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33"Language" "English"
N/A6"TF_LessThan" "<"
N/A7"TF_GreaterThan" ">"
N/A8"TF_Select" "SELECT"
610// Teams
711"TF_AutoAssign" "&1 AUTO ASSIGN"
812"TF_BlueTeam" "&3 BLU"
171175"TF_EnergyDrink" "DRINK"
172176"TF_Revenge" "REVENGE"
173177"TF_Sandwich" "FOOD"
N/A178"TF_Hype" "HYPE"
310315"TF_Weapon_Flag" "Flag"
311316"TF_Weapon_Nailgun" "Nail Gun"
312317"TF_Weapon_Medigun" "Medi Gun"
N/A318"TF_Weapon_Medigun_Prototype" "Medi Gun Prototype"
313319"TF_Weapon_Scattergun" "Scattergun"
314320"TF_Weapon_SyringeGun" "Syringe Gun"
N/A321"TF_Weapon_SyringeGun_Prototype" "Syringe Gun Prototype"
315322"TF_Weapon_Watch" "Invis Watch"
316323"TF_Weapon_FlareGun" "Flare Gun"
317324"TF_Weapon_LunchBox" "Lunch Box"
358365"Humiliation_Kill" "FISH KILL!"
N/A368"TF_TauntEnabler_Laugh" "Taunt: The Schadenfruede"
N/A369"TF_TauntEnabler_Laugh_Desc" "Share a good natured laugh with everyone except that one guy you just shot."
N/A371"TF_TauntEnabler_MedicHeroicPose" "Taunt: The Meet the Medic"
N/A372"TF_TauntEnabler_MedicHeroicPose_Desc" "Remind those ungrateful bastards how valuable your Medic skills are by striking a heroic pose accompanied by an angelic choir, beams of divine light, and a flock of doves."
361374"TF_Gift" "Gift"
362375"TF_Gift_EntireServer" "Pile o' Gifts"
363376"TF_Gift_EntireServer_Desc" "When used, this Action Item gives a random gift\nto up to 23 other people on the server!"
N/A397"TF_ArmoredAuthority" "Armored Authority"
N/A398"TF_FancyDressUniform" "Fancy Dress Uniform"
N/A399"TF_Mantreads" "Mantreads" // ADD THE
N/A400"TF_DisciplinaryAction" "Disciplinary Action" // ADD THE
N/A401"TF_Overdose" "Overdose" // ADD THE
N/A402"TF_Overdose_Desc" "Movement speed increases based on ÜberCharge percentage to a maximum of +10%"
N/A403"TF_Weapon_Riding_Crop" "Riding Crop"
N/A404"TF_Wearable_Uniform" "Uniform"
N/A406"TF_SodaPopper" "Soda Popper" // ADD THE
N/A407"TF_SodaPopper_Desc" "Builds hype as you run. When the hype meter is full, unleash mini-crits!"
N/A408"TF_Winger" "Winger" // ADD THE
N/A409"TF_Atomizer" "Atomizer" // ADD THE
N/A410"TF_BonkBoy" "Bonk Boy"
N/A412"TF_CosaNostraCap" "Cosa Nostra Cap"
N/A413"TF_CosaNostraCap_Desc" "If looks could kill, this dapper fellow would make your head an accomplice to murder."
N/A414"TF_Enforcer" "Enforcer" // ADD THE
N/A415"TF_BigEarner" "Big Earner" // ADD THE
N/A416"TF_MadeMan" "Made Man" // ADD THE
N/A417"TF_MadeMan_Desc" "A gentleman always has a flower handy to drop on an opponent’s grave."
387419"TF_ConjurersCowl" "Conjurer's Cowl" // ADD THE
388420"TF_ConjurersCowl_Desc" "I put on my wizard's hat."
488520"TF_Bundle_NastyWeapons" "Pile of Nasty Weapons"
489521"TF_Bundle_NastyWeapons_Desc" "An assortment of particularly nasty weapons:"
N/A523"TF_Bundle_ScoutStarter" "Scout Starter Pack"
N/A524"TF_Bundle_ScoutStarter_Desc" "Start causing trouble in style with these Scout items:"
N/A525"TF_Bundle_SoldierStarter" "Soldier Starter Pack"
N/A526"TF_Bundle_SoldierStarter_Desc" "Don't go to war without these essential Soldier items:"
N/A527"TF_Bundle_PyroStarter" "Pyro Starter Pack"
N/A528"TF_Bundle_PyroStarter_Desc" "Burn the house down with these starter Pyro items:"
N/A529"TF_Bundle_DemomanStarter" "Demoman Starter Pack"
N/A530"TF_Bundle_DemomanStarter_Desc" "Transform into an honorable Demoknight with this starter kit:"
N/A531"TF_Bundle_HeavyStarter" "Heavy Starter Pack"
N/A532"TF_Bundle_HeavyStarter_Desc" "A big man needs a big gun and a big meal. Find both in this starter pack:"
N/A533"TF_Bundle_EngineerStarter" "Engineer Starter Pack"
N/A534"TF_Bundle_EngineerStarter_Desc" "Expand your options with these essential Engineer items:"
N/A535"TF_Bundle_MedicStarter" "Medic Starter Pack"
N/A536"TF_Bundle_MedicStarter_Desc" "Provide your team with enhanced support with these key Medic items:"
N/A537"TF_Bundle_SniperStarter" "Sniper Starter Pack"
N/A538"TF_Bundle_SniperStarter_Desc" "Raise your professional standards with these critical Sniper items:"
N/A539"TF_Bundle_SpyStarter" "Spy Starter Pack"
N/A540"TF_Bundle_SpyStarter_Desc" "Quality field work depends on quality tools:"
N/A542"TF_Bundle_MobsterMonday" "Mobster Monday Bundle"
N/A543"TF_Bundle_MobsterMonday_Desc" "Load up on these Mafia themed items for the Heavy and Spy:"
N/A544"TF_Bundle_TimbukTuesday" "Timbuk-Tuesday Bundle"
N/A545"TF_Bundle_TimbukTuesday_Desc" "Load up on these (mostly) Mid-Eastern themed items for the Sniper, Scout, and Demoman:"
N/A546"TF_Bundle_WarWednesday" "World War Wednesday Bundle"
N/A547"TF_Bundle_WarWednesday_Desc" "Load up on these military themed items for the Soldier:"
N/A548"TF_Bundle_MeetTheMedic" "Meet the Medic! Bundle"
N/A549"TF_Bundle_MeetTheMedic_Desc" "Load up on these items celebrating the Meet the Medic video:"
N/A550"TF_Bundle_Uber" "The Uber Update Bundle"
N/A551"TF_Bundle_Uber_Desc" "Get every new item in the Uber Update in one massive bundle:"
491554"TF_Bundle_HalloweenNoiseMaker" "Noise Maker Bundle"
492555"TF_Bundle_HalloweenNoiseMaker_Desc" "Includes one of each Halloween Noise Maker. Each Noise Maker has 25 charges."
712775"TF_DefiantSpartan" "Defiant Spartan"
713776"TF_FestiveTree" "A Rather Festive Tree"
714777"TF_TavishCrown" "Prince Tavish's Crown"
N/A778"TF_HelpedNewUserHat" "Professor Speks"
N/A779"TF_HelpedNewUserHat_Desc" "Give your teacher the gift of insight, paper clip and rubber band included."
