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S This user is a retired Team Fortress Wiki staff member.

About Me

Well, i've been around the wiki for quite a while (assuming it as a technical continuation of the old, unofficial one) and have rather a soft spot for the old place, having pumped a rather crazy amount of edits into it since beta. Rather inactive of late (understatement) due to various distractions, but now making a pedantic, edit-undoing, regular editing comeback, woo. I currently go by Failstab on Steam.

To Do List

  • Verify Reponse rule conditions
  • Add any missed references
  • General go-over of the class, weapon, hat and item pages
  • Missing Company Signs (List of Companies)
  • Add any related achievements section to pages missing them
  • Add missing crafting info
  • Add unused taunts
  • Page galleries for All Class Hats showing them on all classes

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