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See this here. Source code is here. WIP WindBOT filter implementation is here.


Not displaying the correct title; {{DISPLAYTITLE}} might be needed

It seems that the page displays a title that ends with /<lang> (<lang> being your language's ISO code). If this is the case, use {{DISPLAYTITLE}} to display the correct title.

Usage of {{DISPLAYTITLE}} on inappropriate page


Usage of the name parameter in the item infobox on an item page

Remove the name parameter of the item infobox template.

Usage of {{w}}

Replace the templates with the interwiki links of the form [[w:<lang>:Link|Caption]] (<lang> being your language's ISO code).

Usage of {{if lang}}

Replace the templates with /<lang> (<lang> being your language's ISO code).

No label on localized link(s)

The links shown after this error are of the form [[Page/<lang>]] so the link is displayed as Page/<lang> as well. Add a label ([[Page/<lang>|Name]]) to make the link being displayed as Name.

Wrong category/categories

The categories shown after this error are not in the same language as the article, e.g. an article Page/de with the category Category instead of Category/de. Notice that not all categories have to be localized; exceptions include Category:Out of date pages, Category:Translations needing updating and some more. Just localize the ones mentioned in the list (meaning just adding a /<lang> behind them, with <lang> being your language's ISO code).

Wrong template(s)

The templates shown after this error are of the form {{Template/<lang>}} whereas they should be just {{Template}} and use translation switching. Translate the English template and correct the links to it.

No usage of the loadout-name or prefix parameter in the item infobox

Please note that there have been some recent changes to the {{Item infobox}} template I'm currently not surveying. This content may change in the future.

Please note that this is just a warning instead of an error, so it's not always necessary to make changes. Also note that this is extremely language-specific. Regarding the actual problem, the {{Item infobox}} can use the loadout-name parameter to display the item name seen at the bottom of the template. If the parameter is not present, it defaults to the {{Dictionary}} name of the item. Since the names present in the dictionary are usually stripped off some things like articles (e.g. the German "Der Teamkapitän" becomes "Teamkapitän") in order to use them more freely, the name may not mirror the actual item name used in-game.

If the item name stored in the {{Dictionary}} differs from the one actually used in-game (even if it's just a missing article), add the loadout-name parameter to the {{Item infobox}} with the correct title.

The difference between the two parameters is that loadout-name replaces the entire name while prefix just adds something at the beginning of the name. If the need arises, you can also use the suffix parameter to add text at the end of the name.

loadout-name parameter could be replaced with prefix

prefix reduces clutter by not forcing the editor to repeat the item name. To fix this, remove the loadout-name parameter and use the prefix parameter to emulate the same effect. As an example, if you had the item "Der Teamkapitän" ("der" being the article) that is present as "Teamkapitän" in the {{Dictionary}} and used loadout-name=Der Teamkapitän before, just use prefix=Der now.

External links without {{lang icon|en}}

Almost all external links are linking to English pages. To inform the reader that the site he's going to visit is English, the {{lang icon}} template with the parameter en is used. Just add it behind every external link linking to an English page, but exclude the Steam Workshop link in the articles of community-contributed items (e.g. "This item was [http://steamcommunity.com/bla contributed] to the [[Steam Workshop]]") as adding a template there would interrupt the reading flow.

Links are leading to the wrong language

The links shown after this error are not (correctly) localized. Find the correct one (usually done by just adding a /<lang> with <lang> being your language's ISO code) and link to it. Don't forget to label it.

Wikipedia links are leading to the English page

The links shown after this error are linking to English Wikipedia pages. This is just a warning, so if there is an localized version of the Wikipedia article, link to it instead. Otherwise, just leave it.

Wikipedia link(s) don't exist

The links shown after this error lead to non-existing Wikipedia articles. Often enough, this is because the link is incorrectly formatted (e.g. [[w:Page/<lang>|Label]] instead of [[w:<lang>:Page|Label}}). If the localized version doesn't exist, link to the English page. If the English page doesn't exist, delete it completely.