715780"TF_Crocleather_Slouch" "Crocleather Slouch"
716781"TF_Crocleather_Slouch_Desc" "Made from Australia's only natural resource."
717782"TF_Homefront_Blindfold" "Hero's Hachimaki"
733798"TF_BigChief" "Big Chief" // ADD THE
734799"TF_BigChief_Desc" ""
N/A800"TF_CaponesCapper" "Capo's Capper"
N/A801"TF_CaponesCapper_Desc" "This dashing number will help you commit crimes of all kinds—except against fashion."
736803"TF_BerlinersBucketHelm" "Berliner's Bucket Helm"
737804"TF_BerlinersBucketHelm_Desc" ""
763830"TF_Doctors_Sack_Desc" "For when you've got that healin' fever."
764831"TF_Ol_Geezer" "Ol' Geezer"
765832"TF_Ol_Geezer_Desc" "Get off mah land!"
N/A833"TF_DesertMarauder" "Desert Marauder"
766834"TF_Charmers_Chapeau" "Charmer's Chapeau"
767835"TF_Charmers_Chapeau_Desc" "It really is a chapeau. It's just in disguise."
768836"TF_FuriousFukaamigasa" "Furious Fukaamigasa"
771839"TF_Connoisseurs_Cap_Desc" "You’re today’s theme ingredient…"
772840"TF_VillainsVeil" "Villain's Veil"
773841"TF_VillainsVeil_Desc" "The good, the bad, and the dead."
N/A842"TF_PocketMedic" "Pocket Medic"
N/A843"TF_PocketMedic_Desc" "Keep little healing man close."
774844"TF_HonchosHeadgear" "Honcho's Headgear"
775845"TF_HonchosHeadgear_Desc" "This hat has mean written all over it.\n(Note from Legal: This hat has nothing written on it.)"
776846"TF_Reggaelator" "Reggaelator"
792862"TF_GrimmHatte" "Grimm Hatte"
793863"TF_GrimmHatte_Desc" "Ye hae ne'er glympsed a hatte whych be\nas grimm as yonder hatte ye glympse upon."
794864"TF_Resurrection_Associate_Pin" "Resurrection Associate Pin"
N/A865"TF_JumpersJeepcap" "Jumper's Jeepcap"
795866"TF_PotatoHat" "Aperture Labs Hard Hat"
796867"TF_PotatoHat_Desc" "Produce-powered personal illumination and cranial safety apparatus.\n\nNOT FOR USE OUTSIDE OFFICIAL APERTURE FACILITIES."
797868"TF_PotatoHatStyle_Classified" "[classified]"
802873"TF_HottiesHoodie_Desc" "If you've got it, flaunt it.\nIf you don't, hide it under this discrete hoodie."
803874"TF_TowerHardhat" "Lo-Fi Longwave" // ADD THE
804875"TF_TowerHardhat_Desc" "Can't stop the signal."
N/A876"TF_LoyaltyReward" "Proof of Purchase"
N/A877"TF_LoyaltyReward_Desc" "From another era."
805878"TF_SpiralSallet" "Spiral Sallet" // ADD THE
806879"TF_SpiralSallet_Desc" "Little known fact: knights in chess travel over other pieces by rocket jumping."
834907"TF_Gazer_Style0" "Mad Science"
835908"TF_Gazer_Style1" "Machine in the Man"
N/A910"TF_SplendidScreen_Style1" "Classic"
N/A911"TF_SplendidScreen_Style2" "Spike"
N/A912"TF_SplendidScreen_Style3" "Arrow"
N/A913"TF_SplendidScreen_Style4" "Spike & Arrow"
838915"TF_Pyromancer_Style1" "Original"
839916"TF_Pyromancer_Style2" "Full Color Paint"
13581435"Gametype_Koth" "King of the Hill"
13591436"Gametype_Training" "Training Mode"
13601437"Gametype_AttackDefense" "Attack / Defense"
N/A1438"Gametype_OfflinePractice" "Offline Practice"
N/A1439"Gametype_Quickplay" "Random"
13621441"Intro_Title" "Game Mode Introduction:  %gamemode%"
20012080"TF_Spectator_CycleTargetRevKey" "[%attack2%]"
20022081"TF_Spectator_CycleTargetRev" "Cycle Targets (rev)"
20032082"TF_Spectator_Spectating" "Spectating:"
N/A2083"TF_Spectator_TargetID_Location" "Spectator Target ID Location"
N/A2084"TF_Spectator_Default" "Default"
N/A2085"TF_Spectator_Bottom_Left" "Bottom Left Corner"
N/A2086"TF_Spectator_Bottom_Center" "Bottom Center"
N/A2087"TF_Spectator_Bottom_Right" "Bottom Right Corner"
20052089"TF_teambalanced" "The teams have been auto-balanced"
20062090"TF_teamswitch" "The teams have been switched"
21112195"TF_BURN_PLAYERSINMINIMUMTIME_DESC" "Set five enemies on fire in 30 seconds."
21122196"TF_COMPLETE_TRAINING_NAME" "Ready for Duty"
2113N/A"TF_COMPLETE_TRAINING_DESC" "Complete all training courses."
N/A2197"TF_COMPLETE_TRAINING_DESC" "Complete each class to unlock the next."
21152199// Medic Achievement Pack
21162200"TF_MEDIC_TOP_SCOREBOARD_NAME" "First Do No Harm"
30243108"DeleteConfirmDefault" "Delete?"
30253109"Discarded" "DISCARDED!"
30263110"ItemPanelEquipped" "Equipped"
N/A3111"Selection_ShowBackpack" "View Entire Backpack"
N/A3112"Selection_ShowSelection" "View Valid Items"
30283114"BackpackApplyTool" "Select the item to apply the %s1 to:"
30293115"ApplyOnItem" "USE WITH..."
31023188"TF_UnwrapGift_Title" "Unwrap a Gift"
31033189"TF_UnwrapGift_Text" "Are you sure you want to unwrap this gift?"
N/A3191"TF_TrialNeedSpace_Title" "Need more space?"
N/A3192"TF_TrialNeedSpace_Text" "Your inventory is completely full. Purchase any item from the Mann Co store and your account will be upgraded giving you an additional 250 inventory slots!"
N/A3193"TF_TrialNeedSpace_Store" "To the Store!"
