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57095709"[english]TF_Tool_Paint_Warning" "Paint will not be visible on your computer.\n(DX9+ required)"
57105710"TF_Tool_PaintCan_1" "Verde Indubitabil"
57115711"[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_1" "Indubitably Green"
5712N/A"TF_Tool_PaintCan_2" "Lăcomia lui Zepheniah"
5713N/A"[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_2" "Zepheniah's Greed"
N/A5712"TF_Tool_PaintCan_2" "Lăcomia lui Zephaniah"
N/A5713"[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_2" "Zephaniah's Greed"
57145714"TF_Tool_PaintCan_3" "Violetul Pălărierului Nobil"
57155715"[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_3" "Noble Hatter's Violet"
57165716"TF_Tool_PaintCan_4" "Culoare Nr. 216-190-216"
64336433"[english]TF_Armory_Item_StockItem" "This item is a �Stock Item�. Stock items are the default weapons for a player class, and are considered 'special' items in that they cannot be destroyed, and take up no space in your backpack. You can still customize them with tools, and doing so will create a customized clone of the Stock Item."
64346434"TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageAllBundle" "Acest pachet de obiecte conţine obiecte ce pot fi folosite de �toate clasele."
64356435"[english]TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageAllBundle" "This bundle contains items that can be used by �all classes."
6436N/A"TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageBundle" "Acest pachet de obiecte conţine obiecte ce pot fi folosite de către:"
N/A6436"TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageBundle" "Acest pachet de obiecte conţine obiecte ce pot fi folosite de către: "
64376437"[english]TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageBundle" "This bundle contains items that can be used by the: "
64386438"TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageAll" "Acest obiect poate fi folosit de �toate clasele�."
64396439"[english]TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageAll" "This item can be used by �all classes�."
64416441"[english]TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsage" "This item can be used by the: "
64426442"TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageAll" "Acest obiect este echipat în slot-ul de meniu �%s1�."
64436443"[english]TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageAll" "This item is equipped in the �%s1� loadout slot."
6444N/A"TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageClassHeader" "Acest obiect este echipat după cum urmează:"
N/A6444"TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageClassHeader" "Acest obiect este echipat după cum urmează: "
64456445"[english]TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageClassHeader" "This item is equipped as follows: "
64466446"TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageClass" "în slot-ul de meniu �%s1� de către �%s2�"
64476447"[english]TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageClass" "in the �%s1� loadout slot by the �%s2�"
6448N/A"TF_Armory_Item_ToolUsage" "Următoarele utilitare pot fi folosite cu acest obiect:"
N/A6448"TF_Armory_Item_ToolUsage" "Următoarele utilitare pot fi folosite cu acest obiect: "
64496449"[english]TF_Armory_Item_ToolUsage" "The following tools can be used on this item: "
6450N/A"TF_Armory_Item_Bundle" "Acest pachet de obiecte conţine urmatoarele obiecte:"
N/A6450"TF_Armory_Item_Bundle" "Acest pachet de obiecte conţine urmatoarele obiecte: "
64516451"[english]TF_Armory_Item_Bundle" "This bundle contains the following items: "
64526452"TF_Armory_Item_Action" "Acest obiect este un �Obiect de Acțiune�. Apasă pe butonul 'Folosește' din rucsac pentru a-l utiliza. Alternativ, echipează-l în Slot-ul de Acțiune a meniului unei clase și apasă tasta �'Utilizează Obiect în Slot de Acțiune'�, care se poate lega în Setările Tastaturii."
64536453"[english]TF_Armory_Item_Action" "This item is an �Action Item�. Click on the backpack's 'Use' button to use it. Alternatively, equip it in the Action slot of a class loadout and press the �'Use Item in Action Slot'� key, which can be bound in the Keyboard Settings."
87838783"[english]TFOption_postdeathrecordtime" "Post-death replay record time"
87848784"TF_Training_Title" "ANTRENAMENT"
87858785"[english]TF_Training_Title" "SELECT A TRAINING MODE"
N/A8786"TF_ArmoredAuthority" "Autoritate Blindată"
N/A8787"[english]TF_ArmoredAuthority" "Armored Authority"
N/A8788"TF_DisciplinaryAction" "Acţiunea Disciplinară"
N/A8789"[english]TF_DisciplinaryAction" "The Disciplinary Action"
N/A8790"TF_Overdose" "Supradoza"
N/A8791"[english]TF_Overdose" "The Overdose"
N/A8792"TF_Wearable_Uniform" "Uniformă"
N/A8793"[english]TF_Wearable_Uniform" "Uniform"
N/A8794"TF_PocketMedic" "Medic de Buzunar"
N/A8795"[english]TF_PocketMedic" "Pocket Medic"
N/A8796"TF_LoyaltyReward_Desc" "Dintr-o altă eră."
N/A8797"[english]TF_LoyaltyReward_Desc" "From another era."
N/A8798"TF_Vote_Column_Properties" ""
N/A8799"[english]TF_Vote_Column_Properties" ""
N/A8800"TF_Trial_ThankSuccess_Title" "Mulţumesc!"
N/A8801"[english]TF_Trial_ThankSuccess_Title" "Thanks!"