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Documentation for Lang cat

{{lang cat}} places pages in their correct language category. It should only be used directly on templates.


  • On Scattergun, {{lang cat|Scout}} will add the page to Category:Scout
  • On Scattergun/fr, {{lang cat|Scout}} will add the page to Category:Scout/fr
  • On Scout, {{lang cat|Scout|sort=  }} will add the page to Category:Scout, but will use a space character as the sort key so it appears first in the category listing.
    Note: The space before the   tag is important.

Advanced usage

  • By default {{lang cat}} will ignore any Talk page or page in the User or Team Fortress Wiki namespace. However, this can be overriden for specific instances by setting the parameter namespace-override to true.
  • A specific sort-key can also be defined with the parameter sort. Keep in mind that using this parameter will use the specified sortkey for every page that the template is used on.