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This page documents users with elevated privileges here on the Team Fortress Wiki. All users listed here are bound by the moderator guidelines, which exist to ensure that the wiki and the community are moderated fairly.

Users with elevated privileges will show up in orange on Recent Changes.

Note: there is no application process for elevated rights. If there is need for additional assistance, users will be contacted individually.


Users who have all moderator abilities, as well as the ability to promote/demote users and edit parts of the site interface.

Manne Emeritus

Olde staffe with arbitrarily enough tenure to still get a shiny title.



Semi-automated bots designed to reduce edit load. Edits by bots will not appear in the Recent Changes feed by default.



Users with the ability to protect, move and delete pages as well as block users. Localization moderators have their language code appearing in brackets.

Retired staff

Users who were formerly staff members but have resigned.

Former not-really-moderators

Users who had moderation rights because of special one-off needs, but who no longer need them.

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