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Suositeltu artikkeli — Mann vs. Masiina -päivitys
The Mann vs. Machine Update was a major content update that introduced a new co-op game mode and map. The update was announced on August 13, 2012, followed by daily reveals until its release on August 15, 2012.

In the newly added Mann vs. Machine game mode, a team of up to six players attempt to prevent a horde of AI-controlled robot versions of the mercs from carrying a bomb to their base.

Mann vs. Masiina -päivitys

Jatka lukemista – Suositeltu artikkeli -projekti – Aiemmin suositeltu
Tiesitkö, että…
  • ...that the End of the Line Update update was originally supposed to include a map?
  • ...that the Administrator is voiced by Ellen McLain, who is also the voice of the character "GlaDOS" in the Portal series and the Overwatch dispatcher in the Half Life series?
  • ...that a fully charged Medic can deploy his ÜberCharge even when he isn't healing anybody?
  • ...that Engineers can climb higher with a Level 1 Sentry Gun than with a Dispenser?
  • ...that while using the Vaccinator, keeping the alternate fire button pressed maintains an ÜberCharge through all of the charges left with no interruptions in between?
  • ...that a Train can kill an ÜberCharged player?
  • ...that the inspiration for the Flare Gun came from the stock Incendiary Cannon in Team Fortress Classic and Quake Team Fortress?
  • ...that there are exactly 21 bars in the loading screen?

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