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Documentation for Backpack item

This template is used to display item stats similar to how they appear in-game.


Parameter Example Description
item-name Batter's Helmet Proper item name in English (e.g. Batter's Helmet instead of Casque de Batteur). The item name will be automatically translated on language subpages.
custom-name Spam Hammer Adds a custom name with quotation marks. Still needs item-name to produce the correct image.
no-custom-name-quotes yes Removes quotation marks from custom names if the custom-name field is used.
custom-icon File:User Username my item icon.png Adds a custom icon for users' own purposes. This parameter is independent from item-name parameter.
quality normal Defaults to "unique" (the standard item yellow). See Item quality for a list of accepted values.
prefix none
The Best
Set to "none" to hide the "Vintage" or "Community", etc, prefix but keeping the colour. Can also use a custom value, e.g. "prefix = The Best" will generate "The Best Flare Gun".
suffix none
The Best
Same as 'prefix' for non-en pages. Can also use a custom value, e.g. "suffix = The Best" will generate "Flare Gun The Best".
filter Coldfront Adds the appropriate Strange Filter prefix / suffix to the weapon.
paint-color Mann Co. Orange Adds the colored paint 'splat' specified to the top right of the item icon.
unusual-effect Bubbling Adds the Particle Effect icon to the top right of the item's icon. Also adds the "Unusual Effect:" line.
strange-icon yes Adds the Strange/StatTrack icon to the top right of the item's icon.
decal-icon yes Adds this icon to the top right of the item's icon. Only used on the Items page.
item-level 50 Item level. Defaults to "1-100".
item-kind Hat Item kind. This string is not automatically translated.
no-level yes Optional attribute. If "yes", item level will not be displayed.
limited yes Optional attribute. If "yes", the item name will be colored yellow, the word "Limited" will be added with a link to Limited Quantity.
grade elite Optional attribute. If specified, the item name will be colored correctly for the grade, and the name of the grade will be added before the name, e.g.: Elite Grade Rocket Launcher. Valid options are Civilian, Freelance, Mercenary, Commando, Assassin, Elite
wear factory new Optional attribute, for decorated weapons. Listed in parenthesis after the item name, e.g.: Rocket Launcher (Factory New). Valid options are Battle Scarred, Well-Worn, Field-Tested, Minimal Wear, Factory New.
skin Warhawk Paintkit name. See Template:Dictionary/decorated#Skins for a list of accepted values.
rankson Kills Primary stat method for a strange weapon.
killcount 7616 Number of kills for the primary rank method.
rankson2 Kill assists or Damage dealt Secondary rank method or strange part. rankson3 and rankson4 work similarly.
killcount2 12 Number of kills for the secondary rank method or first strange part. killcount3 and killcount4 work similarly.


att-1-neutral = Cloak Type: Feign Death
att-2-positive = +80% cloak regen rate
att-3-negative = +60% cloak drain rate
(See section on examples below)

Displays up to 8 positive, negative and neutral values.
item-description It doesn't matter how much people respect you when they're on fire. For items that have an in-game description. This displays the description in a smaller font in order to distinguish from neutral attributes. Will not display if a custom-description is set.
custom-description This hat is the greatest. For items that have a custom in-game description (from a Description Tag). Displays like a normal description but has quotation marks surrounding it.
gift-from Robin Display the source of a gifted item. Displays the text "Gift from: Robin"
date-received Mar 23, 2011 (06:30:00) Display the date a gifted item was received. Will not appear if no gift-from is defined. Displays the text "Date Received: Mar 23, 2011 (06:30:00)"
item-expiration Dec 31, 2010 (23:00:00) For items that expire. Displays the text "This item will expire on Dec 31, 2010 (23:00:00).".
item-uses 5 For items that have "uses". Displays the text "This is a limited item. Uses: 5".
item-flags Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting For item flags. Displays them inside brackets: "( Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting )".
width 25% Width parameter. Defaults to 100% in infoboxes, but for other usages, can be any value (%, px, pt, em).
style Style parameter. Can add any valid CSS style to the main div.