N/A3194"TF_TrialNeedSpace_No" "Delete Stuff"
31053196"LoadoutSlot_Primary" "Primary weapon"
31063197"LoadoutSlot_Secondary" "Secondary weapon"
31073198"LoadoutSlot_Melee" "Melee weapon"
31213212"Backpack_SortBy_Class" "Sort by Class"
31223213"Backpack_SortBy_Slot" "Sort by Loadout Slot"
31233214"ItemTypeDesc" "Level %s1 %s2" // s1 is the level number, s2 is the item type. Example: "Level 4 Medigun"
N/A3215"ItemTypeDescNoLevel" "Level %s1" // s1 is the level number. Example: "Level 12"
N/A3216"ItemTypeDescKillEater" "%s1 %s2 - Kills: %s3" // s1 is the kill eater rank, s2 is the item type, s3 is the string for lifetime kills of this weapon. Example: "Veteran Fish, 82948 kills"
31243217"of" "of"
N/A3220"KillEaterRank0" "Strange"
N/A3221"KillEaterRank1" "Unremarkable"
N/A3222"KillEaterRank2" "Scarcely Lethal"
N/A3223"KillEaterRank3" "Mildly Menacing"
N/A3224"KillEaterRank4" "Somewhat Threatening"
N/A3225"KillEaterRank5" "Uncharitable"
N/A3226"KillEaterRank6" "Notably Dangerous"
N/A3227"KillEaterRank7" "Sufficiently Lethal"
N/A3228"KillEaterRank8" "Truly Feared"
N/A3229"KillEaterRank9" "Spectacularly Lethal"
N/A3230"KillEaterRank10" "Gore-Spattered"
N/A3231"KillEaterRank11" "Wicked Nasty"
N/A3232"KillEaterRank12" "Positively Inhumane"
N/A3233"KillEaterRank13" "Totally Ordinary"
N/A3234"KillEaterRank14" "Face-Melting"
N/A3235"KillEaterRank15" "Rage-Inducing"
N/A3236"KillEaterRank16" "Server-Clearing"
N/A3237"KillEaterRank17" "Epic"
N/A3238"KillEaterRank18" "Legendary"
N/A3239"KillEaterRank19" "Australian"
N/A3240"KillEaterRank20" "Hale's Own"
31283242// Crafting
31293243"CraftPack" "Crafting Area"
31303244"CraftBegin" "Craft..."
3131N/A"CraftConfirm" "Craft It!"
N/A3245"CraftConfirm" "Craft!"
31323246"CraftRecipe" "Known Blueprints"
3133N/A"CraftStep1" "Select items to craft"
3134N/A"CraftStep2" "Double-click or drag items here"
N/A3247"CraftStep1" "Select a blueprint to use"
N/A3248"CraftStep2" "Examine the Blueprint's inputs and outputs"
31353249"CraftStep3" "Hit Craft to use this blueprint."
31363250"CraftStep3B" "Select the blueprint you want to use."
31373251"CraftStep4" "Click when ready to craft"
31383252"CraftViewRecipes" "View all known blueprints"
31393253"CraftNoMatch" "No matching blueprint"
3140N/A"CraftNoknownRecipes" "No blueprints known."
N/A3254"CraftNoknownRecipes" "No blueprints known."
31413255"CraftTryYourLuck" "Hit Craft to try your luck."
31423256"CraftReady" "You have the items needed for this blueprint.\nClick the check to move the items into the craft area."
31433257"Craft_Untradable_Title" "Warning"
31443258"Craft_Untradable_Text" "At least one item you are attempting to craft is not tradable. As a result, any crafted items will also be not tradable. Are you sure you want to continue?"
N/A3259"Craft_SelectItemPanel" "SELECT ITEM TO USE IN CRAFT"
31463261"CraftUpdate_Start" "Crafting"
31473262"CraftUpdate_Success" "Crafting Succeeded!"
31493264"CraftUpdate_Failed" "Crafting failed:\n\nCraft server is unavailable."
31503265"CraftUpdate_Denied" "You do not have sufficient privileges to craft."
N/A3267"Craft_Recipe_Inputs" "Will consume:"
N/A3268"Craft_Recipe_Outputs" "Will Create:"
N/A3269"Craft_PremiumRecipe" "Your free account is unable to use this Premium blueprint."
N/A3271"RecipeFilter_Crafting" "Crafting Items"
N/A3272"RecipeFilter_CommonItems" "Common Items"
N/A3273"RecipeFilter_RareItems" "Rare Items"
N/A3274"RecipeFilter_Gambles" "Try Your Luck"
N/A3275"RecipeFilter_Special" "Special"
31523277"NewRecipeFound" "New Blueprint Found!"
31543279// Keep the key names short, they're networked down to clients
32043329"RI_CTp" "Class Tokens"
32053330"RI_STp" "Slot Tokens"
32063331"RI_Tp" "Tokens"
N/A3332"RI_T" "Token"
32073333"RI_SIc" ", 1 Set weapon"
32083334"RO_SH" "specific piece of Set headgear"
32093335"RI_HHg" "Haunted Headgear"
32833409"TF_TauntEnabler_Replay_Desc" "Equip this item in your Action Slot and press the Action button to tell your victims you are making a Replay of their pathetic demise to share with everyone."
32853411"TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor" "Team Spirit"
N/A3412"TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor2" "Operator's Overalls"
N/A3413"TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor3" "Waterlogged Lab Coat"
N/A3414"TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor4" "Balaclavas Are Forever"
N/A3415"TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor5" "An Air of Debonair"
N/A3416"TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor6" "The Value of Teamwork"
N/A3417"TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor7" "Cream Spirit"
32863418"TF_Tool_PaintCan_1" "Indubitably Green"
32873419"TF_Tool_PaintCan_2" "Zephaniah's Greed"
32883420"TF_Tool_PaintCan_3" "Noble Hatter's Violet"
33233455"TF_Set_Medieval_Medic" "The Medieval Medic"
33243456"TF_Set_Hibernating_Bear" "The Hibernating Bear"
33253457"TF_Set_Experts_Ordnance" "The Expert's Ordnance"
N/A3458"TF_Set_Desert_Sniper" "Lawrence of Australia"
N/A3459"TF_Set_Desert_Demo" "One Thousand and One Demoknights"
N/A3460"TF_Set_Clinical_Trial" "Clinical Trial"
N/A3461"TF_Set_Airborne_Armaments" "The Airborne Armaments"
N/A3462"TF_Set_Black_Market" "Black Market Business"
N/A3463"TF_Set_Bonk_Fan" "The #1 Fan"
N/A3464"TF_Set_General" "The General's Formals"
N/A3465"TF_Set_Gangland_Spy" "The Man of Honor"
33273467"TF_Date_GMT" " GMT"
34453585"Attrib_StickyAirBurstMode" "Launched bombs shatter on surfaces"
34463586"Attrib_StickyArmTimePenalty" "%s1 sec slower bomb arm time"
34473587"Attrib_StickyArmTimeBonus" "%s1 sec faster bomb arm time"
3448N/A"Attrib_MiniCritAirborneEnemies" "Mini-crits airborne targets"
N/A3588"Attrib_MiniCritAirborneEnemies" "Mini-crits targets launched airborne by explosions"
N/A3589"Attrib_MiniCritAirborneEnemiesDeploy" "Mini-crits airborne targets for %s1 seconds after being deployed"
N/A3590"Attrib_CritWhileAirborne" "Deals crits while the wielder is rocket jumping"
34493591"Attrib_StickiesDetonateStickies" "Able to destroy enemy stickybombs"
34503592"Attrib_SpeedBoostWhenActive" "%s1% speed boost while active weapon"
34513593"Attrib_WrenchBuildsMiniSentry" "Replaces the Sentry with a fast building Mini-Sentry"
35113653"Attrib_CustomDesc" "This item has a user written description:"
35123654"Attrib_Halloween_Item" "This is a special Halloween %s1 item."
35133655"Attrib_MapDonation" "%s1 - %s2"
N/A3656"Attrib_NewUsersHelped" "New Users Helped: %s1"
35143657"Attrib_FiresHealingBolts" "Fires special bolts that heal teammates and deal damage based on distance traveled"
35153658"Attrib_EnablesAOEHeal" "On Taunt: Applies a healing effect to all nearby teammates"
35163659"Attrib_ChargeTime_Increase" "%s1 sec increase in charge duration"
35283671"Attrib_Honorbound" "This weapon is Honorbound and once drawn cannot be sheathed until it kills."
