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Generates an image of a weapon or other item and creates a link to it. There are several parameters available for use.


  • {{icon item|Grenade Launcher|100px}} generates
Grenade Launcher
  • {{icon item|Grenade Launcher|100px}} when used on any de language page will generate the below (click the icon):
Grenade Launcher
  • {{icon item|Grenade Launcher|100px|link=Article name here}} generates
Grenade Launcher

Accepted names

This template accepts the name of any cosmetic, weapon, taunt etc.

The template is spelling and case sensitive. For example:

  • Killing Gloves of Boxing is correct and K.G.B. is not
  • Medi Gun is correct and Medigun is not
  • Batter's Helmet is correct and batter's helmet is not

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