April 15, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes

Source Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)

  • Fixed a startup crash for some users who were unable to load client.dll
  • Fixed a "status" command regression in the dedicated server console

Team Fortress 2

  • Added a missing material for the Scotsman's Stove Pipe
  • Fixed a server crash caused by the server triggering a nextlevel vote
  • Fixed the kicking of coaches for being idle as soon as they stop coaching
  • Fixed a coaching exploit

Undocumented changes

Files changed

Note: The changelog below is generated from a diff of two revisions of the game. This data may be incomplete or inconsistent.
Revision changes
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/server.dll
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/server.dylib
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/server.so
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/models/player/items/demo/top_hat_classic.vtf