35293672"Attrib_MarkForDeath" "On hit: one target at a time is marked for death, causing all damage taken to be mini-crits."
35303673"Attrib_RestoreHealthOnKill" "On kill: restores you to %s1% health."
N/A3674"Attrib_MultSniperChargeAfterBodyshot" "On Scoped Bodyshot: Rifle charge rate increased by %s1%"
N/A3675"Attrib_MultSniperChargeAfterMiss" "On Scoped Miss: Rifle charge rate decreased by %s1%"
N/A3676"Attrib_MultSniperChargeAfterHeadshot" "On Scoped Headshot: Rifle charge rate increased by %s1%"
N/A3677"Attrib_MultSniperChargePenalty" "Base charge rate decreased by %s1%"
N/A3678"Attrib_MultDmgBonusWhileHalfDead" "%s1% increase in damage when health <50% of max"
N/A3679"Attrib_MultDmgPenaltyWhileHalfAlive" "%s1% decrease in damage when health >50% of max"
N/A3680"Attrib_Medigun_MegaHeal" "ÜberCharge increases healing by 300% and grants immunity to movement-impairing effects"
N/A3681"Attrib_MedicKilledRevenge" "When the medic healing you is killed you\ngain 2 revenge crits."
N/A3682"Attrib_MedicKilledMiniCritBoost" "When the medic healing you is killed\nyou gain mini-crit boost for %s1 seconds"
N/A3683"Attrib_MedicHealedDamageBonus" "While a medic is healing you,\nthis weapon's damage is increased by %s1%"
N/A3684"Attrib_MedicHealedDeployTimePenalty" "While not being healed by a medic,\nyour weapon switch time is %s1% longer"
35313685"Attrib_MakersMark" "Crafted by %s1."
N/A3686"Attrib_MinigunNoSpinSounds" "This weapon has no barrel spin sound"
N/A3687"Attrib_UberchargeRate_ForHealer" "+%s1% ÜberCharge rate for the medic healing you.\nThis effect does not work in the respawn room."
N/A3688"Attrib_ReloadTime_Decreased_While_Healed" "%s1% faster reload time while being healed"
N/A3689"Attrib_MedicKilledMarkedForDeath" "When the medic healing you is killed\nthe killer becomes marked for death"
N/A3690"Attrib_RageOnHitPenalty" "%s1% rage lost on hit"
N/A3691"Attrib_RageOnHitBonus" "%s1% rage gained on hit"
N/A3692"Attrib_RageDamageBoost" "Gains a damage bonus as rage increases, up to %s1%"
N/A3693"Attrib_ChargeTurnControl" "+%s1% increase in turning control while charging"
N/A3694"Attrib_NoChargeImpactRange" "Can deal charge impact damage at any range"
N/A3695"Attrib_ChargeImpactDamageIncreased" "+%s1% increase in charge impact damage"
N/A3696"Attrib_ChargeRechargeRateIncreased" "+%s1% increase in charge recharge rate"
N/A3697"Attrib_AirDashCountIncreased" "Grants triple jump. The third jump deals 10 damage when used."
N/A3698"Attrib_SpeedBuffAlly" "On Hit Ally: Boosts both players' speed for 1 sec"
N/A3699"Attrib_DamageForceReduction" "%s1% reduction in push force taken from damage"
N/A3700"Attrib_CloakRate" "%s1 sec increase in time to cloak"
N/A3701"Attrib_AmmoBecomesHealth" "All ammo collected becomes health"
N/A3702"Attrib_BootsFallingStomp" "Deals 3x falling damage to the player you land on"
35323703"Attrib_SaxxyAward" "Winner: %s1 %s2\n"
N/A3704"Attrib_SeeEnemyHealth" "Allows you to see enemy health."
35343706"Attrib_Particle0" "Invalid Particle"
35353707"Attrib_Particle1" "Particle 1"
36463818"TF_TreasureHat_3" "Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect"
36473819"TF_Unique_RiftFireAxe" "Sharpened Volcano Fragment"
36483820"TF_Unique_RiftFireMace" "Sun-on-a-Stick" // ADD THE
N/A3821"TF_Shahanshah" "Shahanshah" // ADD THE
N/A3822"TF_BazaarBargain" "Bazaar Bargain" // ADD THE
N/A3823"TF_BazaarBargain_Desc" "Each scoped headshot decreases the weapon's charge time.\nA scoped body shot reduces the bonus.\nA scoped miss wipes the bonus.\n"
N/A3824"TF_PersianPersuader" "Persian Persuader" // ADD THE
N/A3825"TF_Ali_Babas_Wee_Booties" "Ali Baba's Wee Booties"
N/A3826"TF_SultansCeremonial" "Sultan's Ceremonial"
N/A3827"TF_SplendidScreen" "Splendid Screen" // ADD THE
N/A3828"TF_MarketGardener" "Market Gardener" // ADD THE
N/A3829"TF_ReserveShooter" "Reserve Shooter" // ADD THE
N/A3830"TF_LibertyLauncher" "Liberty Launcher" // ADD THE
N/A3831"TF_Weapon_Flaregun_Detonator" "Detonator" // ADD THE
N/A3832"TF_Weapon_Flaregun_Detonator_Desc" "Alt-Fire: Detonate flare."
N/A3833"TF_Tomislav" "Tomislav"
N/A3834"TF_RussianRiot" "Family Business" // ADD THE
N/A3835"TF_EvictionNotice" "Eviction Notice" // ADD THE
36493836"TF_Saxxy" "Saxxy" // ADD THE
N/A3837"TF_SolemnVow" "Solemn Vow" // ADD THE
N/A3838"TF_SolemnVow_Desc" "'Do no harm.'"
N/A3839"TF_Weapon_Bust" "Bust of Hippocrates"
36513842"TF_SpaceChem_MoustachiumBar" "Moustachium Bar"
36523843"TF_SpaceChem_MoustachiumBar_Desc" "Pure moustachium, harvested from all-natural sources deep within the Australian outback."
36533844"TF_SpaceChem_FishcakeFragmentType" "Fishcake Fragment"
37473938"customized" "Customized"
37483939"rarity1" "Genuine"
37493940"rarity4" "Unusual"
N/A3941"strange" "Strange"
37513943"TF_CheatDetected_Title" "WARNING"
37523944"TF_CheatDetectedMinor" "Your account has been flagged for circumventing the item distribution system. We have removed the items that were illegally obtained.\n\nFuture violations will result in the loss of all your items."
43334525"FriendsList" "See all %friendsplaying% friends playing"
43354527"MMenu_StartPlaying" "Start Playing"
N/A4528"MMenu_NewGame" "New Game"
N/A4529"MMenu_BrowseServers" "Browse Servers"
43364530"MMenu_ChangeServer" "Change Server"
4337N/A"MMenu_CharacterSetup" "Manage Items"
N/A4531"MMenu_CharacterSetup" "ITEMS"
43384532"MMenu_Achievements" "Achievements & Stats"
43394533"MMenu_Replays" "Replays"
N/A4534"MMenu_AdvOptions" "Adv. Options"
43414536"MMenu_NoRecentAchievements" "You've earned %currentachievements% of %totalachievements% achievements."
