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Featured article — Engineer Update
The Engineer Update was a major content update focusing on the Engineer. The update was announced on July 5, 2010, followed by daily reveals until its release on July 8, 2010.

It was unique in that rather than announcing new content for the update regularly, new content was announced every time 25 Golden Wrenches were found through crafting. With 100 Wrenches to be found in total, there were 4 announcements prior to the final release of the update which added a new core mechanic for the Engineer, Hauling, along with several new Engineer weapons and maps.

Engineer Update

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Did you know…
  • ...that the Demoman was originally intended to be white-skinned?
  • ...that you can assist yourself as a Spy by shooting a building that you are sapping?
  • ...that if you successfully taunt kill a player with the Ubersaw you are granted with 100% ubercharge?
  • ...that TF2 had grenades in it at some point?
  • ...that a picture of Saxton Hale can be seen on a board on the background of Meet the Spy?
  • ...that, as a Soldier, when activating the Buff Banner, Battalion's Backup and the Concheror, the buff can be held by holding down the fire button, and be used in the moment when you let go of it?
  • ...that the Heavy's hands are so large, he grips the pump of his Shotgun with only his thumb and index finger?
  • ...that a Level 3 Sentry Gun's rockets can be deflected by the Pyro's compression blast?

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