taunting.
* If the server variable <code>tf_allow_taunt_switch</code> is set to 1 or 2, the effects of [[lunchbox]] items are not applied to the player if they are activated by taunting, as the game automatically switches the player's weapons during the consumption animation instead of after the animation has completed. However, the item is considered "consumed" and the player must wait for it to recharge before using it again.
** Using primary fire to consume such an item does not cause this to occur.
* It is sometimes possible to perform a Kill taunt while the player's model is facing the opposite direction. This can be done by quickly turning before performing a taunt; the player's model will be facing one direction, while the Kill taunt's effects occur in a different direction.
* If a taunt is done and the taunter is killed while performing it, the sounds and effects that are made may continue to play even if the player is dead.
== Trivia ==
*If a player enables <code>tf_allow_taunt_switch 2</code> on a server, then taunts with any [[Pyro]] weapon and switch to the [[Rainblower]] while taunting, the Pyro will, instead of the Rainblower itself, have a bubble wand in his hand.
== References ==
== See also ==
*[[Voice commands]]
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