43424537"MMenu_RecentAchievements" "Your recent achievements:"
43484543"MMenu_Tooltip_Commentary" "Developer Commentary"
43494544"MMenu_Tooltip_Coach" "Be a Coach"
43504545"MMenu_Tooltip_Armory" "MANN CO. CATALOG"
N/A4546"MMenu_Tooltip_Achievements" "View Achievements"
43524548"MMenu_MOTD_URL" "READ MORE"
43534549"MMenu_MOTD_Show" "MESSAGES"
43724568"MMenu_OptionsHighlightPanel_Title" "TF2 Advanced Options"
43734569"MMenu_OptionsHighlightPanel_Text" "Once you've played the game a bit, take a look at the advanced options. There's a lot of useful settings in there to help you tune TF2 to work just the way you like it."
N/A4571"MMenu_LoadoutHighlightPanel_Title" "Items and Loadouts"
N/A4572"MMenu_LoadoutHighlightPanel_Text" "You have new items! Click on the Items button to go to the loadout screen, where you'll be able to equip the item on one of your character classes.\n\nYou can also trade items with other players, craft new items from your unwanted items, and browse the Mann Co. Catalog to see what other items you can collect."
N/A4574"MMenu_StoreHighlightPanel_Title" "Mann Co. Store"
43754576"MMenu_Notifications_Show" "ALERTS (%s1)"
43764577"MMenu_Notifications_Hide" "X"
43774578"MMenu_Notifications_Empty" "You have no pending alerts."
43854586"MMenu_ShowPromoCodes" "View Promotional Codes"
N/A4588"MMenu_Shop" "SHOP"
N/A4589"MMenu_Play" "PLAY"
N/A4590"MMenu_Customize" "CUSTOMIZE"
N/A4591"MMenu_Create" "CREATE"
43884594// Explanation popups
43904596// Character loadout panel
43914597"LoadoutExplanation_Title" "Loadouts"
4392N/A"LoadoutExplanation_Text" "As you play TF2, you'll find new kinds of items. You use these items by equipping them in a class loadout.\n\nTo open a class's loadout, click on its image."
N/A4598"LoadoutExplanation_Text" "As you play TF2, you'll find new kinds of items. You can use these items by equipping them in a class loadout.\n\nTo open a class's loadout, click on its image."
43934599"BackpackExplanation_Title" "Backpack"
43944600"BackpackExplanation_Text" "Click here to open your backpack. Your backpack contains all the items you've found while playing."
43954601"CraftingExplanation_Title" "Crafting"
45244730"Store_PreviewItem" "Preview"
45254731"Store_DetailsItem" "Details"
45264732"Store_FreeBackpackSpace" "Empty Backpack Slots: %s1"
N/A4733"Store_FreeBackpackSpace_WithCartItems" "Empty Backpack Slots: %s1 (%s2)"
N/A4734"Store_FreeBackpackSpace_WithCartItems_WithUpgrade" "Empty Backpack Slots: %s1 + %s3 (%s2 items in cart)"
45284736"StoreUpdate_Loading" "Loading the Mann Co. Store..."
45294737"StoreUpdate_NoGCResponse" "The Mann Co. Store is currently closed."
45754783"Store_IntroText_Winter2" "The Mann Co. Store is having another sale! In honor of the holiday season, for a limited time, the prices on a staggering number of hats are UNREASONABLY LOW! Why wait until prices are reasonable again?\n\nWe're cleaning out the entire Team Fortress inventory, from H to Ha! Finally, give yourself the hat you always wanted but could never afford (even though it was sensibly priced)."
45764784"Store_IntroTitle_Winter3" "Final Cold Weather Sale!"
45774785"Store_IntroText_Winter3" "It's the final sale of the decade, possibly, and that means we're selling all the stuff we were prevented from selling… at LUDICROUS PRICES! That's right – the European Union Paint Sale Treaty of 2001 has finally expired, and the European Union Paint Sale Treaty of 2011 has yet to be ratified.\n\nGrab these items now, before the fat cats in Brussels get wind of it!"
N/A4786"Store_FreeTrial_Title" "GET MORE GEAR!"
N/A4787"Store_FreeTrial_Desc" "Your first Mann Co. Store Purchase upgrades you to a Premium account:"
N/A4788"Store_FreeTrial_Point1" "More Backpack space (300 slots)"
N/A4789"Store_FreeTrial_Point2" "Find rarer and cooler items"
N/A4790"Store_FreeTrial_Point3" "Better Trading: give items to your friends"
N/A4791"Store_FreeTrial_Point4" "More crafting blueprints"
N/A4792"Store_FreeTrial_Bonus" "BONUS!"
N/A4793"Store_FreeTrial_BonusText" "Get a free Mann Co. hat with your first purchase. Plus get a surprise bonus item for every %s1 you spend (in a single purchase)."
45784794"Store_Promotions" "SPECIAL OFFERS!"
45794795"Store_Promotion_SpendForGift" "GET A SURPRISE BONUS ITEM\nFOR EVERY %s1* YOU SPEND!"
45804796"Store_Promotion_SpendForGift_Sub" "*In a single purchase"
45944810"TR_DistanceTo" "Distance: %s1"
45954811"TR_Completed" "TRAINING COMPLETED!"
45964812"TR_Not_Completed" "NOT COMPLETED"
4597N/A"TR_ClassInfo_Soldier" "The Soldier is a good offensive and defensive class whose primary weapon\nis the rocket launcher. He can do a large amount of damage in a short\nperiod of time but has to remember to keep his rocket launcher loaded\nat all times or be caught off guard."
4598N/A"TR_ClassInfo_Demo" "As a master of explosives he can use bouncing grenades to indirectly attack\ntargets, use sticky bombs to lay traps for the enemy or destroy well\ndefended sentry positions."
4599N/A"TR_ClassInfo_Spy" "Spies operate differently from other classes preferring stealth and surprise\nas opposed to head to head combat. Their role often revolves around\nkilling key targets such as Medics or destroying sentry positions."
4600N/A"TR_ClassInfo_Engineer" "Using sentry guns, teleporters to move teammates quickly to the front\nlines, and dispensers providing health and ammo, the Engineer is an\nintegral part of any team."
4601N/A"TR_Locked_Demo" "Unlocked after completing Soldier training."
N/A4813"TR_AttackDefense" "BASIC TRAINING"
N/A4814"TR_PracticeModeSelectTitle" "SELECT A PRACTICE MODE"
N/A4815"TR_PracticeMapSelectTitle" "SELECT A %gametype% MAP"
N/A4816"TR_AttackDefense_Description" "Continue Soldier training in a round of Dustbowl, an Attack/Defend style\nControl Point map, where the blue team tries to take the Control\nPoints from the defending red team."
N/A4817"TR_Locked_Demo" "Unlocked after completing Basic Training."
46024818"TR_Locked_Spy" "Unlocked after completing Demoman training."
46034819"TR_Locked_Engineer" "Unlocked after completing Spy training."
N/A4820"TR_Locked_AttackDefense" "Unlocked after completing Soldier training."
N/A4822"TR_ClassInfo_Soldier" "The Soldier is a good offensive and defensive class whose primary weapon is the rocket launcher. He can do a large amount of damage in a short period of time but has to remember to keep his rocket launcher loaded at all times or be caught off guard."
N/A4823"TR_ClassInfo_Demoman" "As a master of explosives he can use bouncing grenades to indirectly attack targets, use sticky bombs to lay traps for the enemy or destroy well defended sentry positions."
