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To view all painted images, see Paint Can#Paintable item previews.

This template is used to display painted variants on pages. It can also display styles.

This template is different than {{Painted variants}} as it includes BLU team previews for Single color paint cans.


== Painted variants ==
{{Painted variants full}}
== Painted variants ==
{{Painted variants full|default=New School}}
{{Painted variants full|style=Old School|h=0}}
{{Painted variants full|style=Older School|h=0}}
{{Painted variants full|style=Oldest School|h=0}}


If the item has a style, its 'default' style should be named here. Calls {{item name}} to display the correct translation.
The name of the painted style being displayed in a particular instance. Calls {{item name}} to display the correct translation.
If defined at all, it will hide the {{main}} and 'mouseover' notes and just display the table.
Override {{BASEPAGENAME}} and use custom name, useful for sub-pages.
Overrides the style name and calls {{item name}} to display the correct translation, useful for items with generic styles such as "Hat" and "No Hat".
Sets custom width for images inside the table. Default is 85px.

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