Code Output
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Cloak and Dagger
| item-level = 5 
| item-kind = Invis Watch
| att-1-neutral = Cloak Type: Feign Death
| att-2-positive = +80% cloak regen rate
| att-3-negative = +60% cloak drain rate
Backpack Cloak and Dagger.png
 Cloak and Dagger 
Level 5 Invis Watch
Cloak Type: Feign Death
+80% cloak regen rate
+60% cloak drain rate
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Rocket Launcher
| custom-name = Rawket Lawnchair
| quality = vintage
| item-level = 50
| item-kind = Furniture
| att-1-positive = +20% additional comfort
| att-2-positive = +35% increase in lumbar support
| att-3-negative = +50% increase in financial hardship
| custom-description = For those who favour comfort over fiscal stability.
Backpack Rocket Launcher.png
"Rawket Lawnchair"
Level 50 Furniture
+20% additional comfort
+35% increase in lumbar support
+50% increase in financial hardship
"For those who favour comfort over fiscal stability."
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Wiki Cap
| quality = community
| item-kind = Hat
| item-level = 20
| item-flags = Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting
| unusual-effect = Community Sparkle
| item-description = Given to valuable Community Contributors<br>Given to valuable contributors to the official TF2 Wiki<br>http://wiki.teamfortress.com/
Viewmode unusual.png
Backpack Wiki Cap.png
Community Wiki Cap 
Level 20 Hat
★ Unusual Effect: Community Sparkle
Given to valuable Community Contributors
Given to valuable contributors to the official TF2 Wiki

( Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting )
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Tux
| limited = yes
| item-kind = Mascot
| item-level = 1-100
| item-description = Linux represent!
Backpack Tux.png
Limited Level 1-100 Mascot
Linux represent!
|{{Backpack item
| item-kind = Rocket Launcher
| grade = Assassin
| wear = Battle Scarred
| skin = Shell Shocker
| item-name  = Rocket Launcher
 Rocket Launcher 
Assassin Grade Rocket Launcher (Battle Scarred)
{{Backpack item
| item-name = A Hat to Kill For
| item-kind = Hat
| grade = Civilian
Backpack A Hat to Kill For.png
 A Hat to Kill For 
Civilian Grade Hat
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Medigun
| item-kind = Medi Gun
| quality = Strange
| strange-icon = yes
| rankson = Ubers
| killcount = 20
| rankson2 = Kill assists
| killcount2 = 300
| rankson3 = Allied Healing Done
| killcount3 = 10000
Viewmode strange.png
Backpack Medi Gun.png
Unremarkable Medi Gun 
Unremarkable Medi Gun - Ubers: 20
(Kill Assists: 300)
(Allied Healing Done: 10000)
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Burstchester
| item-kind = Special Taunt
| rankson = Times Performed
| quality = Strange Unusual
| unusual-effect = Mega Strike
| grade = Assassin
| prefix = Taunt:
Viewmode unusual.png
Backpack Burstchester.png
Taunt: Burstchester 
Assassin Grade Special Taunt
★ Unusual Effect: Mega Strike
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Forest Fire
| item-kind = Flame Thrower
| quality = Strange
| grade = Mercenary
| wear = Well-Worn
| rankson = Kills
| killcount = 10
Backpack Forest Fire Flame Thrower Well-Worn.png
Unremarkable Forest Fire 
Mercenary Grade Flame Thrower (Well-Worn)
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Co-Pilot
| item-kind = Hat
| limited = yes
| quality = Strange
| rankson = points scored
| killcount = 75
| description = Winter 2014 Limited Community Cosmetic
Backpack Co-Pilot.png
Odious Co-Pilot 
Limited Odious Hat - Points Scored: 75
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Sniper Rifle
| item-kind = Sniper Rifle
| quality = Strange
| strange-icon = yes
| filter = yukon
| rankson = kills
| killcount = 999
Viewmode strange.png
Backpack Sniper Rifle.png
Totally Ordinary Canadian Sniper Rifle 
Totally Ordinary Sniper Rifle - Kills: 999
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Max's Severed Head
| item-kind = Hat
| limited = yes
| paint-color = Team Spirit
Paint Splat TeamSpirit.png
Backpack Max's Severed Head.png
 Max's Severed Head 
Limited Level 1-100 Hat
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Photo Badge
| item-kind = Photo Badge
| decal-icon = yes
Paint Splat Decal.png
Backpack Photo Badge.png
 Photo Badge 
Level 1 - 100 Photo Badge
{{Backpack item
| item-name = Balloonicorn
| item-kind = Balloonicorn
| pyroland-icon = yes
Viewmode pyrovision.png
Backpack Balloonicorn.png
Level 1 - 100 Balloonicorn

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