N/A4824"TR_ClassInfo_Spy" "Spies operate differently from other classes preferring stealth and surprise as opposed to head to head combat. Their role often revolves around killing key targets such as Medics or destroying sentry positions."
N/A4825"TR_ClassInfo_Engineer" "Using sentry guns, teleporters to move teammates quickly to the front lines, and dispensers providing health and ammo, the Engineer is an integral part of any team."
N/A4827"TR_Primary" "Primary"
N/A4828"TR_Secondary" "Secondary"
N/A4829"TR_Melee" "Melee"
N/A4831"TR_StandardWeaponSet" "STANDARD WEAPON SET"
46054833"TR_TargetPractice_Goal" "Weapons Practice"
46064834"TR_Generic_WeaponFireTitle" "Firing Weapons"
46074835"TR_Generic_WeaponFire" "Press �%attack%� to attack with your current weapon."
46124840"TR_Generic_BotHealth" "Some enemies have more health than others. You'll have to use more ammo to take them down!"
46144842"TR_Soldier_IntroTitle" "The Soldier"
4615N/A"TR_Soldier_Intro" "Welcome to the �Soldier� weapons course!"
N/A4843"TR_Soldier_Intro" "Welcome to the �Soldier� weapons course!"
N/A4844"TR_Soldier_LookTitle" "Looking Around"
N/A4845"TR_Soldier_Look" "To �look� around the environment, �move� the �mouse�."
N/A4846"TR_Soldier_MoveTitle" "Movement"
N/A4847"TR_Soldier_Move" "Use �%+forward%� to move forward, �%+back%� to move backwards, and �%+moveleft%� or �%+moveright%� to move side to side."
N/A4848"TR_Soldier_MoveOut" "Leave this room and proceed to the firing range."
N/A4849"TR_Soldier_DuckTitle" "Crouching"
N/A4850"TR_Soldier_Duck" "Use �%+duck%� to crouch under the doorway and move to the indicated position."
N/A4851"TR_Soldier_JumpTitle" "Jump"
N/A4852"TR_Soldier_Jump" "Use �%+jump%� to jump onto the cart and move towards the firing range."
N/A4853"TR_Soldier_JumpHint" "Jump Up Here"
N/A4854"TR_Soldier_RangeTitle" "Firing Range"
N/A4855"TR_Soldier_Range" "Well done. Navigate to the firing range to continue."
46174856"TR_Soldier_SlotSwitchTitle" "Switching Weapons"
46184857"TR_Soldier_SlotSwitch1" "Cycle through weapons using �%invnext%� and �%invprev%�. Confirm selection using �%attack%�. Choose a different weapon to continue." //needs to wait for weapon switch before continuing.
46194858"TR_Soldier_SlotSwitch2" "Weapons can also be directly selected:\nPress �%slot1%� for �ROCKET LAUNCHER�\nPress �%slot2%� for �SHOTGUN�\nPress �%slot3%� for �SHOVEL"
47024941"TR_Demo_TargetSlot2" "Well done. The �STICKY BOMB LAUNCHER� can be used to place �multiple� sticky bombs that can be remotely detonated using �%attack2%�."
47034942"TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Delay" "Press �%slot2%� to select the �STICKY BOMB LAUNCHER�. After firing there is a �short delay� before the sticky bomb is armed and can be detonated using �%attack2%�."
47044943"TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Use" "�Destroy� a few targets with sticky bombs to continue. Sticky bombs will stick to almost any surface, except moving objects or players."
4705N/A"TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Multiple" "To continue, destroy all the targets at the �same time�. A maximum of �8� sticky bombs can be placed at any given time."
N/A4944"TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Multiple" "To continue, destroy all �five� the targets at the �same time�. A maximum of �8� sticky bombs can be placed at any given time."
47064945"TR_Demo_TargetSlot2AnySlot" "Sticky bombs can always be detonated at any time using �%attack2%� even if you are using other weapons."
47074946"TR_Demo_TargetSlot2RangeTitle" "Long Range Sticky"
47084947"TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Range" "Launch sticky bombs further by holding �%attack%� to build up �charge� and release �%attack%� to fire."
48345073"TR_Dust_Hint_Engineer" "The Engineer!"
48355074"TR_Dust_Hint_SetupGate" "Setup Gate"
4837N/A"TR_Target_EndDialog" "Good job! You've completed the Soldier's weapons training! Put your skills to work and move on to %s2 by pressing the NEXT button." //%s1 references map, %s2 is next map if specified
N/A5076"TR_Target_EndDialog" "Good job! You've completed Soldier training and unlocked Basic Training! Return to the main menu by pressing DONE and select Basic Training to explore a round of Team Fortress 2." //%s1 references map, %s2 is next map if specified
48385077"TR_Dustbowl_EndDialog" "Well done! You've won a game in %s1 and unlocked Demoman training!\n\nWant to try out other classes like the Engineer or Medic? Why not hop into an OFFLINE PRACTICE session?\n\nReady to play online against other players? Select START PLAYING at the main menu."
N/A5079"TR_Progress" "%s1% Completed"
N/A5080"TR_ProgressDone" "Completed"
N/A5082"TR_ContinueTitle" "Continue?"
N/A5083"TR_ContinueMsg" "Continue from the start of part 2 or start over?"
N/A5084"TR_Continue" "CONTINUE"
N/A5085"TR_StartOver" "START OVER"
48405087//training intro movies
48415088"TF_IM_Target_Welcome" "Weapon selection and target practice!"
48425089"TF_IM_Target_WeaponSwitch" "Switch to the weapon called for and hit the targets"
48495096"TF_IM_TargetSpy_Sap" "Use the sapper to disable and destroy Engineer buildings"
48505097"TF_IM_TargetSpy_Backstab" "Deliver a lethal blow by stabbing opponents from behind!"
48515098"TF_IM_TargetEng_Intro" "Welcome to Engineer training!"
4852N/A"TF_IM_TargetEng_Construct" "The Engineer can construct buildings to assist his team using metal"
N/A5099"TF_IM_TargetEng_Construct" "The Engineer can construct buildings using metal to assist his team"
48535100"TF_IM_TargetEng_Metal" "Use metal to construct and upgrade the different buildings"
48545101//"TF_IM_TargetEng_MetalObtain" "Metal is obtained from ammo boxes, dropped weapons, or from your dispenser"
48555102"TF_IM_TargetEng_Tele" "Teleporters can be used to move your team to the front line quickly"
48685115"TF_Training_Restart_Text" "Are you sure you want to choose a different training course?"
48695116"TF_Training_Prompt_ConfirmButton" "Yes Please!"
48705117"TF_Training_Prompt_CancelButton" "No"
N/A5118"TF_Training_SelectMode" "GET STARTED"
48725120// Training Dialog
4873N/A"TF_Training_Title" "TRAINING"
N/A5121"TF_Training" "TRAINING"
N/A5122"TF_Training_Title" "SELECT A TRAINING MODE"
N/A5123"TF_Training_Desc_BasicTraining" "Learn the ins and outs of a class."
N/A5124"TF_Training_Desc_OfflinePractice" "Sharpen your skills on bots."
