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Test page; will poot filter concepts for User:WindBOT here. Later (my favorite word).

As I haven't looked into both wikitools' and WindBOT's code too much, this is really just a concept.

Removing {{DISPLAYTITLE}} from certain pages

def check_displaytitle(t, **kwargs):
    displaytitle_notrequired = ["Cosmetic items", "Weapons", "Patches", "Tools", "Action items"]
    displaytitle_required = ["Major updates", "Content Packs"]  # Set because these are also in the "patches" category
    if t.getName().startswith("DISPLAYTITLE:"):  # why do we need a getter method btw?
        categories = kwargs["article"].getCategories()  # I'm just guessing the return type is a list, will check later
        print kwargs["article"].title
        language = kwargs["article"].title.split("/")[-1]  # I know it's ugly, but I dunno if there are easier sources to get the language code. It's cleaner to check it with a list, though

        for c in displaytitle_required:
            if "Category:{}/{}".format(c, language) in categories:
                return t
        for c in displaytitle_notrequired:
            if "Category:{}/{}".format(c, language) in categories:
                return None
    return t

Removing the name parameter from item infoboxes

def name_parameter(t, **kwargs):
    if t.getName() == "Item infobox":  # 'getName()' seems to return the stripped name; no newlines
    return t