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Featured article — Duck Journal
The Duck Journal is a cosmetic item that commemorated the release of the End of the Line Update.

For the duration of the event, which ran from December 8, 2014 to January 7, 2015, the duck collection mini-game allowed players to accumulate Duck XP and rank up their Duck Journals through collecting ducks dropped during matches. Duck Journals ranked up once for every 5000 Duck XP, and could be upgraded through purchasing Duck Tokens via the Mann Co. Store.

Duck Journal
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Did you know…
  • ...that there is a TF2 soundtrack called Sandwich Maker in the Source Filmmaker Beta which appears in the Engineer Update Teaser?
  • ...that a useless wire connected to a power socket at both ends loops around the 2Fort intel rooms?
  • ...that there are unused death animations for every class (other than the Pyro), presumably to be used for the respective class burning to death?
  • ...that the Virtual Viewfinder has a Team Fortress cartridge inserted into it, along with a screen that reads 'Game Over' on the inside of the model?
  • ...that a Full Moon occurs every 29.5 days starting Midday, October 12, 2011, but NASA times the average length of a synodic month as 44 minutes and 3 seconds longer?
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