N/A5125"TF_Training_StartTraining" "START TRAINING"
48755127// Offline Practice
N/A5128"TF_StartPractice" "START PRACTICE"
48765129"TF_OfflinePractice" "OFFLINE PRACTICE"
48775130"TF_OfflinePractice_Settings" "Settings"
4878N/A"TF_OfflinePractice_NumPlayers" "%s1-%s2 Suggested"
N/A5131"TF_OfflinePractice_NumPlayers" "%s1 - %s2 Suggested"
48795132"TF_Bot_Difficulty" "Difficulty:"
48805133"TF_Bot_Difficulty0" "Easy"
48815134"TF_Bot_Difficulty1" "Normal"
48825135"TF_Bot_Difficulty2" "Hard"
48835136"TF_Bot_Difficulty3" "Expert"
48845137"TF_Bot_NumberOfBots" "Number of Players:"
N/A5138"TF_OfflinePractice_Players" "Players:"
48875141// Golden Wrench
49055159"TF_Notification_Decline" "Remove/Decline the topmost alert."
N/A5162// Kill Eater
N/A5163"TF_HUD_Event_KillEater_Leveled" "%player%'s %weapon_name% has reached a new kill rank: %rank_name%!"
N/A5164"TF_HUD_Event_KillEater_Leveled_Chat" "%s1's %s2 has reached a new kill rank: %s3!"
49085167// Use Item
49095168"TF_UseItem_Title" "Use Item?"
49105169"TF_UseItem_Text" "Are you sure you want to use %item_name%? It has %uses_left% use(s) before it will be removed from your inventory."
49555214"TF_Coach_ServerFull_Text" "Cannot request a coach at this time, because your server has the maximum number of players."
49565215"TF_Coach_Training_Title" "In Training"
49575216"TF_Coach_Training_Text" "You cannot request a coach while in training."
N/A5217"TF_Coach_FreeAccount_Title" "Upgrade Today!"
N/A5218"TF_Coach_FreeAccount_Text" "As a free account holder, you are not eligible to be a coach. Purchase any item in the store to upgrade!"
49585219"TF_Coach_AlreadyBeingCoached_Title" "Coaching"
49595220"TF_Coach_AlreadyBeingCoached_Text" "You are already being coached!"
49605221"TF_Coach_AlreadyCoaching_Title" "Coaching"
49895250"TF_Coach_AskingFriend" "Asking your friend to be your coach."
49905251"TF_Coach_JoiningStudent" "Joining the student's game."
49915252"TF_Coach_WaitingForServer" "Waiting for a response from the server."
N/A5253"TF_Coach_SessionEnded_Title" "Coaching"
N/A5254"TF_Coach_SessionEnded_Text" "The coaching session has ended. You are now in Spectator mode."
49925255// in game ui
49935256"TF_Coach_ControlView" "Press to Change View"
49945257"TF_Coach_Student_Prefix" "Student: %s1"
49995262"TF_Coach_Denied_Title" "Request Denied"
50005263"TF_Coach_Denied_Text" "The request has been denied."
N/A5266// Matchmaking
N/A5267"TF_MM_WaitDialog_Title" "Searching for Available Games"
N/A5268"TF_MM_Timeout_Title" "No Response"
N/A5269"TF_MM_Timeout_Text" "There was no response from the server. Please try again later."
N/A5270"TF_MM_ResultsDialog_Title" "Search Results"
N/A5271"TF_MM_ResultsDialog_ServerNotFound" "There are no available game servers that meet your search criteria. Please try again."
N/A5272"TF_Quickplay_PlayNow" "Play Now!"
N/A5273"TF_Quickplay_Title" "Start Playing"
N/A5274"TF_Quickplay_NumGames" "Active Matches: %s1"
N/A5275"TF_Quickplay_LetsGo" "Let's Go!"
N/A5276"TF_Quickplay_Favorites" "Favorite Servers Only"
N/A5277"TF_Quickplay_Refresh" "Refresh"
N/A5278"TF_Quickplay_StopRefresh" "Stop Refreshing"
N/A5279"TF_Quickplay_PleaseWait" "Retrieving server information, please wait..."
N/A5280"TF_Quickplay_NoServers" "No Servers Available At This Time"
N/A5281"TF_Quickplay_Complexity1" "Recommended For All Skill Levels"
N/A5282"TF_Quickplay_Complexity2" "Recommended For Advanced Players"
N/A5283"TF_Quickplay_Complexity3" "Recommended For Expert Players"
N/A5284"TF_GameModeDesc_Training" "Learn the basics of Team Fortress 2 by completing the training courses!"
N/A5285"TF_GameModeDesc_OfflinePractice" "Practice and hone your skills by playing offline with computer controlled opponents!"
N/A5286"TF_GameModeDesc_Quickplay" "We'll match you into the best game we can find."
N/A5287"TF_GameModeDetail_Quickplay" "We'll match you into the best game we can find, regardless of the game type."
N/A5288"TF_GameModeDesc_CTF" "And by flag we mean a glowing briefcase."
N/A5289"TF_GameModeDetail_CTF" "To win a point, steal the enemy's intelligence briefcase and return it to your base.\n\nYou should also prevent the opposing team from taking your intelligence briefcase to their base."
N/A5290"TF_GameModeDesc_AttackDefense" "BLU wins by capturing all points. RED wins by stopping them."
N/A5291"TF_GameModeDetail_AttackDefense" "Blue team wins by capturing the Control Points on each stage before the time runs out.\n\nRed team wins by preventing all the points from being captured."
N/A5292"TF_GameModeDesc_CP" "Capture all points to win."
N/A5293"TF_GameModeDetail_CP" "To win each team must own all Control Points.\n\nSome Control Points will be locked until others are captured."
N/A5294"TF_GameModeDesc_Escort" "BLU pushes the cart down the track. RED needs to stop them."
N/A5295"TF_GameModeDetail_Escort" "Blue team wins by escorting the payload cart to the enemy base. Stand near the payload to make it move.\n\nRed team wins by preventing the payload cart from reaching the heart of their base.\n\nEnemies can block the payload by getting close to it."
N/A5296"TF_GameModeDesc_EscortRace" "Two teams. Two bombs. Two tracks. Hilarity ensues."
N/A5297"TF_GameModeDetail_EscortRace" "Escort your payload cart to the finish line before the opposing team can deliver theirs.\n\nStand near the cart to make it move."
N/A5298"TF_GameModeDesc_Koth" "One team must control a single point until time runs out."
N/A5299"TF_GameModeDetail_Koth" "Capture the Control Point and defend it until your team's timer runs out.\n\nThe Control Point cannot be captured while locked.\n\nIf the enemy team captures the Control Point, your team's timer will pause until you recapture the point."
50045302// Trading
50335331"TF_Trading_BusyText" "The other player is currently busy trading with someone else."
50345332"TF_Trading_DisabledText" "Trading items is currently disabled."
50355333"TF_Trading_NotLoggedIn" "The other player is not available for trading."
N/A5334"TF_Trading_FreeAccountInitiate" "Only premium accounts may initiate trades."
N/A5335"TF_Trading_SharedAccountInitiate" "Only individual accounts may initiate trades."
50365336"TF_Trading_TooSoon" "You must wait at least 30 seconds between trade requests."
50375337"TF_Trading_TooSoonPenalty" "You have made too many trade requests and must now wait 2 minutes before initiating any more trades."
50385338// reasons why a trade session was closed
50485348"TF_TradeWindow_Step1Desc" "Drag items to Your Offerings to include them in the trade."
50495349"TF_TradeWindow_Step2" "Your Offerings"
50505350"TF_TradeWindow_Step2Desc" "These are the items you will lose in the trade."
N/A5351"TF_TradeWindow_Step2Desc_FreeTrial" "Free accounts cannot trade away any items. Purchase any item in the store to upgrade!"
50515352"TF_TradeWindow_Step3" "Their Offerings"
50525353"TF_TradeWindow_Step3Desc" "These are the items you will receive in the trade."
N/A5354"TF_TradeWindow_Step3Desc_FreeTrial" "The other player has a free account and cannot trade you any items."
50535355"TF_TradeWindow_Step4" "Showcase Area"
50545356"TF_TradeWindow_Step4Desc" "These items will NOT be traded."
50555357"TF_TradeWindow_WaitingForTrade" "Waiting for both parties\nto be ready..."
50745376"TF_TradeWindow_Scam_MaxTrade" "Scam warning: never make deals that involve more than a single trade. Scammers will vanish after the first trade is completed!\n"
50755377"TF_TradeWindow_Scam_Renamed" "Scam warning: the other person is offering an item that has been renamed to look like a higher quality item!\n"
N/A5378"TF_TradeWindow_Warning_KillEater" "Warning: the other person is offering an item that has been tracking player kills. The kill counter will reset when traded!\n"
50775380"TF_TradeWindow_Change_Added" "%s1 added: %s2\n"
50785381"TF_TradeWindow_Change_Removed" "%s1 removed: %s2\n"
51385441"TF_Armory_Item_HolidayRestriction" "Usage of this item is �restricted� to a specific �holiday event�. It can only be equipped in a class loadout during the specified holiday."
51395442"TF_Armory_Item_AchievementReward" "This item is an �Achievement Reward� for completing the �'%s1'� achievement."
5140N/A"TF_Armory_Item_InSet" "This item is part of ��%s1� item set. Item sets provide extra bonuses when the entire set is worn at the same time. The ��%s1�� set will provide this �Item Set Bonus�:\n"
N/A5443"TF_Armory_Item_InSet" "This item is part of ��%s1� item set. Some item sets provide extra bonuses when the entire set is worn at the same time. The ��%s1�� set will provide this �Item Set Bonus�:\n"
N/A5444"TF_Armory_Item_InSet_NoBonus" "This item is part of the ��%s1� item set.\n\n"
51425446"TF_Armory_Item_Type_TauntEnabler" "This �Action Item� plays a �Custom Taunt� when used."
52135517"TF_Vote_Title" "Vote Setup"
N/A5519"TF_Vote_Column_Issue" "Vote Issue"
N/A5520"TF_Vote_Column_Name" "Vote Target"
N/A5521"TF_Vote_Column_Properties" ""
52155523"TF_vote_yes_binding" "Yes: %s1"
52165524"TF_vote_no_binding" "No: %s1"
52455553"TF_VoteKickReason_Idle" "Player is Idle"
52465554"TF_VoteKickReason_Scamming" "Player is Scamming"
N/A5556"TF_vote_td_start_round" "Start the current round?"
N/A5557"TF_vote_passed_td_start_round" "Starting the round..."
52495559"Vote_notification_title" "Vote Called"
52505560"Vote_notification_text" "�%initiator% wants to call a vote"
N/A5566"TF_Trial_PlayTraining_Title" "Need Training!"
N/A5567"TF_Trial_PlayTraining_Text" "As a free account holder, you must play at least 10 minutes of Training or Offline Practice before playing online with others."
N/A5568"TF_Trial_CannotTrade_Title" "Upgrade Today!"
N/A5569"TF_Trial_CannotTrade_Text" "Free accounts cannot initiate trades. Upgrade now and you'll be able to trade!"
N/A5570"TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Soldier" "This is the Mann Co. store! There are many deadly items inside of it endorsed by ME! There are also hats and they are LOVELY! Go! SHOP! SHOP! SHOP!"
N/A5571"TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Heavy" "This is Mann Co. store. Buy, don't buy, Heavy does not care. Hat would help your tiny baby head not look so stupid maybe. But not Heavy's problem."
N/A5572"TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Spy" "Gentlemen. You work hard. You deserve to look your best. Why not treat yourself to quality items befitting a charming rogue of your stature?"
N/A5573"TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Medic" "The Hippocratic Oath states 'First, do no harm.' Many people forget the next line: 'Second, buy a hat at the Mann Co. Store.'"
N/A5575"TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Demoman" "Ach! Do ye not know enough to put a hat on your noggin? Your great bald head is an embarrassment, lad! For God's sake, get ye to the Mann Co. Store!"
N/A5576"TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Scout" "I know what yer thinkin'. 'That there is one beeyootiful man. Where does he shop?' The Mann Co. Store, dummy. No money? Get a job and come back."
N/A5577"TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Sniper" "Why not go on walkabout to the Mann Co. Store? Take a gander at those beaut items, mate! "
N/A5578"TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Engineer" "I ain't gonna buffalo ya, this here's the real deal. Cowboy up and go buy somethin' at the Mann Co. Store. Son, you will not regret it."
N/A5579"TF_Trial_SelectMostHelpfulFriend_Title" "Thank Your Friend!"
N/A5580"TF_Trial_SelectMostHelpfulFriend_Text" "Who referred you to Team Fortress 2 or helped you the most? You can add friends by bringing up the Steam overlay."
N/A5581"TF_Trial_SelectMostHelpfulFriend_Retrieving" "Retrieving list of friends"
N/A5582"TF_Trial_Alert_SelectFriend" "Here's your opportunity to thank the person who referred you to Team Fortress 2 or helped you the most!"
N/A5583"TF_Trial_Alert_ThankedBySomeone" "You were thanked by %thanker%! Keep up the good work!"
N/A5584"TF_Trial_ThankSuccess_Title" "Thanks!"
N/A5585"TF_Trial_ThankSuccess_Text" "Your friend has been thanked and may receive an item for their good work."
N/A5586"TF_Trial_Converted_Title" "Premium Account"
N/A5587"TF_Trial_Converted_Text" "Your account has been upgraded to premium status!"
N/A5588"TF_Trial_UpgradeItem" "Team Fortress 2 - Upgrade to Premium"
N/A5589"TF_Trial_Upgrade" "Upgrade!"
N/A5590"TF_Trial_StoreUpgradeExplanation" "To upgrade to a Premium account, buy any item from the Mann Co. Store!"
52585593// Item Testing
53405675// TF Advanced options dialog
5341N/A"TFAdvancedOptions" "TF2 Advanced Options"
N/A5676"TF_AdvancedOptions" "TF2 Advanced Options"
53425677"Tooltip_EnableHUDMinMode" "Minimal HUD mode uses a smaller, denser HUD so that you can see more.\n\nSome explanatory information is removed as well, so you should be familiar with the standard HUD before you turn on Minimal HUD."
53435678"Tooltip_classautokill" "If set, then you'll immediately kill yourself whenever you change class while out in the field.\n\nIf unset, you'll change to your new class the next time you respawn."
53445679"Tooltip_loadoutrespawn" "If set, then you'll respawn immediately whenever you change your loadout while inside a respawn zone.\n\nIf unset, your loadout changes will take effect the next time you respawn."
53885723"TF_OptionCategory_Misc" "Miscellaneous Options"
53895724"TF_OptionCategory_Replay" "Replay Options"